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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Saturday, May 30, 2020

A GOOD Morning was had by All

Afternoon me Droogs N Droogettes!
So... woke up at 0800 this fine A.M. hung over to beat the motherfucking band... maaaaan I need to cut back or find new mind altering substances.  Had me almost 1/2 a Handle of Finlandia, and went to be a wee bit buzzy, but not drooling-like-a-reeee-tard like I should have been.  Damnedest thing... 4 Kidneys makes it really hard to get all sorts of fucked up... when yer filtration system is running a four barrel carb as opposed to a twofer, ya gotta drink twice as much to get hammerated... leastways in my experiences its been that way...

They found I had the 4 versus 2 when I was getting worked over on Active Duty...  seems it's not that uncommon in Irish folks... genetic weirdness apparently.

So, since it's been a few day since last I worked on it, I pulled out the pistola and went back to work to get it to run.  I got the trigger assembly in two weeks ago.  And it was a fucking headache like a motherfucker...

Wouldn't lock, wouldn't trigger... wasn't working for shit and damned if I could figure it out.  Went into battery, but couldn't get the fucking thing to cock or stay cocked... couldn't disassemble it either... not unless I took the slide completely apart and remove the firing pin assembly, the extractor, extractor pin, spring... you get the idea...

So... after a very frustrating few days I threw it in the sock drawer and said fuck it.  Give it a bit so's to look on it with fresh eyeballs.  And after a while, I got an idea to do some more measurements and sure as shit, the firing pin 'leg' was too fucking long.  As in it was hooked on the trigger bar and couldn't release, or allow the slide to move because the 'leg' or 'tooth' as I've heard it called needed a bit o'grinding. 

Which was dicey.  Started off with 320 Grit sandpaper, was taking too long... went and hit the 150 Grit.  Still too long.  So I said 'fuck it' and busted out the dremel with rotary sharpening stone... Mind you I was using a micrometer to measure each lil scritch of metal... don't want to fuck up a $160.00 custom Ghost 3.5 pound trigger...  That did the trick.  Finished off the 'roughness' with the 320, gave it a couple of tests, drop tested it 20 times (no accidental firing) and then did the side yard shoot test.
Came out pretty damned good.
Quite a bit of a learning curve but...
I'm going to be doing another one.
And another...
And another...
I mean shit, if I get gainful employment, then fuck yeah man.  Sign me the hell up for "One a Week"... 

And, Speaking of which, I'll be "revisiting" the Flammenwerfer Build soon enough.  I almost have all the parts in to do the build ALLLLLLL over again, just in time for the Fourth of July Slash and-or The Big Ig, which seems to be getting a bit more and more likely.

To the point if and or when I leave the domicile, I'm thinking I'm gonna start carrying in the car.

Things gettin' a way too far out of line for my liking.

Til Later, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, May 29, 2020

When I'm drunk, I'm an asshole LOL

Came up w/this one tonight... feel free to share...
Yeah, Mine/Not Mine.  Fair Use Yadda Yadda...

Looking for Patterns....

Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Welp!  Let me first and foremost start off the day with a hearty THANK YOU to Readers John and Justin for a couple O'weeks ago donations to the BC Bullet Beans and Boot funds!  I -just- went and checked ye olde email that alerts me to that shit... seems I need to check it more frequently.  A-Polly-Olly-Ologgies for the oversight... I'll attempt to do better in the future.

But today's subject is patterns...
Ye Olde Army Tartan... I prefer Multicam myself... anywho...
Already in looking over the current state o'Minneapolis Stupidity, I'm seeing the age old patterns reoccurring, 'cept this time, I think its a more "end-gamish" is what they have in mind...
The Standard Operating Procedure is being followed to a "T".

The first instance of this was the whole Ahmaud Aubrey shooting.  Gonna call him "Dindu #1... as his pseudo-sandnigger name is a bitch to remember how to spell... Fucker was capped back in February and nary a word spoken.  Then all of a sudden the media resurrected that shit like Lazarus from the grave.  Two pig-i'gnint looking good ole boys get hemmed up and the virtua-mob goes batshit insane...
1) Media finds Dindu possibly KIA'd by Why Pee Po while innocently Jogging.  Broadcast LOUD and LONG  Reference "Modern Day Lynching" and "Emmet Till" all day.  Blame Orange Man Bad for it.
2) Get Virtua-Lynch Mob to go insane online, calls for "Justice"  "Black Lives Matter" "Worthless Platitudes of Virtual-Signalling from self-hating Why Pee Po"
3) Get the Author-Rit-Ties to arrest accused Why Pee Po and re-investigate said "Lynching"
4) Suddenly find out "Innocent Jogger" has a rap sheet longer than he is tall, (in 8 point font, single spaced), and LOTS of vid-ya of him stealing, lying cheating and generally being a Nigger in General.
5) Slowly faaaaaaaaade the story into the background 'cos ya done fucked it up agin Bubba!
6) Wait for next opportunity

Which, because Pigs can't help themselves, didn't take long to materialize.

So... that story, as now seen, landed like a wet fart in church mainly because he was an evildoer.  I mean he was shot 11 miles from home.  And, the kicker, 'jogging' 22 miles roundtrip in boots and cargo pants?  My speckled ass.   I used to do 12 Mile Runs (The Rakkasan Sprint) is 32 minutes... in Army PT Shorts and really expensive  Nike Running shoes and it beat my ass into the dirt every. single. time.  And I was in the best shape of my life at the time as we did it on average twice a month...  So uh... no.  Just no.
Another Rhodes Scholar denied...

So then that went away... heard anything 'bout it lately?  Nope.  Good shoot.  Another Jogger Made Good.

Then...  Jeeeeesus... even I can't abide this one.  I'm definitely not a fan o'da fuzz.  I'm also not a fan of Dindu Nuffin and his fellow Ghetto Dwelling Orcs...  Hell...  This is bad.  I mean talk about handing the controllers, media, leftists and Die-versity a Golden Ticket to rape pillage and loot.

Now, word is they've finally arrested the guy who was leaning on his neck.  The usual Badge-Butt-Boys on farcebook and such are always talking how they cops get 72 Hours union mandated time off before they can be busted, which, again reeks of inequality.  If -I- did something so egregious, I'd be in cuffs and freeze dried and buried under the jail before I could blink.  You too.

Sooooo as I posted yesterday (((everyone))) seems to be piling on the tinder to the spark...
Case in point:
Washed up Titanic Actress and Hebrew came out calling for a "race war."
The jokes write themselves...
And then they wonder why a Hitler takes power, and all of a sudden, Jews get rounded up in Pogrom-Like fashion?  Talk about a flat out sense of no clue or self-awareness.  I mean come fucking on man....  I mean Jesus... all hell is breaking loose, and they can't help themselves.  THIS is the sort of shit that gives TRUE antisemites ammunition... I mean here ya go:  "We'll wind up the stupid shvarsters to do our bidding and fuck up the goyim to our advantage!"

Christ... it sounds like something written out of the Daily Stormer for fucks sakes.

So now that 'naming the Jew' is out of the way, lets also point out the Media ain't helping, nor are the Cops themselves.  Apparently last night there were two "police interactions" with people from CNN... one on camera, the other off.  Seems that the Black/Hispanic (dudes name is Ramirez or some such) got arrested on camera by the fuzz without any real justification.  Leastways thats what CNN is sayin'... the other dude Willy Whyteboi, got asked "What yew doin' boy?" by the same Statzpolitzei and was told "Oh, OK, yer cool" and left him alone.  Can neither confirm, nor deny the second incident, but Fake Lame Assed Anti-OrangemanBad Communist News Nutwork is running with it.

