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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter AKA "Zombie Jeebus Day"

Afternoon Droogs n Droogettes!
Happy Zombie Jeebus Day!
Yeah yeah... I know... I'm going to hell.

Or maybe now.  Big Daddy, JC and The Spook have kept me alive thusfar... methinks I entertain them.  Good Comedy of Errors as it were.  So, yeah.  Good day today.  Got a new project I'm working on, my new mask for "Formal Dress Occasions"
I found the casting on the web for $25 +/- (shipping etc)
Forgot to get a pic at the very beginning so, work in progress....
And then:
Some more sanding and filing, and it's getting the start on the paint job today.  I'm starting with base flat primer gray, then adding on metallic aluminum as needed.  Then screen will be added blocking the holes over the majority, except the eye holes.  The head netting is a spare Protective Mask webbing I have extra for all the pro masks I have (I got spares for all the shit to keep the masks up to date)

Then, I'm debating on going 'full retard'.  I have a small kevlar blanket that I think I'm going to cut up and then layer at least three sheets over the interior of the mask itself to provide a bit of bulltproofing... if not at least spalling/fragment protection.  IF and only IF things get totally out-of-control, then I'll revert the mask to rattlecan flat black for concealment purposes.

Apparently, the guy Kjell Nillson, a swede bodybuilder played him.  I found an interview with him y'all will LOVE.  He's a fun dude... kind of guy I'd kill to sit down and drink with.  Her'es the Interview :

Awesome amiright?  Fuckin HILARIOUS!!!!
So why not right?  

Other subjects seeing I can't respond to comments very well
I appreciate what Phil is talking about in the other post I made.  My only question is tho:  Aerosolizing Oil and flour,  dude.... one spark and yer blowing the front porch off the crib in its entirety methinks.  In some of my home-made "pryotechnics"  (yeah, yeah thats the ticket... pyrotechnics... firecrackers really BIG firecrackers!)  I load my powder with a 50-50 sugar/powder mix to A) save on blasting powder and B) sugar is as kinetic if not more energetic than the blast powder.  Just sayin'

And at Sedition:  Yeah, they're legal, but it was an accusation of Domestic Violence (proven false in the end) BUT they took -everything in the house-and then, the XBitcho made it a part of the divorce that I give up my guns as part of the final settlement.  Which I did, b/c I got the house, the car, no childs support and no alimony.  I can and have always get and build new guns... only a few had sentimental value (my dad's 1st Gen Glock SN000417... yeah... one of the first made... a true "Austrian Glock") and my first shotgun ever, a H&R 20 gauge single barrel...  and for those, I will hate her forever

So off to paint I go... more when I can.  Gotta work on another weapon I got as well as paint.
Until then, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. Why is it always a bitch that manages to ruin a good time?