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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Other Thought and Observations

Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Whelp... been doing a lot of work and talking to people ALLLLL over the country for the past few weeks, and it's been eye opening in many respects.  New York is shut-the-fuck-down in full on Gestapo mode with Obergruppenfuhrer DeBlasio and Reichsminister Cuomo running the show...
Obergruppenfuhrer DeBlasio with the Grand Mufti of New York celebrate Ramadan
Yeah.... ok... as much as the Jews annoy the ever loving fuckballz out of me as a group, the fact that DeBlasio is cuddling up to the Muj is worse.  Providing a half a million meals to the Hajjis on Ramadan?  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  The -average Jew- has done nothing to earn my animus... and singling them out for arrest per this Article.  I mean why not institute a Yellow Star for them?  I mean the way they're going with the talks of "Vaccination Passports/Paperwork"... could a yellow star, pink triangle, blue diamond or purple horseshoes be far behind?
Oy Vey! They're always after me Lucky Charms... sorry bad joke I know but still.  The constant bullshit thats being piped in to New York City is unreal.  I talk to people all day who are amazed that we're doing well, as the local and national affiliate (((Media))) are telling NYC that the rest of the country is as fucked up as they are...  and they have to be told that, lest they suddenly have the dawning realization that their dear and trusted democrat leaders lied to them.

Which would not end well for them.  The Leaders that is... although the impact on the more-than-slightly mentally deranged New Yorker... we'd prolly hear the heads explode allll  the way down here in Florida... think "Giant Zit Exploding Violently" like on Dr. Pimple Popper...

BTW:  Note to y'all.  I've seen some really fucked up things in my time... had to pick another dude's brains outta my hair... I was actually happy about that one... especially when I realized it was someone else's brains and not mine own... but I digress... my advice: AVOID that motherfucking nasty assed show.  Cute MILF Viet Doc, but god... I hadda Ralph when I watched... the Mizzuz is ALL about some sick-assed reality TV...  again, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Over?

So yep.  Things are gonna get worse.

"How worse I.R.?  Aren't you scaremongering about this shit like Aesop?"  

Fuck.... the editor again... thought we'd heard the last of that fucker... Oh well... OK:  Reality Check AGAIN.  Today whenst I worked, I done sent the Sapper to the Local Winn Dixie.  NOT our local shopping stop, but the flyer for the weekly sale landed yesterday, and they had some good BOGO deals (buy one-get one) for some food that we consume on the regular here.  We got it yesterday, and he was issued the demarche to head down today.  I rousted his lazy carcass out at around 1030 when I took my break as I pointed out the fact there was a -strong possibility- that 'supplies are limited' that we'd come up short.  He agreed and bounced.

He came back rather shell shocked.  Or, better yet: Sticker Shock  Thusly: 
$72.22 for food... three major food items... couple o'small things like the Walnuts... Sapper's thing, not mine LOL...  
$24.00 +/- for ONE RACK OF RIBS
Those were the BOGO so it sorta kinda worked out, but still... thats $55 +/- for what I think two weeks ago would have been more like -maybe- $30 on the high end... and the winglettes? They ain't even a mix of drums and wings... alllll first section double bone wing parts... the cheap ones.  The ribs three weeks ago for the same exact flavor so to speak was like $12+/-.  One. Rack. of. Ribs.  Enough to feed the three of us for one meal at 4-5 ribs for me n Sapper, and the Mizzuz only eats lite anyways, 3-4 max for her.  Ergo, One Rack per Meal.  Now... that being said, price wise, they essentially doubled in price.

Now Sapper said they had enough, however that's taking into account of who has the money to spend at those prices?  That's essentially 4, maybe 5 meals in total for 3 grown adults, never mind adding the Granbebe to the list (hence the tenders)...  

With almost 25% of the work force laid off/fired/fucked, and the last check people got was two weeks ago for a piddly $1200 per person, ain't many folks gonna be dropping that many shekels on the ribbage and chikinz.  It's to the point that the next phase of Operation Oh Fuck! is to check out turning the side yard into a chikin run.  Gott plenty of room, and the HOA?  They can suck my big furry sweat soaked ballsack.  I start taking flak from them, I'll add them to the unemployment line when I burn down their fucking office.

I mean it's getting that things are going more and more sideways... those of us with "Eyes to See" are clearly envisioning the future.  And it's not looking too cool... leastways for the 'normie-world' that we used to inhabit.  I got no expectations... just taking it day-by-day and continuing in my analysis... and man, Ye Olde Intrepid Reporter's Crystal Ball sez "Outlook Sucks!" (Or was that the magic 8-Ball?  Fucked if I know)
Biggest upcoming Problem? The scarcity... whelp, we ain't gonna run out, but what with no incoming $$$ for 30 MILLION AMERICANS, who up until a few weeks ago took it for GRANTED that there'd be meat on the menu for them AND their kids... and that shit just dried up and blew away like Bernie's electoral hopes... When steak is $50 a pound, and a Mickey D's hamburger is going for $10, shit's gonna get ugly. Ass end ugly. Too many "entitled" motherfuckers out there who have -no idea- what being hungry means... ESPECIALLY in cities and, truthfully in some serious liberal bastions where 'equality' and 'diversity' trump common fucking sense.

So... those of you who're getting ready, I fully expect the STASI and Gestapo, led by the local Gauleiter Karen to show up and DEMAND my/your carefully stored and prepped shit...'Cept by the time THAT happens, I'll have already hatted up and disappeared into the woodwork... so if I -fade- y'all will know as my regularly scheduled rants will stop, and b/c the cell phone is getting left behind... Y'all need to keep that in mind. Eyes open and keep the faith.
Til then, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

More Tidbits from the COVID Dumbassery

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes...
Off the phones and I'm better for it.  The morning started off just fine... as in a constant barrage of customers too stupid to pour piss out of a filled up boot.  I mean Jesus... how hard is it to listen to detailed, spoken-sloooowly fucking instructions?  As I can now see -why- the morons and retards in DC seem to think that they're oh so superior to the great unwashed masses....

They actually are... for a certain point of view.

By woke standards?  No-so-fucking-much.  THATS the major difference.  Self Awareness and the ability to see past one's own weaknesses, and attempt to overcome them, as opposed to the mouth breathers in DC... The District of Criminals has looooong been known as a cesspool/hive of scum and villainy to steal a line and paraphrase from a once-great Movie. (Once great in that it's been forever tarnished by the shitstorm that the series became... nothin' got out unscratched from that particular shit-festivus.)
So now I deal with some of the folks working for the beast... some are willing Minions of Evil, others not so much.  Apparently the geniuses in DC have sent powerful messages to the proles under their Divine Benevolence telling them to "Be of good cheer!  Orange Man Bad is in trouble, so we need to keep up the charade a bit longer.  We proactively thank you for your loyalty and willing compliance citizen!"

Essentially, word I'm getting is the Post Orifice is getting stupider if you can believe it.  They're gone faaaar beyond the norm of social distancing, and are now stopping the workers from having water coolers in their shops.

