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Saturday, February 29, 2020

MAn, The Clash Song is -SO- Appropriate Now...

Evening me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yah... I posted about it once, but yet again, UGLY Reality come unrelentingly up my ass and in my face. 
Kuwait's numbers are still  at 45, However, that being said, and knowing that the country is quite literally a "Oligarchical Oil-Based Monarchy with Despotic Radical Islamic Tendencies", its hard to believe what they even fucking say.

Any wonder why people have trust issues these days?
Sort of like how we're supposed to Trust the Media?
and then....
Too damned bad too... the CNN puke who was reporting this was practically -salivating- at this dudes name... asked if that was an Italian surname... 

Bet he was really disappointed when reality AGAIN kicked him in the balls.

Sooooo even before they found out "Magic Dirt Person" (who, BTW is a hardcore Democrat and Warren Supporter) did the shooting, they concentrated that he liked to "hobby build" his eeeeeee-vil Black Rifles, of which they were oh-so-sure was used in this horrible crime... and that they were drooling at the bloodshed, eagerly awaiting that the victims were of the "Magic Dirt Flavor" so as to push eeeeeeeee-vil whitey shot up a bunch of the (((Media's ))) chosen... bet they would have creamed in their collective jeans if a true (((chosen))) was among the victims...

And then.... Fuckin CRICKETS....
Black, 51 year old married Democratic Warren Supporter (who, BTW from reports sounds like a paranoid skit-zo, jes sayin') who used a legally bought .45, with a (as far as reported) legally bought suppressor and wasted 5 white dudes...

Media Reaction in 3...2...1...



13 Days and counting, CoronaChan is still doing her thing, cept maybe ONE good hit:
Socialist and Possibly True Anti-Pope Francis is "Down with a Sickness"
Thats what you get for sucking the toes of Congolese Untermenschen....
Yeah... no fan of the Argentine (who BTW has a supposedly well deserved rep for being a Stoolie for the Junta in order to get hisself ahead... almost quite literally 'stabbed some motherfuckers in the back' by declaring them commie... ARTICLE HERE

Now, I'm -no- fan of commies, but the shit this prick did was to 'wet his own beak' so to speak... especially since NOW?  Fucker is as far left as Lennon and Lenin.

Fuck him... he'll be in hell soon.

OK: Numbers time:  Its all Bullshit, but I'm still doing it.
February 29 2020 @ 21:30
Infected: 86960
Dead/KIA'd: 2977

My bet?  Tomorrows Numbers Today!  (lets see how I do?)
March 1 2020 @ 21:30
Infected: 89120
Dead/KIA'd: 3105

Place yer bets!!!Place yer bets!!!Place yer bets!!!Place yer bets!!!
Until Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, February 28, 2020

Back in the Saddle

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Been a while!  The trip to South Kackalacky was a good 'un, 'cept for the damned weather.  Left in the A.M. in gray skys which progressively went to shit.  Kinda of a piss me off.
So, just to get it out of the way"
CoronaChan Razzamatazz DoublePlus UnGood BadThink:

Date                Time              Infected                  Dead              Inf/Dif             KIA/Dif           Hour/Dif
Feb 28 2020    19:00             84124                     2867              4049                   368                      95

OK... I took this off of my Spreadsheet I've been making/using.  The Inf/Dif is Difference in Infected Numbers, the KIA/Dif is Difference in KIA's, and the Hour/Dif is the -last time- I took the measurement/count in hours.  In this case, 95 hours (roughly just shy of 4 days exactly), and in that 4 days, only 368 people were added worldwide to the KIA list and only 2867 infected were added.
So the phoney-baloney numbers are still good for the sake of "good" meaning that the people of China will be placated enough to -not- rise up and skin the Leadership alive.

Unlike here in the US.  I pretty much was -forced-  to watch an Unending Stream of CNN and MSNBC.  And listen to Mom-Unit rage at "Orange Man Bad" for the entire week.

I have to put Sapper in for an ARCOM or something... he tolerated it too,. and didn't fuckin kill her.  Love Mom-Unit, -fucking hate her politics.-  I mean fucking straight up Democrat Party Ticket Puncher who knows Trumpinator is getting reelected, but damn.  I don't want to collect my inheritance early... if I pushed, she would'a stroked the fuck out.

I just kept feeding her Highballs til she passed out, and the Sapper and me swilled down her wine n' Vodka... keeping us shitfaced allowed us to remain relatively civil.

At which point I called out to Mom-Unit that no matter what Trump does during this fiasco, it's going to be "Orange Man Bad." 24-7-365...  She said it IS his fault, at which point I told her that if he really wants to get out in front and stop this disease, he needs to go Full Fucking Felix and that'll do it.
She asked "Felix who?"
I told her "Felix Dzerzhinski... the founder of the KGB and instigator of the Red Terror"
She's a bit of a historian, having been a teacher, and she kinda got pale... "He wouldn't... he couldn't!"  I told her it'd be the smartest thing he could do... institute COMPLETE Martial Law, ground all aircraft, suspend the stock market, order the whole country into strict quarantine, determine who and what is needed to keep critical infrastructure operational, nationalize it if needed for a limited duration, (with a promise of reparations if needed), shut the Mass Media down in its entirety and put us on a no-spin no-bullshit regime.  Arrest any and all loudmouths who're too stupid for their own good, and liquidate anyone who opens their vile cockholster.  Arrest and and all profiteers and ship them to Wuhan, buck naked and not a penny on them.  Do the same for anyone who gets in his way to come down hard and bust this virus in the ass BEFORE we get fucked over.

She was like "That's undo-able, and unconstitutional, and illegal!!!"  She started getting angry, and I pointed out that supposedly IF Trump was soooooooooooo bad and soooooooooo evil, then why hasn't anyone gone to the camps yet or been locked up.  I laughed at her and said she's been buying the Democratic Retard-Derangement sooooooo long she doesn't know what reality is, on her multi-millionaire Island-Bubble... Told her I haven't seen any Blacks being put in Chains (thanks Biden for that quote!) and I don't see her Mexican-probably-illegal-gardeners being rounded up and tortured, or the Jews being herded into boxcars (yet!) so I guess he's doing a pretty good job right now considering how all the fucking moron democrats are trying to actively knife him in the fucking back.  During a FUCKING PLAGUE!!!!

Mom finally stopped after that... she tried one last half-hearted attempt but I cut her off with "Two words Mom... Puerto Rico."  That was all it took.  See, I had gotten into it with her when she started spouting off how Trump had fucked up relief to P.R. after the hurricane(s).  I told her about the stash of critical fucking food, baby formula and other shit that the fucking Democrats HID/Locked-up/Stole and SOLD for a profit to themselves to make Trump look bad... she didn't believe me til I pulled up some stories on the web about it...

See... we've got another 2 weeks... before I deploy/the shit gets real.
Supposedly 8400 in self-quarantine in Califuckinya.
The numbers infected in Kuwait?  Fuckin' 45.
Not. Good.

Problem (from MY perspective) in Kuwait is the close-in nature of the place.  EVERYTHING is packed on top of Each Other New Yawk Style.  Hygiene and trash pickup, despite what they say is very turd-world.  Leastways back in 06 it was... I can't imagine it's much changed in the interim.. if anything, dirtier and more packed in.

