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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Makes One Think

Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes!

Another fine day almost done.  Did a bit of shopping today, and was pleasantly surprised that the paper products are back in stock, in the middle of the day.  Granted, there wasn't a lot  but there was a 6 pack of Brawny with my name on it.  No shortages of anything really, except for the shit that was on "buy one, get one".  That included my favorite polish snauasages dammit... Guess it's gonna be a Deathmatch between me n' Sapper for the last one, leastways til we get a resupply drop LOL
A great show from days gone by...

So, the topic that I'm on right now was actually posited by an Anon on the Chans.  Essentially, it's been "All CoronaChan, all the time."  
Which is a VERY VALID point...

No terrorism, outside of 'Tards' getting busted for licking/spitting/be 'tards...

No HUGE national emergency

No GIANT OMFG Problem that needs to be solved now or the country will die!

No "Trump must go right now or everything will be destroyed!!!!"

It's actually amaze-balls.  And the guy/gal was dead the fuck on.  There ain't shytte happening, which was the point... meaning can everything be positioned that "The Powers That Be" or for brevity, "TPTB" without quotes from now on, are actually the ones who orchestrate ALL the fucked-uppedness in the world, to further line their pockets, and their agenda? 

Rather deep shit to think about... half a doobie worth of weirdness... in that he/she is right.  The fact that 'ain't shit happened' during this entire thing is borderline cray-cray.  I mean lets face it...

1)  It's socially acceptable/expected at this point that people wear a mask and gloves in public, to include banks. 

2)  It's considered gauche and rude to be too close to our fellow humans in a checkout line.  

3)  Checkout lines are now lined off, with distance parameters that probably HAVE NOT taken security camera placement into account, meaning the cameras WERE set up BEFORE all of this current shit, and may NOT BE OPTIMALLY AIMED FOR BEST RESOLUTION IN A HOLDUP.

4)  The numbers of people working at 'big stores' has been cut to a bare-minimum, meaning less personnel to worry about during a hold up/robbery

5)  Stores are ALSO limiting the number of customers into their stores, which aids and abets #4

And yet....

It's quiet out there.  Peaceful even.  No craziness....    As of yet....

I mean I personally have had stories relayed to me, veracity unknown, but there is an undercurrent in these missives that sez that there IS, in fact, a significant increase in crime, but that it intentionally and willfully is being ignored by the mass media, and even the local affiliates in which the supposed 'dastardly deeds' happened therein.

Probably that any 'climb in crime' can be attributed to the release of uncounted felony-level criminals at the behest of misguided (((fools))) that have no issue releasing child rapists, murderers, and other such 'good citizens' in the middle of a plague thats seen numerous Police go down with aforementioned plague...

Believe me, I have -ZERO- love for the cops... uniformed maladjusted sociopathic tax revenuers for the most part, however, I do know a few good 'uns... few and far fucking between actually... 

Anyways... besides the shopping I've spent the day stirring the shitpot on Facebook with the various libtards I find coming up on my page... mostly former High School erudite scholars, one and all </sarc>... in reality nuking them from orbit is fun and a bit lame, but what the hell... I'm locked in here, so why not make the most out of it... especially if I can get liberal heads to metaphorically explode...
Don't forget to voluteer!
Until then, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, March 30, 2020

Early Afternoon and Not Much Happenin'

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes
Jeez... and we gotta stay in until the end of April?

Gonna have to call some people I know...

'Cause booze alone ain't gonna be able to keep this head together in the long run.  Although I HAVE started a bit of a project.  Gourmet Mushrooms for the house. 

Seems Sappers grown spawn, now SapperSpawn, is a hipster of the highest order.  Except he's aware of his shortcomings.  He gave us the idea in that he's doing "Gentleman Farming" at his casa in Ohio.  And when I say "Gentleman Farming" I mean raising some really obscure food substances for cash.  Full Time he's a guitar salesman normally.  Has a band... the usual.  His 'at home-part-time gig' is raising Morel Mushrooms and other variants, as well as quails for quail eggs, and other really random but rare ingredients.  He's a "micro-farmer" in this, but making really crazy good $$$ apparently with the local shi-shi frou frou chefs lining up to get his stuff...
Sooooo boredom being what it is, and looking for another potential income stream, I got some media for the spores, some spores and in a few weeks, we'll see if these things work.  I doubt there's a market locally right now, BUT in a month or two when I'm ready to harvest, hopefully there'll be one, and if not, I can at least add another "Done that" notch in the belt.

Hell there's a whole subculture apparently of people who grow these things for fun, profit and pleasure.

Never mind the 'other' "Shrooms".  Man did I find pages of that stuff floating around.

So that's one project.  The "Gorilla Killer" was another.

Shit... I'ma gonna run out of things to do inside pretty soon.

I DO have to get the porch and pool cleaned up, but the motivation for that is at an all time low.  It's been a ball breaking bit of a heat wave for this time of year here.  It's 91 right now with high humidity.  Fucking great day to stay indoors.  Not so much for manual labor outside.

As far as "Body Count" here in Florida:
As of March 30, 2020 @ 15:00 is 5473

Well, guess we'll see as they say.  Got a hunch this's all being overplayed, but I can't really chance it.  I definitely tick off too many boxes:
Over 50
Prior Lung Issues
to include Lung Cancer
and I get pneumonia at the drop of a hat.

Fuck this shit.
Until Later when I explore the current flights in and out of the country, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, March 29, 2020

One Way or ANother

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes!
Fucking New Yawk City.

They can't make up their minds.

"H'ep Us! H'ep Us!!!  Don no one cair 'bout us!  De Febril Gummint ain't doin' enuff!!

"Sealing the border to New York and Isolating us is an Act of War!!!"
Lisen you stupid fuckin' Wop...

You ain't Micheal...  yer brother definately IS Fredo... Yer more like Sonny... passionate, hotheaded and not-that-bright either.  On one hand:
Sonny: "Trump is denying us ventilators!!!"
Trump: "Whaddabout that warehouse full we found?"
Sonny: "Uhhh those are for Emergencies!!  That's it! Yeah!"