Yeah... because water coolers -could be vectors- of a thus far minor bug at best for normies, and a bad bug for those of us who have to worry.  According to dude, (who was on a rant-from-hell) It's not like the the thing was the water cooler from Waterboy...
Apparently tho, rather than chance the thing, between the bureaucrats and the Union, they shitcanned the coolers, wrapped them in plastic, and told the guys and gals who work inside a hot-assed warehouse handling very heavy packages to suck it.

Utter brilliance of our Supreme Bureaucratic Oligarchical Overlords eh?  That and I realized a'la Gru from the "Despicable Me" series: "Lightbulb!!!"  The fucking Unions... got me a hunch that they're having a major say  in restarting/not restarting across the country.

This's a godsend for the Unions.  I'm pretty ambivalent myself regarding them... yeah they do good work, help making sure workers don't totally take it in the ass vis-a-vis wages, healthcare ect...  HOWEVER: codicil to that: There becomes a point where the Parasitic Nature of Unions becomes harmful and/or destructive to  the host... ask Detroit how the Unions worked out for them.

So my realization is that this Viral Bullshit/Lockdown can allow Unions to gain massive gains across the board.  No wonder Dark Lord of the Zon Bezos is clamping down hard on his slaves.  The Unions can legitimately (for the dot-gov point of views bureaucrats) claim that in "the name of saaaaaafety" that a whole bunch of retarded shit (like banning water coolers) can be pushed thru onto employers.  Any pushback could be met with the "well we won't go back to work then!" and the way things are going currently?

Fuck me.  Shit's about to go way sideways.  

Upwards of 30 million unemployed right now.  30% of ALL food producers shuttered... yeah, Trump said he's gonna use the War Production Act to straighten that out, but that shit takes time.  And in our current situation, we ain't got weeks til the meltdown really kicks off.  

Publix here in Florida, my local one... the meat has almost but disappeared from the store.  The nice 'custom cut' steak counter is shuttered til further notice.  Beef is going up, Smithfield bacon is a memory, and this weekend is payday.  I dunno if I'm gonna get the deep freeze for a couple of hunderd dorrar and load it, or if it's even worth trying to.  Methinks a family confab is needed, as while would be nice to have a freezer fulla steak and burgers, the reality is $400+ plus on a deep freeze, then another $2-300 on irreplaceable food....  thats a lot of bullets and guns man.

And those with the guns, leastways if the shit really gets really reelz, makes the fucking rules. 

I'd much rather have a bunch of dangerous to other people stuff in the house than some ribeyes.  Much as the Mizzuz digs her steaks, another issue is the cooking of said-beefs... shit... that'll mark you as a target in a time of famine.  Even if it's cooked inside, you can still get a scent of the cooking outside if you really try.  Never mind if yer fucking starving.  Motherfuckers'd prolly smell a steak from three-quarters of a fucking mile away.

Never mind if'n yer stupid enough to grill the fucking thing on the grill...

Yeah... keep that in mind dear readers... smells can be your friend if they belong to someone else. 

So, more later.  I gotta make dinner. I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Evening Droogs n Droogettes!
No real posting tonight as I made a vidya:
Hitler Reacts to Covid-19

Specifically the lockdown lifting...
Let me know what y'all think.
The Intrepid Reporter
Big County

Monday, April 27, 2020

Up in the Morning with the Rising Sun...

Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes
"Gonna run all day til the runnings done!"  Ahhh the good old days of a brisk 2-3 miler at 0630 while still drunk.  Fumes pouring off of the hardcore boozers, making waves about the platoon, and the younger kids reeking of cheap beer and nasty perfume from the skanks they managed to cage up into the barracks for the night.

God I do miss it.

Total proof that Brainwashing works amiright?  Who needs the North Korean/Chinese Alliance to do it?
 Great movie IMO and if you haven't seen the original, you need to.  Fuck that Denzel Washington remake bullshit... A heapin' pile o'shytte there.

So, speaking of Bullshit, Aesop is back at bashing anyone and everyone who doesn't agree with  him and follow the party line that are the Glorious and Highly Intelligent Pronouncements from Aesop-the-Mighty-On-High to us lower insignificant worms... leastways it seems that way.  He disabled comments a while back b/c of the argumentative nature of the Trolls, but I also find it revealing... anyone who seems to legitimately try to argue a point with his is, by his nature/observations, either wrong or stupid.  And he lets everyone know just how brilliant he is.

Me?  I was a fucking dumbass grunt.  I make no bones about it.  I got some skills in certain areas, but by and large, its Jack of All Master of None, as one can never truly master anything.  The first rule of Wisdom is "There's always something new to learn."

Thus, I think I got Aesop figured out... I might be wrong, but I discovered him blowing the horn/alarm loud and hard for the EbolaChan issue back a few years ago.  He was recommended by friend of a friend when I was lurking in ye olde intarhwebz and not actively dumping stupid out on the airwaves... He had some good points.  VALID points.. I mean good Lord... thank GOD almighty the chinks were fucking with SARs and not Ebola.  Chink-Lung Aids is bad enough for those of us like me (missing 1/2 an airbag) nevermind anything else worse.  BUT!  In the end, he was wrong, and his reader count I think probably dropped pretty precipitously.  Now, far as I know, he wasn't getting paid, in fact I KNOW he wasn't b/c he stated it outright on many occasion.

That being said however, he -did- nominally have a vast audience that hung on his every post.  Who complimented him at his foresight and knowledge.  Lots of people ALLover the web used him as the go-to for all things EbolaChan.  I mean shit, that particular disease?  Bleeding out from the eyeballs, nose, asshole and eventually your pores until you essentially become a gelatinous human-shaped pile of blood-soup, dead'rn'fuck and apparently, it's a horrible way to go.  He was the man and Johnny-on-the-spot for it.

And then nothing happened.

Zilch.  Bupkiss.  Nada.  Had to have sucked to a certain point to have been that wrong about something that big.  I mean not taking anything away from him but as I said before he was voicing valid points that no one in the Dot Gov agencies anywhere were talking about at any time.  BUT, the Intarhwebz is sorta unflinchingly vicious.  And his readership count dropped like a rock.  Until CoronaChan. 

Now it's All Aesop all the time.  He's reopened comments apparently, but even in there, it's fawning all over him, or it's trolls cheering on Aesop taking apart someone piece-by-piece.  The very fact that half of his articles are opened with talking about 'butthurt cream' and all the bullshit like that, I'd say that he's getting the adulation from people again.  His constant harping on the "If you re-open you are Hitler/Stalin b/c you want everyone dead" is such horseshit.  You know what?  Since the -reality- of the situation has happened, I.E. the areas most affected ain't where I live, I give a shit about it.  Am I at risk?  Fuck yeah.  This shit'll kill me dead like Raid does Roaches.  People like him telling the rest of us how to live?  Fuck that.  Bye Felecia.  Too many Karens in the world, and thats what he's become, high on his own hubris.

That being said tho, at this point with the media AND a large number of politicians saying "We have to stay shut down because reasons!!!! makes me immediately suspect of their motives.  Mainly because the media doesn't give a fly fucking rats ass for anyone or anything outside of their little (((New York City))) and politicians?  All they give a fuck about is trying to fuck up Orange Man Bad. 
And the real issue is that they fucked up.  Or rather, the virus fucked up.  Mainly by NOT being that lethal to the majority of people, by NOT being as infectious as they would like, and by NOT happening closer to the election.