Working on the base'll keep me away (for the most part) the locals and shit.  However, if its Kinetic all bets are off.  And water is hard to come by (bottled only) Desert abounds, the Bedouin Tribesmen that ride around the outskirts ain't none too friendly, the RIFs (Radical Islamic Fundamentalists) are just waiting for an opportunity to ride in and oust Da King, and here I'd be, sorry sore (but at least heavily armed) and stuck in Camelfucking Kuwait.

Oh well... I was there when the SARs came through, why not the CoronaChan?
OK... More later, I gotta sleep.  I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Wow on vay-kay but DAMN!

Late evening my Droogs and Droogettes!!!
Visiting the Mom-Unit has been HIGHLY entertaining.
Mom's laptop is a fucking apple, so forgive any spelling issues or such whatnot ephemerama.
I know shit broke the 80K rate fine.
Issue I have and what making me hack Mom's Mac is the South Korean Assistant to Disease Control went from a meeting talking 'real time issues' and jumped OFF A FUCKING BRIDGE !!!

THAT Right there is some Monty Python level shit.

(Dude goes to briefing on how bad shit might be)
Dude suddenly jumps off Bridge.
"Who was that?"
"Assistant to Disease Control"
"Oh  bugger...this's going to complicate things

Yeah.. bad mo-jo... like I said, I''ll get back online come Friday, but OMFGAYFKM at this point?
More later from a non-hacked PC NI remain, in the field The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, February 24, 2020

Off for a Few, Back on Friday

Evening Droogs N Droogettes
Gonna be 'off the radar' til Friday.  Gotta visit the Mom-Unit before my deployment.
The Latest:
February 24 2020 @ 20:30
Infected: 80075
Dead/KIA: 2499
Not that it'll matter... but got me a hunch the numbers are going to stay static for a while.
Until later I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Good, Nay GREAT news or not?

Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Things 'round here gonna be getting -spicier- in the next few...

My weight waiver from ARCENT/CENTCOM was approved!

Kuwait and weirdness from the edge here we go.

Especially once I hit ground, I'ma volunteering for any and all shit storms I can get into.  Iraq, Syria. Wherever.  Especially since going downrange usually has combat modifiers and bonuses.  That and the writing gets easier because the stories are soooooo fucking good.

So I sent this pic of me for comparative uses for the Army General to see -just- how big I really am.
And yep... thats SQUAD Automatic Weapon... M-249 with Shorty Barrel, bust still...

Popgun in the Big Country Hands.

Guess they took a look at the pics and measurements and were like "Approved!!!"
That and the end of my SigBlock sez "Always Let The Wookie Win"


The only potential fly in the ointment is CoronaChan's got 3 known Infectamated in Kuwait now.  <SIGH>  Never can be easy for me eh?  Well... stay tuned here because it's about to get a whole lot more interesting in the near future.

More Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Behind the Power Curve

Early Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Haven't been near the computer all day.  Actually sort of refreshing seeings that everyone is in "De-Nile" and it just ain't a river in Egypt anymore...

Yeah.  They be fucking up by the numbers so I avoided the news today, if only to insure ye olde bloode pressure don't go supercritical.  Not that I didn't have some fun shit to do today tho... Seems the Ole Lady's BFF was in town with her band.  The bands name is "The Broadcast"
Her and the Lead singer Caitlyn have been besties for about 20 years... they met when the Ole Lady did hair n'makeup for a Rolling Stone spread a few back...  Cait is fucking like a reborn Janis Joplin with her voice... OMFG she's unreal... Not many white chicks can 'do' Aretha Franklin but she nails it... whats really funny is she was born, no shit in Motown in Detroit...  she's got the chops fer sure...

So her and the band were in town, over in Clearwater for the Sea-Blues Festival... they were the opening act this afternoon, so we went over and Cait told us to tell the gate guard "We're with the band."
Shades of the Blues Brothers...

So, we go up, and kinda push our way in until we find -someone- in charge... Initially they were all like "Why didn't you show earlier with them (the band arrived before us)?"  "We got caught in traffic DUUUH!"
So we get whisked over to the Main Head-Shed and get issued our "All Access Artist" backstage passes... no checking w/the band, no checking with anyone... Oh?  Yer with the band?  Great!  Here's your backstage all access free food and all you can drink (booze) passes!
Are you fucking shittin' me?
At 11 am.
Oh hellz to the fuck to the BOO-YEAH BIIIITCHES!
Best. Sunday. Breakfast. EVER.
Not only that, only -one- joker asked who the fuck I was, to which I replied "Personal Bodyguard to just who the fuck are you?"
 We got there waaaay early, in time for the sound check, and got our seats in the VIP section.  This was -after- noshing on the free brunch... I must have eaten about a pound of bacon n sausages (a porks a day keeps the Muj away!) and a fuckton of other shit before settling into our couch...

Yeah... a fucking couch... with big comfy cushions... under a tent... in the front row area...
Yeah... that was how close to the stage we were... I coulda slung my dick onstage from there... in the shade, waiters bringing the Ole Lady Mimosas and me beers... a fell day had by all... Sweetness to say the Least.

Now, BTW: Gotta tell ya, they got a new album dropping in May... Get it and all their others... they do damned good for a North Carolina Band...

So, for tonight, I got this so far... I'm not bothering with the 20:30 checkup as it's not going to change... I got better odds on a Leopard turning into Zebra stripes than this fuck-all numbers Joe Chink is Producing these days:  Besides... I gotta go get some more drinks... not wasting this party-day eh?
As of February 23, 2020 @ 19:15 hours
Infected: 78989
Dead/KIA'd: 2469

ONLY 359 MORE infected and ONLY 9 More dead?

On what fuckin planet?  Planet Bullshit?  Probably.
OK I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, February 22, 2020


Evening me Droogs and Droogettes
Well... lets see... Lots to unpack.
Soooo to start off, apparently the Love Boat -again- is in the news, THIS time for more motherfuckers getting sick despite the "plan".  Apparently State fucked up and now there's more folks sick.  Considering just how State IS  "The Deep State/Swamp" I'd say it was 70% probability of intentional and willful fucking up just to ding Trump.  The bullshit HERE:

ANd anyone who thinks that they are not capable of intentionally letting a plague loose here in the States to cause political issues for Der Trumpinator, you got a 'nother ting comin' man.

The ver y fact that CDC has now been caught trying to relocate a bunch of sick folks to a small California town, well HERES the word on that.

So in a small roundup, CDC sez only 14 cases Stateside.
And Yet, 11 MORE from the Love Boat... if -some sources- are to be believed, its actually all 38 pax who are now slammed/infected.
Add on the 50 more that CDC was to maneuver are ound Cali?
That totals up to on the High End of 72 Infected.
And thats just in the instances we know about.
Apparently in Hawaii, where Joe Chink went while infected (and has subsequently died) and visited with friends.  When the friend went to the Island Infectious Control Group or whatever they call it, they essentially said "You look healthy, go home and call when and if you're not."
So, off he went home, and now?  Well the reason they haven't tested him, or anyone else is that they don't have any fucking test kits available.
In fact, thats going to be the New Tee-Shirt:
Let me know if this WORKS

Other than that, we shall now get down to the nitty gritty DoublePlus UnGood BadThink Numbers
As of February 22, 2020 @ 20:30 hrs
Infected: 78630
Dead/KIA'd: 2460

Yep.  What can I say?  I mean it's blatantly obvious that the Chinese have been lying to us since day Zero/Patient Zero... and now?  Our own CDC and State Department are playing games.

