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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Friday, July 31, 2020

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Morning Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Those of you in the 40-60 age group know what I speak of...

Saturday Morning Cartoons:
OMFG... Heaven.  

Monday thru Friday, it took Military Grade Explosives to get you out of bed to go to school.  DeadDa and MomUnit used to positively -hate- Saturday Mornings as FedBro and meselves'd be up'n out like a rocket leaving the silo.  0600 and >BAM!<... down stairs and bowl of Honeycomb or Alphabets cereal primed and ready, along with the milk and any other good shit we could find. 
Add on these:
Personally, it was Bugs Bunny and the Rest, along with "Ark II" and "Hong Kong Phooey", and of course, Scoob and the Gang.  Oh-Dark Early Wakey-Wakey, and off to the mid-afternoon races, leastways til about noon, then The Parental Units would forcibly remove us from the house to 'go play outside Dammit!'.

The only one that kinda got the shaft was the Original "Jonny Quest."

Which I just found on Blu-Ray... the whole fuckin' magilla as Grandma would say...
(Grandma was a hardcore old Irish Lady... trust me.. I learned to swear from her and MomUnit.)
As I was a wee laddie, I dug the whole concept of Jonny Quest.  Whats really wild is that he's voiced by none other than Time Matheson, A.K.A. "Otter" in "Animal House" and I dunno... like a thousand other fucking TV and movie shows?
This fuckin' guy.  

Yeah... Jonny Quest... more like Race "Motherfuckin'" Bannon was my heeeeee-ro growing up.  Even at a young age, I knew there was something different about the Jonny Quest show... nay... NOT a cartoon... Cartoons had Elmer Fudd blowing Daffy's head off in a comical fashion... Race Motherfuckin Bannon, when he shot a motherfucker, the motherfucker took a hit and fuckin died.

I mean at one point, the 'gang', Hajji and Jonny and Race are hauling balls from some Mega-doom Megalomaniac's Minions...  Race casually breaks the neck of one of the Minions, appropriates the M-14 rifle off of said-now-fuckin'-dead Minion, and uses said-appropriated Rifle to cap two other motherfuckers by ricocheting the rounds off a Bulldozer blade...  three fucking shots into the blade, three rounds 'bingbingbing' off the blade, and then, two dead motherfuckers, perforated, fall out from around the corner.

That's called balling the Ace!!! 

Race also had Jade, a female stranger-danger foil to his hard ass Fuck All Y'all superspyness.  Hot Oriental Female who literally fucked the man... not only was there gunplay, but hot oriental guttin'!!!!

At ages 7-14, this's some heavy and heady shit man.

Not only was the show kick-ass, but the music was premium jazz a'la Bachelor Pad late 50's/Early 60's.  I love that whole musical timeframe... I own a metric fuckton of the 'classic Playboy 60's Jazz' which Playboy sold a few eons ago... great music... I -love- me some swinging 60's Hot Bachelor music... and Jonny Quest Provides... they really should make a soundtrack of the tune on the show like they did with "Peter Gunn"...  I own the original albums my DeadDad got back in the late 50's... 

LOVE me some Mancini/Peter Gunn theme music.

Needed a lighter poast after that last one...  No word from J... and Wifey is tryna make me feel less guilty... it's not J, but her kid... THAT'S my white night bullshit... got no issue with adults being fucktards, but kids?  Oh fuck that for really reelz.

Good thing I got Wifey to keep me cool, otherwise I'da have to do something Noble and Stupid.

Fuck that for a game for White Knights.
Ain't doin' it.
Only resolution I have is to Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out.
And that ain't happening no more.
Fuck Bitches.
So, on that bright Red-Pill Note, I say more Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

It's Never Easy

Late Night Me Droogs n Droogettes...
It's Never Easy 'round here at La Casa Del Grand Campesino...  What a fuckin' day...  I'm wiped.

Humor to Start:

So, minor household bullshit day work...  Replace the wall socket for Wifey in the Master Bath.  Got her a two-outlet plug with built in USB 2.0 slots... that way she can charge her shit w/out adapters.  Neat toy you would think.

I kilt the power to the Master Bedroom/Shitter and got my voltmeter to check the load... everything looked copa-shi-shi, so I got me screwdriver, and went to work.

Did I mention my house was the first 'floorplan model' of our development?

Meaning it was thrown together by drunk Mex-he-can'ts with substandard... well... full all-on every-damned-thing.  Nothing in this joint repair wise has been easy.  So I de-juice the room, get in and start ripping shit apart to put the new outlet in...
Fuck My Life...

Back in Baghdad, no bullshit, I once took a 440 Volt hit... so strong when it grounded out through my right foot it melted/burned a hole in the nylon of my combat boot.  My finger got slightly cooked, mainly b/c we were in a monsoon, and the docs in the CASH told me b/c I was soaking wet, standing in water when I got hit, the overall shock -didn't- kill me... whereas if'n everything was normal (i.e. dry) my head woulda been cooked and my heart blown out apparently... the electricity (so they told me) got diffused by being soaked to that extent...  apparently that's what I remember... I wasn't very coherent at the time...