See, if the Chink Lung Aids had hit in say, July... hoo boy... wouldn't give much of a shot at his re-election.  But as it hit in February March, peaked and is now getting done in April, the only hope they have is one of two things:  
1)  The "Second Wave" (if it is a thing with this bug) will come back harder, longer, stronger and faster.  If it hits any time in the summer, I'd be amazed, primarily because the flu don't like the heat of the summer.  They're fervently counting on this to happen as the Spanish Flu of 1918 hit first in March, then came back in the Fall.  Specifically September to November.  THATS what the politcos are hoping for... come back and fuck up everything in time for the election so they can parade out "Weekend at Bidens: The Finger Still Smells Like Fish".
2)  The other thing they may be hoping for is that the Chinese drop another "Oops" and let another bug out of the pantry.  I'm no expert, but the very fact that Joe Chink, The Globalists like Bill "Chinksucker" Gates and, well damned near everyone is trying to say that this wasn't China's fault, shows that it's the exact opposite.  Any asshole with two brain cells, and like me, took screen shots of the Daily-Daily Carcass Count from the Commie Lung Pox can show, uhh no, this WAS/IS/AND ALWAYS WILL BE The Joe Chinks fault.  I personally think it wasn't an accident.  The Joe Chinks had a LOT on their plate back in November/December of last year, what with Hong Kong lighting it up for months on end, unrest spreading to Mainland China, and on top of it, Trump telling them to GETFUCKEDLOLOLOL on trade agreements.  All this Commie Pox did was help them out.  Tell me I'm wrong?  Closed down the riots, allowed them to arrest any remaining dissidents (b/c the dissidents came out to broadcast how the Chink dot-gov was lying and fucking  up.  This allowed them to even further their already tight grip on the population.  

So, that's what I got for today.
Til later, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, April 26, 2020

The King has a New Throne

Greetings me Droogs n Droogettes...
Spent the morning doing 'around the house' chores.

Namely installing a new Throne in the shitter:
The old one was beat the fuck up and was the original that came with the house.  Paltry half-gallon "earth saving" bullshit model... that started malfunctioning about 2 years ago.  I know... I should have changed it out a few back, but man, doing a toilet change is one of the nastiest jobs you can do around the house.  Its also dangerous if yer not careful.

Case in point DadUnit, AKA DeadDad, back in the day he did a toilet swap in the house.  During the process he scratched an itch on his ear w/out thinking about it.  Two days later he had a raging ear infection that ended up being septic as fuck.  He was lucky to not lose the hearing, never mind all the shit that came pouring out of his head.

So since that episode, I approach the changing of a turd catcher with great reluctance and then, when I get cornered into doing it, I go full MOPP4 with gloves, goggles, mask... you know... like you do going to the supermarket these days... my, how times have changed eh?  SO I got'er dun, although with some difficulty.  Seems 15 year old nuts that've rusted that badly even when you soak 'em in Penetrating Catalyst for 20 minutes they don't unscrew.  So I busted out the dremel with my cutting wheel attachment and went to town.  For about a minute.  Went through 3 cutting wheels, one that was expensive at $2 a shot, so then I got pissed.

The Missuz knew to keep her mouth shut when I came out of the bathroom mumbling dire prevarications and oaths to the Blood God.  She didn't even blink when I went back into the bathroom with my 4 pound mini sledge.
God it was soooooooo cathartic to beat the old shitter to a ruin.
Not so badly as to make too much of a mess mind you.  Just enough to get it off the floor, and out the door so to speak.  Then I shop vacc'd the pieces-parts that chipped off when I was doing my John Henry imitation, cleaned up the old wax ring, and installed the new one.

Side note:  Its the 21st fuckin Century.  Why in the fuck are we still using wax rings to secure and seal our shitters?  I mean hell, why don't we have some magic sciencey poo vaporizer by now?
God man... I (hell most of us on this here blog) are of an age that grew up on the Jetsons man.... You never saw or heard of George gettin assed up that his crapper was malfunctioning, or that Judy had flushed a cotton pony down the pipe and flooded the crib...The shitters in the future must have been perfect, like everything else.  Expectations were made, and the fuckers lied to us like an animated fuckin rug man...

So, final result, Big Country 1, Old Shitter 0.  I win.

And the new shitter is a joy.  Has three settings... low, medium and dump truck.  Push one button on the left if you only peed.  Little Flush.  Push the button on the right, get a Bigger Flush... call it a medium download size that needs to flush.  Both buttons at once?  Me?  I personally don't want to be sitting on this thing when both are pushed... it's the Turbo-Flush 2000 and methinks if the seal is good, it might rip my package off.  Last time I saw a crapper like that was int he new barracks in Fort Hood... the shitter was so strong it could eat a whole combat boot without getting jammed.  A most impressive toy.

Sooooo... speaking of Toilets and Shit.  Seems someone somewhere decided to try and torpedo Slow Joe Biden despite him being the DemonRats candidate.  My analysis of it is pretty simple.  He's sliding far too fast for them to cover for the mental deterioration situation anymore.  I mean I've personally seen it up close with friends, and when I worked in a Nursing Home some many years ago.  We had patients that started out a bit 'forgetful' and had some mood swings... the speed in which they deteriorated was stunning.  And right now?  Old Gropey is showing the exact same signs and everybody knows it.

They used Biden to get the Black vote and to oust Bernie.  Hell, anyone with two brain cells to rub together knew Bernie wasn't actually running for the prez... it was "one last grift until that last goodnight" for him.  He's never worked an honest day in his life, and going by that pattern, he would NEVER last as President as its a lot of fucking work and that word "Work" is an anathema to a Crypto-Commie Jew like Bernie.  He was in it strictly for the sweet sweet lucre he could con out of the retard millennials who dream of being a Grift King like Bernie....  Sorry to tell ya kids, but unless you belong to ((the club))) you ain't getting the inside track on a no-work $$$ making con like that.

So now, the question becomes not IF Joey Bananas quits, its when.  It'll have to be soon.  They need to get the Lead time up.  Odds are its gonna be Nipples Cuomo.  He's had plenty of face time nationally lately because he's Fredo's brother AND the fact that he's been being a dick to Orange Man Bad.  Now, methinks there's a bit of a split mind you amongst the Rats.  My rationale for that is on one hand, I've been seeing a LOT of calls for him to resign in the face of the accusation.  This from the Rats themselves.  On the other hand however, we're seeing the CNN Brigade pulling a cover up, by deleting shit on the web, and acting like a fucking press agency for the goddamned Stasi or GRU.

Oh, and BTW... Cuomo gets his nickname fair n square:
On closer inspection:
Looks like a couple of bars going thru there.
I ain't gonna judge.  I personally did it back in the 101st drunk as fuck one night in Nashville... I was with a broad who was getting it done... really hot chick... getting it done sealed the deal for the pussy that night so why the fuck not?  1995-96 was the whole beginning of the piercing/tat coming into the general public anyhoo.  However, I was what? 26?  Nipples is fucking 62... and his divorce went through a couple months back, so it looks like he's doing the 'swinging single' experimental stage right now.  Good for him... I personally don't give a fuck, 'cept calling him 'Nipples' will drive the DemonRats crazy.  As for me?  I took those painful motherfuckers out as soon as I sobered up LOL.

