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Monday, August 31, 2020

A Human Shitstain

Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes
Been doing some "Enemy Doxx" Research and throwing it up on Gab.
So far THIS:
Piece of scumfuckery has been Identified.


Nope.  By the fuckin' Autists on the Chan... (Great Job Gang!)
And it got confirmed, because his sister called the cops to confirm that this was their boy.
Seems some of the PatCon / Rogue Nation Militia (or whatever the FREEFOR call themselves in this fuckin' battle) Called her ass up and told her "Uh, yeah, you and yours best turn him over now, 'cause we're fittin' to kill the rest of y'all" Or theoretical words of such nature.

So, MY work?
So far:
Michael Forest Reinoehl has been estranged from his family "supposedly"for at least three years. (right around when Trump Got Elected. Interesting Tidbit.)
36 Year old Sister (Unnamed, probably has a Married Name, Is in hiding b/c of this (good)
2X Currently Living Parents
1X Younger Brother
1X 17 Year Old son
1X 11 Year Old daughter
1X Dog, "Ezo"
Multiple Pending Charges EVEN BEFORE he graduated to "Scumbag Communist-Oriented Murderer" DUI, Drugs, Violent Felonies, Resisting Arrest, Firearms Charges, ETCETCETC.
Charges DROPPED in JUNE by the Corrupt-Needs-To-Be-Fired Prosecutor.
T.O.O. (Targets Of Opportunity)
Seems the Murdering POS works for Deviation Ski and Snowboards
Be a shame if people initiated a boycott and phone campaign at them for working with a drug addicted piece of shit drunk driving murderer...
Contact Info:
3901 SE Naef Rd.
Portland, OR 97267
(503) 208-6790

I'm not having much luck getting any more names or intel... my ninja skills are a bit on the weak side.  However, this's a good start.
Find his friends.
Find the "Rat Line."
Because the fucker isn't in custody.
And according to the stories I've read, he's been let go far too many times to be co-inky-dink.
Per Sir Ian Fleming: Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

#1. Busted IN JUNE for MAD DUI (111mph speeding) with his 11 year old daughter in the Caddy STS (reckless endangerment) drugs (they found weed and pile of script meds in the car, and oh yeah.  A fucking loaded Glock in the cockpit w/him, no carry license.

Charges pending?  Unknown... the corrupt piece of shit needs to hang prosecutor hasn't publicly commented.

THEN, #2. Aforementioned shitstain, got popped to possessing a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest and interfering with police.

Charges DROPPED on June 30th by the also-aforeskinned prosecutor for "No Complaint."

And now?  #3.  Walked up and executed a, from all reports, a really nice guy.  All because he was a Trump Supporter.

It's almost time to start harvesting heads.

Like I said before, 
Otherwise, shit here is fucked.  Wifey's mom ain't in good shape, so's I'ma holding down Da Casa w/Sapper and the GranBebe.  

Send Money, Meds, Weed and Booze.
(not necessarily in that order LOL)
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Spicy Time Is Here

Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes
Whelp... shits for real now.
With thanks and apologies to WRSA...
Seems that the Rules are Changing.
Wearing a "Patriot Prayer" ball cap?  That's a shootin'. 
Wearing a "Blue Lives" American Flag?  That's a shootin'.
Being in Portland, trying to Support Trump? That too, is a shootin'.
Because we -were- willing to just 'go defensive.'
ALL reports I've heard have stated that this poor, stupid, dead bastard was singled out for execution by, what all reports are now saying is a rabid AntiFa fucktard with a severe criminal record.
Yeah, Stupid.
Cruel? Maybe.  Realistic?
Ole Remus, God Rest Him, used to say, quite frequently "Stay Away From Crowds"
I mean what fucking part do you not understand.
I mean Remus's fam or whoever posted the 'final poast' announcing his demise even put that as the postscript on his fucking webpage.  Any dumbfuck who heads willingly into what is now a free-fire zone gets what they fuckin' deserve.  Why in the hell would you go into that cesspool and not be rolling hot at this point?  Got me a hunch the R.O.E. just changed.
Especially now.
Fuckin' we tried  like hell to keep it defensive.
Actively pointing out, and then executing someone?
Time to Regulate.
To include his parents, children, wife, family.
They too, as far as I'm concerned hold responsibility for not raising a decent human being.
It's the North Korean Model
And I'm feeling like Getting Down Like Kim Junior.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

I dunno what it's going to take.
They're actively hunting down fuckers.
And if that POS prosecutor tries to do any shenanigans and call this a 'righteous shooting?'
Oh. My. GOD.
That -might- be the final straw that breaks that particular dromedary's spine.

And I'll tell ya, I have a -personal interest- in Portland.  My Childhood Friend since sixth grade Lives and Works in Retardtown, A,K.A. Portland.  Worse yet, he's trapped working for the city/state and if someone found out, they'd prolly go after him like a motherfucker.  I've been trying like fuck for him to GTFO and evacc but, he is, no bullshit, a High Functioning Autist... like super-stupid intelligent dude.  WAY smarter than me, but somewhat naive as to the realities of our fellow man.  I have literally been best friends with this dude to the term of 41+ years.  One fuckin' hair on his head gets knocked out of line, and I'll do bad things

Hell, Phil that cantankerous old Bastard lives out in that A.O.
I got friends out there.
Methinks a roadtrip may be in the offing, although I am reminded, "Local, Local, Local."
Think the only way I'm gonna roll into that nasty piece of work town is if a full on Air Assault is performed by my old unit in the 101st, and I get to ride in as a contractor like I did into some shitholes in Iraq back in the day.  Otherwise, I'll sit tight, say my prayers and hit the gym.
Time to get the lead out and get real.
More Later, I Remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, August 29, 2020

A Reader Sends

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Got an email today from a reader who's got some issues with one of his Boomsticks.  Seems he's got excessive 'wear n tear' on his AR and wanted my input:

"Hey BC! A few years ago I bought 2 ARs. One for me and one for the new wife as her wedding present ( she asked for it ). They are ATI brand from the Sportsman’s Guide folks. SG, by the way, is a top notch outfitter that I highly recommend. Anyhow, these rifles have been flawless, right out of the box. After the last range trip, I noticed theses scoring marks Have you ever seen this before? The little girl who took my call at the manufacturer says it’s normal, but I doubt she knows which end the bullets come out, gnome sayin? Now these ATI rifles have Some polymer components. Even still, I didn’t expect to see this. Should I fear a catastrophic failure in the next 100 rounds or just keep an eye on it and drive on? I’d appreciate your thoughts on the matter."

So Brotherman sent me the following:
Goddamn!  The Red Circle is where I pointed out how the upper appears to be getting chewed on by the Bolt Carrier Group.  I'd bet my shirt on it. Mine for comparison:
The circle and arrow were put in to point out the normal wear mark where the cam pin goes in and out of battery.  The green circle is the cam pin recess for when the bolt is 'in battery' i.e. ready-to-bring-the-pain.

Now, I got -no idea- how many rounds Brotherman throws on a regular basis.  Got no idea how many rounds have been clocked through his.  I -do know- mine, and mine's a baby still, just broken in at about 5000 rounds lifetime, and 2000 since the last cleaning.  I -was- doing a 'lets never fucking clean it' test (for real) as I was really curious what with a 7.5 inch pistola barrel, and the extra carbon that normally goes with it.
See, I was using strictly Hodgdon CFE 223 loaded rounds in it.
Wanted to see how the 'hype' was about this newfangled non-copper fouling powder... 2000 rounds in and still clocking... leastways it was...Between CoronaChan (that BITCH!) and the coming unCivil War Deuce, I figgered a light wipe down for comparative purposes for Brotherman was a minor concession.  
I mean it -was- a bit gnarly LOL. BUT for 2000 rounds?  Not bad IMO...

After all, the odds of me hitting a range anytime in the near future, what with Russian .223 Steel case ringing in at $0.80 a round as of this A.M. on ammoseek?  Fuck man, I'ma keep loading, and if and when the day comes, it'll be a two-way live-fire training environment.

Good Training HOOAH?

