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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Busy But Productive

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
And what, if anything, did you do this fine, fine Saturday to get Ye Olde Shytte together for the probable, if not now certain Shenanigans that are in play this upcoming week?

Me and Sapper... it was trigger time at the outdoor 100 Yard Buttes.
I forgot just how difficult it can be to mount a brand new scope.  Got a 1X6 Patrol Optic as a gift from a friend for an early 52nd Birfday.  Nice too... about $300.  Its been a LONG while since I've mounted on an AR platform, and the quick lock mount was a new one too.  Red Dots are quick n dirty... this I hadda dial in like old school.  Got it on, but man, I was WAY fucking high on my first three.  The rangemeister has a really nice spotting rig to call shots, and he did me a solid b/c Sapper was busy with his workup.  Seems I was 'trimming the top' of the 3 foot by 3 foot target, and after 'down 20' and 'right 5' I was decorating the center mass.

Then I dialed in Mr. Long Shot 7.62.

That ALSO was shooting waaaaaay high.
And no, I ain't poastin' the target pic.  I was off.  No need to further embarrass meselves.
Still, after a goodly 9 shots, I got it dialed in too.
Set out some clay pigeons... the nice orange ones that blow up nice if'n ya tag 'em right.

Blew the fuck outta them.

Which, 100 yards?  Not a long shot.  But, for a 52 year old dood with extreme nerve damage (think "Shakes the Clown" palsy level), pegging a 3 inch disk at 100 with two long arms is enough to make ME happy.  That and the script on me eyeball correctors is off... over two years old.  I'm in dire need of either lasik or new peepers.  The lasik I'm not sure of b/c I got severe astigmatism in both eyes.  Makes it harder to do the beam correction.  Either way, for a shakey half blind fucker I did aight.

And then, home agin.  Gots MOR stuffs to do.  Supposed to go over Ranger J's place tonight, but not sure if'n I'ma feeling it.  Mah belly be a bit off.  Sketchy Chinese'll do that.

And before I can party, I gots to gits this done:
Up at 6
Range by 8
Home by Noon
Cap, Prep and Pull by 2.
Blog at 3
Finish the load after whenever-the-fuck I gits dun squawkin' here.  Also gotta run a snake down the bore of both rifles.  NOT detail cleaning.  Just a wet/wipe and lube.
Might leave it til tomorrow.
In fact... fuck.
Jes realizamated... the party at Ranger J is more n'likely a Halloween Party.
I am in -no mood- for that currently.  Wifey is up at the 'rents, and Sapper has to work at midnight, and I'm fucking beat and tired.  Been a looooong fulfilled week, and this upcoming one looks sketchy as fuck all. Not really up for dealing with a lot of people I don't know well, who're gonna be acting like retards.
Rather sit with the dawgs and keep the house safe.
Oh well... times a'wasting.
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, October 30, 2020

Call Them What They Are: Traitors

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
You know what?  It's time to stop being nice.
Fucking Traitors.
That's what they are.
Just like that miserable Piece of Shit "Johnnie Taliban" Walker.
Ex-Soldier Piece of Shit Bowe Bergdahl
Media Douchecanoe Keith Olbermann
And now?
Washington D.C. National Guard Major Adam DeMarco
The story is at Big League Politics  Seems there's some Leftist Fucking Commie Lawfair group calling it "The Orders Project".  Seems they're actively and seditiously telling troops to NOT obey orders IF the Trumpster tells the Nasty Guard to fucking crush the fuckers that're gonna rise up.  It's run by Eugene Fidell, director of The Orders Project.
Bowe Bergdahl's lawyer... funny how dat works huh?
He's also, unsurprisingly a member of the (((tribe))).
Funny how dat works too huh?
Soon-to-be Ex Major DeMarco is a fucking traitor
I called the DC Nasty Guard P.A.O. orifice and left a VM
The Public Affairs Office is
(202) 685-9862
Feel free to blow that number the fuck up...
And what with the shit that's being spewed... Holy Christ.
And they keep getting away with it.
If I said even one tenth of the shit these people do/did/have done, the fucking Feddies woulda busted my door down a waaaays back.  However, since I would never advocate preemptive violence against those who have openly declared war on me, mine, the people I associate with, primarily because they disagree with how I think, I'm strictly a defensive sorta guy.

That being said tho, Orange Man Bad, IF and ONLY IF he gets re-elected, he'd better get his shit together and go "Full NAZI"... 

I mean ALL of them, from the smallest shitty local newspapers, to just about every Deep State Media and ALL the fuckers who've been against him... they've been calling him a Fascist and a NAZI for years.

I say go for it.
I'm good with it.
Fuck 'em all.
Go Full Retard and round them ALL up and kill. them. all.
Because, from the sounds of it, that's exactly what they have planned for us.

Karma my friend is a stone cold motherfucker.

They, from their rarified heights, the self styled Elites and supposed "Betters" have sorta kinda been a lil too honest.  Hell.  I tagged Old Keith on Twatter when he started calling for "Truth and Reconciliation Courts"
No answer of course.
I'm meaningless to him... I don't matter.
Until I do.
And at -that- point, it'll be too late  for him except to maybe think about just how stupid he was as the blood races out from the hole where his chest and spine once was.  If he's lucky, it'll be a short time...
Unless someone is feeling frisky.
Knees and Elbows...Lower Lumbar Spinal shot... just like how Doc J and 8-Ball from 'Full Metal Jacket' got shot apart piece-by-piece by that V.C. Sniper...
Of course I'd never say that anyone should do anything like that...
Be the Gray Man.
Be Quiet
Avoid Crowds
Be the Gray Man.
(It bears repeating)
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Local Local Local

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Did some door ka-nockin' last night.
Courtesy Concerned 'Murican
What a wet fart that was.  I only found a few of the neighbors even willing to discuss the potential upcoming weirdness.  It was a bit of a bitch to bring up the subject but I used the old "neighborhood watch' in 'these weird times" scenario as an intro.  The neighbors, with the exception of a Retired Master Sar'nt from the Marine Corp who is new to the A.O... everyone was like 
Serbian War Criminal is ALL IN.  In fact, his utter hatred of communists is awesome.
Fucker is ready too... built him a good Run n'Gun rifle a ways back.
He's still long-term poppin' smoke tho.  Said "Bad shit long term bro, better to be in woods, away from darkies."  We've been seeing a LOT of blacks migrating down here because of the CoronaChan.  SWC thinks it's gonna be racial warfare.  He, like me isn't racist by a a long shot.  It's just the Racial Reality of the times.  So, for him bailing and removing his fam (3 kids and his wife) is the way to go.  

