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Friday, January 31, 2020

Well THAT was Unexpected

Good Afternoon Me Droog n Droogettes
Man, another day of bullshit.  I'm wasted.  Tired and sick.  Or is it Sick n Tired?  The allergies have been kicking me ass... like curbstomping me.  That and I'm feeling crappy in general.
SO... off to the races:
As of 30 January 21:30hrs
Infected 9776
Dead 213

29 January 21:00
7783 Infected
170 Dead
And according to the source(s) out there, it's actually busted the ten thousand marker.

Annnnnd Leadership Joe Chink has been 'cookin the books' on the KIAs.  NOW they're saying that the dead are being hustled out the back door of the hospitals and being cremated ASAFP.  I'm inclined to believe it.

So... The Air Traffic over China is still retardedly crowded.
Now, granted a LOT of planes fly over China, OK, but there's still far too many aircraft for a Formally Declared Global Pandemic  How silly of me to say they shouldn't be allowing this to happen.  The notable tho is the transponders for Wuhan and other major hubs are missing/shut off.  Guess ain't no one getting out of there alive...

So, what the Hell, watched and finished up "Contagion" with Matt Damon last night.  Dude is such a shmeal/shmuck in that flick...his fucking wife cucking him, his balless response to everything... I personally would have to eat my gun if I turned into such a fucking pussy.  Only guy he can push around and be a hardass on is his teen daughters 15 year old boyfriend...  Loser.

But, not a bad movie vis-a-vis a slow burn pandemic.

Right on the money.

Other good news, the VA finally gave me an increase to 50% for Injuries in Line of Duty.  Not a uuuuge increase but, I'll take the extra 300 a month.  Thats a motorcycle payment if'n I can swing it when and if I get a new gig.
Prolly gonna have a bigger markdown in the near future methinks?
Actually, ifn the Virus does go full retard, Chinese Mail order Brides are going to be scarce, thereby driving up demand, and therefor cost.  Gonna suck for all those thirsty motherfuckers out there.
But as of now, apparently its just doubling every couple of days, but the death count is still  low... provided that that intel is good.

Therein lies the problem.  In this day and age, I got ZERO trust in the Dot-Gov.  I -might- trust the Dot-Mil, but only down to lower end players, namely the Squad that gets assigned to this neighborhood if and when they decide to start locking down the A.O. (prolly never happen but I can hope)  But anything from in a position of Authority?

Fuck No.  Fuck Them.  Fuck Off.

Gotta go pick up the grandbaby for the weekend... see if she brings the Plague here from daycare (her usual modus operandi) so hopefully not, but we shall see.  More Later I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Corona Chan

Mid Morning Me Droogs and Droogettes
Holy Hell I'm hung over... half a handle of Finlandia (courtesy a gift from the Sapper) and Jesus... the body is still smashed... guess this's a good time to get some range time in.  #1 Son (Based, Extremist Type One Each) is coming over.  Gotta LOVE having a kid even more subversive than myself.  Spawn #1 is beyond based.  Motherfucker refers to himself as a Member of Generation "Zyklon" and OMFG... if even one quarter of his age group are that hardcore, the Elites are in for a really rough ride in the future.
And then EVERYONE was surprised when Hitler came to power...
Sooooo... Numbers Crunch time!
Corona Chan has now gone to:
28 January 23:30
6057 Infected
132 Dead

Then 29 Jan as of 21:00  I waited alllll night but didn't get a good update past that, (and truthfully I was completely shitfaced at that point) but we have a jump in the count:
29 January 21:00
7783 Infected
170 Dead
So for today, we'll see.  Interesting that "they" state that within 10 days we're going to see a leveling off of numbers, and then BOOM.  A slight decline in infected.   However a slight increase in KIAs. 
Make of it what you will.
Join the Army “THEY” said.
See the world “THEY” said.
Hot Girls will dig you in uniform “THEY” said.
Go to college and get a degree “THEY” said.
You’ll make a shit ton more money with a degree “THEY” said.
After college, with a degree, finding a job will be cake “THEY” said.
“THEY” keep telling us the economy is doing well.
“THEY” say we shouldn’t worry about Corona-Chan, it's only in China...
“THEY” also said that it’s for our own good that “THEY” keep taking away our rights.
“THEY” also tell us that “THEY” are from the government and “THEY” are here to help.
“THEY” lied.
I don’t trust “THEM” anymore.
With good reason I'd say.
More Later, gotta shit, shower, n'shave as spawn will be here soon.  Love getting to hang with my boy.  Until then, I remain, the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

MAD Thanks!!!!! And MOR! Updates

Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Coming to you from the house today... When I went to the gym, "The Great Road-Spirit" came to me in the form of two ancient crones driving a Prius who came (use Maxwell Smarts voice) -that close- from totaling out the Brand-Fucking-New Big Countrymobile...  Completely oblivious... motherfucking snowbirds... <deletes 300 word rant on elderly drivers in Florida>

Anyways, "The Great Spirit" said essentially, after the gym, go home and crack some cool frosties and chill... the road ain't no place to be today.  I consulted with the Sapper (currently at work) who agreed wholeheartedly... apparently either the same two old broads tried to waste him this A.M. or we've got an infestation of Snowheads on our hands.

The Dogs Face Says it ALL
First Off: So I'm home and got some 'housekeeping' to do
My many thanks to those who've donated as of Late...I greatly appreciate the support!!!
Both Phil and Rad, watch the mail.  I'm sorry I've been soooo behind the power curve, but life ya know?  I did (per the Ole Lady... she's been up my ass for constantly procrastinating) get the shit in the mail today, so give it a day or three and the stuff'll be there.

And what stuff it is you wonder?  Why an autographed copy of Charlie Mike Comix.  Figure its the very least I can do.
Soooo yeah... I greatly appreciate the help.  Rad really stepped up, as did Phil back in the beginning of this blog by kicking me in the ass to get re-started again.  So thanks to everyone who helped, and I'll keep recognizing people as they step up n out.

Now, down to Biddness CoronaChan Style
That one oughtta get me outright banned from Joe Chinkland ya think?
So, It's early.  I'ma not throwing up numbers til 23:00 as Popp Sez BUUUUTT...
There seems to be a 'lightening of the numbers' so far today... Not to say that it IS leveling off but it appears to be...  I'll look into it later tonight and throw up the normal round up as the coralation comes in.  My only question is IS it slowing down or is Leadership Joe Chink just getting better at hiding the numbers?  Tough call either way, -however- ther has been an expansion in the other countries... Think the U.A.E. has one, Ozzie-Land has like 4 or 5 now... India has like 2... again, not monumental increases by any means.  No word here in the States but they did bring 230 evacuees from China in either late yesterday or this A.M.  See what happens there.  They -did- divert the plane to I think Edwards Air Force Base where it was met by moon-suited Wingwipers and MedicMonkeys so thats a -good thing-.  Keep 'em locked down until we know whats what with what, eh wot?