Now, either the Barrel is lapped incorrectly, the receiver imperfectly cast (bbl hole off by a 'cunt hair), OR -something- heavy was laid ON the rifle while it was upright?  Used as a chair?  Put in a vice incorrectly? Impossible to say, but I -do- abso-fuckin'-lootly advise to replace the upper.  The barrel should be good, but it'd need to be gauged and checked to insure it.  From my POV, the BCG is getting pulled to the left as the bolt gets cycled into battery as the lugs are locking.  This in turn, as the BCG (steel) is being microscopically dragged across the left side wall of the (aluminum) upper receiver as the bolt engages the locking lugs fully.  Steel VS Aluminum.  Steel wins.   

I mean not a total wipe out.  BUT...

That being said, these days?
Err on the side of caution.
Especially with yer gear.
A Sub-optimal Boomstick Malfunction at the wrong place/wrong time?
No fuckin' thankee very mucho.

So yeah, all in all, a productive day.  Had fun with Spawn coming for a visit so's his woman could get her hair cut by Wifey, and it was very pleasant all around.  To a point.

Seems GranBebe has been forgoing sleep... too much cool and fun shit here apparently, so she's been not napping, not sleeping and is generally wound like a top.  We ran her a bit today, but methinks she's gonna crash hard.  I know Wifey is gonna... she was up with her at 0130 this am, and kept an eye on her whilst she ran around like it was fucking 0800.  I was up and fed her at 0700.  

After coffee of course.  

EDIT UPDATE:  So, yeah, Brotherman ain't responded yet, but I did find some good news!  Apparently after months of -not being able to- I can reply to fucking comments on this fucker...
Been driving me nuts b/c blogger/Gulag changed the whole fucking shooting match on how the blog gets produced, and Helpdesk in India was about as worthless as you can imagine, but somewheres int he past three days, the comment replies I've made have fuckin worked and stayed this time.  In the past, I've replied, but the shit vanished a hour or three after the fact. I'd be all nice an neighborly, and shit'd go 'way faster n'spit on a griddle...

No fucking clue, but yeah, now?  Fire away and I'll reply if'n I see it in time LOL. 

Anywhoo... more later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, August 28, 2020

So I Finished it...

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Managed to get a few things done despite the cuteness that is GranBebe.  Her latest is being a 'helper' around the house.  She's got her own itty-bitty cleaning gear and dutifully pushes the dirt and debris on the floor around into somewhat neat piles (to be p/u by Papi shortly thereafter).  Mostly refuse from the various chew toys that the 35 pound sausage-dog Baby Pittie chews the ever living fuck outta.

She's the -worst guard dog ever- but I wouldn't trade her.  She's actually adept at alerting to people creeping or coming up on the front door for the most part.  Particularly if they're black... dunno if she can smell 'em or what, but she positively hates black folks.  We -did- rescue her as a breeder for a fighting pit, and her babies were taken faaaar too soon for the weaning to be properly over... hell, she was less than a full year old when they bred her... so she absolutely hates niggers.

Don't blame her.  Dunno if she's savage towards 'em tho, I keep a tight leash on her b/c she -does- have some 'aggressive tenancies', especially towards other dogs... I think it was part of her training.  Been hard to break her of that.  Either way, I suppose I'll find out if some spook tries to B&E the crib uninvited...

So anywho, managed to get the rifle together for Wifey:
Came out real nice...
The Specs: 
Bear Creek 10.5 inch 1/7 turn Heavy Barrel
Palmetto State Lower
AT3 Tactican Slab Side Upper
Matrix 10in MLOK Lightweight For-end
Mil Spec Basic Trigger kit, (but professionally polished by moi.)
Shockwave Blade II 'Brace'
Magpul Pink "Hello Kitty" Laser Engraved Pistola Grippage
M-16 Bolt and Carrier, MPI'd and Mil Spec.
Stickers courtesy of that Jap-Ah-Heno store at the Mall, and some vinyl self-printing sheets for ye olde Printer. 

That was the hard part.  Printing the proper sized stuff.  I got the font free, "hello_kitty_font" and loaded it into Word.  After I printed it, I took a can of clear coat enamel, and did 3X layers, waiting in between each layer to waterproof and set up.  THEN I cut out the stickers, and then matte enamelled over THEM so's they 'stick' around on the rifle fer a while...
I made a pun. LOL.
Then there's the OTHER side:
And a close up:
The caliper paint for the Muzzle Break went well, it didn't blow off during the three round test fire I did.  In fact it was exemplary.  Shit gets the Big Country Seal Of Approval or:
Yeah, that's mine.  Dank Memester in the 2020's.
So yeah, it shot and processed all three rapid shot no problemo.  It's running a >bit< of a heavier Spring and Buffer, which is what ya need with a pistol-length Gas system.  Lots of folks are unaware of that... 
So yepper, it's now Wifey's Go-To Gun for "fun and nigger games"... we'll have to see.
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Fucking Burned Out Reporter
(chasing a 3 year old gets old man)
Big Country

Need.... Coffee....

Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes
And yeah, found out we gots us some wimmenzfolks who done come 'round here. Guess I'ma have ta dust the corners 'round here.  Bit of a Short Poastie here at the House today.  Yesterday was a shitshow what with Grandbebe showing up, me doing and being the bartender, short order cook and general heavy lifting.  NOW I remember why I didn't want MOR kids.  A fucking 3 year old is as picky as a hot chick around a herd of willing suitors.
"OK kiddo, whut ya want fer grub?"
"Mac n Chee Papi!"
"OK darlin'. One Mac n Cheese it is.  How about some Moo-burger?"
"Kay.. no chee in Mac tho."
"Uh... K... (how the fuck do I pull THAT one off?)
Yeah.. and on and on.  She's a stubborn lil 'un dats fer sure.  Ended up, hamburger, no bun, lots of ketchup, and plain mac (no chee!) and a healthy portion.  Of which she ate I think 5 noodles, two bites of burger, and fell the fuck out asleep.

Least the doggo ate well.  She LOVES when the Granbebe shows.  Freebies alllllll around!
So, I got pinged with a "Spreading Hate Warning" on Zuckbook:
Hit a lil close to the mark methinks.
Then these:
Truth.  Apparently these vermin pretty much stripped ole boy of his shit, leaving him laying in literally shit, DRT (Dead Right There)
And, this one was poasted on the Paratrooper Page that I'm a member of.  No leggs allowed...
I LOLZ'd like a motherfucker on that one.
Because it's true.
And finally for today:
That one my spawn sent me...
Great sense of humor eh?
More Later I hope, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Play Stupid Games,

Win Stupid Prizes!
Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Looks like it kicked off last night.
Looking at ALL the vidya that I've seen so far, the kid is in the right... as in a righteous shoot.
Being chased by a HUGE crowd screaming "Get that guy"? Check
Fear of his life? Check
Gets physically assaulted? Check
Gets pounded on with a potentially lethal weapon (skateboard)? Check
Lights up the goons and kills two and wounds one?
Same thing happened in Pennsylvania.  Talked about that last night.
And the Head cop of this particular lil Wisconsin town: "Well, we're not sure who he is, and we're confident that we'll have him in custody soon!"
Dude turned hisself in already.
The Head Cop is just providing cover.
The last thing that kid who shot them fucks needs is to be doxxed.
'Cause them fuckers ain't gonna go for him.  Hell no.  He's got no issue pulling the trigger.
But His Mom?
His Wife?
His Kids?
ALL in danger.  Best if they announce 'it's not clear who did this' and leave it at that.
And WE, IF the media doxx him, whelp... 
I'm unemployed.
Got a Brand New Car.
Sapper n' Me?
Roadtrip time.
'Cause it's boring as Fuck down here in Central Flor-reeee-duh!
I mean jeez... got me all this Concertina Razor Wire... over 2500 feet at last count...  Got the Flammenwerfer.  Got 9 gallons of premixed Napalm.  And I'm doing a new vidya this weekend.  I did some research, and found a valve that -might- increase the range.  Doc Hammer, if'n the upgrade works, I'll mail you it gratis... it's literally a $2 pipestem valve like that goes on a bike tire that attaches to the end of the fuel muzzle... tightens the stream, thereby forcing the fluid to compress and jet harder and faster.
Also:  If poasting and roasting is light, it's cause we gots the Grandbebe from Thursday to Thursday.  Wifey needs the "bebe fix"... thank God her pack's been pulled and my shit snipped or we'd be knee deep in rug monkeys.
The Bebe Fix... a fix harder'n heroin.
So, more than likely, its gonna be busy chasing her.
More Later (I hope) I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Make Them ALL Good

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
More work done on Wifey's toy:
Loving this... Killin' 'em w/Cuteness...
Seems the "mostly peaceful protesters" ran into someone who wasn't willing to put up with their shit:

Seems that Whypeepo are starting to lose their patience with the NNL and BLM and any -other-asshole impugning on their rights to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Strange and/or Happiness".