So, yeah >ZZZAAAAAAPPP!!!<

Minor Zap, but man, I have a few things that I really fucking hate, and one of 'em, that's getting shocked.  ESPECIALLY since I had de-juiced the room from the main breaker box...  However, Bob the Beaner-Builder ("No nosotros no podemos!") did -something- where this ONE fuckin' 110 outlet was still live and shocked my ass off.  Needless to say, I went full retard, and went out to the meter and disconnected the main to the fuckin' crib so's to not have any other unexpected fuckery this day.  

So, install, wash rinse repeat, and now I gotta reboot 4 computers, reset ALL the fuckin' clocks, and pray to fuck-all Jesus Please that nothin' else goes sideways on what should have been a minor job!

Well it went well... and then I get a Call.

Old Friend, female-type-one-each.  Got or, rather had a lot of female friends.  What can I say?  Chicks dig me.  This Chick n me go back to 2006.  Ex-Bitcho hated her.  Wifey hates her.  Both saw/see her as competition... typical broad shit... either way, ain't nuthin' gonna happen.  Esp. since she's a train wreck.  Like mad former junkie.  I'll refer to her as "J"....
Knew her before, during, and now after... however, she's kinda gone a bit too far, as her last 'episode' caught her doing hard time in county for like 6-8 months... not exactly a role model, but she's been there for me in the past, so's I try to stay relatively cool with her.

Problem is she is/was living at her Ma's house as the hated daughter.  Hated b/c J's dad realized just how fuckin' psycho Ma was, and popped smoke.  Blamed J for it, rather than admit she;'s fuckin' headcase.  The "Golden Child Daughter", her half-sister is mentally deficient as fuck.  Like as in a ward of the state on full disability as a fuckin' Gump.  Fat and ugly too.  Mom, of course, loved Fat-n-Stupid, as HER Dad went off and had the good graces to die while drunk driving...  and when Ma croaked from cancer, FnS automatically assumed she's in charge and took control of well, like everything, even tho she hasn't got two cognizant brain cells to rub together.

I tried to warn J about the antics her half sis was gonna do, but she's a big believer in family... I told her, "She hates you worse than yer ma did... yer the hawt girl, yer the smart girl... she's gonna fuck you over like a bitch being broken."  Add on that, and here goes the sick part, their Uncle, right after Ma cashed in, moved in and started fucking FnS!!!!!


Only in Central Florida.  Incest is best I suppose if'n yer a full on retard Gump with an IQ of 50 and the looks of a greasy, diseased and rancid plague-carrying warthog with leprosy...

But I digress... Months ago when Ma cashed her erratic and basically psychotic chips, there was no will.  Here in Florida, that shit means it's gotta be probated.  And I told J get that shit done now lest FnS decides to fuck her over...

Ever notice you can tell a bitch something, and it rattles around inside the skull looking to take root, and when it can't find anything, it shoots clean out the other side of the skull?  All the way up until reality comes and bites them in the chooch.

Which was what happened today.  Seems FnS and Incest-Uncle went down and filed some bullshit w/the courts about J  "taking advantage of a vulnerable adult"... the lawfare shit they use to keep caretakers here in Flor-ree-DUH! from taking advantage of Rich Old Fuckers on deaths door.  And w/the Injunction, J and her 7 year old daughter were forcibly removed from the home.  Even tho, by Florida Law, as there was no will, and they are both the descendants of the deceased, they both have a 50-50 take on the whole shebang.  

I smell Incest-Uncle into this up to his creepy-assed eyeballs.  He's mid sixties, and both him and FnS are terrified of me, but I'm not gonna white knight this shit....  I mean I -told- J flat the fuck out to strike hard, strike first, and to strike to kill... Told her to go to probate, get the estate sorted on a 50-50 basis, and tell her half Warthog FnS to STFD and STFU.  Otherwise, force a court ordered sale of the house and estate, and take her half and get the fuck outta Dodge.  

Of course, she's a broad, ig'nint slut reformed junkie type-one-each-of-many.  Meaning she didn't listen, and the world caved in today.

Now its in Retard-land... she's calling me cryin' her shit out, her kid who I'm fond of, and have been a very cool Uncle figure and possibly the ONLY positive male role model in her life... her fuckin asshole father, J's Husband O.D.'d in front of the kid at age 5... "Sorry kid, Daddy's fucking Dead b/c he loved drugs more than you."  And I got nothing.  I literally don't have room at the Inn... every inch of space is full, as well as every bed.  


Like I stated... Never Easy in Big Countryland... Ye Olde Intrepid Reporter of Fame and Fortune is sitting this one waaaaaaay the fuck out, mainly because the on solution I can see is to eliminate the problem with extreme prejudice. 

BUT:  as I ain't fucking her, and she's not listened to me on critical shit in the past, I got nuthin' for her.

Cold?  Yep.  

Wifey is now walking around with that self-satisfied smirk you see on the mean girls in High School when they either stole some hotter girl's BF or fucked over another girl in the clique... Love Wifey, but damn, bitches be bitches I suppose.

Like I said, I feel for the Midget (my nickname for her kid) but I got 99 problems and this bitch (J) ain't one LOL.
Let me know if you think I should assist in the comments... me?  I'm willing to advise, but I ain't taking no direct action.  I'm just not interested anymore in this sort of drama.
For the close:
Honk-Honk Bitches.
Til Later, I'm the Shocked and Bummed Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Drinks 'N Stuff...

Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Seems that the "Great Pushback" may finally be upon us.

'Bout fuckin' time aye?

As in the Corporate Retards,  meaning Females, Human Fuckin' Resources, Retards, Morons, and General Anti-Human Fucktardians might be finally waking the fuck up.

Leastways, one can hope.

Essentially, Red Bull is an Austrian (this is important later) based... more like based company thats privately owned by my new Corporate Heeeeee-ro:  Per Wiki,  Dietrich Mateschitz (Croatian: Matešić; born 20 May 1944) is an Austrian billionaire businessman. He is the co-founder and 49% owner of the Red Bull energy drink company. As of 24 July 2020, according to Forbes, Mateschitz's net worth was estimated at $26.9 billion, making him the 40th wealthiest person in the world.
Herr Mateschitz recently told the U.S. Social Justice Warrior Division of Red Bull to essentially "Get Fucked, Die in a Fire, and By the way, Yer Fuckin' Fired" for pulling some social justice horseshit.

Apparently the H.R. sloots/nigs/jigs/jews and what have you were complaining to 'higher-higher' that Red Bull wasn't jumping on the Burn Loot and Maim wagon.  To whit, when it came up in a board room meeting, Herr Mateschitz told them all, essentially, "Fuck you, die in a fire, yer fired."  Shitcanned all the broke dick P.O.S. SJWs, and canned a fuckton of complaining bitches too.

Bravo... Bravo in spades sir.

THATS how you deal with those fucktards.  Now, as I mentioned before, the guy, despite being Croat, (not a bad thing) but he was/is Austrian.  You know who else was Austrian right? LMFAO.
Yep.  Hitler.  And let me tell you... the Austrians out-Nazi the Germans by a ten-to-one ratio...  Fucking went to der Volksschule in Mondsee Austria for a year when I was 14...  Lakes Region... truly hardcore people.  I went to the local Volksschule (People's School) for a year, and there I learned basic German, taught basic 14 year old grammar, and had a blast, if you consider that a 14 year old school experience should be equated with age-appropriate Basic Training.
My Austrian Alma Mater LOL.
Seriously... these fuckin' guys... OK... a 'for instance'... class changes/room changes.  Done at double time.  Dead fucking run.  No 'waltzing/walking.... a dead run room-to-fuckin-room.  Don't waste time.  Teacher included...  Miz Hoff... a pure-dee example of "middle age cat lady in 1984" ran our asses between classes like a fucking Olympic marathoner.  

Don't even make me talk about Gym Class...  I still feel ashamed when the fattest kid in the class took two two-inch-wide pegs, and climbed a fucking peg board wall like a fucking monkey in 30 seconds... 60 feet up, 20 feet over, and back down.  In like 30 fucking seconds.  Yeah, I was like always the lamest motherfucker in class... who the fuck knew or could be prepared for that level of crazy at 14?

Then... Art Class...  Oh... you mean 'religious art' with (can't remember her name but she was an intimidating old Nun) Sister Mary Elephant showed up every Thursday to have us re-create a scene from the Bible... now here's the hysterical part... I was raised and Baptized Roman Catholic thank god... these Krauts might'a burned me n' FedBro at the stake otherwise... but Parental Units weren't too hardcore about it... so I learned (by beatings from Sister Mary Elephant) how to do the Lord's Prayer auf Deutsche before I knew it in English...  To give you and idea,  Political scientist David Art of Tufts University notes that Austrians comprised 8 per cent of the Third Reich's population and 13 percent of the SS; he states that 40 per cent of the staff and 75 per cent of commanders at death camps were Austrian.

So yeah, The Nazis, the really reelz hardcore of the fuckin' hardcores?


Period fucking dot.

And now?  They told the Social Justice Warriors to pound sand.
Need to get the mixer for Red Bull...
Red Bull and Raz... a great combo....

Seems that the Austrians have allies however... Seems Trader Joe's, after a lot of feedback told the SJW's to fuck off and die in a fire as well.
Seems the SJW's got a bug up their collective asses about "Trader Ming's" and "Trader Jose" and some such shit by a 17 year old wannabee dumbslore who hasn't figured out yet that real life is a bitch.
Seems Briones Bedell, 17, of Oakley doesn't understand that, at the rate it's going, she'll never hold a job anywhere, anytime.

Why the fuck would you ever hire a 'woke' asshole?

She's a prime example of it.  

Buh Bye Briones... hope you enjoyed your 15 of fame, 'cause you sure as fuck ain't ever holding a real job in real life as not a single employer on the planet could afford to hire a fucktard like you.

Enjoy poverty.

Til Later, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Late Afternoon Folks!

Greetings me Droogs and Droogettes!
Sooooooo another day, and Cool Beans! Dolla to Make Me Holla!
Seems the purchaser of Ye Olde Flammenwerfer is a "Medical Doctor of Some Repute" and got elbow deep in guts n'such.  My most serious A-polly-olly-ollogies to him for thinking he ghosted.  Apparently, shit where he's at's been 'busy' which is Democratese for "Fucking War Zone a'la Baghdad 2005".  I wish him nothing but the best, as much as I can to my benefactor.