More fuel to the fire methinks.  Patterns... keep yer eyes open, and as Z-Man sez "Avoid Crowds at All Costs"

Basically, what I'm seeing here is the (((Media))) and the (((ignorant minions))) of a certain religious persuasion are dissatisfied with the damage done by CoronaChan... as in it hasn't put the pain on enough to the normies out there... They are desperate to make things as cray-cray as possible over the next 3-4 months... they are desperate and dangerous.  Expect more bullshit... and it's going to become blatant and obvious that its bullshit and they won't care what damage it does...

Not until we start kill 'em in wholesale lots and burning the newspapers and TV stations to the ground...

Til later, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, May 28, 2020

So Far So Good So What?

Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Sorry for the departure but it was a hectic and fun weekend over the memorial day holiday... extended oh-so much thanks to my still-not-sure-what-the-fuck-is-going-on-with Employer.

Sent them a nice email on Friday asking that they reconsider themselves and their "Yer Fired" attitude.  Did it nice and early in the A.M. and man, it must have been treated like a radioactive fart...
I got an almost apologetic email saying that they'd be having HR give me a reach out to get shit fixed, but thusfar, like the Bismark, it's been radio silence.

As in, from my perspective, they don't know what to say or do.

See, back in the 'land before time went weird' (i.e. pre-divorce)  I was a Supervisor of a Call Center.  One of many, but one of the most vocal and anti-pc people they had.  The fucking H.R. cunt, a BIG FAT anti-White Negress of foul humor and probably even fouler stench had it in for me from Day Zero and worked harder at getting me in trouble and looking for excuses to fire me.  Thankfully her attempts were so transparent that my Boss covered for me when he could... gave the man heart burn quite a few times (Sorry Bossman!) but in the end it all worked out.  Not that I'd swerve if the bitch was in a crosswalk... as in I'd swerve... but to hit her fat ass.  Shiiiiiiiiit... I'd drive up on the sidewalk to run her fucking ass over.  After making her run for a few blocks and give her the out of dying by land-whale heart failure.

So... sorry hatefest over... as I was saying... I know procedure.  There's a LOT of it if you shitcan someone.  A HUUUUGE pile.  HR has to be involved, statements taken, files filed, written and verbal counselling done...

None. Of. Which. Happened.

Ought to be interesting to see how they pass the buck on this one.

So... lessee... Minneapolis, Home of Police too Stupid to Be Police is on fire.  Good.  Fuck 'em.  Let it burn.  The Chimpouts will continue as long as Whitey lets 'em.  Put a couple of designated riflemen on the rooftops and pop a few skulls and that shit'd shut down faster than fuck.  Don't even make it official.  Zap the fucker in the grape and leave the corpse for the worms/vultures/flames...
Dis fuckin' guy...  Imagine the look on those guys faces taking his picture if his head suddenly exploded from a 185 Grain 7.62mm and showered them with his grey matter?  Bet they'd head to the fucking house right then and there knowing -something- wicked this way comes.  After enlightening the yute above with a hollowpoint, IF and only IF he's there in the A.M., let the coroner pick up the Dindu and mark it off as 'unknown assailant'.  Wash rinse repeat.  See how fast anyone wants to go and play "Gopher" after that.

Same goes for the Cops.   Take a lesson in 4th and 5th Generation Warfare.
Two or three blocks back in this picture is a nice three/four story building.  Unknown if anyone -could- have infiltrated early, but if I were planning an Operation, I'd have pre-positioned shooters on rooftops... wait til the 'festivities' commence, and at the height of chaos, have the hit teams down 4-6 cops from behind.  Not necessarily kill shots either.  Kneecaps and balls, remove a lower arm with an elbow shot.  Crippling is better than fatalities.  Terror is the key.

I mean hell... I'd love to see these assholes, both groups rip each other to shreds.  It's been a looong time coming, and I'm on the sidelines waiting to see what happens next.

I will say, and completely agree tho, ALL and ANY businesses looted/burn/ravaged by the crowd?  Leave.  Take the insurance money and bail.  Turn it into a Ferguson Part Two.  Food wasteland.  Teach the locals what the payoff is for chimping out.

But they'll never learn.  Smaller Hippocampus and all sorts of studies show that blacks have less impulse control.. it's why they don't 'get it' when they've done something truly awful.  Or... they blame Why Pee Po... after all, it IS our fault that they're here.  Should've left them in their mud huts... anything would be better than what's happened...

America: Death By Diversity, 2020 Edition.

Add on the skyrocketing salaries, pensions and administrative costs involved with running a Bureaucratic Police State, and we're fucking doomed.

The -ONLY- solution to the current cop issue is to make them personally liable.  Make 'em carry 'malpractice insurance' just like fucking Doctors.  No more 'sovereign immunity.'  No more taxpayer sheltering payouts from abusive swine.  Fuck 'em.  Let 'em pay... and if they can't get insurance?  Tough noogies.  LEARN TO CODE.

They fuck up?  The they pay up.  End of Story.

In fact I never want to hear the term "sovereign immunity" regarding cops... they ain't kings and they sure as shit ain't my Lord High Sheriff... more n' likely, they're small dicked bullies who got into being cops because they get their rocks off being bullies.

Fuck 'em.

Reminds me of when the cops went on strike a few years back... think it was Jew York or some such urban shithole... cops stopped working and lo and behold...

Crime went down.  Like seriously down.  As in if I were in charge of that place, woulda told the swine, "y'all ain't needed... good luck in your future endeavors" and fired the whole fucking lot of them a'la Reagan and the Air Traffic Controllers.

Now, lastly... Tired of my black friends (yes I have some... mostly prior service military, who are NOT counted in this group) trying to claim how bad they've had it over the years and how Orange Man Bad has increased the risks...

I've gotten to the point where I just quit.  Like some guys I've known for years who can't get past the tribal skin thing...THATS what the problem is... and b/c of it, I'm going to do the tribal thing and stand up for myself, and cut off those who are against me and MY kind.  Got no use for those who want to wage war against me n mine.

More maybe later... still ain't heard from anyone yet.  But I -did- get my unemployment approved so I do got that going for me.
I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, May 25, 2020

Alive and sorta Bored

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes
Another somber American Holiday that no one really seems to understand...
Leastways the Greta Unwashed Retards...

And Liberals.  Although one could say that Liberals and Retards go hand-in-hand.

Yeah... quite a few people annoy the shit out of me on what has become more of a "National Beer and BBQ" day. 

Let me tell ya, it ain't.

Got me a whole passel of people who never got to get old...

It's really disappointing to have spent so much time doing what I thought of at the time was the right thing in being in the military, going and doing all sorts of fucked up things in even more fucked up places, only to realize full on that we're no fucking better than Venezuela.  In fact, we're worse in many respects because we keep getting lied to on a daily basis.

And -nothing- is going to change this situation.  It's a slow burn...

A mighty slow burn...  Resources are slowly going to dwindle and eventually, the economy here is done.  Right now, the stuff I've been reading, the bankruptcies and closure of large portions of the economy are going to grind us down to dust, and there ain't a damned thing we can do about it 'cept keep driving forward, keeping the head down, and ride out shit as best we can.

Otherwise, I'll try to be more upbeat later... it's one of -those days- as I ponder whats to come and the friends I've lost over the years... it gets me down, primarily because we got fucked over by a bunch of shitbags who've never had skin in the game, and never have paid a price for all the bullshit they've pulled over the years.