Fuck me.  All which is (((perverse))) and (((retarded))) flows from that Flaming Pustule known as (((New York))). 

DAMNED STRAIGHT it should be cordoned off, it's residents hunted down and rounded up and quarantined, if only for the (((culture wars))).  White Cultural Replacement is NOT a theory, but a proven reality.  I'm no Nazi by far... I AM however proud to be white, just like the black guys in my platoon were proud to be black.  Saying I don't have the right to be proud of MY skin color is as racist as the Klan is towards Blacks and (((jews))).  However there ARE reasons... definable reasons that 'naming the (((Jew))) IS appropriate.  However, that's for other drunken rants at other times...

So, then, for grins n giggles I surfed over to Ebay to look at foreign MREs.  A small hobby I got into back in the day, eating and trying different field rations from other countries.   So far, the Brits have a pretty good one, and South Korean, albeit a bit spicy and boring (Bimbibap Beef rice) is best for hi-calorie smallest-size... the air packed dehydrated rice/beef is good on the go for a patrol meal.  The Brit meals tends to lean towards curry and other weird porridges.  So anyways, I was looking and what should I see?
No idea what sort of retard thinks he's getting that kind of $$$ for a almost-at-the-check-date meals but good luck to him if he does in fact sell it.

Hoarding Capitalism at it's finest.

So not much else happening here.  Took the Mizzuz out of the house as otherwise her bitching was going to make me insane, and if it kept going I'd be a widower before this's over.  I understand she doesn't like being cooped up, but how is this different from the other 300 days of the year that she lazes around the casa?  Oh yeah!  It's because she's been -told- to stay in... fucking female logic and lack that thereof.

If I told her that we're going for a bike ride she'd bitch that the seat hurts her ass.  So I got her a big ole padded ass pillow style seat... now it's her back hurts... sheesh.  I say we're going out and it's 'no, I don't wanna'... I tell her we gotta stay put, and all she does is whine about being locked down...

Fuck My Life.
Until Later
I'm the I.R.

Friday, March 27, 2020

On a More Retarded Note Flights and Counts

Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes
Lets just get right down to it shall we?

Beijing to Los Angeles in the next 24 Hours: 21 Flights Inbound.
Then, to "Change it Up" a bit, I decided that Milan, which is starting to 'slow down' relatively speaking, I hit up FlightAware from Madrid Spain to New Yawk City:
Only 13 Flights in the next 24 hours...

Who's fucking running this show?
Then, for grins, Frankfurt International to New Yawk City:
...29 Fuckin' Flights scheduled in the next 24 hours...
Soooo lastly, an oldy but a goody: Milan Italy to New York City:
21 Scheduled Flights in the next 24 hours...

The Average Airliner that does the "Jump Across the Pond" is carrying, for round numbers sakes, lets say 300 at a minimum.  Maybe more, maybe less.  These flights I've pulled up are all passenger hops.  So, those 4 cities, average out to 6000 people per 24 hours inbound... using an average of 20 flights per 24 hours with 300 pax per plane per city.  THAT'S 24000 PEOPLE PER DAY INBOUND FROM HOT ZONES... 

"And then, they wondered, and they wondered and they pondered... Just -how- did New York City become the center of all the Infection in the United States?"

And that doesn't even cover any other cities... I'll leave it to some -other- industrious mind to look into it, but as I stand here, I can most certainly say that the air traffic between the Euroweenies and Joe Chink is most certainly not completely shut down... in fact I'd say that's only a slight curtailment...  

And then, here in Central Florida: As of March 27, 2020 @23:00: 3198 with 14 in my immeadiate A.O.

And on that note, I shake my head, take my meds and prep to crash the fuck out.  ALthough, for humors sake, here's my latest meme I threw out there... let me know what ya think:

Til then, I remain the disgusted and sick-of-the-'tards Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Another Shopping Adventure

Greetings Me Droogs n Drooghettes

Went down to Ye Olde Publix as they're going to 'tighten the screws' starting tonight in Central Florida.  Amazingly, despite a LOT of shit missing, Ye Olde Intrepid Reporter of Fame and Fortune had the Luck today and not only got the shit that was on the list, but also some bonus round prizes that were unexpected but welcome.

One of those being Hot Dog rolls.  The bread isle is still raped and pillaged, but as I was maneuvering through the main rear drag in the Dairy area, I realized the tables that are part-traffic control part-display that lo and behold!

Ball Park Frank Hot dog rolls!  BOGO no less!!!  I'll surmise that since they're located in the middle of the rear main isle that people overlook said displays.  They had not a lot, but enough for me to grab the buy one get one free.  One of those'll go in the deep freeze.

I also scored a pound of sugar.  There were only 5 lil ole bags on the entire shelf, so's I only took one.  I'm not gonna be a dick like that but I am going to buy one, if available every time I go into the store.

Then onto the spices.  Now this's a sorely overlooked prep item.  Yeah, you got food.  Great.  Even an MRE requires "something extra" to make it more palatable.  In fact, I LOVED and was a MAJOR FAN of whats considered by the Infantry to be a "War Crime in a Pouch".  That meal being:
Good Ole Number 4, Omelet With Ham...

Some people say there's no accounting for taste, HOWEVER!  IF and only IF you have the necessary ingredients, you can take that abomination and turn it into a VERY filling and complete meal.  I mean yeah, on its own... 
 UGH.  Guys used to call it "The Tire Patch".  Pretty nasty on it's own, but wait!  A Grunt Gourmet like myself -never- humped my ruck without some key stuff to improve the meals in General.  In my ruck I kept a gallon freezer bag that had the following:
1) A  Medium Bottle Hot Sauce, I started with Tabasco back in the day, and when hot sauces started getting more varied, I went with Texas Pete's... much less vinegary.  The I.R. ain't a big fan of vinegar.
2) Salt N Pepper Shakers.  Usually I stole 'em from McDonalds back in the day.  Plastic better n'the paper ones that they had in the commissary. 
3) Mrs. Dash Garlic and Pepper all spice.  ALL HAIL Mrs. Dash!!!! 
4) Trioxane Heating tabs.  Until they stopped issuing them, then I kept a 3 pack of Sterno.  Gotta have the heat to make it palatable.
5) A Cinnamon and Sugar shaker.  Never knew when that'd come in handy.  Used to improve the cereal they fed us, as well as field grits.