Now, better him than Hillarhoid.  Seems we haven't heard much from Her Sheness lately, and I'm good with that.  Although, apparently Kim Jong Un recently came into information that could see Hillary jailed, and "Oops, I did it again!" said Hillary.  Rest in Peace Un... you weren't that bad as far as Overarching Evil Bad Guy Dictators go... I would have loved to see him do a bit more than he did...

Instead now?  We got the Sister.  31 years old.  Kim Yo-jong.  Married, one kid.  The brains behind Un apparently.  I'll be curious to see how that particular goatfuck plays out.  As a really good friend of mine, Sheridan Commander pointed out, we ain't got like any Naval assets in the Pacific right now.  S.C. BTW is my old boss, and a retarded Lt Col. from the Division back in the day.  Crazy fucker used to be a Tank Paratrooper, a mutually exclusive set of terms if there ever was one.  But, he's dead right.  The carriers are down n anchored for CoronaChan, and those are the heavy hitters.  I also find it interesting that around the same time as our Carriers started having problems, the new Chinese Helicopter Assault Carrier they just finished building caught fire. 
Going back to an older post I did about a Certain Navy SEAL/Doctor/Astronaut, Dr. Jonny Kim:
Wonder if a certain highly talented Doctor might have been seen catching a smoke on the flight deck of the aforementioned ship?  If there's one thing for certain, this is ONE dude I could see pulling off an op like that is the Good Doctor.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Until later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Saturday Night and I'm beat

Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes
Spawn #1 came by today.  Had a nice visit.  I got my order of 9mm and the stuff I ordered for him (some 230gn .45ACP) in last night, hence the visit today.  I managed to find some extremely hard to come by  ammo online about a week and a half ago.  The website/company is Freedom Munitions...
 They're primarily a re-manufacturing company, which is why I think they had shit in stock.  Lotsa folks won't buy reloads...  They -do- however also have 'first run new' ammo available as well...  I've bought from them in the past (couple of years back), and I thought of them a few back as I was getting a bit on the anxious side to get some basic 9mm to feed the Uzi...  I mean what good is a weapon without 'food' for it?

So, I got me a buttload of 9mm, and they surprisingly had .45 in stock, as well as lo and behold! .25 caliber.  My rationale for needing "poodle-shooter" ammo is thusly:
It's a Fabrique Nationale Vest Pocket Model 1906.  .25 caliber.  Itty Bitty Baby Poodle Shooter.

It's also 114 years old LOL.  I got it as a High School graduation gift from a friend from back in the day.  He was an adult friend-of-the-family who thought it was nonoperational, as it was in the half-disassembled mode, and had been that way for 40 + years in his dads drawer... his dad was cop who kept this as a drop piece back in the old days, and dude thought it was just a nonfunctional curio.  When he gave it to me, I immediately went to my books (no internet back then) and researched it.  Found out what was going on, and soaked it in some carb cleaner.  That did the trick.  It unbound the jammed slide and allowed me to rotate the locked barrel lugs to get it back where it needed to be.  Disassembly of this, and a lot of the guns from John Browning's menagerie involve locking the slide halfway, then rotating the barrel, and releasing the slide lock.  In this case, dude's dad had locked it to the rear, turned the barrel halfway, and released the slide causing it to 'lock' ON the lugs.  40 years of that caused the metal to bind like crazy.  When I soaked it, and then re-engaged the slide lock, the barrel, with a bit of convincing with some pliers, rotated back into place, and allowed it to go back into proper battery.

So instead of a hunk of broken metal, he ended up giving me a functional sterling silver plated "Gentleman's Vest Gun."  I used it all the way up until the back strap mainspring broke in 1996.  It's a leaf spring that is split that allows it to cock properly.  One of the leaves, (leafs?) snapped off when I was out with friends doing a shoot... it's one leaf style spring, but cut down the middle so one side puts pressure on the trigger, allowing it to cock, and the other (the one that broke off) allowed the 'hammer' (lil sliding early version of a striker hammer in a Glock) to be cocked.  When that piece broke off, the striker couldn't lock into place, so it became nonfunctional.  So, at that,  I threw it into my sock drawer with the "eventually I'll fix it" thing going on...

Cut to the past 20 years... I've looked diligently to find a replacement part but fuck... no dice.  Mind you, they made upwards of half-a-million of these things, but no fuckin' dice on getting THAT spring.  Lots of the other fiddly bits available, but apparently, THIS part is the most common failure point.  NO ONE to include Numrich or any of the other 'odds n' sods' gun part companies have it.  The list it, but it's always been "out of stock."

So, fast forward to a few weeks ago.  The Missuz knows how to shoot an AR/M-4.  Taught her myself.  However, it's not concealable.  AND truthfully, I love her, but I -don't- want her at my back with an M-4... 

So, I busted out the FN Baby Browning as it's more commonly known as.
Its got matching numbers, and it's in really good shape for it's age.  I'll never have it refinished, as it's got charachter.  It also is NOW, fully functional.  That in itself is kind of cool, and, yeah, I'm patting myself on the back really hard, but I deserve it... not many motherfuckers could do what I did.

When I couldn't find the actual part for it, I started looking around at other guns in similar make, model and year.  As a quick aside:  Back in the day, a well dressed gentleman of the "upper crust" so to speak, never left the house unless he was in a three-piece suit, and accouterments.  This was usually gloves, hat, spats and on his person, a watch, which went in the vest, as well as a very small pistol, which went in the other vest pocket.  Because of the anti-reality of gun grabbers, the vest pocket guns at the turn of the Century have been eliminated from the norms and retelling of history.  The vest you wear to this day?  Yeah.  One pocket was for yer cool-assed watch on a chain, and the other?  That was for yer fuckin' gun bro.  Cool history lesson eh whot?

So, I digress... anyways, I found out Colt made a Vest Pocket 1908 as well... veeeeeery similar... two years AFTER the FN version but damn... the similarities amiright?
So while looking on various sites, I found that the VP 1908 is FAR more prolific than the Fabrique Nationale... dunno... maybe Colt in the States being the 'gold standard' and taxes on imported guns?  Tough to say.  The Late Great Hognose (AKA Weaponsman) did a whole writeup on the Baby Brownings HERE.  

So, after perusing various parts sites as I said, I found that the best price was on fucking Ebay of all places.  $3 for the spring.  The shipping cost more.  However, there were some significant differences in the spring from the FN...
The FN doesn't have that folded over piece (the one with the hole in it) and the leaf is split wider and deeper on the FN.  So... to work I go...  I cut the folded over part with my dremel... cut it right off.  Then, I filed the thing smooth.  The hole in it is for the mag release, and matched perfectly.  Then I cut down between the two leaves really fucking carefully until it matched the FN.  I had to also hand-file the width of it, as when I put my calipers on it, the Colt was .025 wider than the FN, so I filed it very carefully til it matched.

Now the one pictured has a really good angle on the curve to the leaf springs.  The one I had?  Holy Shit!  Almost a full circular curve to it.  It needed to be more like the one in the picture.  So, I filled a small dish with gun oil, and then busted out the blowtorch.  I super-heated the spring til it glowed, and used tweezers to put the right curve on it, and cooled it/hardened it in the oil.