Notice to all Y'all Dot Government Workers out there:
China gets away with lying to its citizens because they're UNARMED YOU FUCKTARDS.
If'n y'all -really think- that the way to run a 'resistance' to Trump is to undermine him, fuck him over, and/or maybe let a Highly Communicable Disease into the Good Ole U-S-of-A to score points against him, you gotta 'whole 'nuther thing coming.  If -anyone- dies unnecessarily, I'd say its high time y'all die... quite intentionally.

We the People, will undoubtedly hunt you down, kill your families and all who are even -remotely- related to you.  And after we destroy your families?  We'll force feed you their corpses to keep you well fed BEFORE you make your appointment with Madam Guillotine.

Yeah... I'm fuckin harsh like that.  Better to eliminate the genetic stain of anyone who feels it necessary to play God/games with 'regular folks' lives to score points against their political opposition.  People like that, whelp, dey ain't pee-pulz in my eyes... just rabid genetically inferior animals that need to up the chimney.  Period fuckin dot.

More later, I gotta make empanadas dammit... Got a show to go to tomorrow and the Band's Lead singer is a good friend of the Ole Lady, so I got tasked with the food LOL.  I'll report about the show later.
Until then, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, February 21, 2020

Did I mention? Top. Men.

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes
In this case, the prize of the "Retard of the Week" goes to the State Department...
Apparently they fucked up...  They stuffed all the CoronaChan Infected from the Love Boat onto the same plane as the one who hadn't been exposed/infected yet.

Go  Team!

So, now instead of 11 sick, they got 35... and climbing.

Since everyone is now scattered, we're not going to get any updates 'cept what we know about the folks here in the States.  So we got that going for us at least.  So onto the dinner we went to...
Me and the Ole Lady hit a small local place called "Shrimp Boat" or some such.  We got there plenty early as going out for dinner here in Florida, you either hit it waaay late or waay early... otherwise it's a "Wait in line for an hour, get table... waitstaff practically throw the food at you, deliver the check and glare at you like "When the fuck you leaving man?"  Not my favorite gig.  So we've developed a new way.... we go as part of the early crew, and skip breakfast and lunch so that an early BIG dinner goes down well.  Also, by going early, we don't miss out on the specials of the night.  God knows the elderly here in F-L-A -De-Fuckin-Molish- the specials before the regular folks get there.  Olkd folks going out to dinner here in Florida are like that Locust Swarm in Apefrica I swear...

The grub was tolerable.  Went down ok... the french fries were fucking lame, but this place I could tell was "Fro-Frou" and wouldn't know a properly cooked fry if'n their lives depended on it.  I had the fried Jumbo Shrimp, which were actually jumbo, and a thing called Escalloped Seafood... not bad... I shouldn't've salted it tho... was already salty enough.  3 Cheeses with scallops, shrimp and crabmeat with bacon all swirled together and baked.  Very tasty... gonna have to try it meselfs here at the Casa.

It was her treat as we didn't A) do Valentines Day and B) She's been making all the cash lately.

MY part of "Date Night" was the pedicures.  Yeah Yeah Yeah... talk all the shit you want.  Only a fuckin idiot would NOT do a 'pedicure' "because thats for giiiiirls." 

Uh. No, it ain't.  I wish I had known about these things back when I was in the Infantry... especially after a field problem.  I -had- discovered Spas and getting a mud-facial deep cleansing after a field problem tho... dudes in my unit thought I was fucking blinkered for doing so, but then again, I was coming right out of the field like them, and -I- didn't look like it.  My skin was clean (no camo makeup in the ears still... no grody pores filled with dirt... Nope... my grill and skin was positively GLOWING.

Hence why I had banged, at last count 300 + women, (at that particular time... I've added significantly since then)  to include entire support elements of female troops.  I was a well known man-whore.  Complete Moving Hormone... the perfect dude... fuck friend before the "friends with benefits" even was going on... Got to the point that when I got engaged to the XBitcho, the C.O. came over to ask me about the "copious numbers of broads that kept coming 'round the way in the barracks." 
CO: "I thought you were engaged!"
Me: "I am sir"
CO: "Then what the fuck is up wit' all the broads coming around looking for you?" (he was a New Yawker, God Bless 'im)
Me: "Well sir, I ain't married -yet-."
CO: >shakes head< "Jesus, don't get fuckin' caught!"

I rather enjoyed him as a CO... pretty decent doobie all around... knew when to bust ass and when to bust balls... WAAAAAY better than the fucktard who replaced him.  THAT fuckin' turd-burglar got relieved for cause two months into his slot... mainly because the senior NCOs and Junior EMs were gonna have him have an 'accident' at our next live fire... they came up with some shit to relieve him... I didn't give a shit... here one day pissing us off, next day, the First Shirt comes out to first formation  bellowing "Free at last, Free at last, Thank Gaaaawd Almighty we are free. at. last.!!!!" (1Sgt B was a Black Man of Some Humor/Repute.  We fucking loved him.).   Seems that he'd just gotten word that Captain Fuckface was on his way out, and that the XO (cool as fuck too mind you) would be running the show f until further notice.

Joyous Pandemonium and Loss of Military Bearing was the way to describe THAT fuckin formation LOL.

So, lessee, OH... yeah Desert.  Went to Culvers.  Hadda "Concrete" which is this thick assed ice cream they serve, mixed with candy.  A great ender to the date, 'cept I -did- stop off and pick up a long ago ordered item at Bass Pro. 

I've found the -best way- to get me the powder I want is to order it online, but have it delivered locally.  That way I get out from paying the hazmat frieght of anywhere from 20 to 50 bux, depending on the website.  I pay a bit more for the powder at Bass Pro, but the convenience isa waaay good.  Although this particular powder apparently has been back ordered like a motherfucker... so long I forgot I bought it.  The email came in while we we getting ready to go, so it was a natural to be like "Hey baby, gotta stop and pick up?  You good?"  "I'll wait in the car."  God I love that woman LOL...

So anywho, more later as we roll.  I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Date Night Minimal Post

Evening me Droogs and Droogettes
Gotta take care o'biddness... namely dinner-and-a-icecream nomovie-because-Fuck-Hollywood Date night with the Ole Lady.  She wants seafood... ok... can do.
In the interim...
Tonights DoubleBad NoGoodThink UnPlus Bullshit Numerical Roundup
February 21, 2020 @ 20:30
Infected: 77277
Dead/KIA'd: 2252

Oy Vey!  With numbers like this! It's enough to make a goyim go meshuggenah.
Til Tomorrow
I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, February 20, 2020


Evening me Droogs and Droogettes
Tis an interesting thin that happened last night... My -short-but-sweet- posting had more to do with a visit from my son who brought 'dessert.'

Good thing I got all the urinalysis out of the way for the new job.  Didn't realize it... not for a good hour or so... apparently one or two got mixed in... there were supposed to be brownies for us here at the house, then brownies for the after-party he was going to over his friends house.  I kind of was like OK with the whole thing... I mean I'm not under anyone's direct control ectectect... so it was a like fuckitall moment.

