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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Oh Well! FB Jail and the Debate

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Well, another update on Wifey et al.  
Wifey's out of the ICU and in a regular room, bored shitless.  They're keeping her one more night as her BP went thru the roof as the meds they fed her sped it up.  So... Then, the MIL, her?  They sent her back to the house.  Apparently surgery ain't happening.

So... Biden didn't drop dead, nor lose the track.
VERY surprising!
Didn't watch the whole thing... was too busy being a beer swillin' dude with Sapper... and since Wifey ain't coming home tonight, methinks aboot hittin' ye olde Tiki Bar again.

I did catch him when he told Trump "You're the worst President EVVAR!!!"
Project much Joe?  Sounds like you were talking aboot yer per Monkey, The Obamanation.
Yeah, poo-flinging aside, and the number show that (per CNN) that Biden won (of course) but by like 5 percentage points... which, when translated into real numbers means Trump curbstomped his ass.
I also noticed one 'tell.'  When Biden was -obviously- getting fed his lines, motherfucker started blinking like he was sending semaphore or morse code... he'd stammer, probably b/c whoever was feeding his lines -broke into- his train of thought, and since obviously he's practiced it, he smoothly started repeating, verbatim, whatever was being fed to him... when he lapsed, he lapsed.  Especially on AntiFa being an 'idea' and That the Green New Deal would pay for itself... bit of a slip there... especially since two seconds later he denied saying he was for it... full of contradictions much there Grandpa Stinkfinger?
Stick to molesting children asshole.
Trump's got this.
And as far as replacing Chris Wallace?  Somebody shoot the fucker and THAT'LL stop his ass from being the moderator.  In fact, almost time <giggle> to start going after the media in spades.
That ALSO being said, I got hit with a 30 day stretch in FaceBorg Jail... 
I poasted that back on AUGUST 28TH!!!!
Now, those who don't game, that is a meme made from the Fallout V.A.T.S. computer, a system that helps you slo-mo shoot a motherfucker.  FB said it's a "Hate Picture"... in the tank much?

The thing is, I see it in a BROADER perspective... why -NOW- did I get a 30 day?  Over a MONTH later.  With NO recourse.  I'd be curious how many others the mods are hitting... those of us on the "right" that is... 30 days?  That takes us into Election Time.  "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K!"  I smell a (((rat))).  Might have to get a new profile to keep shitpoasting.

Fucker's ain't keeping me quiet... Hells to the Nos.
And worse comes to worse, I know -exactly- where the mods are here in Tampa.  I interviewed with them a waaaays back to be a Mod Supervisor... even got the job until my legal troubles bubbled up.. then they withdrew the offer, and buttfucked me good.  So, burning THAT particular building to the ground wouldn't bother me in the slightest.
Also, found this from England on Gab:
That I can get behind...
And I'll tell ya, we need to self-separate.  This country, back before we had alllllll this technology and feeds into everybodies lives 24-7-365, we may be called "Americans" but we've gone more tribal as time has gone on.  I mean in reality, this country was founded by motherfuckers who either weren't wanted or were hating where they fuckin' were.  The reason motherfuckers went "West" in the late 1790s to 1800 was because the Motherfucking Scottish couldn't stand the fucking Irish and English who settled in the East...  and gold... can't forget the gold.
And stealing the land from the Injuns.
Natural selection... sorry.  You snooze, you lose.
And for the finale right now, here's one you can use to Meme the Fuck out of -whatever- comes up to fuck with people:
I left the bottom blank for "fill in what ya will"
More Later, I gotta git to the 'Ospital to visit Wifey.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Well THAT was a Shitshow

Evening/Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes!
No, not the debate.  Didn't watch it...too mucho going on-o here at El Casa Del Grande Campesino...
OK... first off... Wifey is still in the Hospital, now in the ICU.
Can't do shit, can't visit worth a shit as the CoronaChan Horseshit is strong in the medical field.  Fucking Morons...  It's now blatantly obvious this's a bullshit bug of the 'normal' fly flavor, that's being used as a controller's bludgeon against all normies...
Told the Nurse that if'n they tried to get stupid about me not  wearing a facial diaper, when I collapse from O2 starvation (it could happen) since I'm missing a lung from Cancer, and that I have a legit reason for -not- being diapered, that I'd sue his ass, the hospital's ass, and when they brought over Deputy Dawg the Sheriff to discuss it with me, the deputy looked at my new T-Shirt I recently got... 

one look at the chest and he was all much more willing to see things my way...

The "Tower of Power"ll do that...

Jes' sayin'.
Lotsa "Sirs" and "You're welcome for my service" and shit like that... I didn't even say anything 'cept for pasting a really pissed off look on me grill.  Been told I could melt steel with the glare I use... fuckit... got what I needed, which was to be with Wifey til they threw my ass out... wasn't gonna fight either... fuckers threatened to ban my ass...
BUT... that being said she's stable, medicated and high as fuck last time I talked to her.  Dunno what triggered it.  Of all things, she ate the nut packages out of, all things, a pair of Lithuanian MREs I had.  Yeah.  Hazelnuts and Almonds.
From Lithuania.
Go fuckin figger.
Told the Doc about it, and he looked at me like I had a dick growing outta me forehead.  Told him/explained that I have MREs from alllll over the world... my thoughts?  Told him to get another sample of blood and run it thru the spectrometer.  Not sure but possibly pesticide on the nuts?  Not sure.. pure guess work here, but after all the weird assed exposure I had in Iraq, mercury, pesticides, depleted uranium, I'm a fair medic meselves... but yeah, told 'em that might be the culprit... they -said- they'd check...I have my doubts... Maybe -different- genus or type of nut?  Totally different part of the world?  WTF knows?  So anyways...

Sleeping tonight's gonna suck.
No word on MIL.  Last I got was they were waiting on test results and a room... Busted up her face at zero dark tis past A.M.  Broken occipital bone and some other head trauma.  Part of the reason Wifey's fucked up is she's been in full-on anxiety mode all day, which ain't helping as she's been out of her xanax.  Better living thru chemistry is my motto, unless you burn out yer meds early... 

But now THEY hooked her up, so's she's more mellow... doesn't detract from the fact that her mom's all fucked up, she's all fucked up, so... fuck.

When in doubt, get fucked up.
I figured I owed Sapper after his absolutely tight game taking care of my bitch...
They get along like a brother and sister... when they're 13 years old...

As in not very fucking well usually.

She, in his eyes, is a "Prototypical fuckin' woman with delusions"
He, in her eyes, is a "Misogynistic woman hater!"

But... in the crunch, they're both, outside of Spawn, my only real family... so we get along.
Or Else. 

But seriously, -I- if anything needed decompression, and I knew I could bribe Sapper with Beer and Seafood, so we tried out a brand new joint up the street.  Fuckin' great food so yeah, we'll be returning... although it'll have to be on a Tuesday or such... the place is so new and so popular, the lines on the weekend stretch for a 1/4 mile just to get in the parking lot.
So, that's tonights last minute update.  I gots work in the A.M. and still have a few beers left to kill that I bought on the way home... "You can't fly on one wing!!!" as my old Platoon daddy used to say... God I miss those guys..
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

The Debate Tonight

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
K nocking this one out during work... I actually should put work in quotes "work"... it's day one of "training" and I'm on the backup Toughbook donated by an AWESOME reader here... yeah man, MANY thanks!  Got it running nice n smooth... Spawn gave me a Solid State Hard Drive... Think I might have to get one for the regular PC as this thing is fast as hell... boot time is like in seconds...

Tonight is shaping up to be an epic disaster for Biden, judging from the bullshit that's coming out:
Gotta hunch...
They're gonna call a Lid on it tonight...
More n'likely claiming Biden doesn't want to share the stage with "the most corrupt, evil yadda yadda" and doesn't want to dirty hisself by being on stage with Trump, and the media'll go all in on that shit.