Then, of course, every spare area of the ruck I kept Ramen, Beef n Chicken.. no shrimp.  The ramen was a bit bulky, but its so lightweight if space became an issue, I used to unpackage it, smash it up and load it in a gallon freezer bag with a scoop to measure out how much I needed and when, with the flavor packs floating around inside on their own, to be used as needed.  The ramen was really a 'filler' to expand the amount of food I had.

The ubiquitous canteen cup rounded out my gear.  Even in the days of camel backs and shit I -still- keep one in my gear.  You literally can NEVER go wrong having a canteen cup.

My usual recipe was to start by adding a quarter canteen cup of ramen and water and bring it to a boil.  Then, spice it a bit (after adding a touch of the ramen-based flavor) with the Holy Mrs. Dash.  Once it was -also- done, THEN I'd add the main meal packet from the MRE... the Omelet and Ham being a personal fave.  Then, the cheese packet.  Mix it all up, season to taste and hey!

A piping hot foxhole meal that was filling AND, in the case of the Omelet w/Ham, I'd be able to do THIS:
 Nothin' like mad omelet gas to annoy yer buds LOL!
OK, More later
Til then I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, March 26, 2020

More Localized Updates

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
To fire off the first info:
As Of March 25, 2020 @18:30: 1977 Cases
As Of March 26, 2020 @11:30: 2355 Cases

This from March 21, 2020 @22:00: 763 Cases
Anyone else wanna tell me this's -just a common flu bro-...

Especially since now a bunch of kids have it, and 49% (by offishul sources) say that 49% of cases in New York are UNDER 40.

So, in my immediate locality, they've announced a full lockdown/curfew starting at 22:00 Friday.  Dunno how thats gonna fly with "Floridaman" but this we shall see I figure.

The Curfew is supposed to be over the weekend... 10pm to you civvies til 0800 Monday.  I can only imagine how thats gonna play with da Yutes in  the urban areas downtown.  That being said however, Tampa does have experience locking down, as they did when the Republican National Convention was held here some years back.  They locked this motherfucker down tighter than a tick on a coon dawgs ass.

OUTCOME:  IMO 'bout damned time.  Fucking idiots here locally have been acting like fuckin this's some sort of vacation, and yet the numbers are showing a marked increase in a short amount of time.  Our local hospitals haven't even started getting slammed.  Short term:  Lots of idiots getting arrested and stuffed in County, followed up by a massive outbreak at County (of course).  Followed up then of course of letting the Tards loose on the population... AT which point the house is gonna have a gaurd at all times.

Now:  North of Here:
OK:  So, MomUnit tells me on her Rarified Barrier Island Hideaway they had a bit o'a tiff so to speak.  MomUnit told me that the island she lives on (average income of the retirees there is upward of 50 million... yeah... Oprah has a house there) has a population that's delineated by "the full timers" and "the fucking tourists".

It's very much what people are seeing and what I posted about a ways back about the Hamptons in New York.  The 'rich city folk' hat up and unass to the "use-it-in-the-summer" dwelling in the outer reaches away from all the diversity that surrounds them on a normal basis.

This puts an unreasonable and undo amount of strain logistically speaking as the local stores (already under enormous pressure to begin with) have only a certain planned for amount of food and such for the people that're normally there.  Seems the rich fuckers descended, (much like in the Hamptons) like the proverbial plague and started emptying the local Grocery store.


Seems one rich asshole had essentially loaded like ALL the meat.  Every single steak, ground beef package... a full fucking cart of retarded proportions.  Blatant hording.  A local apparently took umbridge with the gentleman, and insisted that he was A) being insanely selfish and B) even if he froze all of it, it was a 6 month supply of food, which was crazy as other people need some too.

Far be it from me to cast aspersions, however, this guy, from the sound of it (Rich Fucker) was pretty much being a complete and utter dick.  And then foolishly told the local to get stuffed and to fuck hisself.  And then, on top of it, threatened the local with physical violence.

Maaaaaan... you just don't do that in the South.

So... aforementioned local opened his jacket, revealing from what MomUnit said was a holstered .357 Magnum in a shoulder rig.  The New Yawker then apparently pissed himself.  The local calmly advised said Rich Fucker that if he kept running his cockholster, that he'd be in a heap more trouble than he already was, as SURPRISE! The aforementioned local is a reserve deputy.  Instead of arresting him for assault, he made the asshole put up all the aforementioned groceries, and told him he was barred from the store in-perpetuity.  That in itself is a fitting and brutal punishment as having been there, the next sizeable store is a hour and fifteen away... without traffic.

So, now they have a deputy on duty outside each day, checking IDs to make sure no one gets stupid.  Smacks of Martial Law, but ya know, sometimes ya gotta make sure the Morons don't get out of control.

OUTCOME: Lotsa folks relocating to areas they aren't really wanted.  Like we didn't see THAT coming.

I understand what some people say vis-a-vis libertarianism, and "Muh Civil Rights" and "Muh Civil Liberties", however, as I've said before, these ain't normal times.

Hell, one of the better "Apocalyptic Jokes" I've heard speaks something about "Trump" and "Pence?"  Dunno but it was funny at the time... sorta like this:
and then there's this:
So, until later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Rattlecan Camo

Evening Me D&D's!
Forgive the brevity but "The First Drink of the Day" was a bit early today
Great Ska Ole School... Seven Seconds of Love... Joel Veitch (sp?)... He did the Quiznos Commercial a Long time ago... (remember Quiznos?)  An offshoot of his weird ass "We Like The Moon"
The Original:
Bit trippy but me and the Jester used to listen to the "First Drink Of the Day" as soon as we got off work in Iraq and jam to it as we slammed vodka.

So... the workup to todays non-CoronaChan Post Part II.  Rattlecan Camo Jobs.

Now a lot of people shit on rattlecan (spray paint) and get all twisted about painting their rifles up.  My personal rule of thumb (besides using a stick that thick to beat the Sammichmaker in yer life) is that its a TOOL for Christ's sake.  It's meant to be USED!!!