So I had started setting up for the nightly roundup, when I discovered I couldn't feel my fingertips to type nor could I feel my legs.  The only thing I had hitting was cotton mouth sooooo badly I drank about 5-6 liters in one sitting, and spent the rest of the night pissing my brains out.

OK: so found THIS.  Essentially a short write up in a Brit paper (The Globe I think) talking about the 40 Mobile Incinerators that have been servicing Wuhan.  That they need to be by water to work properly, and pretty much everything I had discovered, oh, almost 17 days ago I think?

So tonights numbers versus last nights and the night before.  Its soooo obvious that its Shytte...  I can't even really anymore... give a fuck that is.  I'm going to keep riding this here pony til it runs outta speed, but really?  The John Hopkins swine who push the Commie Line?  Yeah... Bullshit in Heaping Steaming Piles.

I Mean hell, they found 19 more infected today off the Love Boat, and there's 3 Deaths related to it now.  No mention of 'cured' offa da Boat... don't think there will be.

So the DoubleBad NoGoodThink UnPlus Bullshit Numerical Roundup
February 20, 2020 @ 20:30
Infected: 76295
Dead/KIA'd: 2247

Again, 540+/- Infected and 100 dead.

Like Clockwork.

Gotta walk the Dog, and tomorrows gonna be busy.  I'll hit ya when I can
Til then I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Evening me Hearties!!!  All a-bored for some Droogish Thuggishness!
What the Hell... why not methinks I need to lighten the mood around here a bit.  But as the days roll on and I keep having to deal with morons, retards and the VA... well, lets just say its a bit on the stupid side.
So me Droogs n Droogettes, lets roll!

Seems the R0 or R-Naught, or as I like the Pirate-Style ARRR-NOT, well apparently the Love Boat raised the issue of "Just what IS the correct infection rate?"  To which -someone- at the CDC let slip that it's about a 7.05.

Not good.  SARs was like a 2.3 R0, and was considered highly virulent and potentially fatal.  Which is, as I stated, is the reason they offloaded like everyone from the boat.  With evvabody scattered to the four-corners-of-da-Earth, they effectively can forget the whole unpleasant affair.  ESPECIALLY when the people on that fucker who're infected start dying.  

Cold blooded?  Yah.  But we need good intel.

Hence my frustration at the Whither-Hither-and-Yon approach.  Boat should have been left to it's own devices, to include letting motherfuckers die so we could see IRT whats going on with dis here bug.
Unfortunately -someone-somewhere- with a lot of 'yank' shut the whole process down.  Oh well... gonna be a lot more of that than anything else whilst the Overlords try and keep the Economy floating like the proverbial turd in a punchbowl...

OK so tonight's numbers:
February 19, 2020 @ 22:30hrs
Infected: 75725
Dead/KIA'd: 2128

I'm getting to the point I'm only going to comment, and then move on. Jesus wept.

Til Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Damn I'm Good (Chart added)

Afternoon/Morning to the 'Early Reader' Droog and Droogettes
Looks like I was right again...
A last group of 79 People were found infected on the Love Boat just as they ended quarantine.
Guess you could say I was in the spread that I called, (even as large as it was).  They apparently unleashed, well -everyone- offa Da Boat, free to run, and infect ever man woman and child they run across.  Musta been some unreal pressure from the Chinese Government for the Japs to do something -that- blindly stoopid.

Phase 1: Bollix the Containment/Quarantine
Phase 2: ?
Phase 3: Profit/Break Quarantine

So, lets break it down for the final numbers, which as far as we know are the ONLY solid numbers for an infection rate in a enclosed/tight area. Totals in BOLD
February 3rd: 1 Infected 1
February 4th: 10 Infected 10
February 6th: 41 More Infected 51
February 9th: 66 More Infected 112
February 11th: 39 More Infected 151
February 14th: 44 More Infected 195
February 15th: 66 More Infected 255
February 16th: 70 more Infected 325
February 17th: 99 More Infected 424
February 18th: 99 More Infected 524
February 19th: 79 More Infected 603
Total Number out of 3700, is 603 +/-
Chart courtesy of ZeroHedge

The +/- variance is on one day it was "X" number newly infected, and then "Y" revised either up or down.  ZeroHedge calls it at 621 infected.  Thing is that the Japs, well they -were- doing a good job near as I can tell from here.  Boatload of sick motherfuckers?  Lock it down.  No one off til it burns itself out.  Now?  Who stepped on their collective dicks here?  Breaking quarantine?  Are you MAD?  Especially with numbers like I've been tracking.  Dunno of -any- other blogger who's charted Da Luv Boat the way I have.
It gets mentioned of course, but now looking at the numbers the way I have them
Maths iz hard, but you can see the 24+/- a day until day Ten or so... 30% climb overnight, and then it was off to the races.  BTW, just for grins, thats 16.2% of the Total Potential victiims.  Not too bad, but would I want to be one of the 16 out of a 100 in a crowd to get it?

Hells to the no!

More as we go
I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Dammit Bob...

He's at it again...

Hard to do this when he keeps attacking my hands while I type...
Til Later I'm the I.R.
Big Country AND Bob

A Bit of Light Weight Posting

Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Got an -interesting- email from a guy who knows a guy... didn't know this but the term I use "Droogettes" is apparently a really hardcore all-chick punk band...
Who knew?
I just thought it was a clever term to feminize the Droog Handle.

So, as I posted earlier today before I went running willy-nilly all over da place (all the pre-deployment medical stuff) going to dentists, doctors and general bloodletting.  Had to do a 12 hour fasting test today... kinda sorta pulled it off.  I mean I -did- stop boozing around 22:30 last night... and slept in til 11:00... and then went to the Lab at 14:00... so 14 hours plus but I -know- the liver enzyme counts gonna be high as fuck-all... oh well too bad.  Got me Adobe and alllll the copies of past results to work with...

If you ain't cheatin', you ain't trying.

Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.

The interesting part is going to be getting them to sign off on the weight waiver.  I've had to do it multiple times because the current Nationally Recognized Body Mass Index is meant for can't-cut-it-cunts, soybois, and other assorted eurotrashlike skinny-jean wearing hosebeast losers.

I call it the "Kate Moss BMI"...  Fucking thing sez I should, at maximum mind you, weigh
197 pounds!!!!  I have no idea  where the fuck they get these trash-ass numbers, but, a BMI of 25 at a height of 76 inches (6ft 4in) sez 197lbs according to the national chart.  I'm -currently- in pretty good shape right now... (round is a shape amiright?)  No seriously, I'm at 332, and for me, thats fucking great.

Even my primary care Doc is like "Ain't no fuckin way you could weigh that BC... yer LEGS alone are about 150-175."  The LOWEST I've made it to was in Iraq during a madly stressful time in my life where I was a complete gym rat 2x a day, as well as 20-30 laps in Saddam Hussien's Olympic Size Swimming Pool...ever single day.  And I wasn't eating at all.  One chikin sammich a day... maybe.  I got down to 285 and was actually pretty fuckin unhealthy looking...

My Doc told me 300-325 is optimal for me.  Sooooooooo time to futz w/Uncle Sam and get a weight waiver.  Gotta send that tomorrow.  Get the ball rolling.