Seems that they came into the neighborhood and started the 'usual ruckus' and a local came out and started busting caps, to whit -someone- got tagged in the haid.  Must not have been much as A) the fucker unfortunately survived and B) It sounds like a 12 Gauge (prolly throwing rocksalt or some such).

But apparently the negress who vidya'd this "Philly" (proud mother of seven... how much welfare extortion has SHE been getting hmmn?) then went to the hospital, and then berated ALL the police involved and is making a stink that the "white man is getting away with this!"



GOD Damn these niggers are fucking hilarious!!!

<gets shot at by irate white cit-tye-zen sick of the New Nigger Tax Extortion>
Police: "LOLZGFY!!!"

Talk about a complete lack of self-awareness.
Methinks it's almost time to go hunting.
The attitude displayed by law enforcement is hilarious.  "We have no idea of what you speak?  Someone shot at you?  Do tell!"  I think, currently, at least in  ZIP Codes that have -disturbances- that a small cadre of motivated individuals could institute Bracken's Theorum.  Long distance suppressed engagement of random targets, with minimal effort expended, and Z-E-R-O chance of law enforcement investigation... albeit maybe enough to look good but with no real bite so to speak.

Yep.  Too bad it's quiet around here.  
At this point, I'd be spending my nights competing with Sapper for a head count.

The police these days have moved from "The Police/ADAM-12" a.k.a. the 'Vigiles Urbani'... literally "Watchmen of the City" the guys who patrolled and kept everyone safe... to a Praetorian Guard.  They -ONLY- protect 'those who are connected.'  It's up to us... the RWDS of the Future to protect and defend.

RWDS: Right Wing Death Squads.

You know that's what the media is gonna call us no matter what.  
May as well embrace it.

Police have had it.  It's apparent to anyone with two functional brain cells in the cerebral cortex.  I mean honest to God... AntiFa and Niggers really think that the cops are gonna raise a fucking finger for them?  I got a hint:  Here's the finger the Cops have for y'all, ya dimwit fucktards:
Two things the Cops are gonna have for AntiFa and BLM in the future from my take:
Jack left town a few years ago, so that leaves you with whut?
In fact, I can see this going far into the future as most of these fucking morons are strictly LARPing this shit... IF and only IF the country as a whole comes off the meth that it's been collectively shmokin' on the Left, then I could definitely see 10 years in the future this sort of thing happening:

30 Year Old Female: "I was raped and robbed by this man here...(shows picture of black ghetto male) He's my ex who's been stalking me!"
Police Sgt: "Wow ma'am, I'm sorry to hear that!  Let me get your name..."
(Police Sgt runs name in system, sees female was hardcore 'Defund cops/BLM' supporter in her 20's)
Police Sgt: "Well, if you want to file a report, you can do it down the station, IF we have enough manpower, but hey, tough call.  Otherwise, I have to go on my break... Union rules doncha know?  Best of luck... (mutters under breathe "Burn the coal, pay the toll you skank")

Think it won't happen?

I'm sure it already is.  There's a reason none of the perps in ALL the CHAZ/CHOP shootings haven't been caught, and it has a lot to do with the D.A., as in why even TRY to pursue a bad guy if the D.A. is a fucking 'Let'em Loose Bruce' Commie, and why even in general?  Fucking niggers killing niggers.  One less to deal with.  Let them make each other 'good' all day long... less headache, less drain on the taxpayers.  Ain't gotta feed a corpse donchaknow?

So, more later... I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, August 24, 2020

Blasting Fun

Afternoon (Morning to me) Ye Droogs and Droogettes!
Big Country's coming out of a fucking coma this P.M... feels like the A.M. to me... and nope... no chemistry involved.  Apparently, my carcass can go days and weeks on end under spirit-and-soul-crushing tension, without any real obvious side-affects.  That being said tho, when I reach the end of ye olde knotty ropeage, I shut the fuck down.  Used to happen every 4 or so months in Iraq...  I'd warn the Boss that I'd be 'down' and not to worry.  I'd usually plan it for a 2-3 day period when I knew nothing was gonna be happening.  Then, I'd go to sleep, and sleep anywhere from 48 to 72 straight the fuck through.  Maybe get up, piss, then crash again... nothing significant to interuppt.  Hell, I slept through a bunch of incoming one time.

In this case, twas the fucking moron kids and all the other shit I've been dealing with.

Out like a fucking light last night for 14 hours solid.

I feel like I could crawl right back in the bunk too.  But, this lil blog helps pay the bills, so's onwards!  

Now, one y'all, Anonymous, commented a guess of Hello, Kitty for the pistola build.  Nailed it in one man.  Wifey loves that weird assed Japaheno Character, so I figured for grins n giggles to do one up.  Seeings that one thats NOT near as cool as -mine- is gonna be is selling upwards of $1800 on GunBroker!
And that's -without- the optic.
Bit -rich- for my tastes.   
But, that being said,
Since I'ma using 'on hand parts' I can't do the adonized alum that the other one has.  The Pink Cerakote cost me a few bux, but not a biggie.  AND If I need to go a make it 'tactical' again, a quick soak in acetone'll take off all the coating without fucking up functionality.  The white is ceramic enamel, rated to 900 degrees theoretically.  I'm doing the barrel and foregrip today, so, that'll finish the built hopefully by Wednesday/Thursday, depending on coats and curing.  The Pistol grip I have on order... it's a pink laser engraved Hello Kitty... we'll see.

So, on Zuckbook today, I hadda memory from many many years ago pop up that I'd thought I'd share.  I'll Make that the next post, as this 'un here has gone on a wee bit mucho.  In fact, I'll throw that up now so's I don'ts fergits.

Now, besides weapons, the latest poly tick oh-pin-onion.
Whats hysterical to me is talking to MomUnit with her TDS in full swing.  She keeps talking like Trump and his people are all getting rich offa being Da Prez... and I'm like "Your people aren't doing the same?  "THEY ALL get rich while in orifice, and even after fucking leaving."    
I mean Jebus!  
Politicians will always keep becoming richer as long as we let them, and there's no accountability.  This despite whether they win or lose elections.  The "fix" is in... and like I said before, it's a big Club, and we ALL ain't in it.  They're people who can't hold a real job if their lives depended on it.  Small time grifters, conmen and thieves.  Alexandria Occasional Cornhole slid through BU or BC or wherever the fuck she went to school on her titties and girlish charm.  TELL ME that some put upon underpaid shmuck of a Teacher's Assistant didn't give her a sold "B" on them titties alone... she sure as fuck didn't get her degree due to her intelligence.  

And the new "younger generation"... the fucking millennials?  The morons who can't handle being 'misgendered' or use 'pronouns'?   Irrespective of race, these latte-filled lame-assed losers are not enthusiastic for voting for anyone who have no interest in making their lives better.  They're all about the gibs.  
"Free College!"
"Free Healthcare!"
Right up to being loaded into the boxcars because "You've exceeded your usefulness to the party comrade.  You have expended your allowable allocation of resources for this lifetime.  We wish you well in the next."
And they're genuinely too stupid to understand that that's how it works!
Mainly because 'bad things' only happen to 'someone else'...
Not to them...
Because their late-to-the-party Boomer Parents always told them "You're special!"
That is one wake-up call I'm not wanting to see.
Unless -We're- the ones doing the loading of the boxcars.
Jes' sayin'.