So, the other across the street Ladies, codenames SchoolMom and AncientMom, SchoolMom is a teacher in the County System, AncientMom is a really old Louisiana Regal type oldster... nice as hell, older'n dirt, and trades gossip and beignets with me  They (IMO foolishly) put a BIG "Trump 2020/Jesus 2020" sign in the front yard a ways back.
Talked to them last nights and offered up a Kevlar blanket for the front door for election night.

Part of my many bringbacks from Eye-Rak.

A 'UUUUGE Kevlar Blast Blanket, 'bout 4X5 feet... not sure but I think it was part of a vehicular uparmor kit for HMMWVs.  It, and a bunch of other gear has been stashed in various gorilla boxes in the garage, out of UV light and in -relatively- temperature controlled environs.  Told them we'll hang it on the inside of the front door OR we can put it up in one of the interior closets to make a safe room.  Determining -which direction- the fight might come from is  the tricky part... methinks IF some tard decides to do what I described in an earlier post, a drive by is the more than likely scenario that might play out.  

Either way, Sapper and Me are gonna be at full Red Status that night, to include even being in the bushes with the ghillie... hotter'n fuck, and rotating shifts, but...
Let someone decide to play stupid.

And then my next door neighbor, another old retiree lady, ChurchLady, she's just gonna hunker.

The OTHER issue is the black family up the street recently put out a Biden/Harris sign...  I've been 'neighbor friendly' with them.. wave and the "How ya doin?" friendliness... nothing over that tho... not sure exactly what the declaration, this late in the game is about, but it, from an Intel Analysis perspective is a thing of worrisomeness.  They've never put a sign in the yard.  Not in the 15+ years I've been in this A.O.  To me, this late in the game, to me that's sort of like "marking the door with lamb's blood"...Passover.  Mark the house to make sure that IF retard games are played, that THEIR house don't get fucked with.
Then another family, catty corner to me... The Serbian War Criminal's next door, HE is gonna be a potential problem.  Former Marine, rumor is he got thrown out for drugs.  Black guy.  Racist as fuck.  Doesn't have a nice word for us whypeepo ever.  His wife is sweet and deeply embarrassed by his behavior, but, she acts like an abused woman.  Won't say anything to me, or SWC or the family when he's around... but if he's out and away from the house, and she walks the dog or takes their lil baby (about 18 months old) for a walk, she's all sorts of nice.

But, I shudder to think what might happen in the next few.  I really hope they pack up and leave.

And all the rest?
"Nothing is going to happen."  
"We're just going to call the Sherriff if something happens."
Cognitive Dissonance, A.K.A. Head in Sand Syndrome or, Head Up Ass.
I mean yeah, here in Florida, so far things have been quiet.
As I said in the "Moments" post, Ask the guy who's falling off an 80 story building how the trip is so far at the 40th floor, and he'll invariably say "So far, so good." 
Better to be ready.  Can't say I didn't try.  I'm so over the concept at this point.  The very fact that Sapper n'Me are having to discuss the range cards for the neighborhood... lanes of fire... potential targets and where we're going to lay the Concertina...

What the fuck?

How/Why do we have to do this?  I sure as fuck didn't ask for this.  And there's a new guy out there that I got an email from a guy called "Normal American."  He's a new blogger to me and WRSA, and he kindly mentioned and referenced me in his "When Deplorables Fight Back."  Highly recommend 10/10 on his writing and I'm add him to Ye Olde Blogroll of deplorables.

We shouldn't have to do this.
I shouldn't have to spend my hard earned shekels like this.
I mean being prepped is a thing of goodness, hurricanes and whatnot... but I shouldn't have to be worrying whether or not some Left Leaning Wannabe Terrorist who wants to fuck with me and or assault, kill or burn my house down because we disagree politically?
These people are fucking certifiably INSANE.
They need to step the fuck down, and shut the fuck up.
Cause Spicytime Approacheth Like Some Large, Shambling Beastie Aye?
That Beast is Hungry, and he will not be denied.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Morning Me Droogs and Droogettes!
So, whilst getting up and operational this A.M. for the training/not training for the new gig, I surfed the Brit News as they ARE a few hours ahead of the US time wise, and I find a lot of shit that 'pops' on their radar a bit sooner than our C.I.A. managed media.  One tidbit that came up was that lil Kimmie Kartrashian turned 40.  
Who woulda know?
Not me by a long shot.
However, seems lil Kimmie, the pee drinking attention slore than she is, couldn't keep quiet.  I mean after all, it is her 40th B-Day.  That tends to be the big one for most folks as most of us ain't making to 80, so 40's the halfway marker for going tax free.
She sent out her usual glam-shots and some absolutely tone deaf shytte about being 'blessed' and yadda t'yadda.  What was epic was the backlash. Hence my writing about it because I was just tickled by one of the responses...
I literally spit my energy drink all over the laptop.  Thank god it's a waterproof Toughbook Model.  The quote is from her stupid 'I'm soooooo blessed fer suuuure' bullshit.  " I realize that for most people, this is something that is so far out of reach right now, so in moments like these, I am humbly reminded of how privileged my life is."

Most People?
Well... the very fact that she got famous by drinking some nog's piss doesn't exactly speak to her intelligence.  In fact, the "Sky People" as Zman calls them haven't a fucking clue.  What I DO find interesting is that outside of the "Lucky Sperm Club" a LOT of the "Sky People" are products of cross breeding families... I've noticed, that just like back in the time of World War One, ALL the 'top folks' are so cross bred, in-bred, intermarried...

We're seeing it again.

And with it all the problems that go with it.
See... one of the problems I've seen in my time.  I spent so much time over in Kuwait and the Middle East that that's one of their BIGGEST problems.
Inbreeding and Intermarriage
The ay-rabs, in order to maintain the Power and Money all do the 'first cousin hustle' and even some step-sister action out of a bad porn.   Saddam had one of his sons with his half sister.  Think it was Uday, (who was crazy as fuck)  All this cross/in breeding comes with the luggage.  Genetic disorders, Mental health issues.  Fucked uppedness of unnatural proportions.
And here?  The shit we know of?

For a small taste of it:
Adam Schiff's sister is Married to George Soros' son
Chelsea Clinton is married to Soros' nephew
Governor Whitmer (Hitler in Panties) worked for Soros
Gavin Newsom, AKA Newsolini is Nancy Pelosi's nephew
James Rothschild is married to Nicky Hilton, Paris's sister.
and on and on...