Now onto personal news.  Been interviewing for a work from home gig.  Karma eh?  Either way I'll take damned near -anything- at this particular juncture.  I also got hit with 3, count 'em 3 inquiries for overseas deployment.  Two in Kuwait, one in Iraq.  The Kuwait Positions are actually 3... One is a Log Job (logistician) and the other two are Small Arms Repair, one a level one job, the other a supervisor position.  I'm quall'ed on all three so we'll see what we shall see.

Of Course this means the Ole Lady started the usual bullshit of "Well, if you deploy, what do you want to do?"

Translation:  "I want to get married."

Fuck me.

Why can't chicks leave well the fuck alone?  I'ma half tempted to call it a day on the relationshit and move on IF I get the gig overseas.  I wouldn't normally be this way, but OMFG REALLY?

Nuff on that for now.  I gotta make dinner.  Tonight are breaded fried wings like you get from Hooters, 'cept my recipe is killer good with some serious spicing to add flavor.  I bought a deep fryer (no little fucking toy but the -real deal-) when my divorce went thru and I was still was gainfully employed with extra cash on the side.  Great investment from what I can tell.  That and the mozzarella sticks you can get at Wally World?  2 minutes, 30 seconds in the fryer makes 'em as good, if not better than any restaurant you can get 'em at, at a 1/4 of the price.

 Til my Corona Update later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Top. Men.

Morning or Mid AFternoon to Me Droogs n Droogettes!

Comparative: Current Spread of CoronaChan as of 23:00 28Jan.

Next Pic: Flight Tracks in'n'out of China 11:30am 29Jan... 

That's some -really good- quarantine you got going on there folks...

Top. Men.

Until I see the FlightAware map showing -nuzzing- on there but Dot Mil flights, I ain't counting shit for shytte being over with.  Its becoming readily apparent the main reason no one  is blowing the actual whistle on just how fucked up the situation is is that they'd rather people fucking die than allow the economy to fucking sink.

Which it will one way or another.  IF they did it right, things wouldn't come to as Kit DuToit calls it a "train-smash" ending.  I'm no economist, but personally, I'd be slooooowly winding things down with an eye of suspension of trade and such whatnot worldwide NOW rather than when it all goes to hell in a handbasket.  I mean this may NOT be a real deal... I can only go by why me peepers tell me and what info is out there...

The fact remains that if people have to be quarantined, they don't go to work.  If they don't go to work, production eventually slows, then stops.  Just like in Ringo's book, eventually, critical services start to fail as people say "Fuck this for a game for soldiers" it becomes necessary for the military to take over critical infrastructure, food delivery, power generation, medical etcetcetc.  Martial Law follows, and then things get -hinky-.

I'll keep banging away... I had a good Uber Night, and the goal for the bill-pay is coming (I need another $75 to make the bills on the first) and as long as CoronaChan doesn't start cropping up in the deep south, I'll keep it up.  When and if she does tho, I'll be throwing on a mask and gloves, and sterilizing the car on each ride.  Fuck the passengers if'n they don't like it.  And if motherfuckers start getting really sick and dropping dead?  I'ma shutting in, riveting the doors shut and calling it a day until it's time to come out and burn the neighbors corpses.
Until later, I gots to hustle some bux.  I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Juuust got home from a successful night of Ubering.
And as they used to say........
Apparently the new numbers per China for Jan 28 are:

6049 Infected
132 Dead

Yesterday, Jan 27 to recap those numbers:

4614 Infected
106 Dead

And the Day Before Jan 26:

2799 Infected
80 Dead

See a pattern here?  Doubling of the infection rate and an interesting number of the KIA... in each instance listed so far is that the dead number has increase by 26 exactly.  Wonder what the statistical model is for that?  I mean -someone- -somewhere- is saying only 26 people died when the exponential growth is like doubling every 24 hours minimum.

And the horseshit that they're going to 'peak' in 10-12 day?  Hows that supposed to work?

I mean come on.  S.A.R.s OFF-Fish-Shully Infectamated a -total- of 5327 in China and KIA'd a total of 349 Peep Pull.  It took NINE MUTHAFUGGIN MONTHS TO ACCRUE THOSE NUMBERS
And here's the issue:
I'm going to keep posting the daily round up, if only so's I can keep track.  Ye Olde Headspace and Timing ain't what it used to be, so better I have a good record of whats happening.  It's also a good idea just to get it down on paper, as the 'rest o'them' seem to have a "Meh, wash yer hands, all is well" outlook.

Good for you if you feel -that- comfortable.  Me?  I -REALLY- don't want to go out by way of a bug.  Been there, done that... MRSA or some such flavor, Lung Cancer, Rare Mytoplastia Pneumonia...  I had 'em all.  I either want to go out fuckin a hot broad from a Cardiac event like Eisenhower, or knee deep in hot brass, and a passel of enemies at my feet, well ventilated.  Either way I'd be good.  But dropping dead of the fuckin flu?

That'd be just plain embarrassing and humiliating considering how hard I've lived this life LOL.

More Tomorrow, til then I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
Live press conference with Lead Joe Chink:
YouTube Viday ... go to 12:40 for the "Money Shot"
"10,000 currently infected..."


Fuck These Guys

Morning Droogs N Droogettes
Remember these guys
And let them know.
Someday, Someone is going do -something- and come for you.
You will not survive the encounter.
May the Last Thing Don Lemon sees is the stump of his neck spraying his lifeblood into his cocksucker.

So... now that thats outta da way:  Corona-Chan... how I love thee?  Let me count the ways? LOL!
Nice Tits.
Seems that we now have a case of the CC that was transmitted human-to-human in Japan.  Some poor Kraut caught it apparently from a Jap who had been in the A.O. and gave it to him when she got back.

Oh-Fish-Shully Now? (In China)
4614 Infected
106 Dead

And the World Health Organization refuses to declare a 'pandemic' as i they're afraid to cause an all-ready teetering market to crash.
Bring it.
According to the Canoeheads, The "Best Case Scenario" is that this burns out 'by the end of the summer'.... Uh excuse the fuck outta me, but just going by the numbers from Friday to now, we've seen an increase of cases tripling the numbers in 4 days!!!!