My guess is the 30 minute breaks are to keep juicing RoboBiden with whatever mix they're using to keep him upright... my understanding was Hitler liked his Pervitin, which literally was medical grade methamphetamine.  Wonder what they're giving Joe to jolt his dead ass?

And the ear piece?  yeah, the Biden Folks told the Orange Man Bad people there'll be no inspection for earpieces.  Meselves?  I'd have a freq jammer that could cascade through the common transmission bands and block that shit without blocking any of the others, if only to totally fuck up the Biden morons.

Now, shit... Wifey's at the ER... seems she might have had a allergic reaction to some nuts she had.  Sapper took her, God bless 'im... If I bailed from the Training, I'd be well and truly fucked.  Took me since July to get this gig rolling...

She's ok... they're gonna jack her with roids n shit... but DAMN!
Always when I can't do shit about shytte amiright?

So, maybe more later, I got to do this bullshit AND find out if Wifey is OK, and oh yeah, 0500 this A.M. New Awesome Mother In Law tripped, cracked her skull and is now in surgery -right now-... Any prayers would be appreciated... When it fuckin' rains...
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country  

Monday, September 28, 2020

This's Getting Old Quickly

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

So it continues.
The Mango Messiah A.K.A. "Orange Man Bad" apparently keeps talking so much shit, -just once- I'd like him to do what he said he's gonna do.  The "Platinum New New Nigger Lotto" appears to have been pulled straight out of Al "I ain't paid no taxes" Sharpton's personal wish list.  Fuckin' Trump apparently signed off or is planning on signing off on some new 'fuck you whitey' monies tot he Nigs of the US to the tune of almost $12,500.00 per nig, nog, and sprog in the entire FUSA.

You read that right. $12,500.00 per fucking person
So long as said-person is heavily melinated.
Otherwise, keep payin' taxes whitey, we can't bribe these niggers without you.

Five Hunnerd BILLION dollars.
Make lynching illegal. Thought that killin' motherfuckers was already illegal... if it ain't, the rest of us best get busy... I got a list off motherfuckers that need to swing before this new law takes effect...
Declare the Klan a 'terrorist organization'... That's gonna piss off all them feds who make up 98.8% of the membership these days LOL.
I mean really?
When is BLM and AntiFa gonna get declared... oh... yeah... right... they are from the goobermint, and they're here to help.  Just as ISIS was created, funded and assisted by Barry "Fuckwit JugEars the Goat Fucker" Obamanation and his CIA, the AntiFa kids I think are created, funded and assisted by the FBI...

Think about it... just how in the hell are they getting away with what they have?

Simple.  They're bought, paid for, financed, given political cover, and generally run by the Feds.

It makes sense.  Wouldn't doubt if the whole fucking operation is being run out of Sheboygan or some out-of-the-way Federal Office, complete with plausible deniability if everything goes sideways.  

Not that anyone is ever gonna be prosecuted.  For anything.  Ever.
I mean as we've seen, Durham and Barr are doing the cover for them all day long and ain't doing shit.  Thing that pisses me off is, How do I get a sweet sweet gig where I can break the law and no one does anything about it?

I'd like -in- on that action.  Even the Mob doesn't get that level of protection.
Nor can they even offer it...
Gotti is rollin' in his grave... he should have run for office...
Yeah, that as me as a kid...
No Joke.  They actually called up the parental units when I started reading Soldier of Fortune (circa 1979) when it was a real Merc-Mag...  I was twisted at a very young age... I'm just more skilled now.
That and thank God for Amazon...
New project on deck...
Stay Tuned!
Until Later. I Remain The Intrepid Reporter (now 2 weeks sober almost)
Big Country

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Well THATS not Unexpected

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Full day AGAIN!  And man, went out to visit a buddy of mine who has a Horse Ranch.  Forgot just how damn big them suckers are.  Gentlest beasties I've been around.  Horses tend to be wary of a dude as big as me so, at least these buggers were cool.

Lotsa fun... guy is a righteous dude and his ole Lady and Wifey got along jes great which's really nice.  I'm not used to having a female who 'plays well with others' as my ex-Bitcho was just that: a flat-the-fuck-out bitch who couldn't or wouldn't go out and socialize with any of the people liked or socialized with.  Asocial Bitch only really liked being around her family, the Demon-In-Laws.

Piss on 'em.

So, word is out today at 10:30am;
THIS is, to me, the big news.  My reasoning?  
This nuked the whole "Q" larp to dogshit.
"Trust in the Plan"
"Wait for the plan"
"When One Goes We All Go"
For almost 3 years motherfuckers been selling the LARP to a LOT of people that there's some "White Hat/Black Hat" war going on behind the scenes.  Tellin' ya, too many people bought in.  
This pretty much put "Q" to bed IRL IMO YMMV.
I dropped and stopped following it when it became a little too much talk, not enough action.
I, personally know and dig how hard it is to build a case on the federal level.
Trust me on this one.  Those Gitmo Motherfucker Prosecutors have been working for EONS at this point and ain't really got shit to show for it.
We couldn't even get Johnny Taliban to the firing squad and that dirty little fucker has a photo of him in the prison -right- before Johnny Spann was killed.  In fact, while looking for the photo in question, I found out the Weasley Little Fuck is free as of May of Last Year.  He's apparently got 3 years probation right now, and is running with the handle "Abu Sulayman al-Irlandi"

I got $50 and a good bottle of bourbon if'n one of y'all waste him or can direct me to where he is.

And damned right I'm calling for his head.  
Fuck you Feds... you shoulda capped that fuck when y'all had the chance.

This country is most definitely fuckee-fuckee.  The fact that this lil bomb hasn't gone off in the "Q" community, whelp, it either shows the level of willing suspension of disbelief (I think thats the term) and/or the reverse psychosis that manifests that "Trump is fighting a battle between Good and Evil, don't joggle his elbow and trust in the plan!!!"

The Libtards have TDS, the Qtards have QBS (Q Belief Syndrome)
 Neither will end up in good shape.
And the constant harangue that we're putting up with?  When the fuck will these people just. shut. the. fuck. up?
I'm actually bummed...Dwayne The Rock Johnson just announced for Biden for fuck's sake.
Rocky, dude.. bubbahlah... stick to flexing and acting... "Dance Monkey Dance" and STFD-SFTU.
I used to think he had half a brain... guess the roids finally flamed what was left.
Anyways, the collapse of the "Q" narrative is going to cost Trump...
My question is:
Who and or What was behind it?
Inquiring Minds...
More Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter 
Big Country

Saturday, September 26, 2020

No Fun

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
Maaaan... go out, go have some fun... eat out, have a great meal. 
Come home and Nadler myself and then puke nonstop.
Call the restaurant and get told "Ain't our problem!"
So, as of late, besides being sick as all get the hell out, Sapper done went and invested in the house preps.  Seeings I don't start the new gig til this coming Tuesday and shekels been scarce for the most part, this's a great find for the price:
New "toy" put out by Lee.  The Automatic Processing Press.
Got it mounted and damn, so far so good.
It's -not- a per se loading press... I still have the single stage press I use, and I gotta remount but what this thing does is decaps, resizes, and chamfers the cases like in record time.  As in whoo... 10 cases of 5.56mm fit in the tube, and I can get all 10 rocked out in about 15 seconds. Knocks out the mil spec crimp no problem.  Still have to prime using the one stage, but then I want to see how it does with the bullet seating and crimp after.  so far today I've been (between bathroom runs) almost 75 rounds in about 30 minutes on full prep.

THAT is good.  Leastways for my slow as fuck ass.

So latest:  Seems that lots of folks are seeing that the coming "Bait and Switch" is on the horizon.  Phil seems to agree, and a couple of other folks have been saying I might be right about Biden being a "Dead Man Walking"...