Might have to change that... make 'em pay.  make 'em hurt.

Then see where we're at eh?
Til later I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Ohhh my Frikken Head...

Afternoon/Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes...
What a night... Got me full on fucking stiff.  Blasted.  Wasted.
And I'ma paying for it now...
Hung over to the balls man.
More Later as I recover, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, May 22, 2020

Afternoon and Gettin' some more Shit done

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes
Had me a sort of revelation when it came to Ye Olde Axe falling yesterday...

Between my VA Shrink (who I just so happened to have a scheduled appointment for today) and some more analysis, I've come to the conclusion that they done gone and fucked up by the numbers.

I'm waiting for Ye Olde Labor Lawyer to call back, tho I may not need one.  My 'forced resignation' that I did was predicated on the basis that my supe told me that a 'long ugly investigation' could be in the offing, and truthfully, I really didn't want to go through any shit, and being caught off guard, and in a weak mental moment, I was like "OK."

Well, according to my Shrink, and knowing both my diagnosis and personality, he said that shit was made under duress and said it wasn't valid.  THEN he pointed out  I was a -full time employee- as opposed to the rest, who are all temps.  Coupled with, and what I had also forgotten, this was a Veterans Administration sponsored gig for a Disabled Vet.

Namely Moi.

And I think that they (my immediate superiors, soon to be unemployed themselves methinks) fucking forgot I was a untouchable class.  I told them at the beginning of this shindig I was under the protected auspices of the VA... but I don't think that filtered down to -whomever- got bent out of shape for my calling them Fucktards.

I think the conversation was along the lines of:

Dude Monitoring BC IM's: "OMG He called senior management a bunch of Assholes and Fucktards!  I better report this!"
>up the chain it goes that a new hire had the audacity to talk shit<
Boss Dude: "Fire his ass.. get him out of here!"
My Supe: (female scared of her own shadow, never mind High Up): "You either quit or we make life hell for you!"
Me:(yesterday) "Ok"
Me:(today) "Not so fast... Lawyer money guns and the VA said you done fucked up."
Them: ---radio silence---

No HR Rep present.  No record of disciplinary action.  Early every day.  Top performer.  Disabled Vet.  Lots of "Issues".  Yeah... oughtta be interesting... esp. since I already talked to the VA... they tend to be pretty good here... I, at this point don't want the job, but it's fair to say I would have lasted at least 3 Years there before switching, so 3 Years salary, taxes paid by them would be a fair settlement.

Fuck You, Pay Me.
Just like my wallet sez:
The Mizzuz b-day gift to me LOL.
So, more later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, May 21, 2020

My, THAT was Quick!

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Fastest tenure at a job ever.  Yep.  Caught ye olde axe today.  Seems calling higher-higher a bunch of "Fucktards" in a chat group that we were using to bitch about shit was strengsten verboten!
I was bitching about being jerked around on the scheduling.  Specifically how we were treated like slaves essentially.  See... they change your schedule to the needs of the company... which I dig.  That being said, as a $15 an hour flunky, I shouldn't be working one week 08:00 to 16:30, and the next week 12:30 to 21:00... I mean it fucks up yer whole rhythm...  you can't plan -anything- which leaves a lot to be desired.  I mean if I was salaried?  No issue.. but a lousy $15 an hour?  Get fucked y'all.

As well as my well-known propensity for complaining to the higher ups about the fucked up customer service, or lack that thereof.  As is Z-E-R-O fucks given...
and it was pissing me off.

I mean having elderly women, crippled in a wheelchair, on the phone literally in tears about their delivery (heavy objects that they can't move) being left either completely out of reach ("b/c of COVID-19" was the mantra) or just not put where they could get at it.  I mean I'm not gonna say the company or doxx them UNTIL I know where I stand legally, as I got me a hunch I'm feeling litigious... either way... apparently, they were monitoring every chat I had.

Well within their rights.  Their network, their shit, no issue.  MY issue,as well as was pointed out by Sapper, is that they spent time and energy to actively spy on me.  As opposed to I dunno?  Weeding out the fucktards and/or attempting to provide good customer service?  Perish the thought!

Hence my "Too much to think"...
In fact it -was- mentioned that I was 'bringing morale down' and 'not being a team player.'
In other words, not being a good little Stasi Member.

Hadda feeling this was gonna happen...

The whole attitude and place... every meeting we had, well honestly... On my team I was, to my knowledge the only straight white male on the team.  The rest of the identifiable 'guys' were always mentioning their 'partner'... not wife... not old lady... not even my personal fave: "Piece of the Week"

The women that I saw were ALL multicolor haired hambeasts.  Think I mentioned that in an earlier blog as well.  The only cutie was the boss (5.7 out of 10) and she had that "H.R. Vibe" about her... clipped, short tones and a fucked up way of speaking... been with the company 10 or more years, and has the "I guzzle the Koolaid" all over her attitude and such...

Nope... Not for me... Reverend Jones and Pol Pot can have softheaded sheep like that.  With the exception of working from home, I'm actually glad to be gone.

And that ain't bullshit.  Daily harassment from hostile customers because the service is sooooooooo fucked up and poor?  In fact out of ALL the helpdesk gigs I've ever worked, I've NEVER been so abused in my life verbally speaking.  Not that it actually bothered me... not after the Army where the assholes are professional assholes.  These people only tried to be assholes... Add on apparently I'm really good at dealing with billing (or was), I got shafted into the whole "let him deal with the nonpaying scumbags" and the "why was I double billed this month?" customers... either way, that particular pain in the ass is done.

And it's their loss.

So, the downside is no more toys for big boys.  The budget just shit the bed.  Thankfully I'd paid down -quite- ahead as I figured the world being fucked up and all, better to have that done early.

So... more later I gotta make dinner
Til then I'm the newly Unemployed Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Ye Olde Bullet has Been Bit

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes
So thanks for the input yesterday... fuck me if'n I'm not burned the fuck out on Ye Olde Lady AKA the Mizzuz... I just gotta keep in mind she -does- put up with my psychotic ass... the last one did... to a point and that got expensive primarily that the old bitch positively -hated- guns... this one here enjoys shooting... that and hell:
She looks pretty damned good for 50 tho eh?

So yeah, I went tonight and started ANOTHER project...
I figger if'n I'm too busy, I won't be fussin' with the Ole Lady and then I also get the bennies of ramping up my kill-power here at the crib.

Soooo taking Me own advice-a-rero to heart, I'm rebuilding/constructamating ANOTHER Fuckin' Flammenwerfer.

Why the fuck not?  I got disposable income (for now) and best spend it on weaponry.  Like the Glock... which is coming along rather nicely.
To whit:
 Fitted the slide and barrel to it...
Rock Slide Slide with Titanium Extractor... Dead sexy eh?
Still waiting on the lower trigger assembly... a Ghost Ultimate 3.5 pound pull rig that'll be smooth as soft butter spread with a hot knife...
But wait! There's More!!!
I went with a Threaded Rock Slide Barrel in case I want to add on any "barrel extensions" or muzzle brakes...  
If that doesn't date me, nothin' will....
So Then, besides the handgun, the Flammenwerfer, I'm also up to speed on the Savage Axis II mag.  This was because my piddly-assed 7.76X51 NATO rifle was a bare-bones $299.99 Walmart special... and that ain't cutting it.  The mags for it are a 4 round with a 5th up-the-pipe special, and I wanted a bit more 'throw' numerically speaking.