So, More later... food for thought.
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


August 24, 2014 


I figure since everyone seems to be giving their two cents on your threats and attempts to intimidate the United States into some form of capitulation, I figure that it might be time to give you guys a “reality check.” Call it a public service, call it what you will. I, for one, welcome you AND Direct Action here on our home turf, if only because the $1200 roundtrip ticket, cost of a passport, and the ‘Baksheesh’ to get to you guys is a bit much in this economy. Let’s face it, I have a 40 hour a week job and my wife works at least 30 hours a week, and damned if getting vacation time these days is a bitch…. But I digress…
What with all the oil and ransom money you guys are awash in, you can afford to charter a Gulfstream here to Florida… (trust me… Customs and Border Patrol rarely if ever look at privately chartered $2.5 million dollar aircraft… different rules for the rich amiright?) You’d be able to bring your favorite beheading knife, and maybe even a few AKs and even some friends. Seeings that during my 10 plus years contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan, I know you won’t come alone. Rarely did I EVER see a ‘lone terrorist’ over there… Having only one pair of balls to share means you have to travel in a group I suppose. Keep in mind however that I get to bring MY friends too...
Just be aware… Here in the ACTUAL United States, things are a bit ‘different’ from what you see and hear on TV. You’re going to be in for one hell of a shock I assure you. I feel I have to warn you to be fair… I don’t want you showing up all ready to party, and then feel as though you weren't fully briefed on the sit-rep (situation report) here on the ground in the REAL America. 
Your current lack of “Real Time” Intelligence is caused by multiple reasons, first and foremost what you see and hear on the TV. You think our leadership weak, corrupt, and opportunistic, and you’d be right in that. However, that being said, where you think that on the people are ALSO like that, on the whole you’d be incorrect. Most Americas play hard, drink hard, fuck hard (we love our women like you enjoy your goats and tea-boys) and fight hard. We like a fair deal, and for the most part are Honest and Hardworking. It’s in the American DNA. Most of your current ‘on the ground intel’ comes from British Islamics and the VERY RARE US Expat Islamics. Unfortunately for them, they only see things through “Muslim Colored Glasses” (pardon the pun) and really have no CLUE how we Americans REALLY are.
Like the Australians, we are descended from the rejects of the world… no one else wanted us… like unwanted dogs… Mutts… Junkyard Dogs… More on that in a bit. To explain a few other things first: Is our government corrupt, lazy and relatively weak? Unfortunately the answer currently is yes. It’s what we get for having the “Baby Boom Generation” take over. A bunch of vapid, self centered, dope smoking, Hippy wannabe, ‘precious snowflakes’ who were never told “No” in their lives. Personally I've never seen a more spoiled generation of people. High on the fumes of their own Godhood, Hubris, and self righteous in their beliefs that THEY know better than anyone else… well, if your beef is with our Politicians and our Government, let us, the average Joes here in the states know, and we’ll get out of your way. Kill ‘em all and leave us to clean up the mess. That being said, you unfortunately seem to be targeting ALL of us, and well now Abdullah and Company, we can’t be having that…. Targeting the source of your ire, our Politicians, is well, fine, and dandy. Targeting Me, my family and such? Not so much. 
But you say “You are the ones who elected them! It was the people’s choice!” EEERRRRTTTT! Wrong answer ISIS. America hasn't had a true “people’s mandate” (i.e. honest elections) in about 40 years… I mean really? You think that we elected the same two families (Bush, Cllinton, Bush ectectect) continually in fair and open elections? C’mon guys… you’re from the Middle East… look at Saudi Arabia… We have pretty much the same level of political honesty they do… hell ours is even less honest. They at least refer to the guy in charge as the King.
But I’m getting sidetracked… My main point is that our Government is as out of touch with the “REAL AMERICA” as you are. They live in a bubble if you will. They routinely pass laws and do really stupid shit we don’t agree with, and piss off a lot of people in doing it, both here and overseas. My apologies if any of your family was hurt or killed by an American. My most sincere condolences if it did in fact happen. However, I, and my family have about as much say in what our government does as a Turkey does in how Thanksgiving is going to go… (Google ‘turkey the bird', not the country, and Thanksgiving if you don’t get the reference.) 
In fact, lets explain Thanksgiving for a minute. It’s a holiday that we celebrate the founding of the United States. In some circles however, it’s a day that also marks the annihilation of the Native American population. That means the folks who were ALREADY here in the US when the majority of our European Reject Ancestors showed up... See, when we first started settling here, there were already about 100 MILLION people squatting and living here. In less than 200 years, we "NEW" Americans whittled that down to about 2.9 million people… and herded them onto the nastiest ghetto properties left over in the United States. 
Think on that one… we did that using 17th and 18th Century Technology. We SLAUGHTERED upwards of 98 MILLION PEOPLE… Imagine if we REALLY decide to get pissed off. All these people did was own the land we wanted… and for it we destroyed their culture, and erased their heritage. We weren't even really MAD at them. They just happened to be in the way.
Ask the people of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo and Dresden about what happens when we get angry…
You Arabs think you have the market cornered on violence? On terror? On cruelty? 
As it’s been said before by others… there are 21 million combat vets CURRENTLY alive and well in the US… AND unlike the rest of the world, we’re generally armed to the teeth. We have ZERO tolerance for bullshit, either from outsiders or even our own government… Use the Bundy Ranch as an example… a perfect case in point of our own Government thinking it could go all “third worldy” on us, and they learned that, uh NO, there IS a line that they do NOT want to cross… In fact from what I hear, the Feds are still trying to clean out their underwear because they in their wildest nightmare never thought that upwards of 1000 heavily armed Americans would show up, armed to the teeth and say to the Feds “Don’t even THINK about it…”
And that was against our own. Imagine if you and yours show up and try to get all ‘medieval’ like you have in Iraq… you want Medieval? Just remember, the Iron Maiden and other fun such toys were invented during the Inquisition… where the Catholics REALLY got down and showed people how barbaric they could be. Keep in mind, you retards have even gone so far as to have the COOLEST Pope in 1000 years come out and state that fighting you assholes is cool… he stopped just short of declaring another Crusade… Tell you what… keep provoking us… you might not like the result. After all, WE REALLY DON’T NEED YOU OR YOUR CULTURE OF DEATH. Your oil? Yep. That we need. Your culture and religion? Not so much.
One neutron bomb on the Ka’aba and that’s all she wrote. Keep it in mind. 
As I said, we Americans are for the most part junkyard dogs, kept on a short leash. With that stated, that leash can be dropped at a moment’s notice, and if it is, well, then as they said in the Old West, “Yer gonna reap the whirlwind.” Let’s face it, you guys are good at propaganda, great at raping little girls, and killing scared, unarmed civilians. I Double Dog Dare Ya to go to Texas and try some of that shit. You might get one or two shots off before every concealed carry bastard in the place ventilates you into a pile of hollow point pulped meat. 
So I’ll be posting this to my Facebook account… whether or not you read it (if you CAN in fact read) and hopefully you really try to understand that the Average American could give two shits about you, your country, or your religion. Be smart and keep that shit in your own yard, and we’ll be just fine. “Live and Let Live” as the man says. Bring that shit into my house, and you’d better pack a lunch, "...‘cause it’s gonna be an all day affair”… (which means we’ll whup your ass again and again and again.)
Best Regards
Big Country

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Back Home

Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Tough night with the In-Laws... Ma is losing what little marbles she has left, and Da lost all his hair.

Like ALL of his hair.

Docs got no idea what it is... literally every. single. strand.  Eyelashes even... fucker is balder'n an egg.  He's taking it in stride, but no Kojak Jokes allowed.

So, we hadda nice kip away from der haus, as we've been, like all y'all fuckers been in mad lockdown since March.  Unfortunately, the bed we shared was totally beat the fuck in.  Lumpy and old.  No wonder the Wifey wanted to move in with me a few years back if'n that was she was forced to sleep on.  Sheesh!  Ever since I got a new mattress with her, I have a far greater appreciation of such things.

So, lessee... lighter notes... talked to MomUnit... FedBro and I are now convinced that we're gonna have to have her committed after the election, barring a fucking miracle that Gropey McBadstinkfinger -does- in fact get elected.
 A near-terminal case of TDS...
So, I wait.  See what happens.  Keep loading.
Keep building weapons.
Keep Working on Wifey's new toy.
Yeah... y'all can laugh, but there's a theme going on here.
This pink doesn't show so well in the pic... it's really vibrant.
Like some of the neighbors.
It's not that intestinal as it appears here tho... dunno why ye olde iPhone Camera pulled it that way... oh well...
The other parts are heat-curing right now, and the pistola grip I'm throwing on there is a placeholder for now.  Gotta get some extreme heat resistant coating tho for the barrel, and I'm not sure if the flash hider can be cera'd or not?  Never done a flash hider... think someone told me once that the muzzle blast will blow the coating clean the fuck off... maybe ceramic brake caliper paint?  That shit is tougher'n fuck.  I used the extreme dark metallic gray on the Uzi for the final coat, it it's solid as a rock, even on the bolt...