I mean yeah, there ARE 'safe queens' like this:
A Colt Delta H-BAR Presentation model... running $3500 right now on Gunbroker...

However, that being said, in our experience, its better to have some camo on yer old boomstick.  Rattlecan provides a cheap and easy and retouchable camo coating that also, if needed can be removed without fucking up the original powdercoating/anodizing.

The editor is the back is screaming "But what about ceracote?"

Good question.  To me, too expensive, too thick a coat if yer not knowledgeable about how to do it (I'm actually factory certified to apply it, but don't personally use it) and too long a process.  Plus equipment... you need a sandblaster (optimal) a dipping tank, and a dedicated heater, as well as GOOD applicator/spray gun and compressor.  Too much for just lil ole me.

So, I rattlecan.  I started by stripping down ye olde gorilla killer yesterday and taping it up a bit.  I also removed the stock, the bolt, charging handle and sights.  I taped the grip b/c personally I -do- like a bit of black contrast highlighting the weapon.
Then taped:
Then, base layered it with flat olive drab from WallyWorld:
After letting it sit overnight in the AC, I got the resto f my prep ready.  This's the -cool part- IMO.  I some time ago was at the dollar store and in the teeny arts n crafts area they had some fake plants and shit.  The ferns caught my eye as down here int he woodline, they tend to be madly prolific.  I bought a bundle for $1 and then cut them up here at the house for this express purpose.
I then tape the fern pieces to the metal thusly:
As you can see, when they get pulled off they leave a nice pattern disrupting fern-like shape.
And then, after it's all done:
It's still gotta dry -fully- overnight, then I'll probably hit the 'wear spots' i.e. the mag well and cheek weld area with a matte clear finish like I did my other weapons.  But as of now, the ONLY thing I'm now waiting on is a .458 Specific Mag.  The MagPul Mags only hold one round because of the rib in the front of the interior of the mag, which prevents any more from being loaded.  I have some mil-issue metal Colt Mags, BUT... the front of the mag at the top tends to catch the tip of the bullet as it feeds.  I don't want to shave down a fully operational mag just for this gorilla killer, so I dropped $15 for a 7 round .458 SOCOM specific mag.  I mean I'm -never- going to use this except to either stop an Uparmored vehicle/person so I don't view the need for a bunch of mags... and, as I said, I got a grand sum total of like 24 rounds now after test firing the fucker.

Which, BTW anyone know a good orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder dislocations?

I kid, I kid... but seriously... Holy Fuckballs Batman...  Whatta Mule this thing is...I most definitely will be getting a pad for the blade/stock/whatever the fuck I settle on on this thing... maybe a foam rubber pad 8 inches thick?  I ain't no pussy by far, but I am as serious as dick cancer when I say this's the most severe recoil I've ever felt from a carbine/rifle -ever- and that's sayin' something.

So more later after Star Trek and Jeopardy.  Home made Gyros for dinner.
Until then I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A Bit of a Change up

'Vening Me Droogs n Droogettes!
A bit of a change up vis-a-vis the Plague.  It's getting to be a bit of a bother, so onto the Intrepid Reporters OTHER fanatical love:  WEAPONS
One of my many nicknames in High School... along with ":Geek" and "Hey Loser!"

But, one thing the kids back then knew was I was one insult away from doing a Columbine, so they knew where to draw the line. So to continue...

Today Palmetto STate -finally- got me the parts kit I ordered oh-so-long ago from them.  Pre-Shortages no less.  They had a CMMG lower parts kit half off (which I jumped on) as I have a pile o'parts on hand, but as the saying goes repair wise "One Is None".  I figured getting a bunch of springs and fiddly bits would be helpful.  Emergencies DO happen and I've actually experienced a M-4 firing pin actually breaking on the range when I was shooting.

One firing pin breaking at the range is annoying... one firing pin breaking in a firefight is deadly.

So, whenever I get the script up... bit of brass in me pocket, I throw for spares as much as new guns.  In fact, the parts and spares outnumber the other shit.  The only major annoyance I have right now is I misplaced 3 m-4 firing pins -somewhere- in the house...  I know they're around, but I'm peeved that they ain't with the rest of the firepower parts.

So, anywho-  shit showed up, and it was time to get everything together.
I got the upper slapped together in like no time.  I have a comprehensive armory in the house so, barrel tensioning and locking it in took about 15 minutes, including gas tube/block installation.  I threw on some MagPul POS sights until I can get either a good set, or, more than likeley, the cheap backup sights will stay on as I have a total of 30 rounds for this thing, and they cost $3 a piece.  This's strictly for "Gorilla Killing" as it were or pure fucking intimidation as -any- SWAT team member in the stack on the receiving end of this Armor Smashing Elephant Gun is gonna haul balls rather than lose a limb from this thing.  Even a glancing hit from a .458 SOCOM invariably ends in bleeding out.
I used an Areo Arms Upper receiver for the build.  If you look closely, this's a purpose-built "XL" Port, with the ejection port cut a bit bigger than usual to compensate for the huge shell casing that gets spit out.  The dust cover is from IS and is also an "XL" to fit the shaved ejection port.  A standard port would 'choke' on a .458.
The bore on this thing, compared to 5.56mm is like a Train tunnel.
And the bolt:
The bolt face and bolt itself are, as far as I'm concerned professionally, is the biggest weak point.  The bolt carrier is identical to the 'normal' AR-15/M-4, however, the face of the bolt, as you can see, the edge of the shell seat is almost paper thin compared to a normal 5.56mm.  The extractor is the same.  When and if I ever get the money up, I -might- buy a spare, but thusfar, this's strictly a "for fun/fuck it" weapon, as opposed to a fully used defensive weapon.
So, mission complete.  I know it's got an 'illegal' folder on it... that's temporary til I get the Wave Brace.  It'd look stupid otherwise.  The muzzle brake is absolutely necessary from all reports, and I'll let you know how it goes as we go.
Otherwise, Have a fun night.  I have to get it ready for Camouflaging, which I'll cover later.
Until then I'm The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

A Long Night

Afternoon  me Droogs n Droogettes...
Fell asleep early last night...