Two names keep cropping up tho...
Rothschild, the ancient Jewish Banker family who used to, or maybe still does, own the world.
and the newer version, 
Soros, the Jewish Banker who's trying to, from my perspective, take over the world.
Funny what (((tribe))) that they belong to Aye?
Humor time for a brief sec:
Sent that one to Spawn... he's a bit of a pothead these days.
I need the humor... the depths of fuckuppedness that we're looking at is kind of frightening.
DeadDad who was Military Intelligence back in the day... he called it "The Ten Men Who Rule The World".  He, seriously was one of McNamara's dudes who did deep deep deep intel research for old Robert Strange... said some of the shit he saw... he wouldn't talk about it but he was absolute in sayin' that there were powerful men 'behind the curtain.'
All these families... well, we've only had it going on here in modern times in the States as part of the "Old Country" leftovers but the "New Breed" if you will is post World War Two... this's because the old order was overthrown and re-ordered.
The inbreeding is done to keep the Power and Money...
Can't have it getting diluted, both the blood and the cash.
And in the Arabic World?
There's a reason the majority of the Royal Families aren't seen, and that the guy actually in charge is a dude sort of removed from the 'regular' line.  Usually the product of the 'main line' i.e. the Inbred part of the clan, who marries an complete outsider.  Fresh blood so to speak, which usually... like currently, King Salman Al Saud is Da King.  However Prince Mohammed bin Salman is runnin' da show.  The others, like in Kuwait and alllllll the other families and Royalties in all the countries... they be inbred like a motherfucker.
Like Downs Syndrome is HIGHLY prevalent... Microcephaly, retardation... they hide 'em away but even with the poor people they have these issues.
And eventually these problems come to a head so to speak.
Like now.
All the "Elites".
All the same pedigree/relations
All the same schools
All the same goals
Which is their own self empowerment and enrichment
They do not give a fuck who gets hurt.
I mean shit... lookit Hunter Biden.  Brother Beau not even cold in the fucking dirt and Hunter's banging his sister in law... Now, I can see if it'd been a 'she got drunk and reminiscing with him' and oops! His dick fell into her but it wasn't... It was a full on fuckfestivus for quite a while.  From what I can tell, it stopped when Hunter decided he was gonna go for the Family Hat Trick... His Wife, His Brothers Wife and then His Brothers Daughter...
And from the text messages that we've seen the only reason that it stopped was Mom found out Uncle Hunter was tryna shlong out her 14 year old daughter, and she was either jealous or something?  I'd say jealous as the fact that she had no issue getting the hot beef injection from her dead Husbands brother...Just why hasn't someone found this kid and done something about it?  Talk about "The Good Son" dyin'... leastways the good son in that we haven't seen as of yet anything about Beau, but nothin' would surprise me.
Sick bunch of motherfuckers Aye?

As Wirecutter would say "That's some white trash shit right there."

Who knows what else is going on behind the curtain?
So, later Today/Tonight I'll be going over some stuff vis-a-vis defensive stuff... maybe put out some other stuff.  My immediate concern this week is re-networking with the neighbors...gotta knock on some doors.
Local Local Local.
Until Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Finally! Fame and Fortune LOL

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Finally a full nights sleep!  I actually crashed before 11pm (23:00).!!!
THAT is a major accomplishment for me, as I tend towards the night mode in my old age.  But, as things have been getting more -pressurized- I've been having a recurrence of sleep problems.  Not unusual, but still, I hate looking in the mirror and seeing the haggard eyebags... like I ain't carrying enough shit already?  

But... "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know where to stash the corpses so they won't be found."
Think I stole that from Wirecutter...
Dude has some HYSTERICAL memes he throws up on FB.
Fucker's a 'lifer' if you will on his suspensions and bans.
And for fun, here's the two that caught me 30 Each on the 'old profile'
And then
Yeah... caught a total of 60 days for both of those... 30 each.
Which is hysterical b/c my bro Danny... he's a "thalidomide kid"... poor bastard's mom took the shit when he was in utero and he came out with flipper sort of thingies sticking out of his shoulders.  HE fucking called me laughing his balls off about "Partial Arts"... said he hadn't laughed that hard in years.
Seriously... good AND bad humor is fucking 'deader n'Kelsey's nuts' as my gramma used to say... Dunno who Kelsey is but she was an old old Irishwoman, so's must be something to that?  Danny's done good for hisself tho... got him two robo arms now that are fucking crazy...Swiss-Army Arms so to speak.  He pretty much can do ANYTHING with his feet...  weird as fuck to hang out with a guy who can grab a beer, hold it, crack open and drink it with his feet.  His wife sez he never needs any help with like anything, although be careful using his bathroom... he's a bidet kid and one night while shitfaced, I used the wrong bowl.... cold water'll wake up up pronto-pronto...  

So yeah, This lil old mindbending exercise has taken off, and I have you great readers to thank that for.
I also know I hit the big time when the hate started filling up the comments.
Amongst others.  Glad I don't feed the trolls.  And man, they're out there LOL.
But, I can't thank y'all enough, for the tips, the comments and the support.  I really like doing this, and it helps my mentality and keeping my head on straight.  We're down to what? 7 Days before organized chaos takes place?

Sheesh... time flies and I've been a lazy prick.
My personal list of "shit I need to do" is
Buy more AAA batteries
Buy more CR123 batteries... I have a couple dozen BUT they run out quick in a weaponlight
Not much more than that tho... I was prepping before prepping was cool.
Finish loading some more BBs AND get to the range on Saturday.  I was supposed to go this past Sunday but Wifey didn't get home it time to pass off Guido the Joisey Dog.... we've found we can't leave him home alone at all.  Even with tranquilizers, he tears up the house and loses so much hair that the house is now blanketed in it.  He also upsets Bob and Stella so bad that THEY need the tranqs too.  And I might have to replace the front door b/c he tried to claw his way though.  That was just a trip to the store for beer and he lost his collective shit.  So no leaving the dog alone.  She got back late from the gig, sooooo....
Now I have to try to get the rifles dialed in to 300 meters.
They're good to 50 yards right now.   That's max effective allowable distance at the local ranges.  I have to travel to Manatee to get to the long long range.
I -am not happy- with this last minute.
At least the VA is paying out on Friday...
So, until later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, October 26, 2020

The Reason I'll Fight

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Adriana Grace... 11:10 A.M. via C-Section... she couldn't make up her mind on which way she wanted to come out... so after 10 hours of labor, they (the Croakers) decided for her.  8.8 Pounds and 26.5 inches long.  She's got legs for days I swear...  Takes after her Glammie with the pins.  Mom and Baby are doing GREAT!
And GrandBebe Prime?
She's thrilled to be a big sister... fittin' to bust... that's her holding her tablet that she was using to talk to the Newbie... 

I'ma gonna have to think what I call the new lil 'un, 'cause A) she's bigger than GranBebe Prime was at birth, although you can't see it in the pics, she appears to have the same godless ginger hair.  and B) GrandBebe Secondary doesn't 'sing'...