And on other fuckin' strange shit:
Weird Seeds.
I too, believe me or not, have received not one, but THREE packages of weirdness-from-Joe-Chink.

The first set, well, lets just say they were poppy seeds... as in poppy seeds... like as in the type that Ye Olde Intrepide Reporter of Fame and Foulness might be tempted to try his hand at horticulture...  lets face it, the V.A. gave me a Grade "A" monkey on my back, and the first pack of seeds reeked of entrapment... so down the disposal they went.  No need to get hemmed up producing my own opioids, as much as it may sound like fun... My tour in Afghanistan was a real eye opener vis-a-vis the "how to" of Opium Production, to say the least...

Along with the second pack.

And the Third.

Bit of a pattern before the Massmedia caught on and now it's "don't plant/open the seeds"

No duh you fucktards.

So, other projects:  Been working on Son-in-Laws fucked up AC on his car... ordered replacement parts... hopefully will be fixed in time for him and Pregger Daughter In Law (step) to G.T.F.O. my house, and let me walk around buck nekkid again... sorry I know... T.M.I.....

The other project tonight was I got some load data for 165 Grain Ballistic Tipped Hollowpoint Rounds for my .308/7.62X51mm....

Seems I get a great hit at 200 Yards, with a fall off with 11.5 Grains of Accurate 2200...  Add on the hush puppy, and I got me a  >quiet< long distance killer...which is perfect for my long term plans.

Loaded 4 rounds.  Tested one.  I know, I know... should test more, but these fuckers -don't- grow on trees.... both the primers AND the bullets... IMPOSSIBLE to find reloading supplies... not the tools, but the "stuff to make BBs with."
I mark my 'subsonic' rounds with some red modelling paint... once around the neck, not on the round itself, as I'm really careful about loading as-close-to-match as I can.  I know, primitive loading rig... one of y'all offered to help upgrade, but I ain't got a pot to piss in currently...LOL!

The NEXT project, besides 'Doctor EeeeeeeeeeeVil's' Smaller compact Flammenwerfer is the Panzerfaust as seen on Western Rifle Shooters Association. LINK TO HAPPY FUN TIME FOR YOU PSYCHOS LIKE ME

Thanks to Concerned American... I have another 'creative boner' going on right now b/c of you, you magnificent bastard!

Wifey hates you BTW, just saying LOL.

So, for now, I'll update as we go, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, July 27, 2020

Wow... Just Wow...

Afternoon me Drooges N Droogettes!
Been under ye Olde Rockpyle, dealing with a house fulla motherfuckas LOL.  In the past 48, I've had Spawn #1, his woman, Wifey's Pregger Daughter (mom of Granbebe) and her hubby, Redneck, (dad of granbebe), and Sapper and meselves packed into what was once a spacious 4 bedroom McMansion with plenty o'room for us all, to include Stella-bella the Dog and Asshole, the cat formerly known as Bob-the-Manxcat ALL in residence simultaneously.

So forgive me if'n I'm juuust getting up to speed.

To whit: Garrett Foster, dumbass extraordinaire, now, current resident of 'Plot Number 'To-be-Announced'.

Seems Mister "They're all pussies" found someone who wasn't a pussy.  The story, by Mass Media, is barely being touched.
Seems the Late Un-Lamented Lame Ass Loser pointed his AK at someone who didn't appreciate his peaceful assault with a deadly weapon, and Undid to Him Before He Could Be Done.   The stories have been varied, mostly Twitterfags spouting off about how he was cut down by a viscous Right Wing Car Driver...  the story methinks meselves is a bit more entangled than that.  Mainly because of this:

CNN last night, two different spellings of the Dead Doodz name, and -nada-
"We know not of who you speak, this man?  What did you say his name was?"

I tried two different spellings, as deceased soy-latte taking el dirt nappy might have spelled it in various "Hy/Hys/Hym" fashion.  Personally, I like the "was/were" appellation.  Even Faux News is burying it...
And reading the story on Faux, they make it sound like the car raced up, the driver jumped out, did a mag dump into the 'poor innocent victim' and hauled ass.  The photos show a bit different story, and that is of Dead Dumbfuck Pointing his rifle right at the windscreen in this pic, and matches the story telling the lead up to the gunplay:

Now, having heard the video of the shoot, and me being an expert, and yeah, I'm fucking expert at this shit, the first five rounds lit off are absolutely an AK-47 in 7.62x39mm...
Having been in urban firefights, as Gunny Highway sez "It has a very distinctive sound when fired at you."   Those first 5 rounds are undoubtedly AK fire, and the resulting pops after were, what I believe to be either a 9mm or .40 Smith doing the "X" ring at 10 meters.  That earns the newest addition to The Intrepid Reporter's Blog:
Yep.  Kudos for bangin' out three rounds, no collateral damage, and one Dead Dumbfuck Dead Right There.  Way to clean up the gene pool dude!  You go!

Notice that the story has -vanished-.

Notice that what little media coverage has been referring to the AK as 'a rifle.'


Fuck off, and die in a fire media.  Yer next.

So, anyways... gotta love it.  Unemployment told me to LOLGF... guess the whole job thing is fucked.  They're 'researching' the issue...  