That sort of mathematical progression I'm no good at.  I'm the 'removes boots to count to 20' Infantry type.  No.  Really.  I can't count worth a shit.  Calculators are my friend.  I do know that triple up every 4 days = a metric fuckton of infected by the 40th day... and what?  End of summer?  OK... sure... who the fuck is talking that shit?

And, per usual, Leadership Joe Chink is behaving badly...Per ZeroHedge: "According to some projections, there might be up to 300,000 cases in China, and there are likely dozens of people who have died of pneumonia who in reality died from nCoV - but those deaths will never be recorded. Although China is "behaving better" than it did during the SARS outbreak, they're still concealing information from the international community."

So yeah, first case here in Florida and I dunno... starting MOPP Level 2 would be a good idea I suppose...

But it's going to be ugly what that my primary source of dinero is Uber.  Fuck me I can't win eh?  (Hint: Donation button? LOL!) Guess if the straights aren't wigging when this bug comes to town, they can kiss my ass.  I mean last night I had a pickup at the Aeropuerto.  Gave me the willies.  I had a no shit Joe Chink climb in the car straight from the mainland.

Ever try to hold yer breath for a 12 minute ride?  It was that or do the 'Ace Ventura'
Fucking sucks man.  I gotta quit smoking.  It was truly a little nerve rattling.  I figure that my odds are pretty good on -not- being exposed as I didn't converse with the fucker AT ALL and he sat in the back quite content to be jacked into his phone nonstop. 

Dropped him off at some weird ass Chinese seafood market.  Normally I'd be tempted to go in.  Little Known Big Country Factiod:  Love to cook me authentic Chinese food.  I make some crazy good Joe Chink-food.  I'm always checking out the strange lil Far East markets for new stuff and ingredients.  I'm usually the only Giajan/Gwai-Lo in the place too... the strange looks from the owners -usually- stops when they realize I know what I'm looking for or doing, and that usually brings about some good conversations, albeit in broken engrish.  Although I did get the most awesome recipe for Steamed Pork Dumplings from this ten thousand year old Chinese Grandma... fucking awesome stuff... anyways...  This time I demurred.  Better safe than sorry til this shit either goes full retard, or blows over.

So, now?  Gotta hit the Dollar Store for some decon supplies... Lysol, some hand sanitizer and the like...  The Shower, Shit, N Shave and hit the road.  More Later, I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Post 1917 and WOW!

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well worth the time and monies to go an see such a Horrorshow flic!  Like WOW!  Two hours literally -flew- by.
Unbelievable editing, Unbelievable cinematography, Unreal music.. Acting spot on... literally I only found ONE mistake in the entire film.  I can't help myself but I -do- watch for incorrect military stuff.  The only issue was that the dudes only loaded a single 5 round stripper clip each into their respective rifles.  The Number One Mark Three, SMLE or Short Magazine Lee Enfield:

which is point on for the time the movie takes place.  It hadda 10 round mag on it.  The dudes, just as they start out the mission, shows both guys opening up the action of their respective pieces, and you can actually see the action is empty.  Doods put ONE stripper clip of 5 rounds in, and thats it.

No reloading is seen again.  Despite a firefight.  I know, I know... wicked persnickety but shit.  Cain't hep m'self wit that sort o'stuff.  Especially when he starts shooting and by all points, he should have run outta ammo b/c he only loaded 1 stripper of 5.

Either way Big Country sez see it.  A quick aside as well:  The audience for the 15:30 show was allllll old folks.  Like in their 70's and 80's.  And no, it wasn't a nursing home outing.  It was a large number of older folks watching the flic.  Very odd demographic IMO.

Speaking of which, odd demographics and numbers. 
We got home from the theater at 17:30/18:00.  Did some running around and errands and then I got on here to do some updates to y'all.  At 17:45 +/- the count for Corona-Chan was at 2082 overall, with 56 KIA.

Now?  As of 21:30EST, according to some sources its now 2799 with 80 KIA.

Uh... Thats a big jump.  I realize time lag, carcass counts and whatnot, but the Phony-Baloney Doubleplus Ungood Numbers coming from The Joe Chink Ministry of Truth and Happiness goes against all precepts of what we had come to expect. 

Essentially what I'm saying is that Leadership Joe Chink is losing the Propaganda War and the -real numbers- I think are starting to slip out much to the horror of the Leadership Joe Chinks.  The amount of intel that needs to be filtered/policed/blocked to keep the correct Doubleplusgood Numbers sounding correct is just too much for Big Brotherchink to control.  They positively HAVE to be freaking.

Too many people with too many phones/social media and other ways of getting what used to be very hard intel to get a hold of outside of the country.  Overall, the Globalists (besides the Chinese Leadership cadre) must be shitting themselves now that they realize that, barring completely shutting off internet/phone access there is NO way to stop the real story (or any other) from slipping out anywhere at anytime.  

So at least we got that going for us. 

As far as here stateside, we got 5 confirmed.  That don't mean shit now since we've also found out this shit can be cookin' away in yer carcass with zero outward signs for up to 14 days and you are still capable of transmitting/asymptomatic/and are infectious to other people.

THAT right there ain't good.  My understanding too is 2 of the people confirmed are college students that came back for the new semester and brought back the gift that keeps on giving.  Leastways til yer dead.  The Chicago lady was home for 11 days before she presented symptoms and was runnin' 'round loose as a goose, completely infectious for the entire fucking time.

Add on the claim that it only hits the "old and infirm"... yeah... I got two college stoodents that unless they decided to get the degree in their old age overseas, my guess is that thats just like the numbers count:  Complete BULLSHIT.

Good news is Home Depot still had N-95 Masks in stock.  Sapper picked up another box of 15.  Better to stockpile whilst theres shit to be had, cause soon enuff, der ain't gonna be no more for a while.  Word is in some parts of the country, ALL supplies, Tyvek Suits, Nitrile Gloves, and N-95 or better masks and filters are being bought up in lots for either resale or by Chinamenz packing them up to ship home to the fam back there.  Not that Joe Chink won't steal that shit outright from the mail if it IS as bad as it's supposedly getting mind you.
This's gonna get old before long.  And I gotta Uber for now which means masking up.  I give it until we hit 50 confirmed stateside before I start doing that tho...  don't want to freak the 'straights' too  early.

I -do- recommendto start getting some shit together tho, and me?  I've started me and the ole Lady on eating a daily megadose of C,D,E and some other vitamins that may help boost the immune system.  It ain't Corona-Chan who does the deed, but  the attending secondary infections like pneumonia and other shit that'll kill ya...