So... after some research, I found out a basic G-3/H&K 91 mag has just about the same measurements.  So I ordered a surplus G-3 mag, and started hacking on it.
So you can see where I drew the line on it... sorry for the blur... Shakes the Clown over here I swear...
So then... After measuring it, and fucking it up a bit (2X cuts with the rotary cutter and then dremel-central to even it) I got this:
Taped temporarily until I bust either the MIG welder out or go with the brazing rod... not sure which I'll use because aluminum on the Savage mag and steel on the G-3 Mag... and the gold on the G-3 Mag is the Ole Lady's projects... she oversprayed her Gold paint when redecorating some frames or some such shit....  It'll all come out in the end when I redo it and refinish after reassembly.  The next stage is using the jewelry saw to cut the locking frame bottom out to slide up and on to let the mag be able to lock into place... 

I either get it right, or I'm out $40 for another new Savage Mag... here's to hoping right?

So... thats the tonight update.  More later as I go as I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Highly Irritating

Evening me Droogs N Droogettes
Another week is almost coming and going at the same time.
Fuck I hate the way they shift my schedule around.  It's the whole corporate culture thats fucked.  And right now, they know they got people by the balls.  The whole attitude is "you are easily replaceable."

And it's true.  Fucking oath and aye, tis true.  What with 30 million or like a 10th of the work force currently fucked?  And me needing more shit for the house?  Oh hell yeah I'll play the game until the eventual wipeout, but when it's over, I'm burning the motherfucker to the ground, leastways to the extent I can.

It doesn't help that Mizzuz fucking fucked up her fucking phone.  Not even 2 fucking months old and she totally fucked up a $400 used phone.  Used like new that is... what was essentially a $1200 new phone she fucking broke in less than 6 weeks.

Bitch is -done-.  Love ain't got shit to do with it.  Fucking getting pissed just writing  about it.  Shit like this is what makes me debate keeping a bitch.  And I bought the fucking insurance on it thank god... That being for the purposes of bullshit, there still was a fucking $99 surcharge to get the fucker replaced.... IF it gets replaced.

If not, she's fucked.  Like I told her, I'm done providing shit like that.  She fucks up again?  She's shit out of luck. 

I'm just over it.  Maybe because I've been locked in with her ass for the past three to four months incessantly, and she's on my final fucking nerve. 

Breaking the phone was just the fucking icing on a very annoying cake.

Problem is she's in many respects what a red-pill motherfucker should stay away from.  High fucking maintenance and expects a LOT for very little.  Told her that when the stimulus/porkulus checks IF they ever show for her, that fucker's going into MY motherfucking account and she can deal.

So yeah, tired and pissed off.

Been re-reading some old notes and shit... realizing the slo-motion train wreck that we're sliding into oh-so-slowly is going to be almost years in the making.  I mean the way the shit is going, it's going to damned near take the SMOD to make a difference...
I mean barring an actual fucking Alien Invasion, the SMOD is like the one thing we haven't had come up in conversation...


Lord know I'm not bothered by the premise.  Shit... I might be dead by Friday.  I gotta have a Cardiac Stress test (chemical) because of reasons and shit.  I'm -not- doing the test they had me do a couple of years back... fucking put my big ass on a treadmill and essentially told me "Run until you die fat man!" and oh holy shit.  Never again.  That's why in this case I learned that they could stress ye olde bloode pumpage chemically, I figured fuck it... can't be any worse than when I hit a couple of primo lines of some really good  Peruvian Marching Powder back in the day... thought the ticker was gonna I.E.D. on my ass that time.

So thats Friday afternoon.  And with Memorial Day weekend, means I got a 4 Day.  Yay me.
Otherwise, I'm just poopy.  Go figure right?
But one milestone:

This's the 250th Fucking Post to this Retardfest of a Blog.  Not bad.  Gotta thank Phil and Kenny, as well as the Feral Irishman for all the asists and support.  Here's to getting back alive on Friday eh?
I'll do some more bitchin' and complaining between now n'then, so until then, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, May 17, 2020

OK Drunk as Fuck but Fuck it

Late Evening me Droogs and Droogettes
Seems that we're at the worst of the worst right now.

Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe I'm not.

Point is, do you want to be wrong?

Wrong is not having the shit you need to be comfortable.  Wrong is being considered 'crazy' by the neighbors.  Crazy being the guy who stockpiles stuff.  Normalcy being acting like shit is 'back to normal'...

The thing bothering me here is complacency.
We all get guilty of it.  Especially when I go into Publix and Wally-World this week and find lo and behold!
The BIG fucking pack of Charmin in Stock again!
Big piles 'o Meat back in stock.
Lotsa pork products on the shelves.
Seafood again.

Though NOTICEABLY absent in the seafood counter was any and all fish-from-Chy-Nah.  No tilapia or whitefish... nor anything from that A.O. to include the giant tiger-shrimp.  Those usually are from Vietnam...

But yepper... All is well.  Things are normal.


At Wally World, me n Sapper cleaned out a goodly amount of the Mountain House packages... again.  Ammo at Wally World is also still cleaned out, as well as ALL the bicycles.  Interesting how ALL the bikes are gone...  not sure if that because people wanted to have the means to get out of the house, or what?  I mean two super wally worlds within my immediate area, and no bikes... at either of them.

Also, on line, no reloading stuff... powder and primers are still machs nichts.
Speaking of which  It's Sapper's Birthday.
And yeah, that was his Birthday Candle...
Rather Appropo wasn't it?
The 2020 Dumpster Fire Birthday Candle.
Yep.  $15 or so on Amazon.  Look for "First Gear Trash Bin"  there or on Google... they're absolutely Cool As Fuck.
Sure looks happy don't he?
So yeah, don't let yer guard down, don't stop stockpiling and don't get complacent.  Got me a hunch this ain't over by a long shot.
Best to stay ahead of the curve.

Next up is going to be getting a shotty.  I'm looking at some Black Aces Tactical...
Non-NFA or DD... 14 inch barrel, semi-auto.  Mad Bad Ass.  Read and heard nothing but great things about them.  Good lightweight and short for car-carry purposes.  And only $699 with all the bells and whistles I'd want added on.
So, time to pass the fuck out... too much Vodka tonight.
Til Later, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


Friday, May 15, 2020

Short as I'm busy this weekend...

Evening Droogs N Droogettes!
Got a lot on the table this weekend.  The Grandbebe has landed, so all hell will be breaking loose for the forseeable future.

Then, the Glock Slide, Barrel, Slide internals, and other shit showed up in the mail.

Add on some other bullshit (the pool NEEDS to be done this weekend fer suuuuure).

And I'm blocked out solid for the weekend.

That being said, I will throw one link and picture to you for y'all as food for thought, or rather, lack-of-food, that thereof.
LINK to Hell is a-coming...

Yeah... an article from the Daily Fail...err Mail in Jolly Olde England.  Pics like this ain't making it to the mainstream of Mass (((Media))) here stateside.  Coupled with the absolute meltdown of the poultry AND beef industry, a sprinkling of the bad crops from LAST year and the shitty crops THIS year (hence why it be so hard to feed this years animals) and as the more Diverse members of the community might say:

"We be fukked."

 So yep.  Shit like that, or rather the noticeable -absence- of stories like that here in the Heartland o'Murica makes me worry.  As in they ain't gonna talk about it.  Sure, they'll keep harping on the bogus bullshit CoronaChan Chink Lung Aids, but they ain't mentioning that we've been eating and dipping into the stockpile o' goods that were normally refilled and backed up.