A hint:  Melatonin and Finlandia = sleep the sleep of the dead allllll night.
So refreshing tho.

Great news, today I got my welcome packet for the work-from-home gig.  Another Indiana Jones moment IMO as the job is seriously needed, now more than ever, monetarily speaking. (hint hint dear readers).

Sooooo lets cover some of the bullshit pouring out of DC.  Plugs is still MIA sorta kinda.  Apparently he did a six minute video again, which went about as well as the last one went, which means it's going to be the "Weekend at Bidens" candidacy.  FedBro thinks thats the reason Bernie hasn't dropped out... that Plugs is so far gone that hes non-recoverable.  In my personal experience (working as a Certified Nurses Assistant oh-so-many years/eons ago, once the mental acuity starts rolling downhill on a dementia patient, it literally snowballs, getting bigger n bigger and faster n faster.  Plugs from my own recall and reference is just a few months shy of being in the "diaper and drool" mode...  Shame really.  No matter how many meds they stuff in him, they can only affect minuscule changes.  Add on that in larger doses, the meds are toxic, and I'd say we'll be seeing Sanders take over b/c IF Plugs does in fact survive CoronaChan, there's no way in hell he'll be capable of holding office if on the off chance he's elected (doubtful).

FedBro thinks that Cuomo, governator from NY might be the last minute spoiler for the DNC.  He's been running circles around the circle jerk that's DC and Trump, who needs to arrest ALL of the Obama holdovers who've fucked this up.  AND all of the democrats in Congress.  Fuck...

He needs to become the dictator that they've always accused him of being.  Round 'em all up, send them to Gitmo, try them in secret and execute them all.

I'd have no issue with that.

Pretty sure the rest of you don't either.

Add on the stupidity of "We're going to restart everything in 15 days!!!"  What the fuck are they smoking?

Florida, since last I checked:
As of March 24, 2020 @14:30: 1412 cases.
Quite a bump up since the other day... I think we were at 763?  So yeah.  Its getting worse and no-one here seems to care and/or realize it.  Streets are still packed with idiots, no one is socially distancing... thats all happening in "other states."

Any wonder why I keep loading ammo?  Next on the "if I can afford it list" is a $40 roll of concertina wire.  Its a nice little Fuck You to anyone who wants to come in the house after dark. 196 foot long baby roll... meaning it's only 12 inches in diameter as opposed to the huge military 3 foot diameter rolls.  That being said tho, 196 feet can stack and triple stack on top of itself quite nicely to make a very painful and powerful deterrent.  I mean if or when as I'm thinking the way people are acting, this shit might go sideways harder than people realize.

See, my POV is that everyone who's like "Oh the people in Europe and China were just fine!"  Uh... look dumbasses, the People of BOTH areas have no true civil liberties like we HAD here in the states.  We USED to have quite a few... they let us THINK we have them, but in reality, not so much anymore.

Until now.

We ARE compared to them the most heavily armed force on the planet.  No way in hell do the people in charge really understand just how close the "Big Igloo" really is.  The fucking around that CONgress is doing, making sure that 1.5 TRILLION went to hedge funds and banks, no argument and no questions asked, and then holding up Joe Sixpack's relief fund to make sure Transgender Lesbian (((Jewish Holocaust Survivors))) get "Special Privileges" and Abortion for 8 year old Girls on Demand?

They no not what they do.  I personally think it'll get kinetic in a week and a half.  Maybe two.  Food shortages, fraying tempers, and some dude, already deep in the financial hole, is going to load up the family truckster, fill the tank with cheap unleaded, drive to DC and see who in charge he can kill.

Because reasons.
Queue The Boogaloo Writ LARGE.

People are sick of those assholes and their self serving bullshit.

And they really don't get it.

FedBro was bemoaning his loss of 100K the other day in the market.  I had to mute my fon.  I'm not laughing AT him per se, but the way he was all moaning how "OMG!  I won't be able to upgrade the Mercedes this year!"  His federal dot-gov retirement is 75K a year!!!!  And he's pissed b/c he didn't get the medical retirement for his injuries (they're fighting him) even tho he DOES deserve it... it's still, IF he gets it, his retirement will boost to 140K a year!!!

I get 21K a year.  Total.

Cry me a river willya?

Told him flat out he's got no idea what it's like to be a real person.  I wasn't mean or anything,  but I was like, "Dude, you've lived, worked and partied in the rarified bubble of our Supreme Overlords... you have -no idea- what it means to really work for a living wage."

None of them do.

Anyways... I gotta stop and get away... this's bringing my blood pressure up.  No need to stroke during this.  Til later I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, March 23, 2020

A Little (((Humor)))

The Headline:

May I make a suggestion?
That'll do (((pig)))... that'll do...

Lockdown? What fuckin' Lockdown?

Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes
You'd think that there was NOTHING going on here in Central Florida.  Went out with the Sapper to do some restock of the expendable grocery items.  Figured to NOT do it on the weekend because weekend = retarded craziness here in Flor-Reeeeee-DUH! so we waited till 11:00am Monday.
Joo gotta be pockin' keeding me mang....

Traffic -everywhere-.  The Walmart?  I didn't bring the phone but there's two Wally Worlds within reasonable distance.  One is in the 'Ghetto' side of town and the other is in the 'Upscale' side... we went, of course to the Upscale side as we figured (rightly so) that the Ghetto side would be picked over like a 3 week old carcass in the Serengeti.

Well... so was the Upscale Wally World...

Bones man... scattered bones n' skin metaphorically speaking.  Signs all over "Limit One Item Per Customer!"  Which was so much bullshit as when I got to the register with 10 itty-bitty cans of tomater sauce, the broad at the counter didn't even look or deign to notice.  No meat, eggs or nuthin'... thankfully Farmer Fuckin Brown and his wild chikin at home has 'em, and we still got a flat and a half left sooooooooo plenty of eggy-weggs here.