Anyways, bedtime.  More later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Well THAT was Unexpected!

Afternoon to Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Got up this morning to go to the matinee due to the Sapper wanting to see the new flic "1917"
Much to me surprise, it musty be mad horrorshow to be as packed as it is... we went for the early screening, and it was sold the fuck out!  As was the -next- show!!!  Our tix are now for the 15:30 show, and thats plain shocking to me.  The flic's been out for 2-3 weeks now, and you'd figger that anyone who wanted to see it already -has-.  Hence the reasoning we waited.  Even then, the 15:30 show was already 1/2 sold out, so we'll see.  I'll let ya know what the sit-rep is on it when I return on the nonce.

Now, Back to our updates regarding Corona-Chan.

So, per the epidemiologists here in the states, the growth curve for the 'fake numbers' that Joe Chink are putting out are on track.  Of course they are!!!  Zero plus Double Zero Equals Bullshit.  Doubleplusungood Badthink doncha know?  Me?  I'ma going with t he snips and snaps of vids that are making it out of country taken by nurses and healthcare workers in Wuhan begging for help, equipment and assistance.  THAT right there to me is more realistic than Joe Chick doing "The Drebbin."

Seems that it's going to be a 'slow burn' or as I'll call it "Doing a Ringo" as his 'Last Centurion' seems to be the go-to manual of whats going to happen.  Hell even the politics in it, as it is in real life are fucked.  Except in his world that he writes about, it's as if Hillary got elected and the virus strikes during the 3rd year of her term... Hmmn... Chaos ensues b/c essentially the government is tied up with all sorts of insanity... much like our current Dot Gov is, except on the opposite end of the spectrum.  How in the FUCK if this DOES go full contact fucking infectious are we supposed to operate when everyone and their brother/sister/motherfucker is trying to actively undermine the Commander in Chief?  

Personally, if this does go full force, The Donald is just going to have to round up the retards and sink 'em in a connex at sea if he plans on saving the Country.  We'd be better off with the whole fucking lot of them being utilized as fertilizer anyways, seeing that they all fucking suck at their jobs.  If -I- sucked at doing MY job as bad as ALL those pestilent fucking remoras are, I'd be fired and cast out.

Them?  Fuck them.  Bring on the guillotine.  
Which is apparently what they did down in Puerto Rico a coupla day o'go.  Seems them finding the stash of food and emergency relief hidden for political hit points against "Orange Man Bad" has the locals -really pissed off-.  Good for them.  They should have stormed the place and started using it if it was functional.  When your political class finds it opportune to allow your people to starve to death in order to make 'political hit points' against the Opposition, then they deserve NOTHING LESS THAN A PAINFUL DEATH.  Next time, go for it I say... there's what? 5-10 cops there?  Snatch them, grab the people responsible and kill them.  Make the streets run red with their blood.


More -disturbing- notes?  Seems a "Top Man" in Australia... an Epidemiologist "of Some Repute" died...Story HERE.  Seems no cause of death either, and he was 51?  I find it bothersome when a dude who's a top man in a field that is currently needing top men suddenly, and unexpectedly dies.
Lot more question marks than answers there... Co-incidence?  Maybe but it's a data point in my book.

Add on that apparently this particular flavor of Corona-Chan was stolen from the Canoeheads at Vancouver Uni.  Story HERE.  Seems that "last year a mysterious shipment was caught smuggling Coronavirus from Canada. It was traced to Chinese agents working at a Canadian lab. Subsequent investigation by GreatGameIndia linked the agents to Chinese Biological Warfare Program from where the virus is suspected to have leaked causing the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak." 


Also, this:
Needed a laugh...
Anyways... so Joe Chink around mid year last year gets caught stealing/smuggling Corona-Chan out of Canada.  And the Doc in question is from Wuhan?  and Works now in the questionable aforementioned BSL-4 lab?  Man... thats too much co-inky-dink for the Ole Intrepid Reporter.

Add on I'ma beginning to suspect this may NOT have been an accidental release IF in fact it did come from that Bio-Lab.  Not that we'll ever know but go with me on this.
Facts we know:
1) Joe Chink has MAJOR issues with Hong Kong.  LOTSA issues.  All sorts of 'Rage Against The Machine'.  And it's been successful enough Joe can't use the Tanks like he did before 'cause it'll fuck up his ALREADY fucked up economy even worse if the rest of the World spanks his pee-pee for being a big authoritative meany.

2) Leadership Joe Chink is TERRIFIED of a united uprising.  ESPECIALLY nationally speaking.  Small rumbles from Hong Kong -have- spread and that worries/scares the ever living shit out of them.

3) Leadership Joe Chink is MORE than capable of unleashing a Flu IF it breaks the spine of any potential uprising.  These are the same people who unleashed the Tanks and military on Tienanmen Square back in the day and said 'only' two hunnerd peep-pull died, when in reality, we know it was in the 3 to 4 THOUSAND range.

4) Leadership Joe Chink don't give two shits about us Gwai-Lo (White Ghosts).  We're here to be fucked over and sold shoddy goods to make money for the New Kingdom.  Any 'collateral damage' to us is just a bonus.

So, MY CALL:  Leadership Joe Chink (although it'll never be accounted for) unleashed a Killer Mutating Flu virus KNOWING full well that it's gonna fuck up people to keep power.  Whether or not it spreads, he was successful in the interim, as the Hong Kong Cavaliers have shut down the protests for fear of the Kung Flu/Corona-Chan.  He also knows us dumbass Gwai-Los will buy whatever story they sell us 'cos we want to keep buying cheap goods from them at rock bottom prices.

Well Played, Joe Chink, Well Played.

So, more later.  Until then I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Afternoon and the Daily Daily Fail(s)

Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes
Appy-Polly Loggies for the late start today.  Mixed N Matched my script for sleep from the VA... apparently the 'same dose/same med' does NOT mean the same effects.  The meds I get from the VA are generics for the most part, unless its a specific 'flavor' that no generic exists for.  In this case its a muscle relaxer called Tizanadine.  I call it a 'fillet knife' b/c it helps me sleep by removing ALL the bones in my carcass.