So go ahead and enjoy that Burger and Bullshit.  Me?  I'm getting MOR steaks (when the fucking check gets here that is) AND I'm getting a brand new backup pair of Merrill Marauder boots, as I don't think the "Upper - Made In China" is gonna be around much longer...

So, post when I can and how I can.  Gotta take care of some shit theis weekend... Til then I Remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, May 14, 2020

So As We Prep

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
So today was another case of "Same Day-Different Assholes"  Welcome to the call center salt mines...  At least I'm at home, and things are entertaining as far as knowing and doing so to speak.

Had ANOTHER one-on-one with a broad who at least acknowledges my abilities... in fact so much so she said I'd probably be her boss inside of six months... which begs me to wonder just how fucked up this place is if they promote anyone with even one scintilla of brainpower?

Obviously, since I'm only one of four dudes on a team of 40+ (actual numbers are hard to come by) and ALL of the leadershit are fuckin' split tails, I'd say the feminazi mafia is well in control... which also explains the retardation of the company over all.  Fucking last company, if'n y'all were tuned in, was run by a bunch of back-stabby clambags.. fucking cunts were more worried about the latest office gossip, who was wearing white that week, and who was still single, rather than focusing on deliverables and product.  Hence why when I drove by there 4 months after my layoff, the building was boarded up and "For Rent!!! Corporate Floorspace Available!!!"

I truthfully LMFAO and then went onto Glassdoor to back stab every. last. one. of them with a personal review of both them, and the now-non-existing company...  Bus, bitches, Bitches, bus.  How's the muffler look ya dumbfucks?

Now?  Seeing I have -other options- that'll come back, I'm just going to slide and glide through this shit.  Ain't no need to git riled up.  Long as I gots me my mellow, I'm a happy Camper.

Soooo anyways, back to the prep.  About 5-6 days ago, I came across some interesting items in my deep dig for long term storage food... Specifically:
Nookers.  Bit on the -pricey- side of things, but I figured a one-time give it a try sort of situation wouldn't hurt.  Said steak showed up today.  Since this WAS a trial, I took it out, and tossed it into a bowl of water to re-hydrate.  The bag had a expiration date of 2035... 15 years..

Good shit eh?

So it rehydrated... bit on the small side, and it had a LOT of gristle when I cooked it up.  Otherwise?  Hell of a steak... especially for one that has a 15 year shelf life.  Its about $11 per steak, which yeah, expensive.  Tho, considering what I'm seeing in the stuper-market, that price is more than fair for a piece of beef with a 15 year lifespan... and that its A) Lightweight (less than 3 oz when dried out) and B) only takes 10 minutes to rehydrate to full on raw beefyness.  And lastly, C) Despite lots o'gristle, tasted fucking GREAT and if the world goes completely sideways,these things are gonna be a GREAT addition to the diet...  who sez ya gotta survive on only raw hard red wheat and fucking MREs amiright?

Needless to say, under the current weirdness that be going on, supply chain and all, I'm fittin' to order me 10 of them this pay period, then another 10 and on and on til I cain't git no mo...

That and I ALSO am continuing my Mountain House load out.  Every time Me N Sapper go to Wally World, we hit the Camping area.  The camping area has the occasional pile of good stuff, as well as the pile of 'useless crap' in it's aisles. In this case, for those of use who can't find it, there's a Mountain House line of meals in pouches that are for sale.  Usually Lasagna, Beef Stroganov, a couple of Scrambled Egg entrees, and Chili and Chikin.  Each one runs about the same at $10 a shot, but its a two-serving meal, and its -there-. 

As in in stock.

The Mountain House website has been shit out of luck for the past 3 months... like as in Nada... Bupkiss... Nothing.  At least Wally World has a minor/small selection, and Me and Sapper done been buying at least a C note every pay period juuuuust to get some more meals in the house.  Never can have too much food on-hand.  Especially the Beef Stroganov... thats hit is the bomb-dot-com right there...

So, after the full day of bullshit, I've settled into killing mah jug of Finlandia and am fittin' to crash the fuck out.  More later as I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

So Another Thing Noticed from Work

Evening me Droogs N Droogettes
Apparently working for Evil Super Gigantic Multinational Megacorp has a couple of perks.  One of them being is being soooo far down on the food chain, you can get away with a lot of shit that'd normally get a motherfucker fired.  Not that I could pull this shit... wrong religion, skin tone, sex and age to gainsay any bulletproofing for myself...

However... if yer a "Magic Dirt" person named Pankash, Habib or Shaniqua, yer covered.  I mean I spend the majority of the day Batting Cleanup so to speak.  As in orders promised, but not actually placed, refunds promised, not actually done,  shit like that... and when I've brought it to my boss(s) attention?

"Oh... good catch!  We'll send that up so they get coached."

My speckled, hairy, foul smelling, unwashed, taint you will bitch.  I can even tell by the tone of voice that they're lying.  In fact, today I got an eval where I got hammered for a 25% point de-valuation because I used 'slang'... specifically I told a customer "Roger that!" when he asked if his balance was up to date.

Really?  Told the clam (the "Team Lead") who debriefed me that it's a military colloquialism that's pretty much brainwashed into me after 25 +/- years of service... that my TBI and short term memory loss is exacerbating the situation, and I'd hate to think they were going to discriminate against me, a wounded warrior/disabled vet?

That 25% was restored so fucking quick my computer locked up.

Play the games at their level... use their own discriminatory practices to your advantage...
 Yeah, its been one of those days... Again I had a slew of "Gibs Me Dat" over-entitled Black Females... swearing at me, about me, about the company... unending abuse.  Which, despite my normal temper, I take in total stride... especially since I know they are at my mercy after all, despite their own fully overblown sense of self importance.

This one bitch... No joke... her name was Felicia... SOOOOO hard when I hung up on her to not say "Bye Felicia!"... especially after I was called a "high talkin whytboi!"  This for properly enunciating and accidentally using words of more than one syllable. 

I closed her account.  No Soup for you monkey.
Oops.  I'm the new guy... So Solly 'Bout dat... go ahead.. write me up... Feel free LOL.
I don't even feel bad when she calls in and will invariably stroke the fuck out on a co-worker.  So far, they all suck.  Buncha fucking retards and suck-asses... I mean we're -all- remote-from-home workers... there's really no need (unless yer a total incompetent) to kiss the bosses ass so much.. although looking at the numbers, I'm the highest producer out of the new training class so they ain't gonna fuck with me much. I also, so far, have received a perfect 100 across the board for the few customer evals that have been emailed back to us.  I fucking rock man.
So anyways, seems the noose is tightening around the old Administration (what a great piece of imagery there eh?)  And ole Hussien-Obammammy is looking worse for the curtrent shitstorm breaking loose. 

I just don't see how they can pull it off this time.  They (dumboRats) and the other blue-headed fucktards seem to think they can lock down the country to control the narrative at this point, and uh.. No.  Ain't happening.  ALL of the attempts so far have backfired spectacularly PR wise... and it's only gonna get worse.  They keep hoping to run up the "Whypeepo" lynched (shotgunned) some Black dude in Georgia... and it's rapidly apparent that the story of "Innocent Black Man out for a Jog" has shit the bed...  Next is going to be some violence ramping up methinks.