So, yeah, a bit of artistic expression vis-a-vis Ye Olde AR Pistola.

I mean hell, the Wifey asked if I could 'girlie up' her AR.

I'm not giving away just what the theme is yet.
Y'all feel free to make some guesses tho LOL.
Until later, I'm Remaining the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, August 22, 2020

A Short Post

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
A short missive as it's the Wifey n Mes Fourth Anniversary.  We escaped Casa De Big Country to see the In Laws.  That in itself is a pain in the arse.  Love the folks, but they are old. Like mad can't let go of shit... many many repoeating of the same thing... the usual senility... kind of sad as they're really nice, but old.
So we went out for dinner.
She had the twin-lobster tails.
I went with the fried fish sammich.
Damned thing was the length of my forearm.  Ended up being brought home, leastways half of it.
So home it came.
I feel a stuffed as a turkey right before oven-time at Thanksgiving.
I'm on my mobile lappie, a Panasonic Toughbook left over from the Iraq and Affy days.  Fucker is a CF-30, and weighs like 6 pounds.  Massive case... bomb proof, prolly bulletproof.  I know water proof and shock proof.  I've beaten the shit outta this thing over the past ten or so years since I liberated it from the dot mil.

Whats a laptop between frens anywho?
BUT because it's older, and I ain't run it up to speed in a dogs age, I found some pictures of me back in the day, along with the pics in and around Affy/Iraq.  One of them stood out:
Yeah, dat me.
Holding Ma Deuce... a barreled Ma Deuce.  Heavy sumbitch as I recall.
No shrinking fuckin' violet eh wot?
Then, I found one of the pictures of one of my custome race-guns from days gone by, I called it my "Space AR" b/c it was all high-speed, low drag, light weight and just cool looking:
Only issue I had with it was that forend, while uber:lightweight (aluminum blend) was horrible vis-a-vis heat distribution/retention.  Fucker got hotter n'a mo'fo in a quick-quick.  Like 'needs a nomex glove' hot.  Running a 30 round mag at full speed, the fucking thing was practically able to cook an egg.

But, neither here nor there, as part of the divorce settlement, it went away along with all the other toys I had back then.
C'est la guerre.
Anywho... cutting it short.  Will  be back on track tomorrow, til then I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

Friday, August 21, 2020

Another Gun Thread and The NNL!

Greetings me Droogs n Droogettes!
Happy Friday to y'all still slaving in the corporate 'Murica! salt mines!  My girl Daisey (who may or may not be in the audience today) just let me know that they're talking about letting her go at ye olde jobber as well.  Seems the lil fucker who dimed moi out now set his sights on her apparently... 

Little shitweasel.  I know where you live.

Jes' sayin'.

Best pray that The Rule of Law gets maintained.

So, today's gun with guns is the one I'm building for Wifey.  I started out with the Standard AR in this case, and when a deal fell through (one of y'all kindly wanted me to explore a .458 SOCOM Build for him) but, alas!  Either his wife found out, or the bills came first... can't blame him either way.  Bux is tight all over.  In my case, it's the pieces/parts I've had laying around in my 'spares' bin.

Much like Phil, I got a drawer or ten of parts.  Mostly spares.  ALL for firepower repair.  And when I realize I've got almost enough to build a new rifle or pistol?  Hells yes.
When dood bailed on the SOCOM, I went and got a 10.5 inch 1/7 twist Chromed out Pistol Barrel for $85!!!  A) Lucky as fuck to find it and B) Holy shit, GREAT price!

Methinks it's because the 10 inch 'pistol' gas tube tends to need a heavier buffer and spring combo.  The gas tends to be 'fast n' furious' in the shorty tube, so I got (and have a few of) some adjustable weight buffers.  I like a 4 oz to 4.5 oz on the pistol length.  Heavy enough to slow the bolt down just enough to function without impeding the cycling.  Some guys (and gals) like the adjustable gas block, and I agree, nice to have but a bit on the pricey side at $80-100 for the good 'uns.  And when yer going for a cheaper build, Quality -IS- the factor... as in "Whats the best bang for the bux?"
The upper is a bit different.. it's an AT3 slab side... no forward assist.  It's also trimmed and blocked down so the weight is less.
Lot more flats space on the side, which is good, as it's taped for the prep.
See, It's going to be Wifey's.  Not really a 'tactical' lady, but a girly-girl.  I'm not gonna give it away yet, but this's gonna be retarded when I'm done.  As I go, I'll take pics, and when it's done, y'all can rag the fuck outta me.
So, dunno if I showed off some of the other pieces/parts that I worked on for the glock:
101st Airborne Back Plate, and:
Magwell Block (to give a bit of 'heft' to it).
I think Phil would love that one...
So, lastly... as the stomach and the world turns, 
We have another case of a Wannabe Winner of the NNL.
NNL = New Nigger Lotto.
Where you sue whypeepo because reasons and racism.
Seems young Nayonn Gray is suing AutoZone b/c the Manager said something or some such shit.  Apparently his chimping out and being intentionally racially provocative (which of course he didn't vidya) wasn't brought up... and the fact that he goes through car batteries like I go through vodka, I'd say the manager was completely in the right.  RTWT.  It's pathetic that he was even able to bring a suit...  In fact, the manager hisself takes ownership of the exchange.  "I won't apologize."
Good for him.  Fuck that punk ass bitch.
And what sort of fucking moron names their kid Nayonn?  How do you even pronounce that? Nylon? Nay-On? Nah-Yonnase?  Jesus come quick... too many fucking niggers and their complete lack of self-awareness and self esteem.
I mean what the FUCK is he suing for? Butthurt?
OF COURSE he's trying to get a win in the New Nigger Lotto.  Claims of racism and lawsuits galore!  Trust me... this's the sort of shit that's eventually gonna cause the final rift.  It shows, and I've been taking it to heart personally, never interact with a Nigger.  Black folks? Fine... thems just Peepo.  IF of course you can find one... rarer n'hen's teeth these days...  Glen Filthie over at Filthies Thunderbox is a Canoehead (Canadian) who states plainly: "America doesn't have a black problem, it's got a nigger problem."
Truer words... eh wot?
So, more later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Afternoon Gun Thread

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
So, I went out the other day, (night actually) as we've had some weirdness in the A.O... seems we got creepers in the neighborhood.  Not sure if'n it's the same two who did a 'light probe' of my slider a few months back, but apparently they came 'round here the other night, one street over.
A) They tried the same M.O. at another house like they did at this house (trying the slider at Oh Dark Early) and 
B) This time they were apparently armed.

The Sheriff has a BOLO out for the assclowns.  I'm debating on putting a sign on my slider: "Burglars Welcome!  I Need Live Fire Practice!" 

Wow... just wow.  So Me?  I heard something outside around midnight... so I locked n loaded and check the perimeter.  Not a biggy.  However, had a -small problemo- when I un-chambered the round.  See, I got lucky the other day and while I was 'oot anna boot' I stopped in to a Cop Shop.  Literally this's where the fuzz go for resupply... guns, ammo, uniforms... hell they even convert new cars into cruisers.  I used to go there occasionally when I had my CAC Card (dot mil ID) when I was working as the Armorer/Gunsmith for the Army many years back.  It's literally right around the corner from the AMSA shop...

Well, I was in the neighborhood, I stop in occasionally to check up on the gang at the shop, and this time I decided to stop at the Cop Shop.  Lo and behold!  They had BBs!  Law Enforcement only BBs, but still... a Pallet of 124/147 Grain Ammo.  And I got by sheer luck, my Dot Mil ID that I was supposed to have for the Kuwait gig that got fucked up by CoronaChan...  So I dropped some hard earned ducats for 50 rounds, as that shit don't grow on trees nomore.