Personally I think it's my way of thinking... more and more info is trickling out about Hunter "Blow" Biden's hijinks.  Despite the media running interference, even at this point they gotta be asking themselves "Just what in the fuck is in it for us if we help this fucker get elected?"  I mean WHAT is the quid pro quo to help Joe?  They already have all the access they want/need... they already have all the time and bullshit they need... what the fuck is the media so in the bag for Joe for anyways?  
Sacksful of dinero?  
I mean c'mon man!
It. Just. Doesn't. Make. Sense.
Ideologically speaking, O.K... you want to see your guy win... but are you so far gone that you don't see the full, nasty end result?
Walter Duranty, who's now held up and ridiculed for his shit about Stalin didn't have to live in Russia at the time.  Nope, his bullshitting self got to go home and hey, presto!  Back to the land of Milk and Honey, and probably richer for the bullshit he wrote about the Potemkin Villages he saw, along with all the other stacks of horseshit he wrote about.
Unlike Mark Filloux, who -someone- (another RWB wrote about) profiled recently.  Fucking Commie Lovin' Frog who drooled and sucked on the Khmer Rouge pee-pee and positively loved the commies to the point he went to Cambodia ne Kampuchea to see True Communism at work...

Up until they fucking killed his stupid ass.

And even now the current crop of wannabe-Marxist-commies in the media hold that dipshit up as some sort of Martyr.  Fuck... liberalism is a disease.  And makes my head hurt.

So to finish up, I found this for fun:
Feeling old yet?
I am
Talk with ya later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, September 25, 2020

Stomach Bug...

Me Droogs n Droogettes!

I'll P/U tomorrow... barfing me brains out from some bad seafood...


Til later yadda yadda


Thursday, September 24, 2020


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems us whities can't catch a break.
The New HMFIC (Head Motherfucker In Charge) over at the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf, claims that all us whypeepo is the problem... Link HERE
That's funny, he doesn't look druish...
But seriously. 
Lotsa folks freaking out, rightfully so as it's been the niggers and the (((theoretical rich white people))) burning down our collective shit all summer long.  I mean the names of the arrested (((rich whites))) so far looks like young Shlomo Becksteins' Bar Mitzvah invitation/guest list.

Tell me I'm wrong.

BUT:  To play da debbilz advocate for a second... for one minute, look at it from Da Goobermint's perspective.  Realistically, -they- know well and good that the bumblefuck commies and shit are, at best, a minor issue overall.

It's the normies of middle class America that scares the ever-living shit out of them.
It's the normies... the currently "Sleeping Saxon" they fear most of all.
It's the normies who've they've been bamboozling, taxing the fuck out of, all to support the Nigger Tax.
It's the normies that they're absolutely terrified of, and rightfully so.
It's the normies who, for the first time ever, are buying guns at a record unseen before.

Been said a lot before, but it bears mentioning:
When niggers riot, they burn their own neighborhoods down
When (((they))) riot, they get the niggers to burn down other peoples neighborhoods
When, on the rare occasion it -does- happen, Whites burn entire cultures and races down.
So of course the Goobermint is terrified of the Whypeepo.

The commies?  Lets face it... despite Bracken and a bunch of 'others' sayin' >clutches pearls< "Don't underestimate them!!!" (and I'm not) but besides a few hardcores and whatnot... seriously?  I and obviously the Goobermint doesn't take them seriously.  Especially since it's pretty obvious that Soros is funding them, the Goobermint Deep State is using them as their own personal Sturmarbeitlung?  I mean the fact that the same motherfuckers are showing up (AntiFa Kids) nationally at ALL the riots?  The same dudes and Mxs that seem to be cropping up, yet don't get arrested, don't get jailed for any long period of time, who seem to have the ability and financial backing to travel all over the country, nevermind having bail monies allllll over the place?

OF COURSE The DHS clowns are terrified.

The Saxon is starting to wake up, there ain't no coffee, he's hung over, and he's got a LOT off guns and bullets, and he's grumpy as fuck.

This will not end well.

In fact it's starting to explain all that ammo that the FedGov has been stockpiling over the years, and arming everyone, including the Weather-guessers (National Weather Service) is now federally armed to the fuckin' teeth.  They know eventually, We. Are. Coming. For. Them. All.

If'n I was in old Chadrick's seat, I'd be telling them too that Whitey is the biggest threat out there as well.

Because we are.

So, More Later, Back to Work... Yeah, first day sorta-kinda... doing Tech Checks all day on ye old home network and such for the new work-from-home gig.  So far, so good.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Another Angle: Biden Dies?

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Well, things seem to be quieting down 'round here.  Seems to be the 'usual suspects' coming around.  So with that being said, Me N Sapper been wargaming again on the whole Debate on Tuesday 'you know... the thing... c'mon man!'
I just don't see it happening.
Go with me a second...
If'n y'all remember, or mebbe y'all don't, as the media was Oh so co-operative by 'memory holing' it, but "Slow Joe" a.k.a. Grandpa Badfinger had an 'oopsie' during one of the Town Halls...  His Left eye fucking burst or something and the whole thing went and filled with blood:
Even Drudge couldn't ignore it... and he's so in the tank for the Dems, you'd thing that the DNC was ordering up fresh 12 year old Philippino Boys to sate whatever perverted lust he has...

So it was blatant that Joe had -something- wrong... how serious?  No one knew because lets face it, they weren't gonna tell us.  In my own -personal- experience, In college during my totally dissolute party days, I got alcohol poisoning... puked so hard I detonated the eyeballs much like Ole Gropy had happen... my room mates, when they found me the next morning hanging half in/half out of the shitter, when I opened my Eyes-Of-Sauron, one of them puked 'cause it looked so bad... and brother, he shoulda seen them from MY fuckin' end.
MASSIVE skull overpressure from puking that hard.  Blew out all the capillaries and mebbe a vein... been too long since it happened and truthfully, when I talked to the Doc, I wasn't zigzactly up to snuff so to speak.

Now... RoboBiden...  The Candidate who keeps needing to be 'wound' like a clockwork toy daily.. forget to wind him and it's noticeable.  Joe, on the record we know of has had two major brain surgeries.

Now.. this upcoming Debate... despite ALL of his people, Nancy Pelooser and all the rest who have stated NOT to do it... well Joe's said he's doing it hell or high water.  Which now that I think about it, might be the plan.

See, Trump has the ability to literally verbally abuse Ole Joe to death.  If Grandpa Badfinger goes out and gets hammered to stroke-levels, not hard to do from how we've seen him get all testy and angry at random fuckers, what if the plan is to have Joe die on stage during the debate?

Farfetched?  Yep.  But... this's the highest office in the land, with a candidate who's obviously literally falling apart like a worn out Mazda with a smoking clutch, bad brakes and a leaking headgasket... oil burning off like a motherfucker... no way can they get that thing to 'race over the line'...

But what if... what if Joe fucking strokes the fuck out during a back-and-forth with Orange man Bad?
The Optics would be that Trump killed Biden literally.  It's a good play when you think about it... the Pity Vote, The REALLY Angry Vote, The Old People Vote, The "In Memorium" Vote... Hell, they'd have almost 38+/- day to spin up "Joe's Last, Best, Choice for America, Kamala Harris" who then either picks Wineskin Hillary or Joe's Wife Dr. Jill goes for the VP... that's a good possibility too... no need to change the signage/bumper stickers.

I think it'll be Hilliary.

Anyone wanna bet a dollar?  It makes waaaay too much sense and the ease in which it could be put into play is effortless...  Biden might even be down for doing it... it gets rid of ALL the luggage of his Corrupt Ukrainian Dealings (if he loses) Buries his son's dealings as well... perfect cover all around.

Let me know what you think
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Figuring IT Out

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes
Been wargaming a bit.
Guv'na DeSantis down here in Floridaland came out and is working on some pretty hardcore law proposals.  He had Sheriff Grady Judd come out and do the opener in the Press Conference.  To those of y'all livin' under a rock, Grady is a throwback... a Man born possibly in the wrong time.  He's the Sheriff of Polk County... and let me tell ya... he don't fuck around.
He's a Sheriff of the "Old School"
As in "Give 'em a fair trial, then give 'em a fair hangin' " sort of guy.  When AntiFa started making rumbles about fucking around here in Florida, Grady's the cop who came out and said "I encourage the citizens in my county to own guns.  To use guns. And to use them on you if'n y'all are dumb enough to come out here to play" or words thereabout.