And I know I can't call her the "FNGBebe"... Wifey'd fuck me up for that.
We'll be road tripping, provided the world don't melt the fuck down to see her sooner as now Wifey's back in "Babies Rabies" mode... I won't get a fucking moments rest until she holds the Newbie for the first time.

Can't says I blame her... I love me some Bebes...  I AM after all a big fucking softy at heart when it come to this stuff.  Especially when it comes to MY GrandBebe(s)... Jesus... I have to add the multiplier on there from now on... sheesh... this's gonna take some getting used to Aye?

And now I have an Additional Reason to Defy and Spit in the Eye of all those who would harm, traffic in, oppress or enslave them cute lil girls, and any like them...
For them?
I will make it rain.
Keeping it short... just wanted to update y'all and MANY Thanks to those who threw me some much-needed shekels in the tip jar!  It's gonna end up going to the diaper fund now is my guess LOL.
More Later I Remain The for-once Happy as Fuck Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
(The Usual Dourness will be continued at a it's regular time tomorrow)

Stick a Fork in Him, But it Don't Matter

Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes!
New from the Home Front.  DumbBunny (stepdaughter) is giving birth as I write this.  So... can't hold a grudge towards a new Bebe, so yaya!  New baby sister to Gradbebe Prime.  Gonna be a big kid too... Like 9 plus pounds.  BIIIIIIG bebe.  Bebe Prime was about 7.  This 'u... ye nipper is huuuuge.

Man... Papi Chulo again.
Yeah... that's my handle given to me by the other Grandparents...
Wifey is "Grammie" slash the "Glam-ma" (of course)
Wifey's Ex Hubby is "Papa" and he's a BIG Santa Claus 'papa' looking dude... 
and Papa's wife is "Nonna" (she's Italian).
So Papi, Papa, Grammie, and Nonna.
And now?  GranBebe  is gonna need a new handle...
Now, onto Da Newz...
So yeah, Sleepy Joe done finished hisself off this weekend.
Don't care what the pundits say.  They covered for him like a motherfucker with BlowBoi's -blatant- highly disturbing and probably illegal shenanigans.  I mean the cascading horseshit stacked so fast and so high as, again my favorite character in Apocalypse Now, Capt. Willard said "The bullshit stacked up so high, you needed wings to stay above it."
Mic Drop.
Of course -nuthin- came of it.
But, Plugs couldn't keep his mouth shut about getting "George" out of the White House, nor could he refrain from calling Trump supporters "Chumps", as well as talking about the fact that "Oh yeah I'm gonna fade out Oil..."  The fucking brilliance of the dude... "Here, let me kill ten million jobs"... No wonder they kept Joe in the Cellar.  Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  Dude just needed to stay in the fucking cellar man.  In that short amount of time, he squandered ALL the cover the fucking shills provided for him because that particular set of Djinn can't go back in the bottle.  Literally bullshhit from the horse's mouth and/or other orifices.
So, the problem:
Even though at this point his electoral chances rate between "Snowball in Hell" and "Virgin in a Bangkok Whorehouse"... we're getting set up for serious fuuuuucked up fucked uppedness that we've not seen since the First Civil War.  
Not much we can realistically do proactively.
THEY have all but eliminated that option, whether judicially and/or direct action wise.
We see that in the set-up and arrest of those yay-hoos in Michigan who, as it's now coming out, were going to not kidnap per se... but do the whole "legit redress of grievances" albeit through a more radical methods... hell the local sheriff has been taking flak for knowing these guys... and even said that they're pretty good folk.  And they're gonna deep fry and freeze dry these motherfuckers.
So that leaves us with reaction.
And reaction so far?  When we've reacted to bad situations?
Ask Kenosha Kyle.
Ask Mark and Patty McCloskey 
Ask the dude who, after running for his life from the mob by running through a BLM roadblock in his car, HE got arrested for running for his life.
Low. Hanging. Fruit.
Fucking swine.
The only thing we can do is form up Protective Groups in your immediate Area of Operations.  
Meatspace baby.
'Cause its now blatantly apparent that the cops WILL NOT be coming to assist but to lock YOU up.  So having a friend with a pickup and another with a backhoe or front end loader is necessary.  
And for those who want to know, the Dollar Tree and/or Dollar General has big blue tarps for $1 a shot.  I recommend at least 10 of them, 5 gallons of bleach and the dollar stores -also- have a lot of duct tape... all necessary for incarceration avoidance.
Avoid crowds.
Be the Gray Man.
Network, Network, Network.
Re-enforce that network.
I recently, just as an update, found out the sad news that the Serbian War Criminal is pulling up his fam and evacc'ing to the Wilderness up 'round Tennessee.  Sold his house... he's planning on a by the end of the year of being a ghost.  The housing market is so hot around here now that he didn't even have time to put a sign in the yard.  Put it on the market and the bidding war went nutzo right then, and right there. Seems the realtors here have lists of motherfuckers, cash in hand, looking to relocate like last year.  Mostly from New York and California... And I'll say this... when the Serb, who survived the worst-of-the-worst in the Former Yugo Republic sez time to "Head for the hills" y'all best listen.
So... More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, October 25, 2020

A Short but Sweet Roundup

Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Not tryna dodge y'all but today purely pissed me off.
Wifey had a BIG gig over in Orlando.  BIG money.  Costume Contest. Not only does she do Briadal Hair and Makeup, she's also madly talented with the whole 'horrorshow' Droog level combat Zombie Makeup.
Yeah, that's Sapper.. with MASSIVE head wound trauma.
Don't tell me my bitch don't know her makeup ability Aye?
So yeah, instead of me making the Range with Sapper, we ended up Babysitting the Labradorus Rex.
As far as that makeup tho?
She even embedded some 5.56mm spent shell casings "because when he got shot in the head and died, he might have landed in a pile of spent brass!"

Me we all have the blessing of dying in such a noble way.

Needless to say, her clients won the contest(s). 
How could they NOT?
In fact, that same night she did up Sapper, she did me up too.  Problem:  She gave me a Huuuuuge head wound.  Lotsa blood, looked great, entry wound, big exit wound... lots of latex, fake blood and all the shytte that goes into it.

Problem:  End of night.  

Got home... hadda shower...
Started washing it out and straight the fuck up started a full on PTSD flashback.
Like curled in the corner of the shower, shivering.
Took a bot of 'after action' to figger out WHAT happened, because I purely went to the "Zoo".

"Thank you for talking to Big Country, he's in the middle of an existentialist meltdown, please leave your name, number and time to call back, and he'll get back to you when the snakes and lizards mellow out in his cortex!" >BEEP<

Didn't realize it, but what it was was, well, no two ways about it, I was in Baghdad as we ALL are aware... there was a HUGE bombing in the souk in the Green Zone in Mid 04?  Can't remember... all I remember was one minute I was mister Happy Go Lucky walking 'round, digging the DVDs of brand new flicks in the theater in the states, and the next?
Huge explosion... 27+/- Dead.  And I got caught in the 'tidal wave' of guts, brains, blood and bullshit.  Having the viscera of like 20 + people bown all over you like standing downwind of a particularly pissed off wood chipped in not something I'd recommend. 