This is that I got 4-5 different types of pill.  I noticed a while back that different manufacturers were being used... I checked all the imprints cause at first I was like "D'fuq? Is this the right shit?" and turns out yeah, they were good.  Its never made that much of a difference to me, until I said "Fuck it" and threw the leftovers into one big jug.  Now I realize, and my guess is the 'quality control' between manufacturers is noticeable.
Taste the Rainbow
They're all white round tabs, just in varying size and thickness.  Well, last night I found out if I take 'small round fat tab' with 'large round flat tab with line on it' that I was out from 11pm last night until 12pm today.


See, 'small round fat tab' by itself is like damned near worthless, 3-4 hours of solid ZZZ's on 2x.  And 'large round flat tab with line on it' on its own is ok... 7 hours worth of sleep on 2x.  Apparently combining one of each?  Sayonnara Motherfucker.

Good info to know.

So!!!  Still can't reply to comments in Ye Olde Commentary Section, so's I'll dedicate a section to replying to y'all.
Ced: appreciate the sentiment.  Got a feeling it'd suck if this ends up being "Last Blog Standing"  I'm too lazy for such responsibility!
Beans:  Damned good observations.  Gonna check out Kratman's book... know the author, but haven't had him on my 'reading list' (he is now thx)  Also, didn't know the "Spanish" flu originated in China... yer points are spot on b/c I remember the hubbub over the USAMRIID kids finding 'pristine and viable' samples of it from slides... Story HERE..  and JESUS!!!  Also, Flamethrower:  I'm building my new one as the $$$ comes in.  I suggest y'all revisit my "How To"... might come in handy and if'n y'all use my links to buy the past, I get a 'taste' which helps.  Appreciate the kind thoughts.
Mountain Rat:  Bingo. 
Phil: Sorry bro.  Then again, yer too old and fucking mean to die.

So on to some points that I also wanted to make.  It's not scaremongering.  I just think people aren't looking at this the same as it should be looked at.  After my late night post, this AM... (well fuck... it's almost 13:00... Jesus and I'm still groggy... that shit knocked my ass out)  So anywhoage... I looked up this morning for Shit N Giggles the actual numbers of regular flu casualties in a year...

Holy Shit.

12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

Thats a lot of carcasses for a 'regular flavor' flu.  And the Spanish Flu, which ran for TWO YEARS KIA'd 50 Million People.  Thats when the pre-flu WORLDWIDE population was 1 point 9 BILLION people.  Thats ONE FIFTH of the world population at the time.  Another -bothersome- thing about this flu is it's acting just like the Spanish Flavor...  it's going for the young folks... infection rates are waaay higher according to what few legit reports that are coming out.
Corona-Chan Will NOT be Denied
So yeah, this sucks.  Mainly because shit could significantly slow downI'm not seeing Mad Max here... I'm seeing a slow two-to-three year burn where IF one fifth of the current world population cashes it's chips, then thats 1,560,000,000. (thats using the current high end pop number of 7.8 Billion folks on the Blue Marble).  ONE point FIVE SIX Billion folks.  Thats a LOT of carcasses.

Lord Knows we need a housecleaning tho.  And the naysayers who 'poo-poo' it, well, when North Korea shut off its border... like in the first 24 hours of word hitting the West?  THAT is what freaked me.  Joe Gook only keeps his head and his dictatorship thru the benevolence and support (and food and fuel and like everything) b/c Joe Chink sends it to him...  Article HERE  For Rokkit-Man to close off his shit, he must be freaking... especially since all reports are that the Average Nork is malnurished and puny...  I mean he's probably wigged at the potential for complete and utter depopulation of the NK side of the peninsula.  If this's goes global, and the Norks get hit?  Between their early 1960s Healthcare/Socialist Model, they're fucking done.  Sez to me Rokkit-Man ain't taking no chances.  Which is very telling as for the most part he doesn't give a flying fuckwad about his people, only his power... however, No People = No Power, so there's my POV on that... which I'm sure a lot of normies and even here a lot of us broadminded folk ain't looked at THAT particular angle... which is why I'm bringing it up.

I realize I sound a bit bezoomny, but these are just my observations.  I hope I'm wrong to a point.  I don't want to have my friends and fambly cash in... Myself?  Been resigned for a long time to the Big Sleep... and No, I ain't rollin' over... gonna fight that Grim Motherfucker all the way when he comes for me.


We're overdue for a cleansing.  Have to see how it plays out.  More Later, I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, January 24, 2020

A Bit Late but I was Driving

Good Late Night Me Droogs and Droogettes.
Getting caught up on some Ub ering as the cashflow has been somewhat restricted, and the Plasma Center(s) called back and said "80 proof" wasn't viable... so until I sober up (fat fucking chance!) or a real job comes along, I'm forced to drive the hipsters around the Greater Central Florida Region.
I can dream can't I?
Day 5 of my following and it's still looking bad.  

42 Plus or Minus Dead, lots of fucked up vidyas making it out of the Chineseum A.O... and the most telling?  Well.. lately I've been re-thinking the judgement of one of the regular bloggers that I -had- a lot of respect for.  He spends the majority of his time shitting on anyone who doesn't agree with his absolute and correct pronouncements.  He -claims- to be the open minded type, but I have yet to see him set down and have a dish of cooked magpie as it were.

And no, not Vox Day... I only occasionally hit that egomaniacs web page.  Anyone who makes as many pronouncements of his own self-worth is a complete and utter self centered bullshit artiste of the highest caliber.  I won't sling arrows tho... no need to.  The dude of which I speaketh... His blog came to my attention back during the great Ebola Scare back a few years ago... intelligent writing, comprehensive.  Well thought out.  Now?  His "anti-anyone-who-doesn't-agree-with-me-is-a-big-stoopid-poopy-pants" is growing tiresome.  

Add on that he's -casually- blowing off what I personally think is -something- that bears watching with a casual "Meh... wash your hands and get over it" is questionable.  In fact some of the other bloggers I've been reading have actually been questioning his loyalties patriot-speaking and otherwise.  Considering he ramped up the Ebola Scare UUUUGELY!!! and has spent numerous posts shitting on, at first the IDEA of Richmond, to the EXECUTION of Richmond, and now?  He shits on ANYONE or ANYTHING that makes Richmond seem like -any sort- of success and deriding ANYONE who dares speak agaist his wiser and smarter self.  Now, he's downplaying a Flu that, on its face seems pretty hardcore and nasty... in fact he seems to be getting his marching orders from CNN.  

Take it for what you will.  Me?  I'm not hyping it, but the parallels of this particular bug, and saying "Nothing to See Here" seems farcical on its face.
"All is Well!!!"
I mean hell, maybe it'll be nothing.