So... anywho Guv'na Ronnie came out after Grady's "We'll curbstomp you for fun!" speech, and unveiled what's probably the most harsh laws vis-a-vis the potential rioting here in Florida:
I'm calling it the "Fuck Around and Find Out" laws.
So... last night deep in the cups w/Sapper... we started wargaming 'whuts up wit whut' with the upcoming shitshow(s).  Now, One thing I'm calling a shot on:  Lotsa folks been talking about how Malig-Nancy Peloser had a 'brain freeze' or a 'glitch' as it's been said.
Hmmn.  I dunno.  She is fuckin' older'n dirt... BUT... Seeings that when she said it The Mango Jeebus hadn't commented on when he was gonna announce the now-Good Ginsbergs replacement.  It makes me wonder if she was sending a message there?  Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but... "The chair is against the wall" and "John has a long mustache."  Shit like that...  And now that Trump said he'd announce on Saturday?  "Good Morning Sunday Morning" mighta been her way to tell -whomever- to get prepped for a bit o'the ultraviolence mebbe?

'Cause you know that old withered winebox bitch has insiders in the Oval Orifice feeding her intel.  They mighta let slip that Orange Man Bad was planning on a Saturday announcement, and this's her way of getting the message to the 'ground troops' to start getting in place at the Phase Line for go-time.

So... back to my other ruminations and theories.

We know they're gonna try and steal the election.
We know that there ain't much we can do.
We know there's bad things coming our way.

So what's a Guv'na to do?
Methinks, in the case of DeSantis, he's putting the State of Florida on a wartime footing.  Those new laws are damned near what every. single. state. in the US should be doing.  Get stupid? Go to jail.  I also think that -no one- is gonna back Grandpa Badfinger IRL.  The States are gonna fracture like a motherfucker.  Which means the Guv'na of each one is going to fall into line along politics.

DeSantis is a Trump man thru-n-thru.  Got me a hunch the very fact he was also a JAG Occifer in the Navy, as well as the JAG occifer for SEAL Team One and that McDill and a whooooole lotta other dot mil bases are here, add on climate, the general orneriness of "Floridaman", Grady Judd, and the fact also that we're called the "Gunshine State" means that in a new civil war, we'd be in pretty good shape.  We rank 12th in Beef production in the nation, and Fruits and Veggies?  uhYup we be in pretty good shape.  

I'd be looking to see what other states are doing.  Heard somewhere Tennessee is going to virtually photocopy ours and institute it, which oughtta be interesting.  Meself?  Methinks that the States that go hard on Burn Loot Murder and Pantifaggots are going to be the ones falling in-line behind Trump.  The others?  Not so much.

Either way, Pass the Popcorn.
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, September 21, 2020

Grumble Grumble...

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
How is it a bitch can lose a TV remote control?
I mean Sweet Baby Jesus.
I went to bed at 0200 last night, quite boogered.  TV was already off.  Now?  The TV Amazon Fire Stick Remote is completely M to the I to the A.
Thing has/had? a Bright Fucking Blue protective case on it.  we literally shredded the room looking for this fucker.  
No Dice.
>Deep Sigh<
Just about the only spot I haven't check is ye olde Lovely Wifey's Anal Cavity.  And she ain't in the mood, and I don't have enough Godiva Liqueur on hand to get her in the mood necessarily.
Jes Sayin'.
Soooo... seeings this's Wifey's Bedroom TV, where she assiduously avoids me 'n Sapper's nightly Star Trek Binge.  We got a TV station down here that plays, in order, and in proper order for the series:
Star Trek The Original Series
Star Trek Next Generation
Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Star Trek Voyager
Star Trek Enterprise

Be still this Trekkie's Blackened lump of what was once a heart.

On proper rotation no less. 5 Nights a week. Only thing is, and why I'm here right now at 20:47 hours is that T.O.S. Trek, well, only 3 seasons, and -some- of the episodes, well, despite their best efforts, they just flat the fuck outright suck. Tonight's being case in point... I can't stand that "Miri" bitch and who gives a fuck if Mayberry has gone totally apocalyptic? Geek Points: The city that "Miri" takes place in... the episode for y'all who don't remember, the Enterprise discovers an exact duplicate of Earth, where the only survivors of a deadly man-made plague are some of the planet's children.  It takes place in a totally fucked up cityscape...

Which juuuust so happens to be the same set that Downtown Mayberry from "The Andy Griffith Show" was in.  Kinda cool eh?  So yeah, piss on that particular episode.  Goes for all of them really... good 'uns, bad 'uns... the baddies?  I'll fucking write and bitch atchall about me Wifey's propensity to piss me the fuck off by losing the 'mote aye?

Otherwise, I ordered the new 'mote, which mean, sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, the old one will make a 'miraculous reappearance' as soon as the new one gets here.  I also explained to Wifey that no matter what the remote will, and forevermore, have a 550 cord 'dummy' cord attached to it.  No ifs, bitches, ands, ors about it.

She, of course, failed to see the humor in it.  I told her she should be thankful that I'm not Sgt. Whatizname.  HE was an asshole.  We hadda kid, new Private... forgot his weapon not once, not TWICE, but THREE TIMES... the last time it was found by the Brigade SMAJ, leaning against a tree in the Alpha-Alpha... so Sgt. Whatizname went to the motor hole, and got some link, chain, heavy, tow-capable, and linked almost 30 pounds of chain to the kid's LBE and weapon.  OOF!!!

Point Made.

So... Next Generation is on... More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Flammenwerfers For Fun!

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Finishing up Order #3.
One Flammenwerfer, MK 2 (Smaller Model).  Took longer to build this one as the parts were a bit scarce.  Dunno if its the Chinese sourcing or what but I've heard and seen some rumblings about items being and getting even more scarce.
That and I do have to unfortunately increase the prices on the two models.
A MK 1 with the 20 Pound (Big) Tank and Frame is now $2000
A MK 2 with the 10 Pound (Small) Tank and Frame is now $1800

The price increase is directly in proportion to the increase and availablity.
You know you want one...

Only thing left on this one to do is the Test Fire (which I'll poast the roast) and the paint job.  Hopefully someone else'll order one up.  If you want one, hit me at or theintrepidreporter2019@gmail.

For those y'all new here BTW, I build to order flamethrowers.
Let me know, jes sayin'
That 'un there is the biggun.
Great for BBQ'in with BLM 
and does wonders for keeping people out of the yard.
Til Later, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Our Oath

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Lots to chaw on overnight.  GREAT commentary, Both ChuckinBama and Grog (regulars 'round herebouts) pointed out that our 'collective' Oath that we took, The Mighty Oath we took to 'support and defend'... which I poasted a day before or so, whelp... It jes' don' expire.


That being said:

Is this the same military that we signed onto?
This's from the U.S. Army webpage today...
OK... let's break down a few things...

1) The Ad on the page has a black couple talking about 'how great military service (Army) is.
2) The couple on the far right is a white male (possibly... seems indeterminate, may be Hispanic) with a black female.
And add on the 'unseen'...
Namely the ad for the Rangers showing two whites with a black bebe.  When in the fuck you ever seen that when you were on active/reserve/national guard duty?  When have you ever seen a white guy, enlisted or occifer with a black wife?  Maybe once in 10 years Active Duty, and the black chick looked like that fuckin' model Iman, and the guy was a 'climber' occifer...  The most I saw was black enlisted dudes with mostly German mudsharks... or Fat, White Dependas with the Black dude they 'locked in' by getting preggers...  I ain't nevva seen any dis shytte aye?

This ain't yer daddies Military no more.

We have to wake up.