So when I was showering off, the feel, the texture of the latex and all.. the color of the fake blood?
Yeah... INSTANT full-on flashback with all the frills.

Seriously... fucked me up HARD.

After that souk bombing I was picking brains and bullshit outta my hair for -days- after the fact...
So... yeah, she's good... damned good.  And on that note, I gotta keep it short... I was supposed to go to the range today but 'issues' (wifey's fault) and I'm tired... been ranting and railing so hard, I feel like Don Quixote and his windmills... but as far as ALL the bullshit that we've seen vis-a-vis the Bidens... and I mean ALL them fucks?
Sounds good to me... more tomorrow.  I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Revolutions Have Started for Less

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Man... wild ass ride 'round here.  Unreal.... all thanks to Concerned American, whom I cannot repay for his kindness in poasting me.  I love opening WRSA in the A.M. and seeing myself 'above the fold' so to speak.  Gives me morning wood... we're talking mahogany to see I'm playing in the Big Leagues of the Based Blogosphere.  I'll try to be worthy.  I also gotta thank Phil over at The Vulgar Curmudgeon as it was just about shy a year ago that he kicked me in my ass and told me to start blogging again after a looooong bitch-induced hiatus.  Let me know when the package gets there bro... long story... sorry again for the delay but life, ya dig?  So... to continue with the observations from an old broke-dick Soldat.

As we see, the clock keeps tickin'.

Not sure to what zigzactly.  BUT.  Change be in the wind Aye?
Tomorrow is a shoot-fest.
Going to do a long range last minute tune up of alllllllll the guns.  Like leave the Haus at oh-dark early and get to the range in hopes of getting a 300 yard + pit to shoot at.  We, both me Sapper, and IF the Gods are Kind, Ranger J will be joining us to dial in our deer rifles for the season...

Which season that it remains to be seen.

Seeings that the retard regiments keep ramping up the rhetoric, I don't see things, as a whole being quiet.  Spawn is ready and has his bugout bags packed to come here to Casa El Grande Campesino, and I got 50% of the neighbors in on a mutual protection pact.  The remainders are either BLM (no joke) or completely in denial.

Fine with me.  Don't come 'round here askin' for nuthin' when the feces hits the impeller.

Because it is, either way, and no matter how slim you slice it, it's gonna be revolutionary.
It might not be a full on OMFG 'troops in to open' kind of thing... I see it as a more insidious, quiet slide... Not the monster beating atcher door... more like in the ORIGINAL "Nightmare on Elm Street" when -no one- knew what the fuck was going on, but the body count kept mounting in a gruesome fashion, and NO ONE had a fuckin' clue.
THATS how it's headed.
Creeping slow-to-realize death.
The Elites don't want to 'spook' the normie herd.
The rest of us just want to be left the fuck alone.
They've made that impossible.
Sapper 'n me been jawing.  He's a prima facia example of "normie who got radicalized."
THEY (the fucking assholes runnin' dis show) are quick and vicious to point out that a radical, who is standing against them, by their accounting is a failure...  NOT that the circumstances that THEY instituted might have contributed to the shitshow that some dudes and dudettes lives has become these days.  I'm -never- one to make excuses... do drugs, get caught? Fuck you moron.  Don't get caught...  Rob, steal, hurt, do something -bad- then fuck you too... ain't the fault mommie didn't love you enough or if daddy did love you too much.  (Euuuuuw!!!) 

Sapper sez Revolutions start because of the VERY things that have affected his life.

He's a prime example of the 'system' fucking him in the ass.  A bit o'history, per his permission as he IS -the- perfect example. 
Sapper is 50... couple of months behind me.  One sister, younger, hottie IMO.
Above average intelligence.  Fucker's I.Q. is a bit lower than mine, around 120-30 +/-... he's never been officially cored like I was, and Mine blew the circuits of the testers so badly they tested me twice... Major part of the reason of MomUnit and DeadDad's disappointment in me... "wasted potential" is the most common phraseology of my misspent yoot.
Raised Upper-Upper Middle Class.  Midwestern.  
He decided EARLY on that 
A) He was smarter than the majority around him... (common in most cases) 
B) That he wanted "in" to the "corporation" so to speak.  Namely Government Service and/or Pubic (no  misspelling) Orifice. (public office for you fucking dolts here.)

Got GREAT grades in High School.  Didn't sportsball because, like me, he was a nerd.  And in the Midwest where he was raised, generally unless you excelled at sportsball, you didn't have much of a chance at advancement.

So, he did High School, suffered through the bullshit, and had offerings from Upper Level Midwestern Big 10 School(s).  Got scolarshits offers and offers of assist from deeeee-vorced parents.  Parental guilt helped a lot.

Instead, seeing the long view, he decided to pull a tour of four in the Army as a Intel Squirrel.  Looked better on his upcoming Public Service Resume.... gotta have the tick boxes marked Aye? 

Cue the Fat Fucking Fickle Finger of Fate (who's gonna visit MOR in this story) which showed up and fucked him and he ended up becoming a Combat Engineer.  Totally hate it for him, but the Green Weenie has no fucks, nor giveth any.  Involuntary reclass to mine-finder from a T.S. Billeted Interrogator must have, and according to him, it did suck.  This mind you, was ALL pre-war so's there wasn't too much of a call for dudes to interrogate back then.  Needless to say, he got double-fucked by being stationed first at Fort Polk, and then Korea.  A shit sundae with a side of peter-cheese to say the least.  Missed out on the First Gulf War b/c reasons and stayed in Korea.  After four years of being pretty much just staying drunk on duty and shitfaced, he jumped into college back to Big Ten and used the shitty Monty-goobery GI Bill to get thru so's not to deal with the 'rents.  

Majored in Political Science.
Interned for TWO YEARS for a Senator-of-Some-Repute.

To quote Captain Willard in "Apocalypse Now": "He was being groomed for one of the top slots in the corporation..."

White, Upper-Upper, Right School, Honorable Discharge with a great record... Degree in Poli-Sci...

What could go wrong?

Welp... Ask Sampson about that Delilah Slut...

Hadda Girlfriend towards the end of college.  She (without him knowing) Decided that HIS DNA was appropriate for mating.  At the time they were cool... good bed buddies... he told me she was great in the horizontal mambo, and she was minimal in being 'needy' and such... it was pretty casual.

Until she turned up preggers.