We ended up sampling the small leftovers... no paper products but plenty of produce... we got everything but onions... none to be had... a bit odd IMO.  No beef but plenty of hot dawgs and sausages.  No bread but plenty of deli made fresh baked.  No cheese in -normal- sizes but the goonga GIANT 5 or 10 pound bags -were- available.  I got a fiver of Mozzarella and rebagged and deep froze it in one pound increments (the freezer is fucking FULL now... no more room at the fucking inn LOL).    Lots of Orange Juice tho LMAO... I mean it is fuckin' Florida amiright?  Plenty of mixers.

So... Once completed, I figured to do a fools errand.

Spawn ordered me, as I told y'all a pound of powder and some primers.  Well, I got an email yesterday saying the shit wouldn't be in for two months plus.  Me being me, I decided on the Fools Errand to go down and see what they -do- have on hand.  I mean after all, the website shows -some-items in stock, so I figgered why not?
Thats why.

Seems someone decided that no more than 40 people in the store at any one given time.  "To keep social distancing"
So.... this's why they corralled up everyone, asshole to elbow on the sidewalk.  No m,asks present, and the fat dude in the middle who apparently is the Manager was coughing up a lung...

Uhhhh... yeah.... No fuckin' thanks.

So, I'll throw up the numbers of stupidity here at 22:00 tonight... needless to say, as we still go, ain't no food to speak of, no toilet paper or paper towels, and no ammo to be had.  God hepl us when the first three start running out because when all you got left is ammo, thats a Full On Boogaloo headed yer way.
Til later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, March 22, 2020

22:00 Update and they're STILL Flying I see...

Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes...
To start with, (if anyone gives a fuck)
Yesterday: March 21 @22:00: 763 Cases
Today:       March 22 @22:00: 1007 Cases

Big ole jump there methinks.  Include 5 Assholes who went to Clearwater Beach for Spring Break from the University of Tampa and as of now are 'Down with the Sickness".

So as part of the update for today, I checked FlightAware for the flights from Beijing to Los Angeles and found:
24 Flights scheduled in the next 24 hours +/-.
Followed up by Milan to New York City:
43 Flights scheduled in the next 24 hours +/-.
As my favorite Movie Critic, The Critical Drinker would say
"Nah, it'll be fine!"
Personally, I've tried ALL legal routes to get the word out.  I'm -not- having much luck...

I guess we'll just have to see.  So far, its a buncha SHYTTE as far as any telling real-time stopping of flights... these CANNOT be critical passenger flights by any way, shape or form.  Someone SOMEWHERE is full of shit.

On other fronts, FedBro called, said shit has gone even more crazy inside the beltway.  Said that Biden has essentially -disappeared- even moreso than normal.  Even his campaign staff are MIA.  No word, no nothing.  It's been noted nationally that "Plugs" as me and El Rushbo like to call him hasn't been seen since that disastrous robotic digital 'town hall' but even around town (FedBro is geo-located in that area) that Plugs hasn't even been seen around town per normal.  I mean yeah, this's a plague, but zero comms or sightings?  He said it's unusual.  FedBro also said that Virginia is next for lockdown tomorrow.  Guess we'll see what happens there.
So, with that being said, I have a 'virtual VA' appointment in the AM.  Thats going to be interesting.  I'll fill you in as we go.  I'm headed out after to market as I wasn't going NEAR anything today.  I'll let ya know what I find.
Until then I'm The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

So Some More Intel

Afternoon me Droogs and Droogettes!
Yesterday: March 21 @22:00: 763 Cases
Today:       March 22 @16:30: 830 Cases
Update at 22:00 to follow...

Got a hold of my cop buddy in Pennsylvania.  He gave me a bit of the run down on the current sit-rep in the A.O. and it sounds like a giant shit sammich of incompetence.

Apparently There's two giant assed hospitals in town.  University of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Health and they're currently NOT COOPERATING.  Seems that there's 'bad blood' between the two corporations that run the two hospitals.  Something he heard had to do with one not accepting the insurance from the other or some such penny-pinching bullshit.  So the end result is that the two largest hospitals in Pittsburgh are refusing to assist each other.  In the middle of a Pandemic.


Like fucking -really?-

Add on that apparently he, as a cop has been told that it's "optional" to wear PPE (personal protective equipment, i.e. mask/googles/gloves) but it's been 'encouraged NOT to wear masks so as to not intimidate/scare people.  Plus, apparently the blue line idiotic "machismo" of "If you wear a mask yer a pussy!" and whelp, I'd give Pittsburgh about 15-20 days before the rule of law goes completely out the window, as it sounds like all the cops are going to infect/re-infect and get wiped out eventually.  He -did say- however that the E.R. is currently -empty- whenever he responds to a call there... said the junkies have 'disappeared'...  as well as all the illegals that normally infest the area... More on that in a few...

He said that the U of Pitt -is- starting to build a big triage area in one of their parking areas... they got it roped off and are starting to lay out equipment, but, as a city cop, he only gets minimal intel.  He said surprisingly that "Da Yutes" have not been rampaging as of late tho... unlike Baltimore, the shootings and minor crime are down.  So he's pleased by that.  He -did say- that speaking to the rest of his fuzz-buddies that if shit does go kinetic, he as well as his co-workers are headed home to hunker.

Compare this to my new Brother In Law Squid (he was in the Navy) who is an armed security cop/guard at a smaller hospital in North Carolina.  Now, its a pretty BIG hospital for the area, but podunk compared to  University of Pitt... and they got him in a Positive Over-pressure mask with tyvek suit... essentially small-town hospital is going the 'smart route' and having everyone in MOPP 4.

Not a good sign of things to come.

END RESULT: Corporations are still fucking each over for a percentage while the world burns.  Brilliant.  Cops are planning on bailing if shit gets too wild, and the general Chimp Out I've been expecting is either not happening or on hold...  Mad Max time is currently in the T-Minus mode and counting...