So now, for tonights Joe Chinaman HorseHockey Bullshit-O-Rama Numbers Game:
February 18, 2020 @ 20:30 Hours
Infected: 75176
Dead/KIA'd: 2008

Uh Huh.  Again with the 2.1...  I give it til the First Week of March... THATS when the end of the first 30 day Cycle will have finished... two full 15 day cycles, and then a mass of 'other' infections that weren't counted, expected or planned on.  Sort of like what happened on the Love Boat.  Originally I called a total of 814 potential (at a 35% infection rate) infected within a 30 day period.

Looks like I might have been a bit -off- on that.  548 in 14 days... double the expected, especially if they get another 75 or more tomorrow.  It's now getting into an exponential growth rate  as opposed to the 'regular as rain for 11 days of 24 per day average infection.

Exponential growth rates scare the SHIT outta me.  That's the one scene in the movies when they start showing a map of the world and by the end of the scene, the whole planet is infected with "X" and evvabody's dyin...

So, anywho.  Got an appointment for my bro.  Still dunno if anyone else has jumped on, but shit
As long as John Cleese doesn't show up to carve on me, I should be good.  No more updates -as of yet- but I did think of one really cheesy aspect of this.  IF I am a valid donor and I go thru with it, sounds horrible, but I'm see if I can get a publicity bump out of it.  "Disabled Unemployed Honorably Discharge Vet donated kidney to Former Brother-in-Arms"... if that doesn't help me get a job then, whelp at that point I'll be adding the term "Homeless" to the aforementioned list.

I mean at this point, if the Kuwait gig doesn't come thru, I might be in a world of hurt.  It takes, on average, like 3 to 4 months to land a new gig.  And that IF yer record is clear.  Mine is sorta-kinda clear, as in it shows the charges as being "Dismissed"... however, to some companies that's a GAFY moment (go and fuck yourself).  And there ain't shit I can do about it.

'Cept maybe file for disability.  Gawd and Lord knows I'm physically fucked up alllll day long.  I've actually been let go, not for a lack of trying, but that I couldn't physically keep up with the twentysomething fuckers.  The whole 'right to work' laws are a piss me off tho... yah, we can 'walk away from a job' theoretically, but in reality?  Its a law designed to let an employer shit can you at any time or place without explanation.  Fuckers.

So, for now, I just kinda-sorta plug along.  Haven't been Ubering much to tell the truth.  There's a few things that were out on Gab that I'm not sure of as far as fact-checked / veracity.  This one:
Long of the short:  Senior Member of the CDC txted to a friend of hers saying that there are over 1000 cases in the United States right now.  States that 32 suspected states have 'em.  Whenb questioned, she's blocked people, and 'gone to ground.'
Now, knowing someone might have LARP'd this shit, ok, but still -I- looked up her accounts and such whatnot and they've all been deleted.  No denials, no "I wuz hacked by Russia" No anything, 'cept this quack has gone to ground and dissapeared herself from social media


Anyways, add on that this:
Dunno if'n I'ma gonna be driving anytime soon.
Leastways at the Airport
OK... More later
I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Love it When I'm Right

Afternoon Me Droogs/Droogettes!
From the Unimitatable Razorfist:

The Love Boat done gone and went even more retarded.
Seems they found another what the hell was it? 99 MORE Infected, bringing the total to 548 cases plus or minus.


I fuckin called that one.  Next:  I'd say another 75-100 +/- tomorrow.  Its now been officially 13 days in Quarantine.  They can say about the quarantine that "It wasn't effective" or "containment wasn't managed properly"... uh NO geniuses.  Its the fact that this shit 'cooks' for 12-24 days before it reveals itself.

Gonna be a LOT more before anything else I gar-ron-damned-tee it.

More Later tonight... Just hadda throw this one out there
I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, February 17, 2020


Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!

Tonight's MASSIVE PhonyBalony DoublePlus UnGood BadThink Numbers are as Follows:
February 17, 2020 @ 20:30 hours...
Infected: 73314
Dead/KIA'd: 1872
Jesus... they still can't stop lying.

Yep... According to Barrons, the numbers are, as I've maintained COMPLETE bullshit.  LINK HERE  For those of you who TL:DR, it's pretty much a summary of the fact that it's literally impossible to have the statistical exactness of a daily growth percentage. I.E. ain't no way no how could these numbers grow that fuckin perfect daily. "A statistical analysis of China’s coronavirus casualty data shows a near-perfect prediction model that data analysts say isn’t likely to naturally occur, casting doubt over the reliability of the numbers being reported to the World Health Organization."

(If'n ya steal this, at least Attribute it to me, I made it LOL)
Then on top of this level of dumbasshattery, The Cretinous Retard Brigade, AKA the Social Justice Warriors, have Started Speaking up:
Oh Holy Fucking Jesus Christ on a Pogo Stick...
People like that -twatfest- above should be banned from any and all treatment in the off chance that she or her ilk get infected.  Hell, lock her with her uninfected relatives in a building, with NO medical supplies, treatment, and/or assistance, outside of her fellow SJW Buddies...

I'd give her a week before she dies of dehydration, hunger or is murdered by her family for being such an insufferable infected twatwaffle.  I know -I'd- shoot her if I were related to her... eliminate the possibility of her breeding, further polluting the gene pool...  the last thing we need on this planet is MOR STOOPID PEE-PULLZ. of which she is a strong representative that thereof...

I mean really?  THIS is your concern?  That we might be making critical decisions based on a known, quantifiable, identifiable factor which just so happens to include RACE?

Gawd...  motherfucking retards... too man y of them.  Just like how 98% of all identifiable Islamic Terrorism was committed, on average by Males of Arabic Extraction, between the ages of 18 to 30, who regularly attended Radical Islamic Mosques , and yet the T.S.A. routinely gropes 84 year old Caucasian women-in-wheelchairs so as to not be perceived as racist.

One time, I was on a flight home, and I was watching one particular dude in Schipool Airport in the Netherlands...  dude was a full blown Haj with a soupcatcher dyed red (a sign of a hardcore true-believer) and was decked in the usual Male Haj-dress.  He caught me eyeballing him, and came over to ask me what my issue was... Told him flat-the-fuck out that I wasn't sure if he was a tango or not...
Surprisingly, Dude wasn't offended.  In fact, (he spoke really good English) that he was a Mullah from Detroit, and found it refreshing that an American like myself was so absolutely up-front with him.  Guy ended up being my seat-mate (we rearranged it) so we could talk on the flight back to Detroit where his Mosque was...   really nice guy.  Actually a bit on the moderate side all things considered.  One of the things he said as a naturalized US Citizen was his amazement that the Dot-Gov was more worried about offending people than of getting people killed.  Said the Israelis do it right, not that he was any big fan of the (((Jews))) LOL.

Profiling is an absolute necessity to keeping quarantines in place... I mean if 99% (which it is now) of ALL infected are Chinese, then its the intelligent thing to stop Chinese people from coming into a 'clean' zone!!!!

I no longer even am surprised.  Morons like that ARE going to get us killed.  And, IF by some minor miracle, after the smoke is cleared, the bodies buried, and our shit starts rebuilding, and bearing in mind IF I survive, I can -promise- with ab-so-loot certainty that if I -ever- hear someone going "SJW" in the aftermath, I'll put a bullet through their brain-pan, with a quickness, no questions asked.
After all, whats one more dead retard at that point amiright?