I -still- hold that Solemn Oath I took to my heart.
I owned it.
I -still- own it.
I bought it.
I -still- own it.
It's not viable anymore.
It's not a death compact.
Not anymore, despite those who would say otherwise.

Go with me on this for a moment.

Our Constitution Representative Republic, despite our best hopes, efforts, and dreams -is fucking dead-
There ain't no coming back.

THEY broke that Oath.
THEY shattered it on the altar of greed, internationalism, and multiculturalism.
THEY know how we cherish it, and will honor it, above all else.
THEY are using it against us.
THEY know we can utterly crush them IF we were truly United against THEM.

When someone breaks their end of the bargain, that contract is NULL AND VOID.

And, since we -are not -United-, we lose, or at least at this point, are losing.

They know, above all, the single largest group they have to fear are veterans.

To the point that Heinlein's "Starship Troopers," what despite the 'rah-rah' militant aspects... NOT the popcorn fun-time movie horseshit, but the book that's required reading (or was) at the West Point Civics class years's based on a government that's formed by the veterans after the collapse of civil society.

See, Heinlein foresaw waaaaay back in the day that shit was gonna go pear shaped.  DeadDad gave me my first Heinlein Novel, "Red Planet" when I was 10.  The -original- Ace $.50 cent paperback, first print.  In it, it's part of Heinlein's 'Boy's Life' serializations/teen novellas.  I consider myself a Heinlein expert.  I own, mostly because of DeadDad's bequeath, 1st editions of ALL his shit, and there's about 5-6 (depending on how you view the Lazarus Long interregnum) timelines that ALL cross over at many differing points...

Point is, and I'm not going to go to deeply, BUT:
Starship Troopers comes after a period known in his timelines known as "The Disorders" which is defined by massive civil unrest, constant wars, economic breakdown, and general chaos...

Until the Veterans of the multitudinous Wars of the times say "Enough is fucking Enough" and start the killings and hanging so justly deserved and clean up the fucking world, forming a One World Government that pretty much sez, "you don't serve, you don't vote."  And God help you if'n yer a retard...  Game over man.

I posit we are at the real life moment of the Disorders that Heinlein prophetically wrote about.

Until we, collectively, as Veterans, get together and start forming genuine, honest-to-God Militias, either through the VFW, The Legion, The DAV... we ain't gonna amount to shytte.

I'm the youngest past post Commander of a Disabled American Veterans post in the history of the DVM, (at the time) leastways when I was made commander, at the age of 30... that's prolly gone sideways since then, as when I joined the DAV, the youngest guy in our Chapter was a guy who went by "Toby" who was with the 5th Rangers who survived the assault at Pointe Du Hoc.  He was in his late 70's.

Point is, us oldsters, IF we want to make a difference, we have to network.

But I don't see it, haven't seen it, and at this point, like Hillary said, "What Difference does it make?"
Call me demoralized.
I don't have it in me anymore.
It's too little, too late.
So, I'll sit, hope for the best, and keep trying.
Until then, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Put. The. Coffins. BACK!

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes!
Seems a minor (major?) discovery is going on over in Egypt. Link HERE.
Seems they found 25 +/- High Priest style sarco-fargususes in the ground.  Undiscovered.
Til now.
It's 2020.
Now, to modify a great line from "Young Frankenstein"

"Put. The. Coffins. BACK!!!"

Does anyone else think that is a good idea to pop these things up and out?
Nope Turtle Sez:
Guys, it's 2020.
Last thing we need is Mummies runnin' 'round loose...
I mean we -finally- got rid of Ginsoakedborg... Pelosi qualifies... last thing we need is 25 + walking fucking dead to add to the fun and games.

As for the 'Nope Turtle'... my mother-in-law had it for ever it seems.  One of those lil Key West tiny carved and painted jobbers... the head is suspended on a string inside, and when you bump it, the head swings back-n-forth in the 'negative.'

She gave it to us to give to GranBebe, but a 3 year old'll just destroy it.  And I've become rather fond off the lil guy.  I tap him and he's like "NopeNopeNope, bad idea!"
Call it my artificial decision maker.

Yeah, I'm sort of cracked that way.
Lunch was Empanadas, homemade.  Pretty good.  More like early dinner 'cos I didn't get done til 16:30.  Desert is in the oven right now... gotta go get it.  3 Step Creme Brule.  Easy, quick and OMFG good.
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

A Vile Society Not Worth Saving

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes
I, for one, am hanging up my 'patriot hat'.
The contempt for which I hold my ex-Americans, specifically the genus coined by Mencken, "Boobus Americanus" is as limitless as the darkening sky above.
I'm -not- going to go out of my way to try and stop anyone, nor anything.
"We the People" as a group are done.
It's fractured.
I'll defend myself and mine.  That's it.
Oh yeah, the fight'll go on, but the realization that the best way to fight is to let them tear themselves apart and burn it all down.  And I'll be here writing, documenting it, hopefully providing a thorn in the ass of the bad guys.

I mean really...
The Bill of Rights?
The Constitution?
I mean why the hell should I fight for a set of ideals that's deader'n Kelsey's Nuts?
The concept of a great load of patriots rising up, en-mass to stop the fucking Democratic Despots that're sure as fuck going to try and take over and destroy everything?  I just don't see it happening.

We, individually, are atomized and disconnected to the point where we can't even effect real change.  I mean sure, 'our' folks got together, had a big ole bunch of rallies... The Pro-Gun one in Virginia that Aesop said was going to be a false-flag bloodbath?  Yeah.. went off without a hitch.

But that Scumfuck Babykilling AntiChristian Governor still signed the law into effect.

Nothing.  Changed.

Sure... made great soundbite, what little there were... but in reality, we accomplished -nothing-
And currently?  Methinks that the nail that's sticking up highest is gonna get hit firstest and hardest.
I mean without any -real- organization... with no direction... where and what exactly are you going to do?
Been bothering me quite a spell now... couple o'nights without sleep because of it.
By no means am I wallowing in despair or any shmaltzy bullshit like that.  It's just that yeah, I can act locally.  I can act (with the Sapper) in a -wickedly small- fashion.  But affecting for the greater good?  It don't look good for the home team.

In fact the way I sees it playing out is that Trump is going to be elected until the Bullshit votes start getting accumulated.  I mean Team Fucktard has already told us that's their plan.  They've told us.  Point blank.  
And why haven't those of thems in the states like Michigan and Pennsylvania -not- shot the fuckers who've said "the shennaigans will continue til Biden is president" yet?  Simple.  We have day jobs.  Families.  No one wants to take the first step.

Florida, thank GOD is different.  We're being spared. For Now.
How long -that- lasts is unknown.  DeSantis ain't known for his fucking around.  Thank GOD we didn't get Buttblaster Gillium in there... THAT would've fucked us raw and propper.
Gotta cook Lunch I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, September 19, 2020

It's Wearysome

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes
Raaaaaather tiresome eh whot?  Fucking people running around loose that by all rights should be either in an asylum, or just flat out stuffed into a 20 foot shipping container (with the appropriate holes cut in the sides and roof) and then dropped into some -really really deep- water.

Seems on Friday Night in Louisville (used to love that town) a Nigger wearing a "Justice for Breon Taylor" shirt rolled up on 3 white dude and without interacting, no nuthin' whipped out a pistola and shot 'em point fucking blank, DRT.
Said smirking chimp, who was also seem laughing and smiling as he was taken into custody, is a Hardcore BLM Member.  Link to the atrocity HERE

Why is it -so hard- for people to understand that this's now war.  I mean like for real.  THEY make no bones about it, yet the apologists out there constantly harp on how it's 'systemic', 'broken homes', mental illness... anything other than calling a Spade a Spade.  They even TELL us that they're at "war with whitey!"
If the people of Louisville had any balls, they'd head to the local lockup, frogmarch that nigger straight to the nearest telephone pole, along with his mama and hang 'em both.  