And I got the HOA up my ass, ($1500.00 lien on the Casa) and the bank -still- hasn't unfucked things with my accounts... shit keeps getting kicked back for some reason, even the shit I re-assigned to the new account... time to tell BOA to suck a dick and hiccup methinks.

I'm unfortunately also in the hole as I was told I'd have a down payment for a Smaller Flammenwurfer, and I haven't heard anything, so Looks like I'm eating that til someone wants to buy one... >le sigh<...  

Note to y'all:  NEVER start the work til the down payment is IN HAND.

At least the Wifey has been busy, so I got that going for me.  The power bill, they fitted us with a "Smart Meter" a few ago, like 6-8 weeks ago, and today I got an eye-bugging fucking $531.68 power bill.  Along with a "there was an error in your bill, our bad, but fuck you, you owe us!"  


Between them and the HOA I don't even give two fucks, a shit or even a nano-fuck anymore.  I just laugh out loud... of course it's a 'everyone starts edging away from Big Country' insane-cackle...  fuck it... Sapper ordered up some morale patches, so when and if I decide it's time to play, our battle rattle'll be pimped out.  

So, Off to the Uber Mode again.  Always interesting.. have to see what comes up.
So, til then, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Homeschooling Versus "Skool"

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes
Hard weekend for ye olde Intrepid Reporter of fame and bullshitting.  This was 4 years ago when I found meselves in the pokey, a guest of the County and facing 5 years for assault with a deadly weapon.  Long of the short, it was a fascinating experience, albeit one I highly disrecommend.  

Whats really retardedly fucked up is it was literally a plan in place by the XBitcho to have me off myself.  Glad I didn't.  I ended up getting the charges and bullshit dismissed, however at extreme cost and lots of man-hours of work both by me and my (((lawyer))).  Say what you will, but (((they))) are damned good at what they do...
Hell... not per-se an anti-semite... more like the political anti-semite.  
Just as I can't fucking stand niggers I got me some troops of the heavily melanated side of the house who'd I'd love to go into combat with.  Again.  I just can't stand how the (((people))) in the media keep doing the same shit to us after we saved their bacon after World War 2.

IF I had a time machine, I'da gone back, and told the Allies to hold off 3-4 years and Let Hitler Finish The Job.

So, anyways, lost the fam, lost the guns, lost the Mark 0 Flammenwerfer, but: Got a first hand edge-a-muh-cation on how the IN-Justice system in this country works.  The Grand Inquisitor of the thing wanted me to do five years for pointing a gun at my now Ex.  FIVE. YEARS.

When arraigned, the shitskin terminally criminal scumbag in front of me being arraigned for beating two people into a fuckin' coma with a ball-peen hammer got hit with a $300 cash bond and no hold.  Me?  $30,000.00 cash bond, held until trial (which would've prolly be a month ago at current rates that I've seen).

THIS is whats wrong.  Apparently the triple murder I wrote about earlier, I was wrong... the PIQ (perps in question) weren't our "usual suspects" but Mad Man Methhead and his Two Merry Morons.  Pure-Dee-Trailer Trash.  M-3 apparently had 230 pending felony charges since he was 12 years old.

Riddle me this?  WHY the fuck ain't -someone-somewhere-sometime- kick this worthless bag'o skins legs out from behind him, and cancelled his ass like the bad check he is?  Pop-pop to the back of ye olde casaba, and call it a day... donate what may, or may not be salvageable like Joe Chink does, and call it a day. Might still have 3 nice kids still alive.

So, anyways, Homeschooling...

Me and ExBitch did it for years.  I should say she did it for years.  -I- was in Iraq, but when I was home, I did my damnedest to assist and do lessons and such whatnot.

Whats interesting is the way things turned out.  Spawn #2 got 'done' with homeschooling (a.k.a. started attending "reg'lar skool" at a far younger age.

Since the meltdown, despite ALL my attempts, I haven't spoken to her/(now him) in 4 years.

Thanks Caitlen Jenner.  You -will- visit the interior of a running woodchipper, if there is any justice in the world.  Reason for my rancor to Mr Kardashian Pt II, id the whole trans thing with him was b/c Bruce couldn't handle being second banana in a chimp-filled insane asylum.  What not a better way to grab the limelight than to "go full Potato"?
And, my already declared-out-of-the-closet daughter, suddenly decided she was trans...

<Le Sigh>

On the other hand, Spawn #1 who stopped doing homeschool and went to 'reelz skoolz' went in 'woke', and got "Woke-er" if such a thing is possible... case in point:
(Spawn arrives home from Skool)
Me: "Hey Spawn, how was yer day?"
Spawn: "Hilarious... two nigs decided to chimp out about the last twinkie in the vending machine."
Me: "Now son..."
Spawn: "No worries... I stayed out of it, but is was a classic  chimp out, complete with flung feces!"

Based as fuck amiright?
Anyways, the dif I'm saying in a roundabout fashion is get yer fucking kids out of the system while you can.  The only contact I expect from the Spawn #2 is after his/her inevitable suicide and/or attempted suicide... even Spawn #1 (who came over to hang today agrees)

Fucking shame, but there will be blood to satisfy my need for vengeance at some point.  The Blood God thirsts.