In other news, apparently "Coonman" in Virginia got the message.  Well, at least -some- of the quote-unquote "Representatives" got the idea that the AWB was a bad thing to vote for.  It was narrowly defeated, but I'm sure they haven't stopped the idea that they'll eventually push it through.  Meh.  Let them.  Long run, no-one is going to obey a fucked up unconstitutional law.  Passive Noncompliance.  And when and if they start pushing violent compliance?
Rodgers Rangers
The Swamp Fox
Quantrill's Raiders
Hit and Run.
No way, no how, just short of carpet bombing the A.O. are they going to win... and that ain't playing to the "Hearts and Minds" thing...  Plus, the micro-cephalic (((morons))) who are pushing this seem to have forgotten they know where you and your families live.  And if you think in a 4th/5th Gen Guerrilla War you families aren't going to be -primary targets- you got another thing coming, ya fucking (((dumbasses))).

Annnnnnnd lo and behold!!!
Carnival Diamond Princess. 3700 People to start. One dude infected. Left the Boat. Then the following happened...dates and times are accurate up til now:
February 4th: 10 Infected initially from the Patient Zero (who's Dead now BTW)
February 6th: 41 More Infected
February 9th: 66 More Infected
February 11th: 39 More Infected
February 14th: 44 More Infected

(At this point it was averaging 24 people infected per day)

February 15th: 66 More Infected (30% jump overnight)
February 16th: 70 more motherfuckers hit overnight...
February 17th: 99 MORE people found as they were getting ready to Evac a bunch of people...

Total as of now, 474 out of 3700, with ONLY 1209 tested.  37% casualties AS OF NOW.
Now, dividing the 3700 up, 1209 is 32% of people on the ship.


No matter what, it's a 30-40% infection rate IRL.

No -wonder- they're desperate to separate out and unass a bunch of people.  The Diamond Princess AKA The Love Boat as I call it is -the premier way to correlate real time infection/mortality rates.-
Mark my words... the reason we're seeing a HUGE increase is it's been essentially 13 days since the initial 10 were found to be sick... the rest?  Got me a hunch IF they allow the numbers to keep being publicly tracked, we'd have a better idea as to how this bug actually works.

But since they've been lying non fuckin stop to keep the economy of the planet running, they ain't about to stop.

Go figure.

Power, Money, Lawyers and Guns.  Thats what they got.  And control of the narrative.  I half expect them to kick in my door if this was China.  Right now, I can't even get other bloggers to acknowledge my research... granted it's impossible to prove, but a LOT of other guys who are tracking this have been using a LOT of -my- stuff... the info IS publically available, but sometimes a phrase, term or style of writing catches my eye... "Hey that sounds a lot like my shit!" is how I see it... 

OH well... laboring in anonymity I suppose is better than being 'Johnny-on-the-spot'.  

Til Later, comments wanted, appreciated and enjoyed.  More later... I Remain The Intrepid Unappreciated Reporter
Big Country

Fuckin' PayPal and China

Afternoon Me Droogs N Droogettes
What the hell is it about me n the Ole Lady going out to eat?  The other day at Texas Roadhouse it was a steak that was disguised as shoe leather.  Yesterday, we stopped on the way home for an early dinner at Cracker Barrel... fuckers served me a Deep Fried Southern Steak that tasted like it'd been sitting in the freezer since the last Ice Age... I mean I could literally taste the freezer burn...

And then we got home and the barfing began.  Me AND the Ole Lady.  Puke O'Rama.

Goddamn it.

So, for Laughs BTW:
Love that one...

To get to it:  Today's Piss-Me-Off is dealing with PayPal.  The Ole Lady likes to order her clothing online as she gets some pretty good deals... She also is a big girl... not fat... just BIG... Like IRL Amazonian Big... Think WWE Chyna Big... that being said however, there's been quite a few fuckups.  Especially when she orders something that comes from China.  Chinese XXL is -not- American XXL... in fact, Chinese XXL is barely a medium here stateside.  Runty lil fuckers, all of them.  So occasionally, she'll order something that comes in and its a laugh-fest.  Like what happened this past go-around... the fucking Shorts she ordered came in, and -might- have fit the Grandbaby (2 years old LOL)... I made fun of her (she got pissed per usual) and she repacked it, as the shorts were too small, and the blouse was a no show.

She then called PayPal to get the return started.

Did I mention the return needed to go to motherfucking China?

Hoo boy.  Dealing with the mini-minds and retards at PayPal has me convinced that they are possibly the stupidest customer support I have ever dealt with.   And thats saying A LOT as I've done enough customer phone support and worked with some real winners

Round n Round I go with this idiot, telling me we don't get credited until the shit gets back to China.  I had to explain to the monkey on the other end of the Phone that A) The United States Postal Service ain't delivering to China no more, and B) That the town in question that this shit is totally locked down on quarantine.

"I'm sorry sir but until we get proof and notice from the company in China..."
"Dude, you -know- there's a strong possibility that they're all going to be dead... I'm pretty sure ain't none of them working right now..."
"Again, I'm sorry sir but until we get proof and notice from the company in China..."
"Can I speak to someone with a brain?"
"Hello, this is the manager..."
"Yeah, uh Hi.  We got no way to ship this stuff, unless we use a shipping method that's worth more than the stuff we're shipping (I had looked... $50 USD and -no- guarantee the shit would get there) and it seems really stupid to be this uptight... I mean she didn't even get the full order..."
"I'm sorry sir but until we get proof and notice from the company in China..."
Oh holy shit.
Fuckin DRONES man.  
Mindless fucking corporate DRONES.  The whole fucking lot of them.
All for $40.

Told the Ole Lady its a fuckin wash man.  Just write it off.

And then, another Satellite Update.  For shits-n-grins I scanned Wuhan.  Apparently the fires that -had- been burning have shifted a bit to the south of the city.:
Now this came up on FIRMS but NOT MODIS.  However, the reflectivity/heat cat is pretty high.
Kickin it at 329.6 Kelvin... around the 1800 degree level if what I learned was correct.  And.. checking the MODIS shows (as the resolution of those pictures is better:
There ain't shit for industry out in that A.O... so methinks they're still doing "Open Pit Mongolian BBQ"...  I don't know what that small housing/warehouse area ios, but the fire is just south of it a bit in the open field, and near a main road that I can tell.  Not really sure as I'm not a sat-analyst by far... but just a grunt who was/is pretty good with land-nav and using SatMaps during my times overseas.

Add on the news from the Love Boat has kinda sort -stopped- overnight leads me to believe that pressure is being put on a LOT of people to quiet down on just HOW BAD real-time IRL infection rates are.  

Which would explain why they seem so desperate to get anyone and everyone off the damned boat.  DESPITE it being in quarantine.  I think they want to scatter everyone to the four corners of the Earth and let them be forgotten.

After all, right now, the Boat is under a microscope, or at least it was.

Now?  Not so much.  Everyone gets scattered and real-time monitoring goes out the window.

More Later, time for some food
I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Evening Roundup AGAIN

Evening Roundup Time Me Hearties!
Yes Droogs n Droogettes, its time for the 2.1% Club to have it's Nightly BadThink Numerical Roundup (plus or minus .1% variance)
February 16, 2020 @ 20:30hrs
Infected: 71306
Dead/KIA'd: 1773

And now, a nice round of Applause for Whiny Da Poo AKA Premier Xi or "Leadership Joe Chink" who, by way of his Awesomeness and Unfailable Infamosity and Unbeatable Hairstyle has Kept The World Safe (TM) Once Again...