Which leads me to this:
Seems the Poly80 barrel don't like the flat-faced hollowpoints.  Packed the round down deep into the case. Not -too big- deal for me?  But some others might worry about overpressure and malfunctions.  I mean it is dangerous and if'n you don't know what yer doing, you can fuck things up beaucoup bad.  I repaired the offending round by pulling the bullet, dumped the powder to re-use, resized the neck, and reloaded it... gotta love having the proper tools for the job eh?

That and these days?  Can't afford to lose even one round.

I inspected (and forgot to take a picture) but the feed ramp on ye olde barrel had a nice 'nick' of copper where the round caught on a miniscule grove on the ramp itself.  Couldn't really feel the grove with a finger (my nerve damage being too great) and my fingernail didn't catch, but I use (for instances like this) a diabetes tester for sensitivity.  My doc at the VA gave me a bunch.  It's essentially a very fine wire? plastic? "hair" in the center of a piece of cardboard... you use it to tickle your feet to check the nerves when yer diabetic... no nerves is a bad thing... anyways, the lil 'hair' thing catches quite well on shit your finger can't feel... and yep.  The 'hair' caught on not one but like 5 lil itty-bitty grooves.  Apparently the 'regular round nose FMJ' I'm using fed all nice n'smooth.  Flat face?  Not so much.
So I busted out my diamond embedded grease... ranges in .5 microns to 10000 microns (supposedly) and busted out ye olde dremel.
 Started off with a small amount, and worked my way up.  Didn't want to overdo it, but the results came out as such:
Not the greatest pic... lotsa reflections but man, it chambers smooth with no issues now.  Zero hang ups when I run the 'hair' across it... Did the same thing with Sapper's piece too, as I figured he's gonna have the same issues eventually, as we did both build the same exact weapon.

So, let the creepers come.  Can't wait to welcome them.
More Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Told Ya!

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes!
JUUUUST realized in the stats that I popped over a quarter-million hits!
Go Me!
My special thanks to Irish and Phil.  Both awesome bastards in their own right.
Sooo not to linger on with the show!

Whelp! THAT was a lot sooner than I thought. Per the Gateway Pundit: (LINK)
"A veteran and business owner living in Shasta County, California is completely fed up with the authoritarian Covid lockdown orders so he gave a stern warning to the Board of Supervisors.

Carlos Zapata warned the masked officials in the Board of Supervisors chamber that a revolution is brewing.

“At first we sat as concerned citizens….as we realized that [Covid] is not as quite as dangerous as we thought it would be, I was absolutely appalled at the cowardice — and you guys are sitting here with your masks on — I don’t blame you for wearing masks because I would be hiding my face if I was you for what you’re doing,” Zapata said.

He continued, “I’m a business owner and I’m telling you, our families are starving — you guys can sit here with your jobs — you’re gonna sit here and get paid to fall asleep in your chair like that gentleman’s doing behind his mask right there.”

Zapata then put the officials on notice.

“Right now we’re being peaceful and you better be happy we’re good citizens, that we’re peaceful citizens but it’s not gonna be peaceful much longer — and this isn’t a threat — I’m not a criminal, I’ve never been a criminal but I’m telling you real good citizens are going to turn into real concerned and revolutionary citizens real soon. And nobody else is gonna say that. I’m probably the only person that has the balls to say what I’m saying right now.”

“We’re building and we’re organizing and we’ll work with law enforcement or without law enforcement but you won’t stop us when the time comes because our families are starving!” he said.

“This is a warning for what’s coming because it’s not going to be peaceful for much longer! It’s gonna get real!” Zapata said adding he went to war for this country and he’s ready to fight for this country even if it’s against its own citizens."
This from someone in Commiefornia.
Told ya, it's coming.  Sooner rather than later.  And this's in a state that pretty much full on Nazi Germany 1938.  His line about "We're building and we're organizing" doesn't sound like fluff.  Got me a hunch him and his bros have been planning, prepping and wargaming.  Gots me a hunch one more straw is gonna snap that spinal column like a motherfucker.

So, that being said, and I noticed a lot of y'all are in agreement, When do you think it'll be too far?  As is timeframe?  Me?  I personally think it'll happen sometime around October.  The "October Surprise" if you will... when the media can point and cretinously scream about "right wing death squads!" and "Nazis killing Innocent Protesters!" and whathaveyou.

There's a small problem tho... one they aren't even aware of.  

Some are calling it the "Chicken Little Syndrome."
Means the fucking morons have been screeching so much, so often, with it being "much ado about nothing" that the 'average Joe and Joe-ette Sixpack' ain't paying attention anymore.

They've by dint of overbearing hyperbole, by constantly yelling and screaming how "Orange Man Bad!" and bullshit about so much shit, no one listens to them anymore.

I'd bet you right now, if a credible source came out and said we've got an alien invasion happening, half the country would yawn, and turn to the latest Reality Show.

It's already happened in one major instance.  Maybe intentionally, but the Department of Defense pretty much stated, and released vidya of alien spaceships and said, "Yeah, we got no clue but -something- is out there and we dunno if they be hostile or not."
Loved that movie... one of the best cult classics of the mid-90's IMO.
So, now the media has essentially put 1/2 to 3/4 of the country asleep... whether it be intentional or not, most normies don't give a fuck what the media tell them..  The 'Programming' is broken... literally.  doesn't work anymore 'cept for the most spongeheaded amongst us.  We're talking Gump Level Stupid
Sorta like Gropey McStinky-Badfinger.
The very fact that his fuckin' Slore hadda come out and defend him that he's still 'all there' tells you everything you need to know about "Woodrow Two Point Oh."

Damn... I just came up with that and it sorta sings.  Gimme a minute...
OK back and made this:
Damn if that doesn't work.
He is tho... gonna be Woodrow 2.0.
And that's scary b/c his wife is a ballbuster's ballbuster.
"That's Doctor Biden to you peasant!!!"
What the fuck ever you ginch.  I got my BatSci in Military Science, my MA in Religious History, and my DD in Religion.  Don't see me talkin' 'bout titles and bullshit meh.
So yeah.  Otherwise, quick Big Country Update, moving into the Final Round of Jeopardy for another work-from-home gig.  Not a bad thing IMO.  Especially since the 'other company' and me parted ways, well, I still have the business line in the crib, which saves any other company from having to pay for the install.  That's a mad selling point these days.  So til later I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Follow Up to -They DON'T GET IT-

Late Evening (Now Morning) me Droogs and Droogettes
Got me a bunch of feedback already 'bout me latest missive... seems a LOT of y'all are on the same sheet o'Music that I am... Namely it's gonna go hawt and heavy when and if it does come down to it.


My speckled taint IF.

More like WHEN.

Methinks it's gonna happen a lot like I said.

I'd say it's closer than ever, especially after last nights fuckery. Dude got hisself beat in, truck destroyed, family threatened because he tried to "White Knight" some broad that the BLM was going after... Crashed his truck, gets pulled from it, and beaten within an inch of his life.

Avoid Crowds.

Be the Gray Man.

Have a firearm.

If and only if you need to use it, use it prodigiously.

Stack Bodies.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat


It's getting more and more blatant that the only way this is gonna get properly sorted is to either deploy the Nasty Guard with Live Rounds and a loose R.O.E. (never gonna happen), OR the cops get drastic and start pulling these fuckwads, including the politician giving them cover and cuffin' n'stuffin' 'em into cages.  
It's called "Aiding and Abetting" a felony...
Couple of these little fuckers get hemmed up, and that -might- cool things off without violence.  However, I don't think it's in the cards.  Cops are tired.  People are tired... Us vets are literally salivating at the possibilities of going "Full Retard" without going to jail...  I give it (if it hasn't already started) a few weeks until some of the more militant AnfiFa are found, tied up, gagged and bound, and doubletapped.
Cops in Brazil do this daily.
Cops in Venezuela do this daily.
Cops in most Turd-World Banana Republics do this daily.
Guess what the Grand Ole FUSA is now?
Yep.  Turd World Nanner Republic.
Soooooooooo... I'd say "B.L.O.A.T." but ain't no BeeBeez available.
In fact, cheapest ammo prices on
9mm: $.50 a round
.223: $.49 a round
5.56mm: $.60 a round
Damn... Thats INSANE.
I'm now kinda pissed I didn't get more 9mm when it was whut? $.22 cents a round?  I was bitchin' then 'cause I thought that was a bit extreme.  Now?  Not so fucking much.  Tho I do think at those prices, we've achieved "Peak Ammo" and the prices'll start falling... leastways I hope so.  In the meantime I found and bought 500 rounds of steel cored 5.56mm bullets themselves, not the whole round but for reloading purposes.  Coupled with the large amount of 'other' stuff I got, We're green on ammo, food and even water at this point.
Hope y'all are too!
Til later, I'm The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

Monday, August 17, 2020

They Don't -GET IT-

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes!
Busy day, whot with an Interview and finalizing the packing and shipping of the Flammenwerfer... sorry for the delay Hammerman, the kids being here really fucked up the household schedule.  

