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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Why the Fuck not?

Afternoon Me Droogs and all the Bitter Clingers who come 'round here for the fun, the insults and nay I say the entertainment?  Leastways -I'm- entertained.
Grumpy Cat, however, Disagrees with Me
So I spent the early waking hours (10am) doing my resume over again.  Actually I'm doing multiple resumes.  Each one aimed at a certain job type.  The career counselor I met with yesterday pretty much told me flat out, that my resume as is, I ain't getting a job with anyone.

Primarily too many -good things- if you can believe it.  

Too many degrees, certifications and the like.  Now when I was originally starting out in the job market, the more, the better.  Those without certs or such ephemeral whatnot were almost always hustling a new cert.  Hell, I'ma signing up for the Lean Six Sigma Green belt now, just to add MOAR to the table...

However, according to Mister Career Counselor, the Millennials who are now in force and unsurprisingly went into HR as a career, don't want actually qualified people working for the company.  Seems those of us with actual credentials make the uncredentialed feel bad.


So on that note, I leave it to this:

I'm baking cookies tonight.  Basic Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies.

And chasing them with a metric fuck ton of Vodka while I bake.  Best to be toasted while baking eh?

Until Later, I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. You got enough cookies and vodka to share?

  2. You ain't shittin'...I busted my ass to get networking and cyber security certs and half of the time, I can't get a sideways look from the fuckers out there.
    I honestly think I was laid off because the field guys couldn't keep up with my work flow...I had boxes of computers and related components lined up for days that would sit for months because the field guys were too lazy to be bothered to deliver them.
    The work ethic of the majority of the work force out there sucks crusty ass.

  3. Grumpy cat is cool, even though the critter is gone.

    I have some evan williams, so just the cookies, thank you.

  4. I work for a chemical manufacturing plant and saw the same thing. Nasa had a big lay-off and we were hiring unit technicians, so had a bunch of middle aged college grads, engineers with experience, PhDs, etc applying. This is typically a job for someone with a 2 year community college certification. Management didn't want any of these guys, wouldn't even give them an interview. Official reason was anyone with those qualifications would up and leave for the first better job to come along.

    So about half the millennial snowflakes they did hire quit anyway, and a bunch of middle aged guys with families, mortgages, car payments, etc. get screwed.