And in other newsies...
"The Love Boat... NO!!! THE HATE TAAAAAANK!"
(Queue M.O.D. Power Punk from the Late 80's... Method Of Destruction LINK)

The Love Boat has had ANOTHER fuckin explosion of cases AGAIN!!!.. Up to 355 now...
February 4th: 10 Infected
February 6th: 41 More Infected
February 9th: 66 More Infected
February 11th: 39 More Infected
February 14th: 44 More Infected
February 15th: 66 More Infected (30% jump overnight)
February 16th: 70 more motherfuckers hit overnight...
Total Infected: 355
According to reports:
"Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato said early Sunday that the quarantined ship floating near Tokyo has 355 confirmed cases, or about 30 percent of the 1,219 people who have been tested so far."

So they're up to testing 1219 out of 3700... and getting a 30% infection rate as of NOW.

-I- called it that it'd be 35% at the very leastThe reason for the seeming detonation  of numbers is its now been 11-12 days since exposure.  These folks were exposed  about 15 +/- days ago... and tomorrow:  I forecast at least another 50 -to-100 cases IF MY expectations are correct and my math was right... nevermind my WAG or Wild Assed Guessing.

Eyes Open Evvabody...

Also in tonights -entertainment roundup- is this chart, courtesy of ZeroHedge/1000 Genomes
Going offa this, seems that some of the more susceptible  Genomes are Mexicans from LA (72% higher), African Americans from the Southwest (66% higher), Africans OVERALL (62% higher) and Peurto Ricans (60% higher)...

Man.. It doesn't list Irish or Norwegian so me n Sapper are good... In fact IF this goes full retard, it could significantly improve the crime stats in the next few years nationawide....

Jes' sayin'.

So, yeah, the numbers again are bullshit, Joe Chink could give a fuck, and we're headed to weirdness.

Tomorrow I have to schedule a tissue-matching thingy for my Bro... for this whole 'cut out mah kidney' thing... Fuck... this's -seriously- fuck up my life on a personal level... Fuck.  Honestly I didn't even know the guy that well in the Army... we knew each other (he was in another platoon) but we weren't friendly...  I mean we weren't feudin' or nuthin'... just we served together.  He thought I was  a dope smokin' weirdo LOL  That -was- the image I tried to project... kept the assholes offa my back and gave me a certain cachet when it came to -certain issues-  That and I got laid.  A LOT compared to my fellow grunts...

But thats good enuff.  Especially knowing he's got a young lil girl who wants her daddy around a while longer.  Fuck it.  Its only money.  Besides... been a fuckin minute since I had a sawbonez cut on me... shit's been boring without intrusive surgery of some form or another LOL.

So, More Tomorrow, I'll update what I know, when I know.
Til then I'm The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

Late Afternoon/Early Evening me Droogs and Droogettes!
Juuuuuust got in from a 2 hour road trip -each way- for the Ole Lady.  She hadda wedding to do the hair and makeup for these broads and it was a long trip, so I drove.  Got to the A.O. and spent the three or so hours doing Uber.  Only made ten whole fuckin dollars...  Kinda irritating.

So, we got home and Ah-HA!
A package of my 'final need' preps showed up...
A Case of One Liter 5% Dextrose/Saline I.V. bags. Expiration date of July 2022.
Yay Me!  Go Team Big Country! 
As the Cali-Blogger has been ranting about, it hit me that on the off chance sickness does in fact darken our little corner of the world, that MANY if not ALL critical medical needed supplies are going to be going-going-fuckin gone man if and when the shit does hit the fan...

So back around a week, week and a half ago, I started looking for some last minute supplies.  I.V.s being a 'harder to get' item as the majority of Websites want a prescription for such medical supplies.  

Now, not for nothin' I'm no where near a medic, but I did Combat Lifesaver Training, and had more practical-practice in real time in Iraq... I lost count of how many IVs I've given, received or a combo of each, having given myself one a time or two in an emergency.  Yah... it -can- be done, but it's usually really messy if you don't have anyone to assist... blood gets everywhere.  

I've had all the 'other' fiddly-bits (IV lines, needles w/cath... all the prep kits too) left over from when I had the Cancer.  I stole, wheedled and cajoled a number of medix that loaded me up, so now?  I got enough shit to at least keep a sick motherfucker hydrated to hell and gone.  Also got some extraordinarily powerful antibiotics that are new, sealed and still within the expiration dates.  All left over from various missions, illnesses and just flat out paranoid stockpiling over the years.

So, I'd say we at the Big Country Home for Brain Damaged and Homeless Vets, we're in great shape.

In fact, tonight I'm loading another couple of hundred rounds just to keep stocks up.  The shit we shot out with Spawn #1 needs to be replaced... we did in fact shoot the fuck outta some rounds LOL.

OH!  BTW:  The Company (I get no taste from this particular push) is Mountainside Healthcare
Dunno what else they may-or-may not ask for a script for, but the IV bags I got no questions asked.  If you feel the need, go ahead and tip me... I won't complain.

They got a lot of shit, that if things keep going, we ain't gonna see no more of for a while.

So more later, again, Dog walkin before Dinner Time
I Remain T.I.R.
B.C. (for brevity)

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Evening Roundup

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes
Fun night tonight... Me, the Ole Lady and the Sapper went to Texas Roadhouse for din-din.  Not bad but they -did- fuck up my steak and they took it off the check (no shit they did) otherwise it was a pretty good meal.  Fuckers torqued my steak beyond recognition... I've seen skeet that weren't so hard n'crispy.
I was going for "Wait..." but got beyond "Fucking ruined."  More like 'corpse in a cremation chamber'...  Kinda a bummer but, my ribs were fantastic, as well as my sides of a cuppa'chile, and my loaded smashed n'mashed taters.

The dog, however, was fucking thrilled with the leftovers.

OK now... so apparently The Love Boat has had a veritable explosion of cases now.. Up to 285 now...
February 4th: 10 Infected
February 6th: 41 More Infected
February 9th: 66 More Infected
February 11th: 39 More Infected
February 14th: 44 More Infected
February 15th: 66 More Infected (30% jump overnight)
Total Infected: 285.
My call? Looks like we'll hit that 35% number shortly if those numbers keep climbing... I said that IF 35% was the final infected rate, it means 1306 people out of the 3700... they're well on their way with 285 in 10 days.

The 30% jump -to me- indicates the exponential jump I've been waiting on... the 24 a day was due to the 'usual growth' of people who had -already been infected/exposed- but were either Asymptomatic OR had a false-negative on the testing... which apparently there's a lot  of false negatives going around... seems el swabbo test ain't none too good... so this jump, well, that's right in line with a real-time boost in numbers, as 2 infect 4, 4 infect 16, 16 infect 32 and on and on...  exponential growth.  Means that taken in the fact that this happened in 10-11 days bodes ill for the real numbers in real-world-real-time

Something of which Joe Chink still won't talk about.
I mean when the hell are they going to admit they failed?  And that its over

Probably never.  Fucking Morons
Tonights BadThink DoublePlus UnGood Numerical Roundup for tonight:
February 15 2020 @ 20:30hrs
Infected: 66153
Dead/KIA: 1669
That there is some
Yep.  Same as the old boss.
Terrapod pointed out that at this rate, with the "Epic Pile O'Fail" that the whole CoronaChan is, that the Head Joe Chink, Premier Xi, or, Whiny The Poo, is going to go down as a bigger murderer than Mao.  I mean to beat the 65 Million Kill rate he established?  That takes commitment and effort.