Then I fitted it.  Surprisingly, it went right fuckin in... no mess-no fuss.  I then loaded up some of my precious but dated ammo (at the time I only had 10 rounds left over from 1996, and the mag holds 6) and took it into the side yard. 

The test fire worked like a charm, and it's now in the missuz side table at night. 

Damn I'm good.

So when I found a box of .25ACP at Freedom, I didn't mind paying a premium.  The only thing I did was put the BBs on the drill press...
Viola... Instant increase in lethality.  Gimme Hollowpoints over FMJ any day. 

So, that was the newest gun adventure.  I'll post more as I build more.  The Uzi should be done by next weekend I hope.  I'll tune y'all in then.

Til then I remain, the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, April 24, 2020

Another Weekend....

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes!
Finally... the weekend is here.  Holy shit it's been a slog getting here.  The job is going well, leastways as far as working from the house, I'm in total enjoyment mode.  Waking up 15 minutes before the start of my shift?  Wearing my nasty assed sleeping shorts and ripped up t-shirt?  Not shaving?  Not having a haircut?

Oh yeah its go time!

Thing is I'm wondering if the company MULTINATIONAL INC as I'll call it, did this current hiring buildup just for the duration.  I've been doing my usual analytics on this, and methinks that IF and only IF things start returning to normal, the usual "last hired: first fired" may come into play.  So with that in mind, I've been a productive lil monkey, making sure to play the game to the fullest extent.  Ain't my first rodeo in a 'call center environment' even tho its 'virtual' so to speak.  Whats cool is having been the BOSS in a call center I have a greater understanding of how to game the software and monitoring shit to the max.
"Big Brother" IS watching us 24-7 apparently.  So I make sure to NOT use the work PC for ANYTHING other than work sites.  In fact this PC I'ma on right now is right next to the work machine to make sure I have something to surf with if needed.  Hence why occasionally I've been able to start ye olde bloggage during work.

The key to the work from home thing is to make sure the wrap times are incredibly short.   Meaning when you end a call, you go immediately back into ready and/or take another call.  Keeping my Wrap times under 2-3 seconds for 5-10 calls means I can THEN go and fuck off for ten minutes one one of them...  the averages work.  Granted, I gotta do more work during that back-to-back marathons, but the 10 minutes is a bonus as I can take a nice long shit without worrying about anyone monitoring my fucking bathroom breaks, as we're supposed to clock out a code "Takin' a Shit" or "DaD" code as I've been calling it in the chat room... we do a day long chat that the boss monitors as well... if you don't participate in the mindless/work-related drivel, she starts looking to send you private messages like "Where are you?"  I haven't been on the receiving end, but I ain't chancing shit.

So far, she's impressed with what I'm doing.  No shit babe... if I haven't been Merc'in' I've been in a call center.  Ain't my first Roh-Dee-Oh fer sure.

So... More news from around the nation.  Seems that lil protest in Idaho that the cops arrested a MILF who was protesting the lockdown by being in a public park?
Here's the Story
Local Police Actively Enforcing the Idaho Lockdown
So... a teeny weeny bit o'blowback apparently.
The Headline, if you TL:DR is the following:
This comes fromt he British News "The Sun" which is a fuckin rag and birdcage liner normally.  Most Brit papers are.  Completely fuckin SJW soaked and braised in their own self-righteous juices, they never met a Leftist they didn't love, nor a Right Winger they didn't want to take cheap shots at.  As seen in this headline, there's a lot to unpack.  "Militiaman" being one, connoting "Bad Nazi Man" and "Anti Government Nutjob"....

Then "Antivaxxer Mom"... another loaded psycho-sociologically word designed to make you believe she's anti-science or just a fruitloop who doesn't care if her kids die.  The killer thing is, they call her antivaxxer because she stated that she and her would never take a vaccine brewed up by the Globalist Bill Gates.  Something to the effect of "Who fucking died and made Bill Gates the Vaccine God?"  ANd not only that, but just why in the fuck is a pencilnecked fucking geek loser gamma male like Gates even opening his fucking cockholster?  Doesn't he have a money bin that he should be swimming in the loot a'la Scrooge McDuck?
Now, how much of the news about THIS particular episode have you seen?

Answer: Not One Fucking Word.

Reason:  Too easy.  They're AFRAID.  They need to be.

I mean OK... Nancy "Let Them Eat Icecream" Pelosi.  Right now, if and only IF I had the means, after that shit show on tv?  IF and only IF I was unemployed with a family to support, saw that vapid retarded crone on TV... shit... I'd need an M-79 Grenade Launcher and 5 rounds of Willy Pete Incendiary.  Our self defined "elites" have forgotten what it means to piss off 'the common man.'

Their bubble is such that a direct attack is almost impossible...  to many guards, too much bubble...  however, that being said, IDF (InDirect Fire) might be a good wakeup call... Imagine if -someone- were to drive by Herr Gaultlietner Pelosi's haus, and drop 5 rounds of 40 mike-mike incendiary on it.

Burn her house to the ground.

If she's in it, and doesn't get out, so much the better.

The very fact that the US news isn't talking about the cop who arrested the MILF because they don't want anyone getting any ideas.

IDEAS are bad.  Badthink in newspeak.  Double-unplus-badspeak by Orwellian concepts.

The way to win:
1)  Shunning:  Start NOT speaking to, or allowing anyone to acknowledge an oppressor.  SHUN THEM.  If you know them personally, explain it's not cool to talk/interact with them.
2)  Familial Shunning.  Don't interact with their families at all.  If you're kid go to daycare/school with their kids, pull them out and relocate them, and insure the facility understands that its because Sen. "X" kids go there. 
3)  If you are neighbors with them, cut them dead.  Toilet broke? Yard needs help? Need a jump start?  Because Fuck You That's Why.
4) Then, if they 'ramp up the game' petty harassment.   If you find a piece of roadkill while driving home, by all means, share it with them.
5)  Then, if at this point they 'don't get it', go full retard.  I leave it to you to come up with the suitable punishment.  Burning the house down should be the last resort, but I understand otherwise.

It's why I started the hashtag #necklacesfornancy on Twitter... didn't take off, but in South Africa, a necklacing was a means of control/terror.  The nigs would put a used old tire around a fuckers neck, pour gas into the cavity, wire the fuckers hands to it, and then set it alight.
I personally think that such methods need to make an appearance here in the states.

We need to get our message that we're tired of the PTBs bullshit... one law for them, another for us.  I'd say that the media, being complicit with this shit, deserves the same.
Let me know if I'm off...

I personally think it might get shit straight.

Share it until you dare it, comments welcome!
Until later, I remain the counter-elite Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Fuckin NICE!

Evening Droogs n Droogettes!
a short one before bed... I'm still pretty fucking wiped out from the Granbebe and the Missuz spent the majority of the day doing the remaining laundry whilst I worked.  Then she pretty much slumped into Ye Olde Recliner, and sorta-kinda melted into it.  I know she's alive 'cos that magnificent chest o'hers is goin' up n down, but beyond that she ain't flinched, even when Bob-the-Crackhead-Cat jumped on and across her head.  Bob's been in rare form tonight.  Bouncing offa the walls, fucking with the dog, and being a spaz.  Dunno who or what wound his clock but its been 'off to the races' for the better part of the night.