And yeah... don't forget... if you start, you gotta go Full North Korean, or "Full Nork" as I like to call it.  For the newbies who may or may not have been scared off, I'm a big proponent of the North Korean "3 Generations of Guilt" idea of justice.  Leastways in this type of uncivil war.  
The Kim(s) don't fuck around.
They knew/know if'n you leave a live enemy at yer feet, when yer back is turned he'll stand up and stab you in the back, first chance he gets.
To keep them 'in line' they either imprison or exterminate 3 full generations of the criminals entire family.
And, so far, it appears to work.
The Kim Dynasty been running that show for a long fucking time.

Case in point of epic failure where a very specific example of this would've been a -great idea-
Chesa Boudin, D.A. of now-shithole San Freak-sisco. 
His parents were flat the fuck out traitors and communists
He was RAISED by the red Marxists.
IF and only IF they'd had the stones to do what needed to be done, the world might be a better place.
I'm absolutely sure that if Bill Ayers, his foster father, his foster mom Bernardine Dorhn, and his bio-rents had been fed intoa woodchip like they so richly deserved, Obama would be a non-person, as would lil Chesa, who is overdue for a tour of the aforementioned woodchipper from the inside, and San Fran'd be what it should be, a normal albeit weird lil Northwestern City on the Bay.
NOT the shit-infested commie loving hellhole it's turned into.

The criminal
His parents
His children
Possibly even his grandparents as well...
Feed 'em all into an industrial woodchipper.
I'll spring for the first weeks rent...
What say you?
Til Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

And Now the Fun -REALLY- Begins...

Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Seems, as damned near everyone on the planet knows, that vicious old jewish liberal baby-murder endorsing fraud Roof Vader Ginswillingborg finally fucking kicked it.
Smoke a turd in hell you Satan-worshiping crone.  Please let me know where she gets buried so's I can piss on her fucking grave.
My loathing for her, her politics and her policies knows no depth.
A million burning suns of disgust and hate.
Fuck. Her.

And the Libtards?  O.M.F.G... The motherfuckin Abos in the outback of Australia heard the fucking wailing and gnashing of the fangs.  Their. Loss. Idiots.

See, the ole bitch wanted to cling to power, that's why she didn't retire under Obomination.  She thought Hillary, that bloated wineskin of a shyster was going to be the clear winner.  In that alone should have told people just how fucking decrepit and addled her gin-soaked braincase was.  She had planned on a massive retirement and adulation... with a new hand-picked (((liberal successor)))  ...instead she's probably been dead for months now.  Beans commented thusly over at Phil's site about that, that either the smell got too noticeable or her head just rotted and fell off.  I'm seriously inclined to agree with his analysis.

87 Years old and been fighting Pancreatic Cancer like a motherfucker?

I call Bullshit.

Patrick Swayze had the same 'flavor' of this shit and it damned near kilt his ass and he was half Ginswillingborgs age.  -I- survived Lung Cancer and it damned near wasted my ass and I was 42.  I'm -still- not back to where I was, as missing an airbag tends to make breathing a bit hard.  Even moreso what with the Diaper Mandate (which I no longer follow).
Ate the poor fucker up like a fat bitch in an ice cream buffet. 57 years old and one year and it done him in quick.
Too damned bad.  Loved the dude's movies and acting.
So, yeah...
Enjoy Hell Roof.
We'll make sure yer not lonely there for long.

Now it gets interesting.

Because of the slight miscalculation the Dumbfuck Democrats, who've been lining up lawyers guns and monies to challenge Trump's re-election,

The Highest Court of The Land positively has to have a new Justice mounted before said-election.

4 to 4 ain't allowed, unless they want Pence to just decide?  (I think thats how it works?  Corrections if I'ma wrong, which I frequently am).
And Pence... some of the shit I've been reading about THAT shifty too-quiet motherfucker... dunno if I trust his ass.  At All.  
Call it a gut feeling, and after Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and a shitload of others, I've learned to listen to the gut call, and mine sez Pence is Dirty as Fuck.
We shall see.
Either way, the odds on Favorite right now is some female Catholic who, of course is gonna cause a fucking meltdown.  Anti-Abortion?  The 'third rail?' Yep.  Gonna be fun.
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, September 18, 2020

OK So This's Kinda Cool

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So Wifey got an email asking for some portfolio pics of her work... gets them quite a few times "We'd love to have you on "X" Project" or such whatnot, and usually in the end its a scam... usually in the end it's a "We'll promote you and your work for monies." 

To those of y'all new here, she's sorta kinda famous in the Hair/Makeup industry.  Been doing it for 30 years.  And she looks damned good while doing it too.  The news is she just got what appears to be a realio-dealio 'scouting letter' for New York Fashion Week for February 2021.  Really proud of her.  That's like the crowning achievement of her career IMO.  I mean she's -constantly- working as it is, tryna keep this boat afloat.

Me?  I start a new gig on the 24th.  Work-from-home again Phone support.

As far as I'm concerned, I ain't never setting foot into a Cube again.  No more "Dilbert's World" for me and fuck that pointy-haired boss motherfucker too.  That's about they only good thing to come out of this Bogus Lockdown.
Bogus like a Motherfucker.
Nashville is the 'smoking turd' in this bullshit... the Daily Mail has a pretty good write up HERE
For those tuning in late to the party, The Vile motherfuckers running the show in Nashville, which lives or dies by tourism, the bars and 6th Street (many a drunken rampage there when I was stationed at the  101st...) so these sleazy fuckers found out that a grand sum total of actual COVID Crap was only 22 from the bars, restaurants and shit suchlike.  

20 fucking 2.

They knew the lockdown was bogus, and instructed everyone to keep there cockholsters shut.
The Mayor should hang.  All his fuckers in the email chain should hang, 'cept for whoever leaked it, he should be the fucking Mayor, not the current Jackhole who's there.
But with these fuckers... make the tar hot-hot-HOT-HOT.

Third degree burns hot.

So then, ya gotta love Wittmer in Michigan... How in the fuck is that Heinrich Himmler Wannabe Motherfucker still even alive?  The Bitch makes the real life Nazis and shit look all tame and ineffective.  14 day Extension "We'll count the votes until Biden wins!"

I's say Rule .308 has a pretty good chance of showing up and making heads canoes again.

"A Michigan judge on Friday said the state must accept ballots that arrive 14 days late after the November 3rd election."

I'd say Hizzoner, whoever he is, needs a schooling with the Tar and the Feathers.

Un-fuckin-real.  I'ma getting to the point where I might have to unplug for a few days.  Wifey's upset 'cause I've been getting blitzed more frequently (read every. fucking. day.) as I just can't fucking deal sometimes.  
Damned if we do
Damned if we don't
My mother-in-law, sweet lady, got all shitty with me today when I told her that if'n they genuinely steal the election that my Oath won't allow for it.  Told her'd I'd have to saddle up.  Draw the hard line.  No bullshit.

"I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." 

That. Does. Not. Expire.
And God Help anyone who tries to usurp or overthrow this country.
No mercy.
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, September 17, 2020

A New Record! And Brasscatchers!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
5847 hits yesterday.  Swear if'n I knew who WRSA was I'd say the first bottle is on me.  That's the -highest- single day stat hit for this itty-bitty blog.  My most 'umble thankee to all y'all who visit on the regular, as I can't do it without y'all.  I mean a guy has to have somewhere to vent in a totally non-politically correct environment.  
I wrote a paper waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1990 ain College about the threat that "P.C." had and how it was gonna fuck up the basics of Free Speech in the FUSA.  Needless to say, it was not well received by the fucking Marxists I had as professors... to the point I was politely encouraged to drop out by the Department Head.

They have -non-personed me- there now.  To the point that I don't even get the usual "send us monies" mailings.  The X-bitcho still has shit showing up here, and she was only enrolled for one fucking semester (the one we met in) and she still gets mail from the ole Alma Mater.  Fuck 'em.  Bunch of commies anyways.  Hope it burns eventually.