Sapper had ANOTHER mission this morning.  ANOTHER fuel barge.  On that note, local gas is at $1.91 and dropping.  He stopped on the way home at a fresh Veggie Market and he told me it was "Mobbed".  No corn on the cob (queue sad face) but he did get some fresh Strawberries.  Good shit eh?  Plenty of fuel so far, so I'm not sweating shortages for a while.
Then scanning the 'chans' I found a poster in Mexico who said that the number of illegals returning to Mexico is startling.  Lots of plates from the states as the beaners pull up roots here stateside and flee back south of the border.  Apparently they're all losing the 'jobs Americans won't do' i.e. low paying shitty service gigs, and since they don't have legitimate SSNs, they can't get the Trumpbux (IF they ever do pay that shit out).  And then the landlords, realizing that there's no more money coming in, are calling ICE for the rewards available for turning in illegals for the bounty ICE offers...

Pretty based IMO.

Rent to an illegal, collect the cash until they can't pay, then when they can't pay, dime them out for the bounty to ICE and collect.  Evil, shitty but based as fuck.  I -hope- that ICE is keeping track of these guys tho, to nail 'em to the wall for renting to them to begin with.  IF this does end well, they go back 4 months after and IF the aforementioned asshole is renting to the illegals AGAIN, nail his/her ass to the wall for it.

END RESULT: Reverse immigration.  Hopefully Trump gets the Wall put up as a consequence of this shit.  Open borders is what fucked us to begin with.  Time to shut that shit down HARD.

Other International news.
Seems the fucking arrogant assed Frogs are up to their old asshole tricks.  Goddamned French.  Apparently, for the second time, they've 'intercepted and seized for the national good' a second truckload of critical Medical Supplies destined and paid for by England. LINK here:

Can you say "Act of War"?

The first truck was filled with Sanitizer, and the second, Medical Masks... FFP3 masks...
"Oh fuck NO you didn't you ungrateful Frog fuckers!!!" should be the Brits attitude.
Instead some 'harsh demarche' were sent.  And the fucking French said they'd try to not do it again.

Me?  If I was PM, I'd have fired up the Tornados, done a flyby of Maricon's personal residence, shot down any frog fighter than came to intercept us,  cratered every runway in the country, and then told 'em if they fucked with us again, we'd -really- get mad.
I mean really?

Fucking things are gonna get worse... mark my words.

Otherwise, I'll update later tonight.  Still no word on shit about flights.  I'll check them later and post as we go.  Til then I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Local Updates UPDATED

Afternoon Me Droogs n Droogettes

More localized intel gathered from a few sources.  In this case, Sapper, Inlaws, and Spawn.
First Off:
Florida: March 21 @ 14:30: 658 Cases
              March 21 @22:00: 763 Cases

Sapper got hit with a mission this A.M.  He's in whats been declared a 'critical emergency service' i.e. Fuel Handler for the port.  He's with one of the giant Petroleum Companies and his gig is overseeing the offloading of various flavors of products off the Large Barges that meet up with the Supertankers off the coast.

His mission this morning was oh-dark-early, so he went before Publix was fully open... or so he thought.  He got there and found that the paper ilse was almost completely stripped bare despite a "one package per customer" rule.  Seems that the folks were lined up outside at 5 am and went in with 4 family members, all with cash individually to buy.  The meat and eggs were also wiped out -again-
He also said the medical area of OTC drugs were cleaned out, to include a LOT of the pediatric stuff.  That, if being bought by folks with Lil 'Uns is OK but if its just general panic buying?  Fuck that.  Wrong Wrong Fucking Wrong.

He then got to work, and apparently they've stashed three massive cruise ships in whats normally the docking area for 'boats needing repair'.  As in deep storage possibly?  He's not sure but he said two of the three are all still lit up like a Christmas Tree.  Maybe pre-positioned floating hospital use?  No one could tell him.

END RESULT: Local supermarkets STILL under ginormous pressure.  Cruise ships being mothballed.  Fuel deliveries still ongoing.

Then, onto Spawn.  #1 Son messaged at around 10 am this morning asking if I had any 5.56mm on hand.

Queue Excessive and Crazy Laughter

I called him back and asked him how severe the head injury was because he's obviously brain damaged.  He was actually being tentative with me because he's embarrassed to ask.  Told him to get his ass over and bring the rifle and his mags.

Apparently he's off today, and unsure if he's got work on Monday.  He does desktop IT support so my vote is "probably fucking not".  So he and his woman went out to procure some needed shit for the inevitable lockdown.

And not a bullet to be found.  Like none.  NO 5.56mm in reasonable price points.  Plenty of the $3 a round Match Grade shit, but, much like eggs, the normal useful daily-daily shit is all fucking GONE.
Same for 9mm and .45.

I loaded his mags, and gave him one of my extras, and loaded him up with "warshots".  62 Grain M855A1 Tungsten Core with the last (first loaded) 3 rounds being M856 64 Grain Tracer.  Figured if this shit does go 'kinetic' I'd rather he's loaded for bear... leastways with BBs capable of penetrating level 3...  He wanted to pay, but I told him no, we'd dope-deal it.  The trade off was he ordered me another couple boxes of primers and a Pound of Hodgdon powder.  I'm yielding about 250-300 rounds per pound of powder, and seeings right now M855A1 can't be found outside of the military for love nor money, its a fair dinkum trade.  Told him if shit doesn't go sideways, I expect the ammo to be returned w/the hand receipt I issued.  We ordered it online for in-store pickup, thereby avoiding the $20 Hazmat Fee, and I'll pick it up in store in a week +/-

END RESULT: No ammo to be had in common calibers.  None to be found online except 'boutique' frou-frou stuff that's too expensive to buy in bulk.  Powder and Primers still available for online purchase and  in-store delivery.  None actually In Store currently.

Now, lastly the In Laws.  Rather some really nice people.  Stunningly so after the last batch of flaming fucktards, may they die horribly.  The Mother in Law called and has been having MAD issues with deliveries.  They live in an INSANELY wealthy area in the North called The Villages.  Median income is like one point two million.  Apparently, every business up there is playing the "you weren't home" game and not delivering packages or food.  We've been on the phone blowing up motherfuckers for this shit, as BOTH the In Laws are/have mobility-issues.  They're never NOT at home.  This morning it was UPS saying they weren't home and it was a fucking medication drop off.
Bullshit.  They're always home.  Even more so now.

My next phone call will not be pleasant.  It's gonna be along the lines of "Find the package, get it to them, or you die.  No fucking joke."  My Mom-in-Law is a NICE lady dammit and she relies on these meds to stay fucking alive.

