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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Insanity in America

Greetings me Droogs and Droogettes!
So it's apparent now that Orange Man Bad is outta the hospital that the majority of Democrats are fucking insane.  Like not slightly cray-cray, but full-on balls out fuckin nuts.
The usual suspects, especially that cray cray (((journalist))) from the Washington Post something-something Rubin... hooked nose psycho bitch apparently blew a few mental circuits and went of a full bore dirty whore whackadoo on Twitter ranting about the doctors, the hospital, the unmitigated gall of Orange Man Bad and whatever...
Yeah, she looks like this...
I won't post any of the rants, nor a picture of her ugly ass.  In fact just point blank, if her Twitter picture is considered a good picture of her...............
She could rent out that grill to scare children and small animals...
Jes' sayin'.

So, the dynamic I've noticed is the sickness that has become twitter.
"You'll  never see such a wretched hive of scum and villainy."
I mean do these people have family?
Because if -I- was acting this balls-out nutso, I would hope that my fam or at least close friends would fucking either take me aside and say "Step away from the tweets bro." or call for a fucking intervention.  The 'blue checks' are especially overly-gregarious in their non-stop flow of bullshit.  I mean I don't even unnastand how someone gets a 'blue check'...  I mean I unnastand the concept, that someone has a lot of followers, so ergo, they get 'verified' as impo'tant.  That being said tho, didn't they have some sorta scandal a waaaays back about "buying" followers?  

Wifey asked me about doing that... buying followers that is... for her biddness.  Told her not just no but fuck no.  Typical broad behavior.  Thank God for the red pill... Just sayin'
Its actually worrisome.
I mean just how fucking crazy is America?
It's a legit concern.  Especially if you consider yourself 'abnormal'... meaning if'n yer here, reading AND enjoying this, WRSA, Phil, Wirecutter, Irish... then by their standards, yer 'abnormal.'
The right term for US is "based".

I know I'm crazy by their fucking standards.
In fact, I embrace that crazy.
Unfortunately, for those of us who are the genuinely based/sane, we see the antics of our theoretical fellow unhinged 'Muricans, and realize that, sadly, eventually, we're gonna have to do something about them.  Theoretical in that they MAY have a citizenship, but in my eyes, its in name only.
The majority of them have no sense of civic duty in the normal, rational meaning and/or definition of the term.  The majority of them have never served the country nor given back.  And I most certainly do NOT count ANY sort of political service, outside of the Sheriff of an A.O. or some Selectman or Town Leader of the smaller duchies out there.  

Politicians are in it for the money .  No more, no less.  They -might- tell themselves that they're in it to 'serve', but they're lying to themselves.  Politics are the refuge of the truly incompetent.  I mean Jesus, Bernie couldn't hold a regular 9-5 job.  Biden?  Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!  IRL If'n I had him as an employee when he was young, I'da fired his ass.  Incompetent, a inveterate liar, and general, genuine piece of shit.

So, what we got here, is a case of the insane Leaders, leading the rest of the Lemmings offa da cliff.
And it's not going to end well...
For any of us.
Between the number of 'head meds' people are on, and IF we have a major disruption in any systemic/Logistics deployment/delivery of these meds, Oh my fucking GOD.
I mean talk about an absolute worst case scenario.
I'm not even sure if that been averaged into all this 'National Civil War War-Gaming' that's going on out there.  And that's terrifying.  Mainly because about 40 million of our fellow Cit-tye-zens are on the crazy pills.
That's about 18% of the population.
That's antidepressants, antipsychotics, and the anti-anxiety meds.
I've been a few 'flavors' of them... the VA hands out pills like they're owning stock in the shit.  And almost every single one they put me on did the exact opposite of what it should have... with the xception of the Xanax (anti-anxiety) which I like to mellow out on occasionally, I don't take -anything- they 'recommended'.  Some of that shit makes me genuinely crazy.  

So I can only imagine what happens if the drug supplies get cut off.

Talking to Sapper about it, the subject came up how we've never heard of any 'wargaming' involving adding the factor of the genuinely crazy and disturbed to the mix in a Civil War.

I mean it's one thing to have "Crazy Uncle Eddie" show up at the family reunion with a rubber chicken, it's another ENTIRE ball o'wax to have UNMEDICATED "Crazy Uncle Eddie" show up with a bunch of his crazy friends, a fire ax, and pissed off at you for not passing the gravy last Thanksgiving.

Sapper thinks that they prolly HAVE done studies, but don't want to freak everyone the fuck out.  It's bad enough out there with the current level of nutso running around without sleeveless sport jackets, it's entirely another thing to see what happens when, out of the 40 million out there who are (according to the reports, 1.3% of that 40 +/- million are dangerously disturbed.
That's about 5 million fuckin' potential "Heeeeeeere's Johnnie!" out there.

Lovely eh?
So, More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. Well, about 75% of people on mood-altering drugs would actually do better off of them. 20% would be roughly the same. It's the 5% that need it (and often don't take it) that are the problem.

    Like the vast majority of 'homeless' that would really benefit from some brain drugs, that don't get it.

    So, unless your crazy uncle is really crazy but still actually taking pills, you won't notice much difference.

    Seriously. The Mental Health Community has studied what would happen if the supply chain for anti-psycotics and other brain meds was shut down. And not a hell of a lot. People that actually need them mostly don't take them, or become immune to a particular drug within 9-12 months of starting on that drug.