Until later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, July 24, 2020

Mini-Flammenwerfer Inbound

Greetings and Salutations me Droogs and Droogettes!
Time to shrink the Flammenwerfer!
Had a guy reach out wanting a small "more mobile" version so's I went and bought a 1/2 size tank.

Of Course dude has fallen off the radar now that I sunk the requisite bux into the pieces parts amiright?

Either way, it's now a work in progress, with the drilling to go on later today when I get the tank-mount set on the drill press.
Once drilled, I'll tap it and set the quick-disconnect on it.  Followed up with a paint job, and then a real-time test (hopefully with no issues this time) to follow.
More Later
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

An Interesting Piece

Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Time to take some time off from the come Race War (tm) and Inevitable Societal Collapse, A.K.A. "Da Purge: Time to Take Out The Trash".  So, in keeping with my usual, I'm doing a fave post about guns...

Leastways gun repairs.

The Wifey has a client who told me she had a handgun of unknown make/model.  She got it during the cleaning out of a house of a relative who died, who also happened to be a hoarder apparently.  The relatives and such who showed up at Uncle Frim's "Castle Filled with Shytte" got to keep any and all stuff that may/may not be of value.  Essentially, it was a scavenger hunt with the prize being finding anything not moldy, mildewed or destroyed in the chaos that a hoarder may have.  So she found a piece in the layers of bullshit, to whit one of her other relatives told her that it was broken, and dangerous to fire.  Undeterred, she took it home, threw it in a sock drawer and promptly forgot about it until I showed up w/Wifey during one of her jobs.  The conversation went to weapons and such, and Barbie (Wifey's friend who looks just like a living Barbie Doll, and w/as much plastic/silicone as one LOL) brought out this:
A relatively pristine Post 84 Smith and Wesson Model 39-2.
The iPhone couldn't do it justice so's I busted out the Nikon D3000 and I hope I did a good job on the pics.  I mean damn this thing is mint.  A favorite series of mine, being a Kid in the 80's... One of my favorite T.V. characters carried all the time:
Col Hannibal Smith, late of "The A Team".  Slinging lead with the aforementioned Model 39.
The only damage I found to this thing was some water staining on the wood grips... otherwise pristine as stated before.  It did need the firing pin removed/replaced, but that was minor... mostly b/c it was frozen from being left with zero lube and in a sock drawer for 20 something years.
The Model 39 has been around for a long while.
It was the first DA (double action) American Made Pistol, with most of the design lifted from the German P-38.  Came out in 1955, and was pretty much S&W first generation semi-automatic pistols.
It has a hammer drop, to put in in DA mode, but unlike later models, the decocker is not ambidextrous.  
The tear down is very similar to a M1911, in that the barrel is secured via a barrel locking lug.
One interesting thing about it tho, is the single stack 8 round magazine.  
Talk about old school eh?
Apparently they DID make one model for the Navy SEALs during 'The Nam' called the Mark 22, which had a double stacked mag, wider grip, and threaded barrel to facilitate a Suppressor.  The SEALs called it "The Hush Puppy" as they liked it for taking out sentries, and the dogs the aforementioned sentries had with 'em.

I'm waiting to hear back from Barbie, but she's been M.I.A. for about 6 weeks now...
She's a plastic surgeon (go figure right?) by trade, and she ain't been around much lately.
See what happens there.  I'm actually scheduled to go to the range with Spawn on Saturday, and I might take this 'un along to give it some well needed workout time.

Bonuses of needing to test fire it further eh?
OK, more later then, hope y'all enjoyed!
Feel Free to tip the jar in the right side if'n you can... unemployment is arguing with me over my status... 
I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

It's Coming

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes!
NOW all the AntiFa losers are all freaking out about "fed intervention" and "being snatched off the streets" and whatnot...  Calling Trump a Fascist/Nazi yadda yadda yadda...  To the point these clueless fucktarded Mayors are -demanding- that the feds leave their cities...
"Terror Tactics?"
What the fuck are these people smoking?
Tell you what... the cluelessness...
Because people on the Right...
The sane people in this Country...
They ain't gonna let this shit keep going.

Just Because they've (the Leftist Politicians) have gotten away with allowing these spoiled fucking un-spanked morons running around burning and looting and being general assholes so far seems to have them thinking that we're going to keep letting them be assholes.

Nuh-uh.  Not much longer.  I'm relatively even-tempered.  When you start infuriating people who are deeply religious, or people with a strong moral center, yer bringing a group of people to the dance, who if THEY decide yer the immoral/godless ones, they you got problems.  You done pissed off the people who, if and when they decide yer 'Against God', then they'll decide to go after you fanatically.

Ask those of us who fought the Muj how fanatics fight.

And yet, you and your Leftist "Parlor Pinks" as they'd have been called in the 40's,  y'all have been going after the Catholic Church.

Those are the people who did the Crusades you historically ignorant fuckwits!
Keep it up.

You removed God from the Schools...
You removed God from the Town Halls and Civic Arena...
You removed Public Prayer...
You compromised the 'other' Churches, and made them 'Woke'...
You diluted the One True Word, and replaced it with pablum...
You stopped Church Services under questionable circumstances...
You've now encouraged Blaspheme and Attacks on sanctuary of the Catholic Church....

You done fucked up.