We also sent a care package.  File this under 'Weird Shit in a Pandemic.'
2 Big Rolls of Bounty Paper Towels
1 Bottle (10oz) Hand Sanatizer Gel
2 Cans Spray Disinfectant
6 Rolls of the Good Charmin
4 N95 Masks
5 Pair Venom Nitrile Gloves
They can't find ANY of it locally.  The rate they use stuff, that's a month supply, so they should be good.  VERY strange to be sending out a care package like that.  And, no.  Fuck the post office "Is anything yadda yadda?"


"That'll be $25."


END RESULT:  Extreme shortages in even the wealthiest enclaves, and deliveries being ignored as 'they're old and gonna die anyways' if I hadda guess.  Assholes.

So take care of yer elders, watch out for your clan, and check on the little old lady up the street, 'cause sure as shit no one else is going to.

More Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, March 20, 2020

Evening One and All...

So good evening me Droogs n Droogettes

Florida Count: 563 @ 20:00 on March 20
Yesterday:        432 @ 19:30 on March 19
Fuckin' OOPS.

Last days to get yer shit straight.

If you even had any shit to straighten out to begin with.

Not that there IS shit to be found.
...and this was taken a while ago.

It's like that like -everywhere- now, although a buddy of mine put up on FB that one of the local grocery stores has a pile o'shytte... whether or not it does after he posted about it that is.  Probably gets cleaned out...   Publix around the corner is looking very 'war-torn' and out of stock on a lot of shit, but the majority of folks still don't get it.  They're buying 'quick-made' foods like Instant Mac n'Cheese, Ramen and other perishables, like the meat, bread, eggs and milk.

Now, granted eggs do last a while.  I'm heading over tomorrow to a local farmer who sells fresh-fresh outta the chikin's ass fresh eggs for $6 a flat.  We have 2 full 30 count flats, and one partial, but I want more.  Milk, I got a case of #10 Cans o'Moo Juice.  Might get some more.  I also have some -other- stashed stuff for long term eats.  What I -really need- is some cheese.  Think I'll head over and get me a brick of mozzarella.  Thats what I used to do in Iraq.  Buy the whole 5 pound deli loaf, chop it into 1/4 pound bars, and freeze 'em.  Even if they defrost they have some -staying power' as I found out.  That and canned tomater sauce.  And some more Flour.

Yeast I got fer days, if only to facilitate the need for likker if'n everything goes -completely- to shit.

The skills learned hard in Eye-Rack are coming back rather well now.  Got to be thankful I was there and was part of it from the beginning.  That being said however, I was relatively safe on base the majority of time.  This one here?  Well, IF and only IF there's no cure or meds that can be utilized, and worst case scenario breaks loose, then I've been-there-done-that, got-the-t-shirt-and-shrapnel-scars to prove it.

People who run around screaming "Hoarder!!!" are usually the first ones to show up at yer door begging/demanding a fair dinkum cut of the boodle, despite not having prepped or earning any of it.

I got 62 Grains of "Fuck Off" for them.
In Iraq, it was the religious nutbags that generally rousted the locals into doing stupid things.  Here it'll be the usual suspects of Mass Media, followed by Socialist Leaning Politicians, and then "Community Organizers" who would be better called "Community Snitches."

The way I think it'll play out (IF and only IF the worst case scenario happens):

The Media, (which is ALREADY 'naming and shaming' people) will begin hyping shortages and blaming PREPPERS for aforementioned shortages... blaming the intelligent folks who SAW the approaching train wreck and got off the fucking tracks, as opposed to the retards who didn't...which will lead to in turn:

Socialist Leaning Politicians will make great Thunder and Lightening (and political points) demonizing and passing laws proclaiming that they're going to seize and redistribute the supplies that we so carefully gathered and that we paid for with our hard-earned and already taxed money.  
My reaction to this of course is thusly:
The fucktards OF COURSE will proclaim this to be righteous and proper and that eee-vil preppers should be stripped of assets and prosecuted.

The "Community Organizers" will be your local Snitch.  The Stasi Informer.  The fucktard who didn't prep but somehow knows you have shit.  Odds are, and the way it happened in Iraq, was a scumbag like this shows up at the door, and does the standard shakedown... "Hey... you got a lot of nice stuff... be a shame if the authorities hadda come and get it all, but for a share of it... (1/4-1/2, depending on how stupid/greedy they are)..." THESE motherfuckers are why you'll need a heavy tarp at the front door and a pre-dug hole in the side yard, unless you got a good dump site.

And then, it'll be on like Donkey Kong... or maybe more like "Modern Warfare".  It'll only take one or two publicized "incidents" where a family decides to 'take a stand' against governmental overreach via whats illegal and unconstitutional Executive Orders, and politicians in general, as well as their "Johnny Law" minions will be on the extremely endangered species list.  

Because once you 'flip that switch from "Peaceful Coexistance" and try and steal my shit, it becomes "Fucking Kill Them All'.

Posthaste I might add.  Got me a hunch the fury thats been building is going to lead to a general slaughter of anyone or anything reeking of dot-gov and civil dot-gov.  Right Wing Death Squads?  More than likely the first time some of these neo-Socialist fucktards try to actively institute some power-crazed scheme.

In fact I'm counting the days until some of these power-mad Mayors get whacked.   The idiots saying "You can't buy a gun?"  Fuck that.  Buy one and fuck them.  DARE them to come for you.

None of them get it.  The Bundy Ranch episode scared the ever-loving SHIT out of the feds and dot-gov.  Its why you -never- hear about it.  The last thing the Overlords want is the Slaves to realize that they can not only tell them (the Overlords) to get fucked, but we're going to kill you as well, and ain't no one nor nuthin' gonna stop it from happening.

We are Legion.   We are Armed.  Y'all don't Stand a Fuckin' Snowballs Chance.

Quit while yer ahead, stay cool, and lets all get along.

Don't try to take advantage of the situation.

Play nice.

You DO NOT want us to "Not be Nice" anymore.

We'll purely curbstomp you, take your shit, and move on.

Until Later I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country