Now, mind you, Sapper was thrilled... I mean he dug the broad but he, in his heart-of-hearts WANTED to be a Dad.  So, he jumped in, both feet and proposed.  
She wasn't having any of it.
Told him "I got what I wanted, (the baby) and to fuck off and die." or words to that affect.
She then hit him with the most outrageous and onerous child support demands the -I've- ever seen and man, I was paying $820 a month on a 17 year old girl for a year til she aged out.  That's part of why he's living with me n'Wifey... he can't afford to do otherwise, or its off to the hoosegow for "nonpayment of child support".  Mind you his son now is 25, married and has his own son.  
Sapper is still paying.
She pure-dee fucked him.
Courts found for her... she played it up that HE intentionally impregnated HER and RUINED her life and she had no choice but to give up her career and schooling to raise the poor, unwanted waif.
No joke.
Needless to say, the system utterly and completely nuked him from orbit.

To the point he ended up with a criminal record because he WANTED to be part of his Spawn's life.  She had him arrested multiple time for trying to see his own fucking kid.  This cunt sold it so well that the judge put a permanent injunction on Sapper til the kid turned 18.

He stopped his Masters Degree when the broad fucked him.  Left him without the resources to continue.
He got dropped by the politicos and supporters because he became a liability even though he did nothing wrong.
He got completely and utterly fucked.

The really fucked up part is that Sapper's Spawn, well, at age 18, he showed up.  Needed to meet 'Dad'...It was cool, but sort of fucked up in how you'd sort of expect.  His sit-down with Me and Sapper, (I was purely supporting) was really cool... and his son, having inherited his mothers looks, but his fathers brains, halfway through it all was like "Jesus Christ, Mom's a fucking psychopath!  I didn't know!"  They have a pretty good relationship, and are still working on it... lots of separation issues as one would expect...

However, Sapper Spawn has turned out to be seriously squared away but damn... if the takeaway is anything:

Being Smarter than others, and letting the "Other" know it is dangerous.
Trusting Wimmens is thing of badness.
Always realize that the system will drop you like a hot rock if it's to their advantage. 
Be ready for a decline in personal freedoms and/or rights, and consistent calls that it's his own race/creed/color's fault as opposed to reality.
Understand that the system will ALWAYS do a Summary judgement against you due to the inherent misandry that permeates our culture, and yet says that the society, as a whole is misogynistic towards women, when in FACT, wimmens get all the breaks at the expense of any semblance of fairness.

With these understandings, as I say, be the Gray Man, Head on a Swivel, and No Fear.
And anyone wanting to hit the tip jar, I'd appreciate it... gonna be two weeks til my first paycheck for the new gig so every lil bit helps!
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, October 23, 2020

It's a Big Club... And YOU Ain't in It...

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Man, been wild 'round here lately thanks to @WRSA at Western Rifle Shooters Association  Been the lead a couple times which I'm pleased with... "Can't stop the signal, Mal."  Which is the way it NEEDS to be.  People at this point should be voting from the rooftops.  Doing the Howard Beale "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!"
Now, for perspective...another Prophetic Movie...  To give a thumbnail, because 90% of people -have not- seen this thing.  EVERYONE knows the memes and the phrase, but the context is important. Beale is a drunken, about-to-lose-his-job newsman who's in the dive to the bottom... promises to shoot hisself on air live. Also rants and raves " a dark vision of America as a nation in decline as he speaks about the "depression" (i.e the recession caused by the Arab oil shock of 1973-74), OPEC, rising crime, the collapse in traditional values, and other contemporary issues" (h/t Wiki).

Sound familiar?

That's all of us in the Based Blogosphere.
And let me tell ya... the ending is shaping up to be Prophetic as well.
The cops storm into the studio and shoot the bastard live on T.V. for exposing the corruption within.
Sounds like the future huh?
Hope not.
Did you know the movie is chock-a-block full of visionary truths? There's a reason that they no longer show it? Like Vimeo and for rent on Amazon Prime is out there... I've never seen it on the boobus toobus, not that I watch that anymore outside of Star Trek. DVD can be had, but for the sake of things, lets just leave it that yes, you CAN find it... but there's a reason the Powers That Be don't like it. Quotes like this:

"At the bottom of all of our terrified souls, we know, that democracy is a dying giant, a sick, sick, dying, decaying political concept, riling in it's final pain. I don't mean that the United States is finished as a world power. The United States is the richest, the most powerful, the most advanced country in the world, light years ahead of any other country. And I don't mean the Communist are gonna take over the world; because, the Communists are deader than we are. What is finished... is the idea that this great country is dedicated to the freedom and flourishing of every individual in it. It's the individual that's finished. It's the single, solitary human being that's finished. It's every single one of you out there that's finished, because this is no longer a nation of independent individuals. It's a nation of some 200-odd million transistorized, deodorized, whiter-that-white, steel-belted bodies, totally unnecessary as human beings, and as replaceable as piston rods... Well, the time has come to say, is dehumanization such a bad word. Because good or bad, that's what is so. The whole world is becoming humanoid - creatures that look human but aren't. The whole world not just us. We're just the most advanced country, so we're getting there first. The whole world's people are becoming mass-produced, programmed, numbered, insensate things..."

And that was written in 1976  
76 was a weird time... I feel like it was the 'last gasp' of real America.  I have some of the best memories of my life from that year.  I remember we had a hometown "Spirit of '76" pagent at the elementary school in New Hampshire.  Everyone in town was there.  Every Swinging Richard... 
  -I- was "Daniel Boone", down to the coonskin cap... DeadDad moved heaven and earth to find that dead fucking rodent hat... apparently they were hard to come by LOL.

44 Years... Seems like a lifetime AND a blink.
For some reason the memories there are sharper, more distinct.  
Dunno... maybe the fact that it was THAT pleasant.
And, unfortunately, those days are long past.
It's gonna be a shitshow.
And THEY have no fucking clue....
The police have revealed themselves as Regime Protection.
The Politician?  The mask is off. 
They're ALL corrupt.
We knew it, they knew it.
There was a level of plausible deniability.
But no longer.  Trump, by dint of being a genuinely decent man has exposed the corrupted pustule that our "elite" inbred/crossbred political families are.  THATS why they really hate him.  He ain't them.  He ain't in the "club".  Just like us.  Just -how- corrupt and mentally deranged, depraved and evil these people remains to be seen.  However, at the rate things are going, we, the small folks, are never gonna see any resolution.  
"When the elephants fight, the grass suffers."  African proverb.
And Network?  
Eventually they're gonna come for guys like me.  Sooner? Later? Tough call.
But, keep the powder dry, head on a swivel, no fear.
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Break Them On The Wheel

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
As I said in my last poasting, the way things are going... as a reader commented and I have said...
Welp... El Fucknutto, one Mister Jim McLaughlin, put out there on how we need to be driven from any sort of 'his civilization'... cut off from life as it were.  I put it out there to get a response, because of the baseline cowardice of people like him I asked who protects him when the shooting starts?
Of course, no response.  Nada. Bumpkis. 
Well... to be expected.
And my guy that I was having the discussion on FB?  Well -he- answered back with what I consider to be the standard line vis-a-vis the media and how we'll be 'demonized'... to whit: "Just remember the media is on their side. The right are the insurgents in their mind."  