And no, it's not going to be the Priests, the Bishops, the Cardinals, not even that Proto-Commie Woke Pope Pretender... it's going to be the people themselves who start getting angry.  It's going to be the Elder of the Church, the Lay-Priest...

THOSE are the ones who're going to decide that "turning the other cheek" is for the fuckwit woke morons, and that it's time to reverse course vis-a-vis swords and plowshares.  Time to rise up, and go Old Testament mode...  

I, personally, ascribe to no particular religion... my Grandpappy put it best when he said of Organized Religion, was "that it started when the first conman met the first fool."

Hell, I got my Masters in Comparative Religion and a Doctorate of Divinity... The Right Reverend (if I so choose) Big Country.  I find the study of it to be interesting in that it was/is the foundation of our society at all levels... leastways the foundation of the Civilized Society...

More later, I'ma have a drink or ten.
I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, July 20, 2020

Fuck 'Em, Kill 'Em ALL

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes!
The St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner decided that waving guns as a deterrent to a Chimpout is warranting of prosecution.
If this warrants prosecution and the bullshit that goes along with it, it's high time to start killing motherfuckers.

Someone in your yard?  Threatening you?  That's a killin'
Blocking your right-to-travel or tries to pull you from your car?  That's a killin'
Threatens your job and/or doxxes you because you refuse to conform to their demands?  
That's a killin'

It's high past time to entertain and allow the chimpouts and bad behavior.  Time to institute Bracken's Theorem of Long Distance Engagement.

Time to stack bodies.

They couldn't leave well enough alone tho, could they?

Time and Time again we begged them to leave. us. be.
And now this?  Talk about illegitimate government and prosecutorial overreach.
Any wonder that Fed Judge got her family killed?  Not for nothing being assigned to -anything- Epstein Related appears to be bad for your and your loved ones health... jes sayin'...
They wanted it, they got it...
It's been fun.
Let the games begin.
Til later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Mark II Flammenwerfer Improvements

Afternoon me Droogs N Droogettes!
Can't stop tinkering.  Swear it gets in my head, and I can't shake an idea.  
One of the 'weak points' I've had with the design was the C02 feed.  I used a straight pipe to get the C02 Ninja Mount and tank to hang off the back of the Fuel tank.  Problem is, and which I realized was that there's no give or flex, and it's got it's limitation.
  No real support, threading and cross-threading of the tank is a -bad thing- and increased gravity causes the copper pipe to get micro-leaks.  Especially when the C02 Tank is topped off... it's already 2+ pounds on it's own.  

Bit of looking on some paintball websites led me to this: Maddog Heavy Duty Paintball Remote Coil High Pressure Air Hose  Using this allows the C02 Tank to ride on the frame and still have the proper pressure without the stiffness.
It was an easy install (once I removed the quick disconnect) and plugged in the hose to the CSA230 adapter.
I then used one of the previously discarded plastic water bottle holder and zip-stripped it to the frame, and mounted the C02 Bottle in it.
And so, it's done... til I get the smaller 1/2 size 10 pound tank in on Thursday, and then it's starting ALL over again, just in a smaller setup.  

With the mods to the wand, and tank mounting, it's gonna be fun.  Video to follow once I get the C02 tanks recharged tomorrow.
Til Then I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Basic Maintenance

Late Afternoon/Early Evening to Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Yeah, the whole "no longer working" thing has it that waking up at 13:00 is a plus, but means the majority of the day slips by.  Not a -bad- thing... sleeping in means less time getting angry about shit I have zero control over.  That and avoiding the whole Amazon thing as well...

Idle hands and all that...

So to start off with, the News:
Seems three youngin's went fishing on Friday night out in "Frostproof" Florida... Love the name.. what happened after, well, when Sheriff Grady Judd sez that it was, and I quote “This is a horrific scene,” Polk Sheriff Grady Judd told the Lakeland Ledger on Saturday. “I have been to a lot of murder scenes in my life and this ranks up with the worst of them. They were viciously murdered.”... then it's bad.

Seems the twenty-somethings went for late night catfishing... and something went sideways.  

Beaten, tortured and then shot-to-death.  One of them was still alive when the perps rolled out, and managed to call his dad, who raced to the scene, and heartrendingly, managed to hold his son as he breathed his last.  

And named the perps.  Since then, it went from being on "The Daily Mail" in Britain, and ALL over CNN/Fox/CBS/NBC/MSNBC to -radio fuckin' silence-


About that:
Gee... whatever could have caused the media to go silent?
I dunno...
Maybe the fact that the perps in question are... how do we say? Black?
Yep.  Doesn't conform or help 'the narrative.' so's this'll be memory holed as fast as the (((media))) can make it disappear.  Of course tho, they haven't counted on Grady Judd... who's most popular way to 'bring 'em in' is D.O.A.... got a hunch these fuckers ain't gonna be drawing O-2 much longer...

