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Saturday, May 30, 2020

A GOOD Morning was had by All

Afternoon me Droogs N Droogettes!
So... woke up at 0800 this fine A.M. hung over to beat the motherfucking band... maaaaan I need to cut back or find new mind altering substances.  Had me almost 1/2 a Handle of Finlandia, and went to be a wee bit buzzy, but not drooling-like-a-reeee-tard like I should have been.  Damnedest thing... 4 Kidneys makes it really hard to get all sorts of fucked up... when yer filtration system is running a four barrel carb as opposed to a twofer, ya gotta drink twice as much to get hammerated... leastways in my experiences its been that way...

They found I had the 4 versus 2 when I was getting worked over on Active Duty...  seems it's not that uncommon in Irish folks... genetic weirdness apparently.

So, since it's been a few day since last I worked on it, I pulled out the pistola and went back to work to get it to run.  I got the trigger assembly in two weeks ago.  And it was a fucking headache like a motherfucker...

Wouldn't lock, wouldn't trigger... wasn't working for shit and damned if I could figure it out.  Went into battery, but couldn't get the fucking thing to cock or stay cocked... couldn't disassemble it either... not unless I took the slide completely apart and remove the firing pin assembly, the extractor, extractor pin, spring... you get the idea...

So... after a very frustrating few days I threw it in the sock drawer and said fuck it.  Give it a bit so's to look on it with fresh eyeballs.  And after a while, I got an idea to do some more measurements and sure as shit, the firing pin 'leg' was too fucking long.  As in it was hooked on the trigger bar and couldn't release, or allow the slide to move because the 'leg' or 'tooth' as I've heard it called needed a bit o'grinding. 

Which was dicey.  Started off with 320 Grit sandpaper, was taking too long... went and hit the 150 Grit.  Still too long.  So I said 'fuck it' and busted out the dremel with rotary sharpening stone... Mind you I was using a micrometer to measure each lil scritch of metal... don't want to fuck up a $160.00 custom Ghost 3.5 pound trigger...  That did the trick.  Finished off the 'roughness' with the 320, gave it a couple of tests, drop tested it 20 times (no accidental firing) and then did the side yard shoot test.
Came out pretty damned good.
Quite a bit of a learning curve but...
I'm going to be doing another one.
And another...
And another...
I mean shit, if I get gainful employment, then fuck yeah man.  Sign me the hell up for "One a Week"... 

And, Speaking of which, I'll be "revisiting" the Flammenwerfer Build soon enough.  I almost have all the parts in to do the build ALLLLLLL over again, just in time for the Fourth of July Slash and-or The Big Ig, which seems to be getting a bit more and more likely.

To the point if and or when I leave the domicile, I'm thinking I'm gonna start carrying in the car.

Things gettin' a way too far out of line for my liking.

Til Later, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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