Another GREAT Post-Apocalyptic Novel:  John Ringo: "The Last Centurion"
Long story short... Main Dude is a Captain in the Infantry in Iran during the Occupation.  World gets hit by MAD Crazy Flu Bug out of China... High mortality rate.  Sloooooow burn.  Dude and his troops essentially get 'abandoned' when the US does a RECONUS of all deployed units.  Dude realizes that they're fucked and has to do an Annabasis (look it up) and it goes from there...  Funny, entertaining (the scenes with the Ghurkas had me howling, esp. since its a dead on description of the lil likable bastards that I worked with...)  Get it.  Read it.

Ringo is FLAT the fuck out my favorite modern author.  Unreal writer of MANY favors of fiction, from post-apocalyptic to sci-fi to modern war.  Was in the 82nd as a Intel Puke... I think enlisted from his POV.  Occifers have a different viewpoint, and his doesn't match.  Either that or he was a mustang.

But, anywho... thing about his Flu... its a 'slow burn shutdown'... No Mad Max...  just everyone gets sick, and like 40-60 percent of the world dies.  THIS is sort of shaping up very much like Ringo's Plot.

Scary Prescient to be honest.  

So yeah.  Bad JuJu in my book.  Slow burn.  The guy-who-must-not-be-named goes off on how easy it is to avoid getting infected with the flu, and yet yearly, even without a deadly, possibly weaponized flavor, we get a couple of hunnerd DOA anyways?  

Imagine IF this IS a Joe Chink Flu-Flavored Weapon Of The Month?

And it's doing a number on its own in China, as well as the 63 suspected cases as of 23:00 tonight here stateside.  43 of them in Washington State.  (Mask up Phil... bad JuJu comes yer way my brother!)
The one that has me personally worried is Chicago... the confirmed case in Washington State tracked down every person that guy got with... THATS what Ring Vaccination/Isolation is all about... however, the suspected/confirmed case in Chicago?  Apparently Mamasan was running loose around for 11 fucking days without knowing who/where/when she was.

Katy bar the door... if she worked in a Chinese Food restaurant and went to work with the sniffles?  It's all over but the crying.

Got Preps?
Until Later, I Remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, January 23, 2020

CC Updates

Droogs and Droogettes!
Looks like this's getting like for realz-realz.  

Apparently, it's now coming out that in Wuhan (source of the CC or "Coronavirus Crap") the outbreak, that particular city has a BSL-4 Lab which is essentially a Chem-Bio Warfare Lab.

In short: a BSL-4 Lab is: "As the highest level of biological safety, a BSL-4 lab consists of work with highly dangerous and exotic microbes. Infections caused by these types of microbes are frequently fatal, and come without treatment or vaccines. Two examples of such microbes include Ebola and Marburg viruses."

In other words, this fucking place is a nightmare wrapped in a shit-show.

And now?  Finding out that the newest and nastiest bug outside of SARS to pop up in China just so happens to crop up in a town that has an active BSL-4 lab?

Oops Maybe?
Sounds like Stephen King's "The Stand"  (And yeah, I get a cut of the sales on that)

For those who don't know/haven't read it, The Stand is pretty damned good apocalyptic fiction... to a point.  Essentially a Army BioWar lab has an "Oops!" moment that wipes out 98% of humanity.  In the guise of a Flu.  That they name "Captain Trips."

Yeah... cheesy late 70's name, 1978 actually, which meant he prolly wrote it in 76-77 timeframe... so yeah, lame assed fucking name, but looks like this CC is gonna be "Captain Trips 2, The Real Fukkin Deal".

Sapper told me I should cool my jets.  However, "Keep Calm and Pressure-Wash The Vomit" comes leaping to mind.  I know we had an Ebola scare, but that shit is a bit harder to catch than the flu.

Flu is a nasty hard to deal with bugger.  Ebola that we know of can't be spread by airborne means.  It takes being -directly- in contact with bodily fluids like blood/saliva/sex juice.  The reason that the Apefricans tend to get infected at a significantly higher rate is they tend to get waaay up close and personal in their funerary rites than us YTs.  Ebola is hard to catchYou have to TRY to get it.  

Unlike the fucking flu.  That shit stay active on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours.  Meaning infected retard #1 on the bus sneezes without covering, and the 'spray' hit the handrail in front of him, there's a reservoir of live, active flu juice.  Which anyone in bare hands who touches it has a severely increased risk of infection.  ESPECIALLY if he uses said now-infected booger hook to wipe his eyes, or pick last meals meat outta his grill.  And that's just in normal regular flu. If Joe Chink was fucking around and playing Slant-Eyed God with this shit and it's modified!?!

We are absolutely, wholeheartedly and completely FUCKED.

'Cause Joe Chink the BioWarfare Specialist is not going to open his cockholster.  They are barely telling us WTF is going on right fucking now.  Do you think that if this was a People's Glorious BioWar Group that done fucked up, do you think they'll ever admit it?  In fact if this was a fuckup of epidemically infectious proportions, and the particular Joe Chink Researcher wasn't critical to the cure, (and that's if his own Viral-Goblin didn't kill him) you can be damned sure that the Author-Rit-Tyes have already harvested his organs.  The Leadership Joe Chinks ain't a forgiving group to say the least.

My plan at this point is IF and I mean IF the proverbial shit hits the vertical oscillation impeller, I'm just going to seal the crib.  Lay in some last minute groceries, load the water up for drinking purposes (I have about 20 5 gallon jugs that fit on my water machine for immediate use) and then IF I have to leave the crib, go in modified MOPP 4.  

Gotta get me some pool cleaner too.  Pool shock for those of you who don't know is FAR better tha storing 'regular' bleach.  'Regular Bleach' if kept out of the sun (in a closet) in good temps, will only last about 9 months to 12 months before its purity shits the bed or doesn't do the job.

Whereas Pool Shock is sooper dooper Chlorine in dry, concentrated form.  A GREAT article from Natural News is here. Pool Shock 101 for Preppers and Droogs.  The nice thing?  Two Tablespoons of the right stuff is enough to purify 200 Hunnerd gallons of Aqua.  And in my experience, the pool shock powder comes in 12 oz or 16 oz packages... that's a metric fuckton of water cleaner/purifier.

So at that point, I'm tight.