My reasoning? 
This out of a population of 21.48 MILLION PEOPLE.
1827 Dead is a 'bad party weekend' of dead drunk drivers in Russia...
NOT enough to rationalize shutting down and destroying the economy.
The Dems are praying to keep things fucked up to fuck up Orange Man Bad.
It's going to fail, and they are going to die.

In fact, I propose doing a Dead Pool here as to which group (Governors/Mayors/Media/Cops) takes the first casualties in the upcoming boogaloo.  I also say that we have a poll of which Obama Administration member dies of 'Heart Attack', 'Hillary-cide', or 'Accidental Death' (i.e. He shot himself while cleaning his shotgun... in the back of the head.  Three times.)

Let me know what you think in the comments.

So for tonight's titties:
More Christie!
Age 22 from what I found...
Til later, I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Busy Busy Beaver eh?

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp.. half a jug of some good, nay GREAT Deutche Wein... specifically Schmitt und Sonne Reisling...  Oh how I love that particular jug o'gutwein LOL.  Realistically, the reason ye Olde Intrepid Reporter went 'wine mode' was that was all that was in the house, and I wasn't feeling the whole 'race out after work' for beer and bullshit that goes with it.  Things here have returned somewhat back to normal, 'cept shopping hours. Everything from the Publix to the Likker Store is shut down at 1900.  Real pain in the ass when I'm at work until 1900.

Normally I'd send the Sapper or the Mizzuz out for a resupply of class six, but tonight, the Mizzuz has been having some stomach issues... barfing, feeling generally shitty, and Sapper's been grumpier than an 80 year old HIGHLY constipated old man...

Think its the lockdown/lack o'poontang that's getting him down... especially since he has to hear me bangin' out the Mizzuz out like I did the other night... the walls and insulation are good, but the Mizzuz is a bit of a howler, never mind screamer... "Raising the Roof" is more her style and she tends to scream the house down if'n I'm doing the right thing(s).

Sooo..... TMI I know...  Tonight's adventure was more fun with guns.  Specifically I finished the Poly80 Glock 17 Frame.
$150 is what I got it for, 'cept it -didn't- come with the tools.  Thankfully I have an extensive tool chest specifically designed around gunsmithing.  So I wasn't hurting.  Took me two days...
I got it in FDE as this time, I wanted the two-tone look... the slide, when I get it, is going to be a black standard slide....
You can sort of see where I cut down and removed the parts that needed removing.  All in all, I give it a 9.8 on an ease of use scale.  WAY easy for me, as I'm a highly experienced gunsmith... hell Expert level... and even the most re-re bastard could do this rig up with simple hand tools.

AGAIN I forgot the "before" pics...  I just get sooooo damned excited to do the work I forget until AFTER that I wanted to share... goddamned Buck Fever if you will LOL.  In this case, new-gun-build fever.

The Poly80 V2 frame is the shit.  Beautifully stippled without going overboard, simple and elegant, with 4 picatinny rails on the lower part of the frame.  Cut down and sanded, the metal inserts only needed a -bit- of hammerwork/convincing to fit, but I didn't have to brute force it.  Just 'regular' tight fitting parts, as it should be... think I would have worried if'n they'd just dropped in loose... that'd be not good in a very doubleplus ungood fashion...

Soooo the next stage is to walk Sapper through HIS build.  He got one, but wanted to see how hard it was/see if I fucked it up with mine.  Now that I'm done and it worked out, He wants to do it hisself, which I highly encourage, provided he listens to me if and when he's doing it.

So yeah, not a bad night.  Very productive, and I've intentionally avoided the news for the past two days to focus on my projects, as it seems that the shit I'm working on now -may- come in handy in a few more months, seeings how shit be sliding sideways in slo-motion.

So until Tomorrow, I leave you with  this:
Hells to the Yeah factor on that 'un
Til the AM I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Lunch Time

Afternoon Me Droog n Droogettes
Yep... more fun in the salt mines.
Meh... its a living.  I'm just going to LMAO if they ever listen in on some of my calls...  I get the question of "Why does your company do 'X'" to which I reply "Hey, it's a Evil Super Gigantic Multinational Megacorp... what part of 'evil' did you not understand?"
Like this, just without Volcanoes and Laser-Headed Sharks...

I mean Come ON folks... any company that's as big as some of them are, OF COURSE they don't give a fuck about you, or your biddness.  I mean fuck... I had one Dentist who invoices $54 a month start getting salty with me, and gave me the Hoity-Toity attitude that he'd "Take his valuable business elsewhere!" if I didn't fold like a lawn chair. 

"I'll take Assholes with Delusions of Grandeur for $500 Alex!"

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Really?  Dude, hate to break it to you, we got other folks... not even commercial accounts, that we bill thousands on monthly.  Residential accounts you stroke-fest.

I mean yeah, LOTS of small accounts add up to LARGE money, but you on your own? 


Now, IF he was to get everyone in his Area to join him and do something coordinated, then MAYBE he'd get Evil Super Gigantic Multinational Megacorp to notice.  Beyond that?  Not so much.

More Later
I Remain The IR

Monday, May 11, 2020

Muh DYE-Verse-It-Tye

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well, went over and talked to the Serb this A.M. vis-a-vis ye olde trespasser in the neighborhoodish.  Seems that -whomever- it was ain't from 'round herebouts.  A non-native who, by the grace of God, is still drawing good O2.  Mainly cos it woulda been bad if'n he'd done gone and made it inside with his compadre.

Of course the disposal of the bodies would have been a bit hard...  Cleanup on Aisle 2 would've needed a hell of a lot of more cleaner than I currently have on hand.  Seems said-dood(z) came in the 'back way' from  the main drag here in my A.O.

Th street used to end in a nice cul-de-sac that had cows and a orney mule that used to graze, but the farmer who owned the patch of land got an offer he couldn't refuse, and since the local gummit never bothered to check with us puny plebs, they're dropping a car wash and a Culvers in a where there used to be pasture.
Good News-Bad News sorta dealio.  Now that my end of the A.O. is open to the main drag, it's waaay faster to hit the gas station, and other local needs far quicker than I used to do via having to go all the way through my development.  Thats part of the good.  The other is good/bad.  I love me some Culvers burgers and fried fish sammiches.  Me n Sapper made a house rule (primarily for the Mizzuz) that IF we go there, we gotta walk the 1/4 mile there and back.  Keep our lazy carcasses earning them Concrete Mixers ('nother whole thing that's good/bad).  The issue tho, is since they didn't ask our opinion, we now got a horde o'traffic coming through that we normally wouldn't have. 

Somewhere in the Garage I got a Scorpion Spike Strip that I 'acquired' in Iraq o'lo so many years ago....
Pretty close to this stock pic I found, except mine has two folding tent-style pegs on the back of the briefcase...  you stamp the pegs into the dirt on the side of the road, open the case, pull out the lead ball on a string, and then throw the ball across the street, and ziiiing instant deployment of some expensive tire repair needs.

Not sure where it is in the current colostomy of my garage... ever since Sapper and the Mizzuz moved in, the place is a deeeee-stroyed mess of bullshit that eventually needs cleaning.  Maybe after I get the pool unfucked.

The point being was/is the Serb had his Ring Doorbell record at around 0145 a car come in from the new entry, and stop next to the house, where at which point, a very dark skinned individual dismounted and crossed onto my property.  The Ring actually has some impressive resolution.  The reason we know it was a member of the diversity cult was the fucker had to walk right under a lit street lamp, and while we couldn't pin down the exact race, the skin tone was definitely not a WhyPeepo.  Mex-hee-can or Black?  Unknown.  The only thing I -am- sure of, is if the stupid fuck tries that again, I'm gonna burn him down and bury his ass in the side yard.  Whos side yard is open to debate at this moment LOL.