Hopefully it means the lil fucker sleeps the rest of the night.
The two of them, partners in crime... as you can see, Bob the Cat and Stella the Pittie are essentially the same color.  Yeah... look closely.  There's a cat in the pic LOL.  They get alone pretty well for a dog/cat partnership.  The cat primarily fucks with the dog's tail incessantly.  Thinks it's his personal chew/attack toy, and the dog, well she only takes so much shit, but doesn't really fight back as much as just -sits- on the cat, ending all aggression by squishing the cat.

Pretty effective deterrent actually.

So, tonight's newsie-news.  Y'all have seen the bullshit in Commiefornication/Frutopia right?
Skate parks closed... and filled in with sand.
That right there is some serious twisted shit to do to kids during this bullshit, as seen by some of the tweets out there in the ethers:
 Even that weak-ass Cruz jumped on the "Newsom is a Fucktard" Wagon... Not really a hard thing to do... wounded prey and all that.  Fucking moron... so yeah... Commies gonna fucking Commie, and damn if it didn't go sideways the very next day...
Seems the local skate-rats and kids got together, got a shit ton of shovels and brooms, and cleaned up the fucking park.

There's a reason that generation is called "Generation Zyklon"... and it scares the ever-loving fucking shit out of the Boomer Politicians

And with good reason.
So, its nice to see a generation actually do something besides fucking whine and cry and be fucking worthless (Yeah I'm talkin 'bout you Millenials...)  Kudos for a) Fixing the issue and B) Flipping the bird at the Authoritarian Nazis at the same time.

OK then, gotta crash... one more day in the Salt Mines, and I'll have some updates tomorrow.  Til then I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Wednesday... Halfway there...

Greetings and Salutations to me Droogs n Droogettes.

Quick note before I go too deep:  Phil over at Busted Knuckles got laid off.  Dunno if he's got a tip jar or not, but if he does, hit the ole bastard up as we all gotta look out for one another.  After all, it's his fucking fault I'm back here doing this shit LOL.  So... back to the story at hand...

Its been a rough couple o' days at the Big Country Home for Wayward and Mental Veterans.

How rough?
A liter sized bucket'o rough.
Not my normal tipple, but strenuous times requires strong drink.
"Patron Silver... when Vodka ain't cuttin' it."
OK... so the Granbebe is gone... got picked up today.  And not one second too soon.  Yesterday:  No nap.  None... wasn't having any of it.  Became a fucking exhausted monster.  Oh... and did I mention the night before?

Oh ho... yeah... Monday Night she decided to become the "Chocolate Volcano" after being constipated all weekend... as in dropped of Friday, no poop until Monday.  And the only reason it happened was we gave her 'the nuclear option' of a half a piece of Ex-Lax.  Like a lot of kids her age, she's at that stage where she -won't poop-.  Its not that she's genuinely bound up, it's something about 2 and 3 year olds where sometimes, some kids just won't let it go.  Granbebe is one of them.

So the only solution is to start off with some stool softener, and then ramp up from there.  Which is when (pardon the pun) shit started getting ugly-ier.

We did the children's stool softener... twice.  Result: Nada.
We did the liquid fiber drink for kids....once.  Result: Bupkiss
We THEN did the baby enema... gross!!! and once.  Result:  Goose egg again.

Finally... out of desperation, a half a teeny brick of chocolate exlax.

Jesus H Christ.  Next time an motherfucker needs a warning.

She essentially exploded out her ass.  While in for a lay-down.  Not a nap... she doesn't sleep until she falls over unconscious.  She, while in for the lay down, blew the fuck up.  AND unlike a normal kid, she didn't cry or let us know.  Nononono... that woulda been too easy.
Nah... instead she peeled off the now-completely full diaper and played the "Lets paint the walls with our shit!" game.

Thank GOD I work from here at the house.  The missuz, God Bless her was stuck taking one for the team on solo clean up duty.  I happened to be stuck in the "I'm working honey! Sorry!" mode and I only hadda comfort her after the fact.  That and I did the laundry.... which turned out to be an insane amount.

So... that was Monday.

Tuesday, while on break I started working thru the mountain o'fuckin nasty shit-stained bullshit.

Remember I just got a new washer?

Yeeeeeeeah... seems the drain hose worked loose and dumped water ALL over the fucking kitchen.  I didn't find out until lunchtime.  Sapper handled it for the missuz as I think her head almost exploded.  I know -mine- woulda if'n I'da been the poor sumbitch who found that shit.  OK... problem -relatively- solved.  I re-secured the fucking drain pipe with a goddamned leftover prisoner zip tie from Iraq... no fucking way this fucking thing is gonna break like the last one... I have a couple dozen emergency restraints for quick prisoner-taking from Iraq... they look like industrial size zip ties, but have a thick wire inside the plastic so's it can't fucking break... you need wiresnips to get that fucker off.

Now, cut to Tuesday night... specifically oh dark motherfucking early.  I swear she's read the enemy manual on how to fuck me up... I'm not the sharpest between 0200 and 0300... and at 0205, she exploded AGAIN, this time 'cept out her mouth.

Bazooka Barfing.  ALLLLL motherfucking night.  Everywhere.  All night.
Sapper thinks it's from when she played with the poo, she probably got some in her mouth, and it took a couple of hours for the fecal bacteria to kick in.  So damn.

By the time we returned her to the other Grandparents, she'd stopped puking (of course) and was actually rather chipper after we'd dumped a quart of Gatorade into her to counter the invariable dehydration that she had from all the water loss...  So much so the other Papa was like "She seems fine to me!" as he looked at me, the bedraggled and spent mizzuz, and baggy-eyed Sapper.

Go fucking figure right?

OK... so onto other less disgusting news.  Fun stuff.  New flammerwerfer under construction here, possibly 2.  I need a new one, and think I might sell the other one.  Extra bux and all that.  Other cool stuff, I got a deal on 5 Uzi mags.  And whats even -cooler- is the company that shipped 'em to me fucked up.  Instead of 5 used "fair condition" mags as described on GunBroker, I got fuckin' 5 brand new still-in-the-wrapper-and-cosmoline mags.  Think someone in shipping done fucked up, but hey, I ain't complaining.  Brand new 32 round Uzi mags are about $30 each... I paid less than $100 S&H included.

Other CoronaChan News:
Joe Chink et al all seem to think they can blame the US for this bullshit.  And that we're gonna let 'em.  Not so sure about that Chinky-chuck.  The AVERAGE US Citizen is irked.  And Joe Chink, like most of the fucking retards in Washington, live in a bubble of their own minds when it comes to 'average Americans'.  I got a hunch that a few messages of "Fuck You, Strong Message Follows" might do something...  I mean influencing American companies is pretty easy.  Bring home the goddamned manufacturing, or we're not buying from you, and if you DON'T, I say find out where the middle management and upper management, especially HR works live, and burn down their fucking homesGot me a strong feeling the message would be received five-by-five on that one.

That and I personally think we should burn the Chinese Embassy to the ground.  Fuck them shifty slant eyed fuckers.  In fact burn ALL the Chinese consulats to the ground, and assault ANY and ALL chink diplomats.  Fuck 'em... they brought it on themselves.  They think they can play a long game?  Ha!  Fuckin morons.

