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Saturday, December 7, 2019

No Balls = Total Fail

Good Evening again from Big Country's Home for Wayward Veterans.  The place where everyone knows your name, but keeps calling you "Fucker" anyways with a knife hand...

Well, it's now the something-odd year Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  I lose track to  be honest.  Not that I don't care, it's just sort of overwhelming.  2700-3000 +/- sailors, marines and soldiers KIA'd on our own soil, and a UUUUUGE assed war, well  it's so long ago... it's sort of hard to see through the mists of time.

Its a shame really.  Like there's -no one left- who was actually there.  The average age of a combat soldier in Nam was 19.  In World War Two it was like 25 or 26!!!   That means the average age of a Nam vet is in his late 60's to early 70's, depending on which decade they were fighting in.  Hell, I just turned 50, born in 69... do. the. math.

Guys who were in Ia Drang in 65 average age now: 73...

Average American Lifespan as of 2016: 78.69 years.

So yeah, seeings that even if a 17 Year Old went to War in early 1945, hell, lets make him a 16 year old...  that means that IF and a BIG IF he's still kicking, it means he'd be 90 fuckin' years old...

Which also means some of these guys are bullshit artists 'claiming' to be WW2 Vets... you can be sure that there's gotta be a bunch of fucking posers out there... just saying...

Well, on to todays outrage:
Fucking Camel Fuckers Planned this Shit.
It's now apparent, that out politicians and military have ZERO BALLS.
We know that all 19 of the supposed 911 Hijackers were Saudi.  We know Bin Laden is a Saudi.  These fuckers are all over the country being trained by OUR OWN TROOPS nationwide.

Now, finding out that three of his buddies VIDEOED the whole fucking enchilada?

One thing I haven't heard, and its pretty easy:  Why hasn't every. single. Saudi Arabian in the United States on a military base been rounded up?

Every. Single. One.  

I DO NOT CARE if Lieutenant Hajiiscrotebagga is forth cousin to Da King.  I DO NOT CARE if it offends  The Saudis.  Those 'made good/born good/lucky' camel jockeys all need to be rounded up and taken to Gitmo.  To Camp Echo... to never be seen/heard from again.

Then, as an extra, tell the King to loosen up the billfold, as it just got a wee bit more expensive to cover his Fat Fucking Flea Infested Camel Slurping Goat Fucking Ass.  Payouts to ALL the dead's families.  To include 911.  Take responsibility for your own... and a yearly payout as protection money.  No cash = no guards.  Fuck 'em.  That


We make a call to the High Head Weirdbeard In Charge of Jihad in Iran.  Tell him we no longer got 'a dawg in their hunt' against the Fat Fuck Flea Infested Camel Slurping Goat Fucking Asses in Saudi.  We're pulling out.  You can have the land... just don't fuck with us on the oil.  You keep the oil flowing, and we won't make Tehran or Mecca glow in the dark for the next 50,000 years.  Nice Temple you got there...

...Be a damned shame for you to go from "Praying to the Ka'aba in Mecca" to "Praying to the Giant Glowing Mutant Gopher Hole that Mecca Was."   Now, granted, as a Glowing Gopher Hole it'll suuure be a lot easier to find when it's time to pray...
An Order of Hummus, Extra Crispy...
Pay out, or we get out, and let them fuckers finally settle the Shia/Sunni thing once and for fucking all.

Retards.  All of them.  And as far as them fucks who videoed the fucking shoot'em up?  Arrest them.  Gitmo them.  Waterboard them.  Fuck 'em.  The fucking knew it was coming and didn't say a fucking thing.  Rip out their tongues if they don't like using 'em.  Sear out their eyes with a hot iron, so they can't watch the videos, and then drop 'em off back home.  Fuck 'em.
Thatisall. I'm the pissed off I.R.


  1. Yea, I'm fuckin' non-PC. I always refer to Pearl Harbor day as Slap a Jap day.

  2. Any solution to the Saudi problem that doesn't include banning all mohammedans from our nation now and forever isn't going to be enough.

  3. Not to mention there is no small amount of speculation the Saudis were somehow involved in that Vegas shooting.