Also, according to Joe Chink, they're up to 830/25.  Put a couple of Zeros on the end, and in a short timeframe, hell, even without the zeros, the increase has quadrupled in 48/72 hours.  +/- math, I'm not that good... I just know that initially it was as follows: 

Monday Morning: 25 Infected, and 1 Dead.  Then 
Monday Night/Tuesday Morning 250/12, and North Korea closed down the border.  More on that in a minute.  Then 
Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning: 440/15 and they then cordoned off all the cities.  
Now? Thursday Night: 830/25 and videos are slipping out showing motherfuckers dropping dead on the streets and one vid of a Doctor in Wuhan going the fuck off on someone on the other end of the phone about how the Medics are out of protective gear, and that they're all infected, they're out of beds and "What the fuck do you want me to do!?!"

Uhhh yeah.  Dat ain't good.  And the NK Nork thing I was saying?  Considering that the Norks rely on Joe Chink to give Joe Gook fuel, food and all that helpful shit thats kept Kim in power?  If they shut the border, that to me is far more telling  than anything else we're getting out of there.  The very fact that the US Lying POS Media isn't talking about it also makes me wonder... 'cause last time the Ebola thing went into mad overdrive... this one?  Not so fucking much.  And anytime the media isn't interest in something, that should be a dead giveaway that something fucked up is going on.

Got preps?
Until the AM, I hope I'm wrong and I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Many Thanks to Me Droogs and Droogettes and Coronavirus Fun

Goooood Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Especially to the Rogues Gallery to Include
The Old Man
Michigan Doug
Blue Tile Spook
and a handful of Anons.
Something is still boogered on the comments section, but apparently The Blogger Kids found the random script in this thing that was preventing me posting for a few days and flushed it out.  MY comments and/or replies still won't load/publish, so they're working on it, so I gotta thank everyone publicly (and shame the rest of you fuckers LOL) for commenting letting me know that the shit is/was/will be fixed.

So today is the Grandbaby's 2nd Birthday.  Money has been really tight BUT I managed to hit ye olde Plasma Center at two different locations and come up with some 'blood money' if'n y'all will.
And with it, I got THIS for her:
A 6V Motorized Riding Unicorn LOL!  Came with a 'Barn' for it to sit in, and is like brand new.  Found it on the Facebook Trade pages for $50!!!  Brand new it's like $150 on Amazon and WalMart locally wanted $175!!!  Apparently it was a gift to a 4 Year old who told Mama "she was too old for Unicorns" so Mom sold it to me... NOT going to argue with it eh?  Only thing is so far, she's shown more interest in the lil Barn than riding the Pony... I give it about another 2 months and she'll end up burning the motor out.
But for her?
Selling blood n' body parts ain't shit.

Of course I'd prefer the blood n' body parts come from the Left Side of the Isle, preferably involuntarily, at great velocity.  That and any future Boyfriends.  They don't call me a "Gruntpa" for nuthin'...
So, since this's a full on post, before we did the whole B-Day thingy, I woke up and took some time over the morning cawfee to see what the latest and greatest in Chi-Com-Ville is happening.  This Coronavirus Crap "CC" from now on for that whole brevity thing.. apparently overnight it went from Frank Drebbin: "Nothing to See Here!!!" 17 peeps infected, one person dead to at least 800 infected and at least 17 taking ye olde dirt nappage. Shit's gettin' REAL
Yep... Time to "check the preps" and see if'n I gots what I needs...  Busted into the gear boxes and lo and behold!  My shit is still straight!!!  Amazingly enough, (although NOT unexpected) the XBitch did NOT fuck with my stored Pandemic Box.  And everything in it is still good.  The N-95 Masks and the Tyvek Suits are still bangin fresh.... the -only- thing I need to reload on are the Nitrile Gloves.  I've tended to use my way through them doing engine work and any work I use on the chemical-side when cerakoting and such whatnot.  THOSE at least are easy (for now) to come by.

That being said, Amazon apparently is O-U-T of the majority of the quicky NIOSH Level N-95 masks... the volume boxes seem to have been snatched up... it's still early, but IMO I'd say $20 on masks and gloves, maybe a few sets of goggles to go over ye olde peepers is definitely in order.  After tomorrow I'm hitting the dolla store to pick up a case of hand sanitizer and some other smaller decon materials.  Probably get me another bottle of hibaclenz when I hit the VA tomorrow too.  Got me my annual eyeball appointment, and when I'm there I'll see if'n they'll hook a brother up.  And snatch as much loose shit that the Doc will let me have thats laying around as I can.  Fuck it... my tax dollars amiright?

I mean right now, a buddy of mine some years ago who worked at USAMARIID (United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases) told me that IF Joe Chink tells us that they have "17" cases of a disease, that they automatically add two zeros to the end of that number.  Same goes for fatalities.  Especially fatalities.

Apparently Joe Chink and his concept of "Face" is more important than the lives of, oh, well hell.  Anyone from what he told me.  Fuckin' Joe Chink would rather have half the country depopulated than to 
A) Admit they can't deal with -whatever- disease is happening and 
B) Face the fact that they're invariably making things worse by denying "A".

Between those two factoids, shit's gonna get worse before it gets better.  I'm hearing right now a 70% mortality rate (Spanish Flu anyone?) with a population density and carrying capacity that makes the Spanish Flu times seem antiquated, (which by today's standards are!)

2 cases so far in the US.  

Unless they "Ring Roundup" and Isolate Immediately we're fucked.  So, time to pre-load and prep for a long stay-indoors away from like EVERYONE until this fucker, IF it activates fully so's to avoid like I dunno...Fucking Dying.

Take from this what you will.  Me?  I'm good for now... might be nothing.  But preppers gotta prep.  Better safe than sorry and sore later.  Until Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

No Clue but Technical Difficulties?

Good Morning to Me Droogs and Droogettes!~
Dunno if this posty is going to make it up... I've done two and had them vanish in the ethers, and the comment section wasn't working as I could see?  I replied to the ones that were put up and they vanished as well... Call this a test... let comment on the pic if you can see it OR this post and it'll let me know what I need to do.

And yeah, that IS a lower someone made out of fucking "Legos".

Color me surprised!

New project methinks.  I got a metric fuckton of Legos left over from when -I- was a kid, never mind my kids abandoning them here when they moved out with the XBitch.

If that works, I'll sure are shit let y'll know.

Let me know if this is working if'n y'all would please
I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, January 20, 2020

Well THAT went well for once... UPDATED

Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Looks like Richmond was a great success in my book.

Judging from the coverage by the British Daily Fail and some of the other insanely-hard-left wing Damned near Communist rags, it was a screaming win for the forces of good.