But!  All is now well, things are tracking, and I'm realizing it's about to get kinetic.
They've been asking for that switch to be thrown for a very long time.
There's no halfway.
This ain't a fucking dimmer switch.
Once it's thrown, it ain't going back in the 'off' position.

Miguel over at gunfreezone put up a comment from someone from Zuckbook.  Essentially, they say that the Left has either been on their knees begging for a massacre, or in our faces demanding one.  Almost all the street-theater, i.e. "Peaceful Protests", BLM, and the provocative "NFAC" parading around in more and more violent marches, provocations and such whatnot, they've been begging for the "Right Hook" that'll allow their Leftist Allies (i.e. the fucking Fuzz and Pols) to crash down on the Right in all respects.  They want us to shoot them so's they can then claim how Whypeepo are genuinely racists, and how we need all the guns collected, the laws brought about to make us pay reparations... and all the usual lefty fucking neo-commie outright Socialist tropes.

'Cept for one t'ing mon...

None of our people have taken the bait.

Much to our credit, as far as I know, none of our people have done what needs to be done.
My personal belief is that it's not that we don't want to do it, and that it's not that we're "Pussies" (see the late, unlamented retard in Austin 'bout dat 'un.)  It's that we know, in our heart-of-hearts... waaaaaay deep down inside, that once that switch gets flipped, we have to go all the way.

No half-measures.
No squeemishness.
A Cleansing of the Gene Pool that's gonna make Rwanda, The Holodomor and any other holocaust look like a fucking love tap.
It means once a trigger is pulled, it's gonna follow them home... as in, just for grins and giggles, the outline of what'll probably happen is suchlike:

Massive BLM/NFAC/AntiFa protest... probably in a state with open carry.
The groups'll be doing the 'usual street theater' punching, hitting, being idiots, and then "BLAM!"  Someone, somewhere in the crowd pops off a round.  Someone in the crowd gets hit... and then all of a sudden, it's fucking on.  It'll be quick initially... massive volley fire at close ranges... think "Revolutionary War" rows of idiots opening up on a line of folks...lots of casualties.  Both sides... but then, it'll tell real quick. 

The prior service guys and gals, who survive the face-to-face melee will start using their training.  Fire and maneuver, and start advancing, killing anyone who they deem a combatant... and let me tell ya, after the past 180 days of bullshit these fucking scum have been giving and shit, meselves personally, I'd target -anyone- in black.  The press is gonna take hell too...  Press badge or no press badge, once the trigger has been pulled, the thought process is "they can only charge me once" and at that point, it's a free-for-all.  

Think "Highly motivated pissed-off-old Veteran who's already in for a penny, and in for the pound" actively hunting down the now-broken ranks of AntiFa/BLM/NFAC whathaveyou.  Shooting them out of hand.  Stacking bodies.  Having full-on-raging PTSD breakdowns, and literally chasing them down the streets and engaging with well-aimed rifle fire.  I'd also wager that you should make sure you target the media too...  Dead Journos have a special cachet... they might think twice about calling something 'peaceful' if'n they end up being targets.

The cops, if they're smart will haul ass out of the whole thing, and see who comes out on top.  If the AntiFa retards do what I think they'll do, is they may be as so stupid as to throw rounds at and target the fuzz, which then brings them (the cops) over to 'the other side' as a force multiplier. IF that happens, then hoo-boy... "Right Wing Death Squads" and shades of Brazilian Police actively hunting down their tormentors.

Me?  In the immediate after action, if I survived, I'd be gathering up IDs from the bad-guy corpses.  If'n they're wounded, double tap.  No fucking prisoners.   They. Want. You. DEAD.  Take the ID, and find out where they live.  Figure Hell, I'm already gonna be toast, might as well make a fully-rounded out day.  Go to their respective addresses.  Kill everyone there.  Burn the house to the ground.  No quarter given. 

Pour encourager les autres

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Capture a few of them.  Put them to the question in a very old school way.  Inquisition style.  Find out the who, how, where, why?  Fuck why... don't care.  Tell me what I want to know, and I'll kill you quickly.  Otherwise it's gonna be a looong night with Big Country's Castration Clippers.  Find out who the chain-of-command is... go after them... find out where the money is.  Go after it.

Shit... IF it went this way, the chaos factor works completely in favor for the Opposing Force, I.E. the Patriots.  Cop're gonna be too busy unfucking and dealing with the situation if they even do.  The way things are now?  A strong possibility exists, that the Fuzz roll back to the Station and hunker in the bunker.  Defund the cops?  No more rule of law?  "Not our fight" 'll be their attitude.

You got it in SPADES baby.

Good and Hard. 

THIS is why we don't want to go "Game On."
Because, we know, that if we have to, it's a "Go all the way" thing.
So, maybe more later.  Gotta get a haircut.  The interview today seemed to go really well, and I'm hopeful.
Til later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sunday Fundays

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Mucho appreciation to those of y'all A) Contributing to the Big Country Bullet, Bean and Boot Fund and B) To all y'all supportive jockstrap motherfuckers who're giving words of encouragement!  Couldn't keep doing it without y'all!  I fucking need to make a Blogroll of Honor or some such shit...  If I get the new job I'm interviewing for on Tuesday, I'll do it, with the caveat that I can send you -something-... I'm thinking of making a "Big Country's Droogs" patch or something... I mean fuckitall amiright?

So, today is mellow as fuck all... The Daughter-in-Law (Wifey's Spawn) and her absolutely worthless as fuck ('cept as a skin donor/involuntary organ donor) Redneck White Trash Motherfuckin' Piece of Shit (barely!) Refuse that, given my druthers, would rather have killed outright rather than let him darken my doorstep...  Well after almost three fucking weeks, they finally got the clue and left.


I've been stuck in a cleft stick man....

See, Wifey's Spawn married a P.O.S. who beat her.  That's why we snatched The Granbebe of Lore, Legend and General Fuckery that I post about here.
She is, both the Apple of Me Eye AND the Fly in Me Ointment.  
Love that pics...bruised up, dirty but having a blast at the playground.
SO... Wifey's Spawn and Douchecanoe were incapable of raising her, so we, with the other Grandparents, schemed and snatched that lil girl away from the fucktards.

Yeah... not cool.  I dig it.  But when I tell y'all the rest, you'll be fully on board with this.

See, normally, I'm all about the natural parents raising the kid.  Even if the parents are fuck ups.  Got no issue... of course, the kids'll invariably be fucked up... but such is life... except when the house they live in, whelp... Redneck BabyDaddy (now Redneck Dad, he married her fat, stupid ass to lock her in... for now... more on that innabit) Redneck lived at and with the Grandparents who raised HIM because Mom was a crack whore, and dad was/is a shiftless piece of shit supposed "Travelling Preacher" bringing the "Word of God to the heathens" or some such horseshit...
Appropriate, N'est-ce pas?
Yeah, so crack-infected Redneck (crack baby, LITERALLY) managed to produce Granbebe.  Supposedly.  (Major questions persist re: paternity... yeah, its a shit-show).  BUT they were living at his Grandparents house...  Normally not a issue

'Cept Granddad there was a convicted child molester.

You feel why the rest of us pulled the plug on parental rights ASAFP?

Yeah... fuck that noise, 'specially since wifey has forbid me AND Sapper from killing them all.  Too damned bad IMO.  People like that NEED killing.  Anyways...
Soooooooooo now they have another kid on the way...