A reasonable concern for reasonable people who are afraid of what other people think of them.

My response: "A couple of newsrooms hit with 3-4 deathsquad style hits and that'll shut them down quickly. Target the local newsmen/wimmen with precise assassinations and they'll shortly get the idea. Right now, they feel impervious b/c -no one- has legitimately targeted them. I think if Don Lemon's head were to be blown up by a 7.62mm round on a random Friday night, then the message might be received a bit better. The Media backs who -they think- is running the show. Feed a few, live, thru a woodchipper, record it, and poast it to Youtube or Bitchute, and watch them become VERY neutral VERY quickly."
That coldness is in the air.
And when it comes time, people like Osita Nwanevu, a writer at The New Republic, who states HERE how essentially they need to eliminate the Constitution, primarily to institute THEIR new-wave LeftLoveFest O'Doom.   Hat tip to Liberty's Torch for the heads up.  Now, dude there mis-identifies the fuck who wrote it... he calls the writer a chick, when in fact it's an ugly dude...and it's amazeballs to me how it seems like ALL these fuckers from other countries come here and get off on bashing the place that's given them succor.  Much like Omar Ilhan and her ungrateful ass.  Ingrates.
That steams me more than I care to acknowledge. 
Like I take that shit personally.
But yeah, Osita, seen here:
Lives in Woodbridge Virginia, where the median income is $109,196
The average income is $47,052
For perspective, the average national income is $28,555.
So, he's -already- living large, yet bashing the shit out of the system that's so graciously given him the opportunity to make out so well, he lives in essentially a gated community...
So, Mister Nwanevu graduated with a B.A. from the University of Chicongo, and had the money to go for the M.A. at the same Uni after the fact and graduated in 2016.  Since then he interned with Slate, and Harpers, worked then for Slate and now runs around in the rarified Libtarded World of The New Republic, spewing his anti-constitutional and frankly anti-American viewpoint.  He's also hooked up with a chick named Kiara Nerenberg, Ashkenazi, BTW...who's a PhD candidate at John Hopkins in Baltimore and studying Sociology.  Her idea of a reading list is such: 
She's fucking Cray Cray IMO.
They Doxx, We Doxx.
Nice life.  Sure would be a shame to see sometin' happen to it Aye?
Because these fucks and the fucks just like him are going to find out that when the stench of their own "Smug" runs out, that there's gonna be Hell to pay, and that bill is coming soon.
They Used to Break People on The Wheel.
That's where they'd tie up a criminal on a wagon wheel all spreadeagle, and commence to bashin allllllll his limbs until they either were completely broken and/or torn off.
A close up:
If the target was lucky, they'd die before that second act, which was usually to build a fire underneath the wheel and torch the broken motherfucker on it.

Make Wheels Great Again
Especially in the Media's case.
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
*Note: ALL the info I got was from open-sources.  FaceBook and LinkedIn.  Amazing how open some People are huh?

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

How to Guide

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Poasting a bit later tonight as I actually needed to follow along in training today.  That being said, lets break it down from todays fun n' games.  @lovelymiss also called LMA on Gab seems to be a hardcore right wing chick who's got some good shit to say, and some pretty damned good observations.  One of which I poasted to ZuckFuckBook in yet again another futile attempt to piss off Zuckborg.  In part, in response to an asshole blasting the following:
Nice guy huh?
So... she said: "The collective portion of America who have zero survival skills, who are out of shape & who have never had to do more than order Uber Eats calling for some sort of political genocidal war is mind boggling."

Good shit eh?  So I went one further... went onto Twatter with my rarely used (for enemy intel gathering for the most part) account and, after realizing that he'd deleted his bullshit, I threw the following at him:
-Mic Drop-
No response.. of course... 
However I DID throw it up on ZuckFuckBorg, and one of my frens from High School wrote here (no snip as to prevent the doxx):

"Never underestimate your enemy brother. In my AO, the left is very actively purchasing ammo and arms and training in gorilla tactics. Watch your 6, and be the grey man."

Which then led me to the following:

"Dude, I -lived- thru an insurgency, BT-DT-GTTS. These fucktards have zero idea. It's NOT about 'shoot move and communicate'... that's Infantry 101. What it's MOR aboot is sniping, IEDs and pure terror tactics. A theoretical example: Find out who the local hardcore leftknob is... wait til ze/zir/zey is at work... go, kill and butcher the family... ALL of the family, in the most GRUESOME method available so when ze/zir/zey shows up after work they find the house liberally decorated with the entire body cavity worth of organs... heads on spikes... womenfolk and kids... that sort of thing... the brutality of that sort of 4th Gen War they can't even imagine man... so I'm not overly worried. Saw waaaay too much of that in Iraq.. THOSE guys know how to run a REAL insurgency, and truthfully, the Soy Brigades here?
I just don't think they have it in them to do what they need to... whereas on the other hand... you figger it out padna... good advice tho either way. They'll go for the cowards way of "Drive By Molotovs" or shootings up to until someone is ready for them, and ventilates the car and them with 100 rounds of full metal jacket, and then decides after killing them, to take the drivers licenses off their freshly perforated corpses, and go to the addy on the aforementioned license, and kill every. single. person. in that house. After 2-3 of those, you see a marked decline in bullshit. Once we decide the gloves are off, the right has two modes. See below.: Hope all is well. Be well and follow me for more recipes on how to break the spine of a potential insurgency."

And I poasted this:
By my current accounting that switch is aboot 3/4 flipped Aye?
The fuzz ain't helping, the persecutors are protecting those who would do you, me and ours harm, so yeah.  It's showtime.
The problem stems from fact that the Powers That Be have decided to go after and persecute the people defending themselves from the MOB.
And the cops are stepping back, going for the 'low hanging fruit'.
Why go after potentially dangerous suspects when you can nail a dude to the wall who turns hisself in?
We've been witnessing this behavior in England for the past 20 years.
Violent Antisocial Paki Rapists? Hard Pass.
Grandma Nonna venting about them damn dirty Somalis shitting in the street? Race Based Crime!!!
We're seeing the same shit that shows we're nothing more than a 3rd World Banana Republic.
In the 3rd World, Police have two major jobs.  
1) Regime Protection
2) Confiscatory Predation on the Non-Elites to keep the Elites funded.