So, as far as maintenance...
Did me a change of the .458 SOCOM rifle's grip... went from a standard A2 grip (which is what I had at the time) to a Magpul Comfort Grip... bigger for my hand..
The A2 grip is OK for the regular 300 BLK and 5.56mm rounds, but the .458 SOCOM has a bit more -bite- and recoil, hence the larger, softer grip.
Now, for those of you doing homework on gunsmithing, ya gotta remember when you change out the pistol grip on an A2, there's a spring down inside that fucker that A) can bend and B) can shoot out all over the place if'n y'all aren't careful:
Keep it in mind... also, the safety divot pin (that's what allows the safety to 'click' when you pivot it.) is inside, so do not turn it over after removing the grip... I mean you can, but keep in mind it'll fall out. And if'n you don't have a replacement, it's cheap to buy, but what with backorders etc etc, it might be a minute before you get a replacement, during which time yer shit is inop.
Now, once you get it back on, (and appropriately painted) yer good to go...  just be careful getting the spring back in place without bending it....
So then, it was off to the 'other races'... namely sharpening my kitchen knives.

See, 'round here at La Casa De Grande Campesino, I'm the chef.  I likey me some good kitchen steel, and that's one thing I don't compromise on.

Ex-Bitch didn't know a butter knife from a bread knife, and I flat out hated the fact that she didn't know, nor cared to learn the difference.  New Wifey, whilst not a chef, (nor cook by any means) knows I likey da proper tool for the proper job.  Hence:
  One is a Shun meat carver, the other two are a Kershaw branded knife(s).  The veggie cutter is a fave, and all are now razor sharp... like 'shaving level Gillette' sharp.

I also did up the Boar Spear and the broadsword...
Because who doesn't need a broadsword and spear?
The Sword is some Pakistani POS, BUT, that being said, after a couple of goes with the angle grinder, and then a whetstone, it actually does carry and hold a pretty decent edge.  The Boar Spear is actually a Cold Steel made spear, and THAT fucker... whooo-boy-howdy... wouldn't want to get THAT fucker in    the guts... talk about badass...

I use 'em mostly at the Ren-Faire (I told y'all I'm a geek) and haven't had to use them, but on the off chance that someone does break in here, and a rifle/pistol/subgun ain't immediately available, well, guess we'll have to do it old school.

Fun and games INDEED!
MOR later. I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, July 18, 2020

A Current Overview

Late Afternoon me Droogs n Drooettes!
Time for another trip down the rabbit hole, and see whut we can see.  Good news of sorts what with the race-hustling CONgresscritter John Lewis who achieved "good" status overnight by dying on cancer or some such shit.
Good fucking riddance.
The -only- ones who're really saddened are his sub-par family, who made a living off of the graft and corruption that goes hand-in-hand with black politicians.  Which bears the question:  Is it me or is it that the black politician worldwide are the most corrupt and kleptocratic motherfuckers in the world?  Zimbabwe, under the 'leadershit' of Mugabe, before he was made "good" set a pretty fucking high bar for theft and outright scumbaggery and evil.  Africa is a fucking basket case that we, for some reason, keep funneling in money.  Better to pile it up and ignite it with one of my Flammenwerfers than send it to them.

Speaking of which, I've started the Mark 2 Flammenwerfer.  Instead of the 20 Pound Tank I currently have mounted, I'm downsizing to a smaller, lighter 10 pound tank.  Less "FOOM" but more mobility.  Pictures and updates to follow as I begin construction.  I'm thinking a smaller back mount as well, as the current frame I'm using is designed for the heavier longer tank.

We shall see.

Overseas now, word I'm getting is the Iranians have -something- going on... as in it's been a daily-daily that something or someone  is pissed at the current Higgh Holy Weirdbeards and their shrinking followers...  Apparently they've had a metric fuckton of locations get blown-the-fuck-up recently... 
Starting at a power plant...
Then a shipyard...
And the latest, a oil refinery...
And whats really odd is that they ain't doing the usual finger pointing... 

Usually it's "The Great Satan" aka The United States or the "Goddamned Jews from Mossad/Israel" that  they start reflexively blaming.  'Cept this time they're not.  I mean their version of CNN is blowing smoke, albeit in a roundabout way, but they aren't jumping on the soapbox per usual...  And the word I'm getting from my sources is the reason for that is it's a home grown issue.

Seems the repressive Mullah-ocracy has been keeping the people down for too long.  Might be change in the wind, so stay tuned.  My personal belief is that we ain't got shit to do with it, primarily Because Trump doesn't give a fuck about Iran.

Which is why Bolton et. al. hate his ass.  It's because Trump is actually is only taking on issues that matter to America.  Iran has -zero- impact on the United States realistically.  They're a has-been, once-was, third world shithole that's squandered the best part of their modern history by rolling the clocks back, giving an insane coterie of mental midgets too much power, not enough brains, and an major inferiority complex.  Yer average Iranian (who refers to hisself as a Persian... shows where their mentality is) thinks "We Persians once conquered the known world!"  To whit the US goes: "Yeah?  So's whut you done lately dood, LOLGF!"

Drives them insane to know they went from "cock o'da walk" standing in the World, to a country so inbred they can't even tie their own shoes.  That's actually a major contributor to the problems over there... insular and self-perpetuating inbreeding... just like here in the states... the Elites breeding only within their exclusive social circles... and after 7 or 8 generations, you start seeing morons and fucktards -everywhere-
So, as they say, gotta roll with it.  Let me know in the comments yer thoughts on the Mark 2 Flammenwerfer
Til then I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country