So anyways, another day, another dollar slaving in the Salt Mines for the man...
So for that, we needs titties.
Ginger Lynn Allen...
Ahhh the Great Golden Days of porn when the girls -did- look like some next door girls... cute, sexy, and dirtier than a West Hollywood Dumpster behind a Chinese Restaurant.  No piercings... no tats... leastways IF they had a tat, it was small, sexy and discrete... unlike some of the fucking hellbeasts out there nowadays.  Ginger Lynn was one of the first chicks I saw in a porn when I was like 14? 15?  It was at a birthday party LOL... the dude who got it, his mom had no idea what we were queuing up.
"New Wave Hookers"... the first 'notorious one' because Traci Lords was a main star, and was actually illegally underage in it, thereby making it kiddie porn of a sort...

Damned shame actually...  that girl... Hoo BOY howdy... she could suck start a Harley through 40 feet of kinked garden hose!  And Ginger Lynn... small, petite, elfin face, and fucking downright dirty as fuck all.

So yeah... Not a big fan of the 'new porn.'  Too many tats, skanks and hoes.  I mean they're ALL hoes to a point, but at least the original girls... they still came off as demure to a point, even when getting made 'airtight'.

Other things:  Started working on ANOTHER project.  Got me a Poly80 Glock Frame I'm working on.  This lockdown, combined with a positive income flow has allowed me to get some shit started.  My only problem I see right now is I -need- to stop doing new projects, and finish the couple I have going on already.  Counting them all, one is the Savage extended mag, then the Poly80, and finally, my battle belt.

 Seems dumbass me ordered the wrong size padded molle belt a ways back.  I have a big ass pelican case that I keep all my TA-50 in when ever I get or acquire some.  Vests, belts, pouches... all sizes shapes, colors... it runs the gamut.  During the whole 'ramp up' to the lamest apocalypse ever, I realized I didn't have a gunfighter belt.  Started putting it together from the odds'n'sods I already have... Nothing elaborate, just a basic run-n-gun belt with some basic amenities.  3-5 Spare mags in pouches, 1 quart water bottle w/purification pills, knife (large fixed) and folder in a smaller pouch on the sheath, first aid, drop mag pouch, and possibly  a holster for the Glock if and when I get that fucker done.

Seems the Moolle Pad I had, which seemed small was actually a Size Small!  My problem is being as huge as I am, sometimes I just have to deal with smaller-than-normal shit as it's a hassle to find gear that fits giant assed me.  For years I've wanted to open my own line of Tac Gear... I need investors tho... and I'm not sure how large a market in the REAL military (not the airsoft wannabes) has for some shit like that.

A 'for instance':  The IBA the Army issued me is a 6 XL-Long.  Yep.  4 Acres of Kevlar.  And the XL SAPI plates I got?  Yeah, they ARE big at 11x14, but realistically, I need like 14x18.  Heavier yes, but at least it'd stop a round.  And its NOT a gut issue (leastways it wasn't until this sitting around shit started LOL)... I have, last time I was measured, an 80+ inch chest.  When I went to my FedBro's wedding some time back, and we went to get my Tux, the ENTIRE STAFF of the Tux shop was there because they'd NEVER had to order such a huge Jacket, and wanted to see the freak who was gonna wear it.  I mean y'all have seen... they don't call me Big Country as a joke.

But yeah, a line of well made Tactical Gear for larger dudes... it may or may not be a money maker.  I -do- know that I can get shit made to order at Tactical Tailor, but the last time I did that, it cost me one leg, half an arm, and my third-born.

So, no more action on the trespasser... methinks a one-off, but if not, I'm geared and waiting.
Til Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, May 10, 2020

WHOO HOO! Trespasser Alert!

Mid Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes
Spending the day catching up on Top Popp... Motherfucker is brilliant in his analysis of the current stupid that's infectamated the country. check it out.  Dude is a Visionary.

So his latest on the scene is that he's concerned in his own way about how things are going.  No shit Top... things be fucked in a major way, and the dislocations haven't even tuned in yet.  I talked with one of my former Bosses from Iraq, heretofore now known as "The Gunny" as he was/is a former Marine Gunnery Sargent.  He's also about 5 foot nuthin, 100 pounds soaking wet, and is responsible for the scar over my left eye.

Story there: One night in Iraq he n'me were getting plastered watching war movies, and I started giving him some good-natured shit about being a midget compared to me.. his response was to pick my up like -completely- off the floor in a bear hug by my knees!

Drunk w/poor balance, he sorta dropped me facefirst thru his desk... which won the contest of "which is harder?  Big Country's noggin' or the desk?"  The medics hadda put in 23 stiches to close the rather LARGE head wound.  Wasn't mad tho... more impressed at the lil bastard's ability.  We're as close as brothers, having contracted in Iraq, Kuwait and Affy together over the years.  Good times, good times...

So now he's retired out in Farmland Ohio... Town called "Middle of Fucking Nowehere" specifically.  So he told me things there are bad.  Like as in real bad food wise.  It was yesterday afternoon when we chatted, and at the time, he was sitting in 26 fucking degree weather and was pissed that his self-sustainment garden had probably taken a fatal hit due to the rapid freeze.  Seems last week, it was 80 something degrees, and he'd transferred his indoor sprouted-and-prepped plants to the outside for bounteous harvest come the fall.

That shit went sideways with the freeze.
His A.O.:
And if it happened to him on the Micro-side?  What the fuck happened to the Macro-side?
Part of the fuckery we've been dealing with, and the reason they've been cull anin-na-mals is the lack of feed as well as the lack of money to BUY feed.  Last year's harvest was the worst in 30 years.  We got 'corcobbed' (pardon the pun) because last year at this time, the farmlands were pretty much submerged with water b/c of the 400 year rains or whatever the fuck it was...

Now?  A deep fucking freeze, combined with last years lack of shit, add in CoronaChan, the absolute ineptitude of our Retardedly Stupid Federales and man, economic collapse?  Shit... this motherfucking corpse of a country... the DFib ain't gonna help... even a shot of pure adrenaline ain't restarting this economic heart...

I'm going looooong on the next paycheck in freeze dried shit.  Like WAY long.  I'm already in good shape, but more is better.

OK:  Minor/MAJOR interruption!

The Mizzuz needed me to get something off the porch... which I had secured the slider with the sawed off broomstick that has 1 inch of play in it.  I personally closed the door tight last night as the pneumonia hole... hell I don't want to pay to AC the lanai...  So the door was tight.  And when she asked me to get her spraypaint offa the porch, I noticed the door was cracked open.. as in slid all the way til the broomstick was tight in the notch.  Asked her n Sapper if they'd touched the door.  Both negative.  So's I checked the Lanai, and oh ho!  Somebody's been creeping!

Tonight... please let them come back tonight... I'm rigging a nice surprise that'll wake us up.  Ain't no one we know, that's for certain.  Usually the dog is hell on trespassers, unless she's in w/Sapper.  The dog occasionally sleeps in Sapper's room and she tends to be out like a fucking light when cuddled up with him.   Tonight, she's going to be crated in her house right next to the slider... that is if the booby trap I'm rigging fails to work.
Yer basic mousetrap, cut, and re-rigged with a .458 empty round (but with a live Large Rifle Primer set in) so that the re-done trap arm will set off the round if someone opens the door.  I cut an appropriately sized half moon in the wood so the round could be a b it set and stabilized with something other than the 100mph tape.  Nonlethal, but'll brown their shorts, wake me up, and let me respond appropriately.  It also means stepping up the game on the home security.