Sound Familiar?

And when it breaks down?

The cops, the judiciary, and the elites, no matter how high/low they are in the food chain become legitimate targets for liquidation.
As I said before...
It's showtime, and they ain't even aware of it yet.
Until Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Another day, another dollar.  Anyt'ing to make me holler LOL.  Yeah, the moments in time and the circular nature of the Universe is -definitely- out there.  "Those who fail to learn from history..."  We seem to be in a free fall of sorts...
And yeah...

Much like the guy from 9-11, if you asked him halfway down how things were right at that moment, he might have ironically said "So far, so good!" as he passed the 23rd floor.

It's not the fall but that -sudden stop- that surprises you.

And judging from the way things are, we got a hard fucking stop coming.
How hard?  Tough to say.  On Gab, I threw a line out regarding how I'm looking Forward to Obergruppenführer Whitmer's "Ceaușescu Moment".  For those not 'in the know' Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Elena ran Romania like their own personal piggy bank and fiefdom.  And eventually, like all tyrants and despots, everything came to a hard stop for them both on Christmas of 1989
Merry Christmas evvabody!

Who sez former commies don't have a sense of humor?
Yep.  HARD stop.
Prolly surprised the shit outta them.  
One minute, Cock o'da Walk, next? On da Choppin' Block.
So yeah, besides the point of the 'diabolical and unmitigated evil plot to commit terrorism' against Frau Whitmer's rule, the very fact that the Federal Buttfuckers of Incompetency is the fact that even a bunch of left-leaning antiTrumpers are sick of this unmitigated bullshit...however, despite the claims of 'horrific terrorism' and all the hyperbole that's being utilized, my question stands: Just WHAT did they Ackchyually do?  Last I heard, a bunch of stoners, sitting around going "Hey, why don't we kidnap the Governor and put her on trial?" while hitting the bong wasn't illegal per se.  Not only that, but the word is that the 'inserted agent' was the main pusher of the idea.  Someone on Gab commented (brilliantly IMO) that 90% of the people at a Klan Rally or Skinhead rally were/are Feds Undercover.  Another thing about this "Bullshit Plot" is the way they came down on these morons, you'd think they were wearing MAGA hats while waving Confederate Flags or some such dumb shit... leastways the way the initial media reports were spun.  Turns out uh... no... leftist anarchists.  but, as I said, besides being entrapped, last I heard, it ain't illegal to plan or discuss a criminal enterprise, only if you implement said plan.

Or maybe it is.

If it is, then I'm totally fucked.

Historically, when the Organs of the State start creating reasons to round up motherfuckers, it's a whole new ball game.  We've seen it before, and on MANY pages in the Based Intarwebz they speak of how BLM and AntiFa are allowed to run around loose, whilst if'n a PatCon Base Brigade tried 1/10th of what those fucks are allowed to do, they'd be run over with Tanks and MRAPS, freeze dried, and then buried under the jail.

Diff'nt Strokes for Dindu Nuffins and his Band of Brothamanz.

Which leads to the next possible historical replay.  That being the 1991 Yeltsin-on-a-Tank.
Are we destined to see our own version of this play out?
More n'likely at the rate the Retard Regiments are going.
Trump on a Tank... 
It's a distinct possibility at this point.
Unless the Sweet Meteor o'Death comes a'callin'... 
Not that I'd argue with that at this point... "Going Tax Free" has it's attractions.
So, until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, October 19, 2020

Movie Night

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
So what with Fat Cat Bob taking up like my entire computer space, and inflicting hisself on me and Nope Turtle, I ended up doing the movie night thing by meselves.  Wifey is still up at the 'rents, and Sapper was working, so I had the quiet time thing going... before Bob showed up I did the mag rotational on a couple of 9mm Glock mags....
and then I busted out when Bob took over the screen, a couple of Classic movies.
First up:
Forbidden Planet, 1956
1956 Academy Award Winner for Special Effects... great story... very clean and professional.
Back in 56, THAT was "Holy Shit" level stuff
And of course, the late, Great Leslie Neilson, of Naked Gun fame in a role you'd never expect as the Captain of the Ship... 
Growing up, I thought of Leslie Neilson as this hardcore dude... and when in his later years he started with the whole Naked Gun shtick, I was like "Dude is brilliant!"  DeadDad was the one who got me into classic films.  LOVE me some Turner Classic Movie channels.  So then, because I was in the mood, I went with the follow up, Charleton "You Damned Dirty Apes!" Heston in "The Omega Man"
Terminal 1970s Cheese.
But not a bad TEOTWAWKI movie... it just suffers from Afros, Cheese, Lots of Polyester, Mor Cheese and really bad Special Effects.  Although, I'ma really digging this picture:
Yeah... that one pic leads me to this:
It screamed to be meme'd.
Yeah... love the concept of 'last man standing' but OMFG... the cheese.
Straight up limburger.
But the funny thing is the choice of firepower that the guy has as his day-to-day carry.  These for some reason were really popular in the 1970's.  
The Smith and Wesson M-76 9mm SubGun.  
These things are like -everywhere- in the movies in the 70's.  Not sure why?  The made them for Nam for the SEALs specifically because the Swedes got their neutral noses out of joint b/c the preferred subgun that the SEALs and Beanies loved was the Carl Gustav or the 'Swedish K' as they called it.  Because they are a bunch of Scandicucks, even back then, they embargoed the sale and importation to Viet Nam of their precious   
The M-76, 1967-1974:
9mm, open bolt, 36 round magazine.  Crude but effective.
The Carl Gustav m/45 is a 9mm submachine gun that shows the lineage of the M-76.
I got to hold one once, but didn't get to rattle a mag.  Personally, I don't see what the hype is about it, but the guys, Old School Green Berets and Navy SEALs ALL wholeheartedly swear by them.  As in when doing the drinking and partying with them, the question ALWAYS comes up in -any and all- dot-mil party convos is "If you could only have ONE weapon for 'X'..." invariably the Beanies and SEALs would pick the Swedish K... as the Gustav was called by them.  Dunno... to each their own I suppose.

Like I said, not knocking it, but don't know why it's got the hype it has.

So, light buzz, good movies and Ima all about just watching and waiting.  Shipped the last Flammenwerfer for the 'seasonal funtimes'... I don't see being able to build another one in the few weeks before weirdness envelops the world.  Go figure.

So, More Later, I Remain, with Bob, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, October 18, 2020

This is Why I Can’t Write Tonight

Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Keeping it short...
Bob apparently's been missing me.  Jumped up on the table, made me move my KB, and started fucking with Nope Turtle.  He's now laid over my arm as I peck this out on my iPhone
Dunno how Wifey does this one hand shit... he's purring like a lil motorboat... so More Later, I'm the I.R.