    Yes, there will be a lot of depressed people who may decide to finally actually truly commit suicide rather than play at it for attention (Note: Real suicidal people shut their traps and tell no-one of their plans to self-slab. Why? Because they don't want to be interrupted. The rest, who call or write or talk about being suicidal? Attention Whores, one and all. Seriously, just go off yourself.) (Yes, the two times I've almost self-slabbed I told no-one. Only admitted it to my wife years afterwards and promised to never do that again.) (And she went so far as to actually hook a hose up and try to suck carbon monoxide after a mental heath doctor fucked her mind up. Which she told me years later and promised to never do it again.) (So I do know of what I speak.)

    Me? Yes, I was on brain drugs for a while. Best thing that I did was get off of them. Same with most people I know who have been on them. Now, a little Xanax in a panicky time, that's okay. But daily? WTF? No, just give them benadryl or some other stuff.

    Now the people who need lithium and other elephant-gun class drugs? Again, they usually don't take them when they are prescribed. And when they do take them? Well... yeah, still fucking insane in the brain, and there's no changing it. Less than 1% of the population needs that level of drugs. And when they're off them they really don't make coherent sense anyways.

    As to the wife and twitfacebook? Have her get testimonies from her clients, and then post that these are actual positive comments, no paid followers yada yada. It's worth being truthful and honest, as that rarely bites you in the ass overall. And she can have a 'referral' program, maybe some cash or something for spreading her business by word of mouth.

    1. You are correct that most people on them don't need them.

      The problem occurs when they've been on them, supply is cut off, and they go cold-turkey.

      Weaning people off that crap can take months, especially the "black box" shit that explicitly states "Do not stop taking without consulting doctor" due to that.

      And that doesn't even include those on street-meds looking for their next fix...

  2. I get your point, but 1.3% of 40 million is 520,000 not 5 million. Makes the
    problem more manageable, but still difficult. Yeah...lots of crazy out there.

    1. Maths was never my strong point. True story: In HS, I got the final 3 credits I needed to graduate b/c I had been a relatively quiet stoo'int and didn't assault any of our theoretical 'teechas'. 3 freebies b/c I failed entry level Maths 2 years running. Poor Missus MacCarthy... heard she developed a drinking problem because of me....

  3. Agreed, but nothing new here. Go to You Tube and type in: 5 REASONS AMERICAN RIOTS WILL BE THE WORST IN THE WORLD. The video runs 9:56. Click on the logo with the Art Deco painting of Ayn Rand on a yellow backround. Res ipsa loquitur. - DWEEZIL THE WEASEL.

  4. Most politicians are NOT "in it for the money". They like money, they want money but it's not their primary motivator. Want they want is POWER! The ability to control other people. For sociopathic/psychopathic personalities power is every bit as addictive as opioids. Money can be had from many endeavors but nothing allows for the level of control over others like holding political office. That is the motivator behind virtually all people seeking office. For 99% of people running for office the act of seeking office should be an automatic disqualifier.

  5. My friend is trying to get off Benzos and its a real fucked up situation. Absolutely people should be off them but you have to CAREFULLY and SLOWLY taper the dosage to zero, often over several years. And youre really screwed if youre on more than 1...

    ALL of the precursor compounds come from China. Let that sink in.

    If the pharma supply is cut off tomorrow, we would have an absolute shit show on our hands INCLUDING otherwise god-fearing patriots that are good folk.

    It would be worse than open civil war IMO. I have war gamed for this but I dont know of a strategy for dealing with wide0scale batshit crazy around every corner.

    1. Head to the bunker and hope that they A) Kill each other off or B) die off naturally? Tough call and ALL valid points

  6. The family is loaded with doctors. Most adult family members are MD or Phd.The roots of many mental ailments is diet,environment,alcohol,drugs and bogus information. Big pharma is relentless in poisoning the population. Psychopaths are mainstream and accepted by many as "okay." The percolating shitpot is reaching maximum sustainable pressure. I have had my share of dain bramage and accept the consequences. Drugs of choice are caffeine and music. Eliminating dirty commie bastards is still the best medicine. Demon alcohol is still number one in fucking up humans.

    1. hey bro, I hear ya but I'm made of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and hate. Jes' Sayin'

  7. We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene Oregon.

    The town is known as 'goofball central' because of the high percentage of whack-jobs walking around.

    Normals worry about potential / future gun-grabbing LawEnforcementOfficials, foreign troops, famine, arsonists, terrorists destroying electric stations.
    Every day 24/7, we deal with the goofballs cruising our borders, rattling locks and busting holes in fences.

    Normals cannot complain; the goofballs are protected by LawEnforcementOfficials.
    If 'defund LawEnforcementOfficials' gets going, property owners and business owners expect a lot of goofballs swinging from lampposts.

    1. Damn... sorry to hear that. My best bro from 6th Grade is Unfortunately a civil servant in Portland Propper. Belly of the Beast.... I live in fear that he's gonna get doxxed at some point and the mob goes for him... and if THAT happens, then it's open war in my book as he's closer to me than my flesh n'blood FedBro. I'd leave a smoking crater where that burg is if'n something happens to him. Stack the samadh to the fuckin' SKY with AnfiFa corpses.