Shit... people don't remember but we fucking dropped a bomb on their fuckin embassy back during the Balkans Bullshit.  Everyone played it off like it was an "Oops our bad!" mistake as we were bombing the fuck outta Belgrade? or wherever the fuck it was located at the time.  One off course bomb?  Yeah, So Solly 'bout dat, you no rikey we unnstan.

In reality, what people don't know was that a few days before, the Serbs had figured out how to track AND shoot down our F-117 Nighthawk.
And they managed to do just that.  And apparently, the Serbs either sold or gave some of the more critical parts to the Chinks, who then took it to the embassy to box up and ship back to Beijing.

Not so fuckin' fast ya lil Bastards.

As Sam Kinison said, "BUILD A NEW HOUSE!!!!!!"

Works for me.  Personally, gotta give credit to the Serbs for figuring out how to take out a 'supposedly invisible' aircraft.  My understanding is they put radar site on top of three big ass hills/mountains with the radr aimed down instead of up.  The F-117 when doing it's thang, flew low, between the moutains and hills.  Low enough that the radar(s) could see a 'hole' in the coverage that shouldn'tve been there.  Damned tricky them Serbs.

So yeah.  Fuck 'em.  They don't like it, then they shouldn't dabble in Bio-War.  Which it's looking more and more like that that's exactly what it was.  I think I pointed out a couple o'dozen times that this bug cut loose at a time that was extremely nervous making for the head Joe Chinks.  Hong Kong's protests were getting bigger and starting to 'infect ' that mainland so to speak.  Amazeballs how this bug came along just in time to prevent any further 'social disruption?'  And how, as Instapundit has from a friend of his:  "A FRIEND ON FACEBOOK OBSERVES: “If you’ve been paying attention — and almost no one has — Hong Kong was strangled over the past several days, as the Communist apparatus rolled up much of the protest leadership, and asserted its right to rule in any fashion it wishes. ‘One country, two systems’ is dead. The city itself will now likely go into decline: ordinarily with Shenzhen taking over its role in commerce, but who can say now? Another light goes out. The Communist Party of China is tying up loose ends and, to borrow a phrase, taking care of all family business. This isn’t the main event. This is preparatory to that. The main event is coming — and it is hastened by a Zhongnanhai calculation that the United States possesses neither the attention span nor the competence to do something about it. You can pick your metaphor: August 1914, December 1941. Just be aware that what they’re contemplating will end up a metaphor all its own.”

Yeeeeeah... bad things are coming.  More later as I got to make dinner AGAIN (burgers tonight) and start hitting the Tequila.  Until then I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, April 20, 2020

OK Update of new besides Me

Late Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes
Sooooooo OK... the new gig has me talking to people alllll over the country.  My biggest calls are from New York... both Upstate and New York Fuckin City, NYFC for brevity.

The picture painted is a Zombiepocalypse... minus the Zombies.
Currently, things have completely -stopped- as one long term born-and-raised girl told me.

Said she has to cross Times Square every morning to go to her 'must-be-there' job, even though she hasn't been officially declared essential.   Her take: "I've been going across Times Square for the past 6 years... Usually I bump into at least 200-300 people in my trek.  Not so much these days.. it's fucking creepy... the only people out are the homeless.... no cops... no nobody.  I'm carrying an ancient handgun my granpappy left the family back in the day 'cos I'm afraid someone's gonna try and eat me."

(This's almost verbatim... I took notes)  "The worst part is how quiet it is.. I can hear the various boards (the big video boards and neon apparently) in the Square snapping and popping every time they switch... like normally, the board switches advertisements and you don't notice unless you're looking at them... Now?  Snap crackle and pop and a new ad is up...MAD Creepy.... if this doesn't end soon, I might lose whats left of my sanity."

I sympathized with her... sounds right awful from my bucolic existence.

Now, then other issues:  Crime.  I've had a MAD number of people calling in and stating that their orders have not shown up.  I, of course check said orders for confirmation, and invariably have found that yes, yer shit WAS delivered, but lo and behold!  Gone.  Grown legs.  Dis-appear-O'd.  Vamoosed.  Departed-with-haste. Low level crime, but the fact is, in one case, the Vic knew who took it, who told him to fuck hisself.  Must suck living in a state where guns are outlawed eh?
Then to the midwest.. apparently some companies, specifically Elder-Homes.. Rest Homes... Croaker Central.  One in particular in Arizona... they cancelled their orders thru August.  So I got a call from the dude who ACTUALLY runs the place, and he was like "When are we receiving "X" as we're out, I need it, the residents need it, and what the fuck is going on?"

"Y'all motherfuckers were supposed to deliver last week!!!" he yelled at me.  I was like "Bro, chill pill and lemme see whaddup wit what?"

I checked his account, and after a deep dive into aforementioned account, I found a corporate bean counter (who'd he'd never heard of) had put a 'push' on deliveries until August.  The order was for every two weeks of product at $600 per delivery... from what I could tell in the note, bean-counter saw this as a chance to save/pocket some dinero by 'pushing' the delivery.  I told him what I found, and even said "Yo bro... fuck it if I get fired... fuck that corporate cunt.  Lemme change some shit and get you and the oldsters squared away!"

I rescheduled the orders... doubled them actually, and then, just to be a cocksucker (LOL) I changed the notifications to the account that everything went thru him instead of corporate.

Dude was happier than a clam in mud.

I might get fired, but at least my conscience is clean.

Then, other COOL thing.  I hadda oldster.. dude sounded like a OLD man...  Like as in OMFG "Check to make sure yer alive dude" on the fon... he wanted to cut back on his order for "the good of the country."  Said he could deal with a shortage IF it meant youngsters and kids would have enough product....



Fuck... Dude brought a tear to my eye... here was this ole fucker out in Bumfuck Texas telling me to cut back on his order "so the kid'll have enough."  I assured him vehemently that "Sir, yer good... not only are you good, but yer next order is on me."  I punched in a complete freebie for him for two months, and hey, I get fired I get fucking fired.  I'm so new I squeak, so's I figure I can play it off... but GOD-DAMN it take an oldster like that to remind me of what it means to be an American dammit.

I'm sorta ashamed I had to be reminded to a point.  Hardcore Charlie out in the panhandle reminded me is all...  I'll raise a glass to him for sure.

SO otherwise, California, its a mess.. it's NYFC thats completely and UTTERLY fucked.  Which means, whelp, between the food processing plants being closed, the food being shitcanned left and right, and the lack of a cohesive plan...

I give it two months before people really wake up to how bad the systemic damage is.

I'm a military logistician, I know of what I speak.

Lead Time for Buttwipe: Tree to Paper 5-6 months
\Lead Time for Chicken to Tenders: 6-9 months
Lead Time for Cow to Burgers: 9 months to 2 years depending
Lead Time for Pigs to Pork Ribs: 9 months

Right now, ALL the beef, chicken and pork processors are shutting down as you well know.. What you DON'T UNDERSTAND is that they've been Producing "X" amount of chicken, pigs and cows for the expectation of "Y" with "Y" equaling slaughter/processing. "Z" being the sale of aforementioned "Y" products....

That shit just stopped cold.