Doom on You Charlie.

I won't rig it til after dark -in case- it IS one of the diverse members of the neighborhood doing dirty deeds.  Two weeks ago at the height of stupid CoronaChan Bullshit, the Mizzuz... fuckin' dumbass left her mask, in the bag, w/a spare new filter in the car.  And left the car unlocked.  Fuck me.
Yaeh... someone took the opportunity and boosted her shit... and it was a NICE RZ Mask... hot pink and irreplaceable for now.  She's stuck now with the ugly assed N95s I got... that pissed me off.

Now I -know- someone is creeping.  this's gonna be fun.
Bag of Quick Lime? Check
Shovel? Check
Unused fenced off on 4 sides side yard free of casual observation? Check
Here's to a fun filled Sunday night free of any "Imperial Entanglements..."
Later on, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Well THAT was fast...

Late Afternoon Droogs N Droogettes!
Success, or a reasonable facsimile of that thereof.
My last rant about UPS?

Yeeeeeeah... About that...

So I got heated up after my rant... I mean after all, 1000 Remington No. 7 1/2 Primers are getting nigh on -impossible-  to come by... I sent an email to the seller... asking if he had any more to purchase, esp. since I'd end up getting reimbursed from Big Brown... he emailed me apologizing but telling me A) Ain't his fault, and B) Nope, he ain't got no more to sell, and won't for the foreseeable future.  So well... shit.

So I filed the claim.  On the 6th.
Lo and Behold:
Lookie Lookie what showed up on my doorstep today?

After my vent/rant to y'all on the 6th, the morning of the 7th I called the local UPS area warehouse... after a bit of fucking around, I got ahold of a live actually human... who BTW was cool.  Especially when he found out the package in question had 'grown legs' in Jacksonville.  Told me "Ain't got no dawg in this hunt man!" to whit I said "Cool... dig it... do me a favor and make a note tho... add it to the file will ya?"

He agreed and then I told him "Yeah... listen make sure you put a note in saying 'Customer is calling the BATF as it was rifle primers that vanished, and that's an explosive of a kind, and that's a federal rap if they don't turn up."  Dude was cool and laughed his ass off... told me "No prob!" and wished me luck.

Sure as shit come today and VoilĂ !!!  Said missing-never-going-to-be-found-box shows up at the house. 

The ATF ploy came from Miguel at Gun Free Zone... apparently he had a recall on his pistola some time back and hadda send it in.  If I recall, it disappeared on the way back to him, so he called UPS and did the same thing, threatening the feds, and BAM!  Shit got found miraculously and sent to him no mess-no fuss.  I figgered on seeing if'd do the same same.

I DO Find in FASCINATING that he AND I both live in Florida.  I'd be curious to see the number of 'lost packages' that had firearms, ammo and other such ephemera disappear whilst enroute to locales here in the Gunshine state?  Does UPS even have to report missing shit like that to the Feds?  Inquiring minds and all that.  Methinks some scumbag saw the label, and chanced on snatching it.  Didn't open it... probably was hoping the heat'd die down, then he'd/(or she'd... lets be EO on this) would snatch the boodle and get away clean.  Instead, the receiver (moi) called, raised a stench and threatened to call the federales.   OOPS!!!

Quickly, quietly, throw the box back on the conveyor and call it a day.  Live to graft and steal another day...

Ahhh... whelp now I got me some work to do.  Gonna be a long hard day of brass prep for the next few.

More Later, I remain the Intrepid Victorious Reporter
Big Country

Looks Like Barry's Getting Nervous...

Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes
First off:
Can confirm Christie Canyon...  Too bad she don't look like this no more... apparently we're only a few months apart in age... guess being a Pro wears ya down pretty damned fast... so on to the Politics.
Barry's Getting Nervous.
How can I tell?  Easy.  When the fuck has ANY of his conversations 'leaked' anywhere?  Answer:  They don't unless "The Big Nig" wants them to.  World class megalomaniac right there, nuthin' happened in the Black House during his corrupt tenure unless Hisself ordered it or his simian lookalike Valarie Jarret ordered it.
Coutesy Rosanne Barr... she lost her gig on HER show b/c of that as I recall... but was she wrong?
Methinks not.
Yeah... Because the Head of the Show, Bath-house Barry was such a micromanager, there's no way in fuck he didn't know whats going on against Orange Man Bad.  In fact, the weak sauce of a leaked call is just a really weak attempt to drum up some sort of outrage against Bill "Lock Barry up" Barr and maybe...hopefully instill some form of media-hyped bullshit that'll shield his cum guzzling Fucktarded Ass Eared Twenty-Years NEEDS to be a Slave Self from the eventual trip to the gallows for fucking TREASON.

Like for sure... what he orchestrated was, by definition Treason.  TL:DR unless you want to.  I'll leave it at the bottom of the post for y'all who want to reference it.

Essentially, both Bathhouse and ALL his media compatriots are guilty, by their own actions of at least 4 of the Charges, that being Treason by the action, word and deed(s) as well as NUMEROUS other things...

In fact, the "Normies" are waking up, and that scares the shit out of them.  The bullshit this plague *false that is, caused, in financial loss, and emotional damage and hell... the whole 'taste of socialist' we got, fuck man... thems enough to start shooting NOW by my reckon.

And let me tell ya, when they shut down the Fourth of July?  And the cops react as the ignorant swine do?  Hooo Boy...
Just substitute the lil girl in that vidya for Bubba, or God forbid, Bubba's Dad, Pawpaw or someone else at the fambly gathrin'... and it's BOOGALOO time and this time, it'll spread.

Open season on the fuzz would be my call.  ANY and ALL Gestapo motherfuckers'll find out whats up wit wot as they say.

Because Fuck You, That's Why.

Gonna be a looooong hooooot summer (in some places) and it'll be fixin' to get hotter... 'specially 'round our more 'vibrant' communities.  And this time, I don't think (outside of the retards who run the democrat shithole cities) that they realize us WhyPeepo ain't buying the "race hustle" anymore.

"The COVID virus is raaaaaycist and it's b/c they balck folks live in the po' areas and don' get hepp'd enuff!"

No... it's because you chimp out and have 1200 apes at an open air house party, going against social distancing suggestions (suggestions for protected groups, orders for us WhyPeepo) and generally have horrible health, attitude, general stupidity (avg. IQ of 78), the diabeetus and who-the-fuck-know (and I don't care) problems.  Go fuck yourself very much, thankee.

Nigs gonna nig, and in the case of Covid-19, the 'shine' is off the Gibs for this shit.  I know if they ever try to pull some shit about that, well then, guess it's time for this white boy to find and join a social club as they used to call it.

Anyways, gotta get the Mizzuz outta the house... which in itself is hysterical.  At 09:00 this AM I told her, AND bet her $1 that she wouldn't be ready to leave the house by 13:00... she of the bitchin' whinin' and moanin' about being trapped in the house for weeks... it's 12:30... think I got a lock on that $1.

Til later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
Bullshit for reference... you can see what I mean.  The media in some of this, especially the "Advocating" and "Sedition" is pretty clear cut... I'd say they'd need to erect a gallows outside of MSNBC... jus'sayin'...

2382. Misprision of treason.
2384. Seditious conspiracy.
2385. Advocating overthrow of Government.

§2381. Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

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Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or

Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof—

Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

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