This BTW will be Redneck Fucktards THIRD kid.  Had his first, beat the chick half to death, and left.  Had Granbebe with Wifey's Spawn, beat her down, BUT We showed up and  took her and the the kid out at 6 months of age...  NEITHER of them have actually raised a kid...EVER!
Even when Wifey's Spawn (a fucking moron on a good day) was here (we evacc'd her from the A.O. after he beat her into intensive care), Wifey's Spawn showed at best, total indifference to the Granbebe.

Talk about defining the Millenials to a "T".  She didn't give two fucks about the kid... to the point she started having Redneck Fucktard drive down and see her on the sly (she thought).  When we finally got sick of her shit, and his (I was literally restrained from killing them) we took the kid and shitcanned the whole scene.

Cut to two years later.

Now, bebe #2 inroute, and they have no fucking clue.
I personally think that they think we're gonna come to the rescue.  
Nope.  Ain't fuckin' happening.
Fuck them, and hey, sorry about that kid... Bebe#2 is in for a rough ride.
Personally, I feel like charting it.. "Nurture VS Nature" in real time.

Someone call National Geographic...

One raised in "normal middle class" (for whatever values THAT is these days)
to one "Raised by lazy, feral white trash" and see what happens.
Personally, and I've already publicly stated it, is Redneck Fucktard is gonna bail within one year of the birth... see, he hasn't actually ever been a father nor put in the work after having three fucking kids.  In my book, the very definition of "needs to be castrated."  Painfully, as an example to others.  No better than a nigger. He's gonna bail when the going gets tough, because he IS a worthless cowardly POS.  And I'm not going to expend -anything- to 'get him' or 'help the fat lazy piece of shytte' spawn...

When he bails, Wifey's Spawn'll be screaming for help.  To whit I've drawn up paperwork for her (Wifey) to sign, almost like our pre-nup.  States that in NO WAY are we going to assist, nor use -any- of our resources to bail out the fucktard(s) in any way, shape or form.  Any deviation is that divorce her ass, then I sell the house and move to Peru, leaving her on her own with the morons.

My OWN spawn, Boy, met them, and offered to cap them both, as he's a hard fuck, and immediately recognized the scumbaggery when he met them 2 weeks ago... I could tell by the look on his face that he knew that both the retards are worthless... God it makes me proud to know I raised him right...

I'm getting too old for this shit.

Til later, I remain the Needing a Major Drink Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Well THAT was Quick

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes!
>WOMP! WOMP!<So much for that gig LOL.  Without realizing it, and unexpectedly, Ye Olde Blogger collapsed about 3/4s of the way through the shift.  As in legs completely gave out.  Apparently, it's reality hitting home:
In my case, that's the reely reelz deelz.  
More on this innabit:  For now:
Thought of something.
Just who is actually pulling Old Joe's Strings?
Got me to thinking about the only 'other' similar situation in history, that of Woodrow Wilson.  Seems Woody hadda big ole career ending strokefest in October of 1919.  And his Wife took the fuck over illegally.  Ran the show as a "Shadow Steward" til the end of his term in 1921. Per wiki: "Dr. Howard Markel, a medical historian, has taken issue with Edith Wilson's claim of a benign "stewardship". Markel has opined that Edith Wilson "was, essentially, the nation's chief executive until her husband's second term concluded in March of 1921"

Nowadays, the bitch is celebrated... me?  I think that shit is wrong as two boys fuckin', with a third on standby.  That shit is illegal as fuck.  And currently, I'd say old Gropey McStinkfinger Joe is in the same fucking boat...

WHO is pulling the strings?
A little research, and I found the following:
Ely Ratner: East Asia Expert, Obama
Daniel Benaim: Middle East Expert, Obama
Rosa Brooks: Former senior Pentagon advisor, Obama
Frank Kendall III: Former undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology, and logistics, Obama
Christine Wormuth: Former undersecretary of defense for policy, Obama
Antony Blinken: Inner circle Biden loyalist
Jake Sullivan: Inner circle Biden loyalist
Avril Haines: Inner circle Biden loyalist
Brian McKeon: Inner circle Biden loyalist
Julie Smith: Former national security official in the Obama administration, Inner circle Biden loyalist
Michael Carpenter: Former national security official in the Obama administration
Spencer Boyer: Former national security official in the Obama administration

Per one of the articles I found, they plainly state:
“The working groups have no real decision-making authority, but they oversee this massive machinery that is churning stuff out all the time,” said one official who has interacted with the working groups.

Many of those volunteering for Biden’s campaign don’t advertise it or speak to the media about it, save for a few influential advisors at the top. Others who volunteer for the campaign have been prompted by their employers, including think tanks, to disclose the affiliation in their online biographies. This means that most of the work they do is behind the scenes and shrouded in secrecy."

Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Who the FUCK are these nit-noid diplo-pukes and professional self-appointed elites?
Are THEY the one who're actually pulling all the strings?  Sure as fuck seems to be the case.  An unelected smug bunch of lifer-bureaucrats who're doing all the work, and doing ALL  the feeds, releases and genuine decision making behind the scenes... with a man, who by all rights should be retired now, and enjoying his grandchildren... 

Tell you what... it'd be interesting if something untoward were to happen to -any- of these people...
Say getting mugged in Georgetown at 2am mysteriously...
Say falling off a building...
Or suicide by chainsaw... 
Or any other means of Arkancide you can think of... the beauty of it is if you eliminate juuuuust enough of those 'senior super secret squirrel advisors/puppetmasters, Biden's entire campaign would collapse overnight.  That and -no one could complain openly-...  What're they gonna do?  "The evil Alt-Right are offing our team!"  "Biden can't go it alone!"  I mean it's a win-win... and notice also the (((names))) of a lot of 'em... a look on LinkD In is -most- illuminating.

Not that Stinkfinger the Kid Sniffer is gonna get -anywhere- with this.

Whats truly terrifying is that it, to me, is apparent that Obama is "getting the band back together" to include Hillary, who's already jumped back in Mao Suit at the ready, as she's hoping that our "Cultural Revolution" is gonna take off...

Hate ta tell ya baby, that train done left the station, and you were asleep with a belly full of cheap Muscatelle in yer gullet.  Now, all you have is yer urine-soakeed memories, and hope that Bill doesn't get subpoenaed in the whole "Ghislane-I'm-Gonna-Spill-All Maxwell" as she knows she's dead meat.  Little known fact:  Her sister, who's as dirty as she is, but still connected to Mossad, has written her off.
She knows she's dead, it's just 'how much longer' will she have, and how quick versus painful will it be?
So, anywho.....

Now, onto the Tragedy/Comedy of the late, lamented Job:
As I wuz sayin':
My odometers done rolled over two or three times for a Fifty Year old bastard.
When the medics were check me out, they started asking my medical history, which mind you I -did not- got into detail pre-hire.  For that matter, they only asked me if I had a 'disability, to which I truthfully said 'yes.'

But going over the list for them... Damn.
Even I forget just how worn and broken I am.
Left Knee: Replaced, blown off in 2006.  Pin, Plates and Screws.
Spine, Broken once, 3X surgeries.
And because of that, which is what was point-of-failure for me, Sciatica on both legs... apparently crippling Sciatica.
3X or more Traumatic Brain Injuries
Missing 1/2 an airbag to Cancer...

Sheee-it.  By the time I got done with the litany of shit, one medic asked if'd be easier to list what DID fucking work?  I was like, "Well, least mah pecker is still good-2-go."

So yeah, cain't be running and gunning no more.  I sorta kinda saw the writing on the wall a few years back... I just figured it was old age creeping... not the fact that my warranty is up, I'm high mileage, and even Castrol Long Life Hi-Mileage Oil ain't helping this heap anymore.
I'm not even getting those calls anymore LOL.

So, no worries, another Interview Tuesday, for a work-from-home gig.  Basic shit but my speed apparently.  That and filing for my full Social Security.  I'm too broken to do that voodoo that I used to do so well anymore.

At least I can still lift.  THATS helping, and the gut is slowly going.  I just need more time to get the spine issues resolved.  Problem I have is I'm now down to either "Fusion" or "Cadaver Bone", neither of which I'm really down for.  One cripples me, the creeps me.

So thats the Current Big Country Job Update.
I'll have more later, feel free to hit the tip jar.
Till Then I remain,The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country