The Daily Fail coverage HERE:

The thing(s) that jumped out at me was NO fucking Nazis or Klansmen in sight.  Lord knows the Daily Fail and CNN had about 30-40 pics up on the web, but the majority of them show a bunch of, well... fucking 'contractor-looking-motherfuckers in full 5.11 battle rattle.'  I mean place these guys in Balad or Baghdad circa 2005 and NO ONE would have batted an eye.  I know that IF there were Skinheads/Klansman/Nazis and or ANYONE who could make the pro-gun folks look bad at all they would have been at the forefront of coverage.  Seeings they ain't in ANY pictures, the Daily Fail hadda load a couple of shots from fucking Charlottesville to remind the normies that Pro-Gun = Nazis or White Supremacy or some such bullshit.

Now no idea who kept the retards out of the street... maybe the Virginia Citizens Defense League did the right thing and stopped the busloads of buttheads out of range of the cameras, and told 'em to cease and desist?  Tough call.  Usually groups like that are hard if not impossible to dissuade.  I suppose if we start hearing a load of 'missing persons' reports from family members of the Skinheads and/or Klan, then we -might- know why they didn't show, and that being that the VCDL stopped 'em outside of the range of cameras, told 'em to cease and desist, and when they got uppity, they shot 'em out of hand and buried them outside of town in a mass grave.

Win-Win in my book.  Clean up the gene pool a bit.

The OTHER two pics I saw that were cool:
Dude is a fellow member of my old unit, The Rakkasans.  3rd Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division.  THE most asskicking motherfuckin infantry unit to have ever worn Crossed Rifles.
and then
Specifically This:
I need this patch.  Thats fucking awesome.
The Killdozer.  Great story of a Man pushed too far who said "Game On Bitches!!!"

Found it online, but sold out right now apparently...

Dammit.  Oh well... I'll wait til the furor dies down and get one.

Yeah, I'd call this a 'loss' for Northam and the controllers... low end, 25,000 people armed to the teeth showed up and not one fucking person got arrestedTHAT has to be some sort of record.  Add on no false flags happened either.  No Klankids or Illinois Nazis showed.  Makes me really wonder as to actually controls  the opposition.  In this case, I can realistically see them planning on doing a "Black Swan/False Flag" event, and trying to blame the militia/white-supremacists or what-have-you.  And then, instead of doing it, the guys who were supposed to initiate, took one long hard look at the opposition, and realized "We're outnumbered, outgunned, and fucked if we do anything remotely retarded."

The call to the "Higher Higher" probably went along the lines of "We ain't paid enough to do this particular dirty deed!" and then telling Higher that "You do realize that once we initiate, they'll probably after the fact, for good measure, storm the Statehouse and kill you all as well, because at that point, in for a penny, in for a pound and all that.  NO ONE, not you or that fucktard Goobernator  will get out alive, and Trump'll probably pardon them ALL just to piss off Bloomberg and Soros, so uh, yeah, we're out.  Go find another fucking retard to do yer dirty work.  Don't call us, we'll call you."

So anyways, time to walk the dog one last time.  Foot is still fucked, but at least I made $100 today doing the Uber.  More tomorrow.  Until then I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Just an Update:  THIS OLd Man just won the Internet AND all the Kudos to him...  I laughed my balls off!
Old Man Calls MSNBC a "Bunch of Lying Pieces of Shit" on LIVE TV

Sunday, January 19, 2020

More Later

Sick as a dog today
Apollo-'ollow-geez for not having anything... Got a rager of a sinus infection methinks... got the meds and am off to beddy-bye for now... Virginia Tomorrow, lets see what happens...


Saturday, January 18, 2020

Late night post (super lite)

Good Evening (and good night) to all Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Sorry for the late and uber-lite posting.

Had to drive the Ole Lady to a wedding gig today.

"Don't worry, it's only one girl... I'll only be an hour"
(said every woman throughout history)

Left the Big Country Home for Underemployed and Wayward Veterans at 10:45.

Arrived at the location at 12:05.

and waited.

and waited.

and waited.

and waited.

Damn.. the V.A. isn't this bad I start thinking
So I start texting after a while.  Normally I don't b/c I don't want her to seem unprofessional by being the "WTF?" boyfriend, but this is getting rekockulas.

She hits me back (surprisingly!) and tells me the bride is a soup-fuckin-sammich.  No organization, no plan and all hell is breaking loose.  Fuck it... I got my kindle and a full charge, so I recrack my book, Marco Kloos " Terms of Enlistment"  The whole series is kick-ass MilSci-Fi... my fave.   Its ongoing and I'm re-reading it again for like the 20th time... so I'm reading and she finally got done at 16:35.

Sweet Jesus.

Follow up that she wants to hit the TJ Maxx in the neighborhood.

Great. She gets paid, now she wants shopping.

Motherfucker can't win.

Especially since over the past 4 days she's been visiting her parents.  So with her gone, I finally can clean the house to MilSpec.  I'm anal as fuck about cleaning.  Half-assed don't fuckin cut it, and unfortunately, shes got great tits, but can't cook or clean all that good... Cleaning shes OK... I'd rate her a 7.5/8 on a 10 scale... the cooking?  Whelp I've already gone over that.  (Toast w/ Bones anyone?)
Needless to say tho, an 8 ain't a fucking ten to the details I'm talking.  Like taking the knob-pulls off of all the cabinets and repainting them 'cause they're a bit faded and chipped, and then taking a "Magic Eraser" to the stains where the pulls have skoonge built up and never get wiped down.  That level of cleaning... call it "Level 30 Depot Level" cleaning.

So during this I manage to stub a fucking toe.  I have a bad spacial awareness of my hooves... dunno why.  So yet AGAIN I smoosh my toe, and yep.  Fucking broken.  And she wants to go hit TJ Maxx.

I called "EndEx" on that shit.  They hadda chair at the front door, really a group of them.  Parked my ass and sat the fuck down for an additional 6 chapters.

Didn't get home til about an hour ago, and then it was "feed the dog/walk the dog and fuck picking up the dogshit 'cause I'm in my motherfucking yard and that shit can feed the motherfucking grass after this particular goat-fucking-rope."

BUT I hadda 'feed the Droogs' too... so it's a short albeit ranting sort... I did have one bit of fun tonight... On Facebook, I got a friend from WAAAAY back in the day who's an honest-to-God Preacher.  I'll tell -that- particular story later, but we've been co-workers and friends a long time.  He posts really bad puns on FB regularlly... thinks he's quite the wit... the one he put up tonight tho?  OMFG... couldn't let him off so I hit him with a quickly generated Meme:

He of course loved it...

Fuck... my toe hurts.  Time for Jim Beam Therapy methinks.

More later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country