I responded back that I worry that all the morons out there in the intrawebz who keep screaming that this whole thing is "A plot between the US Government and the Pharmacology Corporations to infect the world, THEN release the vaccine at a huuuuuge markup so they make a huge profit!".

THOSE fuckin' guys... the tinfoil-hat retards... I mean really?  C'mon man... there's better ways to make money/squeeze the world for cash... esp. those ways that don't include exterminating, even accidentally a huge swath of the population.  And they're broadcasting (such is as their right) this cockamammie fuckin theory where even Joe Chink can read about it...

What happens, as slim as it may be, if and IF Joe Chink desperately 'latches on' to one of these theories in order to deflect his own fuckups?  Doubt that they would?  Well... what have they got to lose by pointing the finger at the EEEEE-vil capitalist/jealous West?

Desperate men do outrageously desperate/stupid things.

Like lobbin' a fuckin' nuke at us.

Terrapod thinks that they wouldn't 'cause we keep sending them groceries.  Me?  I think men with that level of power will do anything to keep it.  And I mean -anything- up to an including a Nuke War, b/c the Joe Chink Leadership, once the mask is off, has literally nothing to lose except their own lives.

And judging on how milquetoast our Leadershit has been as of yet, NOT going balls-out against obvious attacks, they probably aren't worried about our 'nuking back'... in fact they'd be banking on it.

So, we shall see, but the future's a bit hazy.

Also, I got some bad news.  A buddy of mine I served with has been diagnosed with Level 4 or 5 Renal Failure.  Bad Kidneys apparently.  So... I'm doing the noble/retarded thing.  I set an appointment to see if I'm a compatible donor.  I'm OPOS, so I got THAT going for me, and he is too.  It's gonna fuck up my job(s) potential, but fuck, dude has a 4 year old lil Girl.  I can't let the fucker die and leave her alone, not if it's within my juice to assist.  SO we'll see whats going on, and I'll update y'all on what's probably going to fuck up my job prospects.

Shit do happen eh?

More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter, noble but dumb.
Big Country

I Called That Un

Afternoon to all the Droogs N Droogettes still hangin' 'round here!

Saw the news (for values of what it is) That the (((MiniMikeMaggot))) or (((M3))) from now on for brevity's sake... is gonna pick MegaBitch Killary as his running mate.

OhHo!  Now, honestly can't remember if I called it here, but I definitely talked to the Sapper about it... who all busy today putting together whats probably the LAST mountain bike out of China... he ordered it some time ago, and it was in an Ohio storage facility for long enough that only a cursory spray down with the disinfectant was warranted.  But anyways... Yeah the (((M3))) Wannabe Dictator (truly!) and the "Its for the Children (who I traffic in, when I'm not stealing from them, or sacrificing them to Moloch)" Failed Prez Candidate.  Told him almost 4-5 weeks ago that was what was gonna happen.  (((M3))) was going to buy the nomination, and to keep everyone from flipping their collectivist shit, he'll bring Hillary in to keep everything cool...

Good Hopping Christ on a Mahzoh Cracker...  How the fuck did it come to this?  A deranged billionaire with delusions of his own awesomeness/brilliance/intelligence.  I mean banning fuckin Big Gulps?  Banning Guns? Heh. 
 And then Hitler got elected, the Jews got rounded up en-mass, stuffed in the Ovens, and everyone wondered "WHY?  How could this have happened?"

Hey (((M3)))... F.A.A.F.O.

I personally blame Inbreeding.

That's not being antisemitic... Its a -real problem- in the Middle East among the two very closely related religions  of Islam and Da Jews.  Its truly these days a third rail of Modern Anthropology.  That and Sociology.  In fact, I'm shocked those two disciplines even exist anymore, seeings that Academia has turned into a Leftist Hellhole Stew of Raging Moron-Political Correctness.

See, BOTH of the groups are intentionally exclusive.  They generally don't allow outsiders in. I mean is some cases you can convert, but for the most part, the Outer-marrying is done specifically to bring fresh blood/DNA into a closed system.  Otherwise its cousin-on-cousin action, and not in a good way.
Uhhh yeah... that came up by accident  I -swear-...

So yepper... they tend to be insular.  That means that the genetic material, over time, gets damaged. Which means that eventually, you get a bunch of slope-foreheaded retards running the show.  I mean why the fuck do you think the Saudi Arabian Royal Family goes thru so many Princes/Kings in such a short amount of time?  I mean in my lifetime alone there's been five of the motherfuckers... whereas there's only been ONE Queen o'England...The majority of the time, its His Sons who run the show b/c Da King is usually either hospitalized and/or shitting in his diaper while watching Barney.

Nevermind the Jews...  NO ONE talks about them. It's not allowed.  And they're just as bad on keeping it in the family.
There's from what I can tell, 3 Primary Flavors:
Kazarian: Eastern (Russian/Middle Eastern) Jews
Ashkenazi:  Middle (Germany/Euro) Jews
Sephardim: Spanish (Spain) Jews
The Ashkenazi make up like 80% of the Worlds Population of Da Jews.  They also have the most hardcore exclusionary goals/precepts of the whole set of groups.  There's a few others, but in the main goal here is to point out the fact that as a Group, they tend to focus on their own tribe and get whats good for their tribe, fuck what it costs anyone else.  However, it also leads to a lack of awareness...they just can't see how, in their striving to get whats good for them, they tend to piss off everyone else around them.  To the point that the word "genocide" was invented to describe what happens when the White Kids get genuinely pissed off with your ethnic group.

Now, grabbing up all the power and money and such, from a Tribal Survival Standpoint is a good thing.  ALL tribes should be looking out for Number One.  However, the Jews take it to extremes that eventually cause blowback.  I mean there HAS to be a reason that they keep getting either Persecuted and/or Expelled.  I mean Wiki sez THIS:
According to the ADL (such a reliable organization amiright?) its myth that Da Jews have been run off so many times, and yet, Wiki, run by a plethora of their fellow co-religionists, shows a three page list starting in 733 Before Common Era (a nice way of saying Before Christ).

I mean can anyone tell me of an Ethnic Group that's come even close to this number of being chased off?  As Dad-Unit used to say:
And they vigorously defend their right to be out for Number One.  ANY AND ALL questioning of their motivations is met with out-and-out hostility and general nastiness.  Hell -this- article- is enough to have them come after me, tooth and nail, hammer and sickle no less.

AND if I point out that "It's all Right to be White"  I get fuckin crucified.  Much like they did to the Christian Lord n' Savior, jes sayin'.  The double standard is blatant and like I said before, eventually people start going "Huh... why IS there a double standard and WHAT is the end goal?"  

Which is whats going on.  #woke is a hashtag for those who are virtu-signalling their alignment with the Hardcore Leftwingnut Retards.  I say we have our own:


Meaning we've seen thru their Bullshit... Everyone's... ALL the globalists and shitbags... anyone who spouts PC  bullshit, and thats WE are on to them ALL.  And as the Who said
"We won't be fooled again!"
Until later for the Bodycount, I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country