So, tonight's subject:
Brass Catchers and a review of three different models.
It's been pointed out that "Police your brass" is a common comment on this site.

No shit Sherlock LOL.

I've got three to review.  All owned by me, and I'll link 'em in the descriptions and yeah, I'll get a 'taste' if'n y'all buy one.  YMMV, proceed with caution.  This's one ole Gruntpa's eval and I ain't gettin' paid to do so.  However, I -do- buy and got through a LOT of gear, finding out whats worth a shit, and what ain't and call this a public service.
So, Brass Catcher #1
The GRG Mesh Brass Catcher in Tan here

Velcro's around the front grip, has a zipper... not a bad design.  Catches the brass pretty well too when I'm using it at the range.  Pro:  Mounts easy on/easy off.  Plenty of space for the brass.  Con: Can slip around and moves a bit as it's not frictionaly held in place.  My #2 go-to. $14.00 +/-

Then: GLORYFIRE Pic Rail Brass Catcher with Heat Resistant Mesh and Zippered Bottom for Picatinny Mountable Quick Unload here
This one is my least fave.  Uses a picatinny rail mount that aight, but the issue is, besides being 'el monstro in size' is that the rail mount is friction dependent... there's nothing actually securing it but a spring and pressure switch.  No positive lock.  Adjustable slider for making it easier to line up the casings to catch.  Has a large capacity, but only comes with one mount.  Other extra mounts ARE available, but at $10 a pop.  When added to the $20 a pop for the intial investment?  Not so much.  3rd place here.

And finally: XAegis Brass Catcher, Universal Shell Catcher Net with Picatinny Rail Mount Heat Resistant Mesh Brass Collection for Rifle Range,Included Two Pic Rail Mounts found here  
Pros: Comes with two mounts.  Large capacity, has a zipper and theoretically 'heat resistant'.  Adjustable slider like the Gloryfire.  Positive locking with full-on switch that needs to be used to lock the bag in place.  Cons:  VERY tall profile when mounted.  As in blocks out the front sight of the new shotty when mounted.  Otherwise, no real complaints.  The fact I can switch it out between my go-to 'Ready' AR and the shotty makes me happy.  #1 for the list for now.  $25.00 a throw.  (Most expensive on the list BTW)

However, in a pinch operationally speaking, the bulky metal frames of the two do lead to questions as far as efficiency in a firefight.  Last thing you want is a big-assed 'something' stickin' outta yer weapon to snag on shit, whereas the first one I wrote about is just a bag that hangs limp as a used dick offa da side.  Like I said, YMMV.  Now if'n I'm planning on a "Shoot, Loot and Scoot", I think the GRG bag is the way to go.  Doesn't get in the way, is unobtrusive, and sorta unnoticeable by witnesses.  Whereas OTOH, the big, bulky gargantuan bags, well, if'n I was in overwatch from a fixed position, and knew ingress/egress wasn't going to be a problem, I'd prefer to use one of them.  Same with a drive by from a car. 

So, that's me roundup.  More possibly Later as I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

The Three "S's"

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
And welcome welcome all you new readers!  Hope I keep y'all and feel free to hit the tip jar whislt yer around here!  GINORMOUS Thanks to WRSA for the link that he so kindly threw on his site to my novela idea on "How to Deal with Scum with Fun!"

Gotta say thanks for that, the readership shot thru da roof... over 4000 hits.

Today's fun is discussing the "S's" as I like to call 'em  They need to be discussed because the retardation of the FUSA is getting out of hand.  The left has essentially stated that they're coming, it's war, and there is no longer a viable self defense allowed.  As Herschel over at "The Captain's Journal" discusses, there's now ample evidence that the "law" under which we've been operating is well and truly fucked.
"Rules For Thee, But Not For Me." Nancy Pelosi, 2020.
Thems who's got either money or political power got the juice to stay out of the caboose so to speak.
Hence why the fucking AntiFa are essentially and provably the new Brownshirts of the Democratic party.  The "Black Bloc" as they style themselves... the Leftoid Fuckwits who're gonna have their heads roll as soon as we decide that the 'switch' has been thrown from "Be Cool" to "Kill Them All"
And let me tell ya, that switch is getting mighty close to being thrown...
As Herschel discusses, seems in Nebraska a bar owner confronted some "Vibrancy" and ended up making one of them "Good".  At first, it was self defense, and now?  The chickenshit persecutor (not misspelled!) changed direction because the mob told him too, as well as his political masters and are now going after this poor shmo.  Bad enough he sounds like a normie, and they tend to get all fucked up when they have to kill someone (unlike some of us who positively enjoy doing so... do unto others before they can undo to you.... jes sayin') but now?  His whole life and savings and prolly that of his entire family is at risk because -someone- with 'juice' decided that he's got to fry over this.

Personally, I think the Good People of Nebraska need to firebomb all involved.  From the persecutor to the members of the City Council.  
They seem to forget themselves.
They (supposedly) work for us.
NOT  a loud minority. (literally)
We don't need them.
As I recall, there have been numerous instances where a city has lost ALL services... as in no mayor, no cops, no fire departments... And the cities were fine.

So, the title today and MY take is the way we did things in Texas when I was living there.  We had a wolf/coyote problem.  Lotsa issues.  They were, by and large what they are, and that's a fucking meat eatin' predator.   Buddy of mine on his farm was having real problems... and the Fish and Game kids were being assholes... What do you expect of the "Fish Fuzz" amiright?  "Nope, can't do anything about 'em, thems protected!"  

The Rule of Three "S's"
SHUT UP. Don't talk about it.

Don't call the cops.  If'n you gotta wax a bunch of infiltrators, -try- to keep it on the Down Low.  Using your Tac'd Out AR-15 modified for full auto illegally is gonna bring a whole lotta attention.  Be subtle.  If possible, slide out the back door of ye olde house, go up the back alley of the street, get 50 yards uprange of the critters and pop one THEN if there's a ramped up mob.  The exfil back to the house or out of the A.O. and "I know not of what you speak! I was playing Call of Duty when I heard the shot!"
Never call the Cops.
Never call the Cops.
Never call the Cops.
Never call the Cops.
They are not your friends.
They are, by and large, a Praetorian Guard used by the Elite strictly for revenue generation, and prole patrol.  They no longer are useful at all, 'cept to fuck you up because they're fucking lazy.  Easier to bust the guy standing there with the smoking gun than the actually investigate whether or not the critter who done got smoked deserved the smoking.

Sapper n Me keep a bag of Quiklime and a big assed roll of polyethylene sheeting with a bunch of duct tape in the garage.  THATS for special occasions.  Wrap 'em up like a big ole burrito and decide whether or not the side yard needs another stiff.

The other option is after "wrapping the snack" to to ride up ye olde roadage to an A.O. I know of on federally protected land by the power plant.  When I worked there, I saw -the BIGGEST Alligators- in all of creation out there.  One of them one time was road kill by a semi... fucked up the semi BIG time and no shit, the carcass was like almost 16-18 feet long... what was left of it that is... I was riding my Triumph back then and had to walk it through the congealed blood on the road... like a GIANT assed Jackson Pollack an inch deep.  Didn't want to slide out in that nasty nor kick it up all over my nice uniform.... gators, like pigs'll eat ANYTHING AND the stomach acid on both'll take care of teeth.
Knowing someone with a pig farm'll do ya well too.
Jes' sayin'
So,  More Later, and Again, Welcome to the newbies, hope you'll stay a spell.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Dude Don't Stop...

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
To be honest, I'm not about baggin' nor disparaging other bloggers... but man, Aesop over at the 
RACONTEUR REPORT keeps rolling the CoronaChan 'scare numbers'...
His latest post, which I refuse to link is pretty much a constant "I was right!  See I was right!" about 'the numbers.'  

It's sorta kinda pathetic.

I really liked Aesop back in the day.  Medical professional with really good insight as to how shit was going... and I'm talking about his Ebola Posts.  