Which means the Pig, Cows and Chickens ain't got nowhere to go.  Which means the guys building/raising them ain't got A) The food or B) The money to KEEP those motherfuckers around...  which means then they need to be culled.

Which means they're going to be culling.  Just as the summer kicks off.  If it happened in winter, reducing down to breeding stock might have been ok, bbut what with summer coming, ain't no way, no how in any way shape or form do they have the storage capacity for that much culled anin-imals.

Meaning MAD waste, and seriously... famine in the future.

We just had some of the worse crops in history... bad floods, lack o'corn yadda yadda... now add on no more beef/pork/chikin protien?

Load up.  Gonna be a bad run.  Comments welcome.  PLEASE!
Til Later I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Fuuuuuck... What a week (and it's only Monday)

Droogs... Droogettes...
Holy. Fuckin'. Hell.
Took the Gran-bebe this weekend... and yeah... Bebe.  As in "Bebe's Kids."

To those not in the know:
A damn shame about Robin Harris...  Died in 1990 of a heart attack...  Fucker was poised to be the first Tyler Perry when he got cashed.  The movie was so-so... a good start which unfortunately never made it beyond.

But yeah.  Apparently the Gran-Bebe ain't been getting proper discipline at the other Grandparents house.  The Missuz's X Hubby and his new wife... well, methinks they ain't doing what needs to be done.

Namely smoking the ever lovin shit outta her when she misbehaves.

Me?  I have Z-E-R-O Issue with taking a layer offa dat azz.  Skin is meant to be shed, albeit not in sheets, but it WILL grow back.

My absence has been because of this and the sundry exhaustion/fighting I'm dealing.  A spoiled 2.5 year old?  Holy hell.  Her latest is to DEMAND what she wants for dinner.  Not whats served... she starts dictating in baby-talk "No papi! na-wan' (insert whatevers on the plate) Wan' (nuggys/hawdawg/booger)!!!  At which point me and the Missuz are like "eat it or leave it, it's what's for dinner."

Now, the first night we had our 'issue', she started this whining keening horribly annoying noise...  I told her essentially to shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down, and fuckin' eat.  And yeah... I -am- like that... Z-E-R-O fucks given, nor shit taken.  Ask Spawn #1 how it was to grow up under the Tyrant.  So... the whining continues, and I'm across the room by a bit... the Missuz who was hovering, turns her back for a split second and  the lil monster locks eyes with me, gives me a chinned up in the air look sideways out of her eyes....

And flips the whole tray onto the floor.

AT least the dog was happy.  What she didn't expect was me to be on her like a rash and beating that ass 3 times, with an immediate lockdown to cribville, sans toys, blankie or bubbie.  Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

And she's done it again tonight...

'Cept the Missuz caught her as we both recognized the whining...

Beating number-I've-lost-track-of...

More to follow... I have to go get her to -try- to feed her.  At this point my dinner is Sambuca shots followed by Bud Lite.

Until then I remain The Intrepid Reporter

Friday, April 17, 2020

Observations from NY

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes!
Another Friday come n gone and thank fuckin God.

Although no rest for the wicked apparently.  The HOA sent out a "Big Brother will be coming around next week, so make sure the lawn is raked, the trees trimmed, etcetcetc.  Personally, they know not who they be fucking with methinks.  This's a relatively -new- for the definition of the Homeowners Association group.

Little Known factoid for y'all.  Back in 04/05 in Baghdad, I had a bounty put on my head by Al Queda in Iraq (AQI).  Apparently they had me on a $25,000 Kill list for my head as I was a 'known good guy' in that I paid the locals better than they did, and supported and partnered with a local elementary school with the school my MomUnit was teaching at at the time stateside.  That unfortunately ended -poorly- when the bad guys blew the school up and KIA'd a lot of kids.  Needless to say, that particular event shaped my "Fuck 'em take no prisoners" attitude where instead of shooting-to-kill in some instances, I made sure to 'shoot-to-wound'/cripple.  Bonus points if there were more than one dude and his buddy came back for him.  I'd do the same to him (cripple the savior), then headshot the first wounded guy. Then leave dude #2 to bleed out.  Spine shot with a Dragunov.  7.62X54R ain't no joke.  Truthfully I only did the 'double-double' once, and another dude, whelp I hit him in the crotch with a 'modified' round... took a dremel to the tip and gave it a niiiice flat tip with a dimple.

Mind you NOT a hollow point.  Juuuuust a dimple... That being said can I help if I can't measure the 'dimple' very well?  point 25 millimeters, half an inch... whatthefuckever... not like anyone was gonna show up to complain...
Now to all y'al saying "He didn't have no Dragunov!"  Here's a pic of my bed w/my shit laid out on it...
In order from Left to Right:
1) An American Made "Eagle" AK-47 select fire... really weird as I've never heard of a weapon manufacturer named "Eagle"... methinks it's a Christians In Action company, especially since it was select fire, and the buttstock was far larger and longer than a standard AK (better for Caucasian use)
2) A Chinese Type 56 folder.
3) My Dragunov... god I love that thing.  I -tried- to legally import it, but of all groups, the State Department kiboshed it on account of the "no import/export" from Iraq... believe it or not, the ATF signed off on it!
3) A Turkish knockoff MP-5.  Not bad... not great, but not bad.
4) Belgian made Fabrique Nationale FN-Fal Para model.  Only had one mag and too heavy for regular use.
5)  Now this one was WAY cool.  A PPSh-41 in 7.62X19.  THIS one was literally -brand new- when I got it... covered in 50+ year old cosmoline or the commie variant.  I researched the serial number and manufacturer marks, and found it had been built in Stalingrad in 1943.  A piece of living history...  It had a 72/74 round drum for it, and I had to soak it in 89 octane mogas to get the cosmoline off of it.  The guys who gave it to me (gotta love 1st CAV!) found it in a well.  Never been fired.  If it could tak... maaaaan... it should be in a museum.
6) And lastly, a French FN-MAS Bullpup. No magazine, and only surrendered once.  What was fucked was the fact it was even in country.  We found a lot of french weapons which just shows the fucking french don't pay attention to international treaties at all... 
And then the pistolas:
Left to right with the AK listed first:
1) A silver plated AK-47 from Saddam's personal life-guard.  Piece of shit... who ever plated the silver fucked up the bolt carrier and cracked it... fucking thing wouldn't fire on a bet.
2) A Beretta Cheetah in .380... a nice pocket piece.
3) Basic Markarov... not notable at all.
4) A Nazi Walter PP.  Complete with Nazi markings... another WW2 find... 
5) at the Bottom, a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver
6) A Browning Hi-Power former Iraqi poilice handgun... my daily carry.
7) Lastly a Belgian Helwan Iraqi Made piece of shit called a Tariq... 9mm that I'd rather throw at someone than shoot.
And for the doubters:

Yeah, Dat Me.
Aiming thru a window at whothefuckknows now... too many years too many beers...  Still  a cool pic from days gone by.

So I'll cover the title of this artcle later... per usual I got side tracked...
Sorry for the digression, I got to make dinner because it's not enough to work a full shift, God help if -anyone- here could do more to make my life easier...
Til later, I'm The Intrepid Reporter
Did I mention I've got the Grandbaby this weekend?
Big Tired Worn-the-fuck-out Country