Then, Ebola turned out to be a wet fart.

So.... CoronaChan came along.  Hell yeah, from the early iterations I was fully onboard.
I was, IMO and as far as I can tell one of the earliest people to scream "Hey, this shit -might- be dangerous." I was yelling about it on January
Since then, I've realized a few things.

It's total and utter bullshit.
Shit like this proves that it's bullshit.
"...small particles found in wildfire smoke..."
Uh... a virus is like a milll-yun times smaller than smoke particulates.
It's about control.
It's about Orange Man Bad.
It's about over.

'Cause I no longer wear a mask.  At all.  Fuck those sheeple who do too.  Wifey still does because of the social pressure and her being a split tail, the wimmenz tend to 'go with the herd' whereas I'm an easily irritated and irascible fucker.  

I also got the ass to back up to any joker who wants to get froggy.
The very few times I've had someone even look sideways at my unmasked mug, the glare I give them generally makes them melt into the floor... I mean I've been told by like everyone when I glare, it's like the focus of a thousand burning suns of hatred and loathing being burned into the target's skull.
I've only had to tear up one Karen, and let me tell ya, I mean I spoke of it here... that was fun.  Rarely do I get to use the old Drill Instructor voice... but when I do, y'all in Nevada can prolly hear me going off.

So yeah, kind of a bummer that Aesop keeps running it... I'm big enough to admit I was wronger'n two boys fuckin' with a third waiting in line.  CoronaChan is just a slightly more viral flu, and truth be told, I think the Joe Chink and his boys cooked it up, and let it loose because the Hong Kong Kids were starting to make serious headway in the freedom protests, and Trump was causing grief for them on the Trade Thingy.  They let loose a designer bug (that according to some sources say its way more potent to the Orientals) that locks down the country, kills off the oldsters and sickly (less drain on resources), and scares the ever-loving piss out of the rest of the world.  A plan that's been fully embraced by the Democrat Party.

If true, that makes 'em full on, full out traitors.

Time to make necks stretch.
More Later, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

OK So, Going on...

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes
Couple of dozen shots of Finlandia later...
Yeah... my local booze distributor is a Hindu who goes by the name "Bobby".  He's fucking epic.  Dude and me have had a solid relationship since I got back from Afghanistan back in 2013?  2014?  Too many years, too many beers.  However, he's fuckin' awesome.  

I'm on the "anti-looting" patrol for him.  Meaning every time a hurricane or civil disturbance that may-or-may-not hit his biddness, I'm contracted by him to keep an eye on his shit.  He pays me in booze, of course.  I also have a great rapport with him in that I shit all over him about his cow-worship and his general phone support ass, and he in turn makes fun of the concept of the ritual cannibalism involved in Catholicism.  

Fuckin' guy... you'd think had served in the military the way he's a quick-on-the-draw prick.  Fucking love this dude.  And you know what?  It's hysterical to see the look on the 'straight customers' faces when we're going at it... they can't imagine saying the shit we say to each other and laughing.

The art of comedy is dead in the FUSA.

Damned shame.

Which brings me to Sapper's observation of tonights round up of the "stats" for this blog.  I get, generally, 1100 hits a day.  Not much, but thanks to you and yours, that's a pretty good count for my shit... considering it's the drawn out mind drippings of a right wing anarchist.  However, whilst checking out yesterdays numbers:
Sapper pointed out (whilst laughing his fucking balls off) the numbers from yesterdays count.  Which I didn't get until he explained...
According to the ADL:

"1488 is a combination of two popular white supremacist numeric symbols. The first symbol is 14, which is shorthand for the "14 Words" slogan: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." The second is 88, which stands for "Heil Hitler" (H being the 8th letter of the alphabet). Together, the numbers form a general endorsement of white supremacy and its beliefs. As such, they are ubiquitous within the white supremacist movement - as graffiti, in graphics and tattoos, even in screen names and e-mail addresses, such as Some white supremacists will even price racist merchandise, such as t-shirts or compact discs, for $14.88.

The symbol is most commonly written as 1488 or 14/88, but variations such as 14-88 or 8814 are also common."

Who fucking knew?

So, for the occasion I created this:
OMFG... (((they))) have to be reaching to promote such stupid.
The stupid is strong in (((their))) mindset.

Don't ((((they))) realize that eventually (((they're))) promoting yet again another fucking pogrom on them?  Why the fuck can't (((they))) leave well enough alone?  Holy Shit.  I am by far, the furthest thing from an anti-semite or jew hater... however, I have noticed the pattern, and questioned WHAT. THE. FUCK. is going on with the constant attempts to marginalize and destroy/infiltrate/subvert white culture.

I'll admit it openly.  I'm a white nationalist.

WE built the world.
WE invented damned near EVERYTHING.
WE ARE the highest achieving race of all time, outside of the Japanese Asians, and that's because it's a strictly numbers game with them... too small an island, too small a genetic pool... that being said, for such a small group those Asian Critters are WAY ahead of (((them))) and the nigs and even us.
WE keep this world running.  All others are parasites on White Culture.  Period. Dot. Stop.
And then I sit back and wonder why (((they))) as a race/culture have been either oppressed, destroyed, or chased out of ALL normal civilization over time.

30 million Elvis Fans can't be wrong as my DeadDad would say.

More Later, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wow Someone has BALLS!

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Gotta hand it to Kevin McDonald over at VDare dot com.  He ain't pulling no punches in "naming the jew" as being responsible for all the chaos we're currently enjoying.
The whole thing is HERE
That gets him in my book the award of:
And man, if it's TL/DR for you, the ecapsulation, in the man's own words is thus:

"Is the Trump impeachment a Jewish coup? It’s a dangerous question even to ask…

But undeniably, Jews have taken very prominent, very public roles in impeachment…In effect, impeachment is a project of the numerically dominant Jewish Democrat-voting Left, with the Jewish counsels for the Democrats questioning Jewish witnesses in House committees headed by Jewish representatives, and covered with breathless enthusiasm by Jewish-owned media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, and The New York Times."

The only surprise: that the Jewish role has been so public."

And man, he's dead on right.
Makes ya think.  I mean it's tribalism at it's finest.  McDonald breaks it down very specifically, and scientifically.  It's a non-complex read I highly recommend.  

"And then one day, Hitler came to power, and no one could understand why?"
Yeah, the Jewish folks can push, scream, rant and rave about how 'oppressed' they are... God help you if you even point it out.  You get dogpiled by like fucking everyone.  ALL the races 'cept us whypeepo are allowed to push their own brand/flovor on everyone else.  It's the new diversity pie, everyone wants and gets a slice.

'Cept Whitey.

'Cause fuck them people.

"It's enough to make a white man join a social club!" That's a quote from Bryan, a former coworker of mine in Kuwait... we were the only two white guys on the team.  Everyone else was 'down with the brown' and man, they made sure that we knew it.  We never got invitations to any of the parties unless it was an 'all hands affair' put on by the company... we always got screwed over on our schedules, and days off...
Bryan one day said that to me after a particularly epic fuck over he and I got... we got shafted on something... don't remember exactly what it was, but we'd both had it.  HR was worthless, and all the white chicks were either lesbians and 'cool' because of their own 'vibrancy' or they were all flat the fuck out mudsharking.
Never forgot that quote... especially since he was a deep South Carolina Man from waaaay back yonder.  When he ever said it in that thick accent, and the bitterness in his voice, I immediately envisioned crosses burning and night riders man... ran a chill down my spine.  He was absolutely done with the bullshit.
They ended up pairing us for the remainder of the contract.  He flat the fuck out refused (as did I at that point) to work with -any- of those motherfuckers.  They tried to pair us with others, but we no longer co-operated.  When we worked together, we were a smooth operating machine that did the work of 5 or 6 logisticians.  Never a mistake, never a problem.  When they paired us off with 'others'... man, shit went sideways faster n'a motherfucker.

So anyways, more Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country