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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Merry New Year!!!!

Greetings to all the Droogs and Droogettes out there from Big Country's Home for Wayward Veterans and Pet Depository.  Happy New Year or Merry New Whatever....
"Beef Jerky Time!!!"
Ahhhh... a great movie from a time that we'll not see again anytime soon... it had a great plot, zero politics, and Jamie Lee Curtiss flashing her tits... (broad had great cans... what else can you say?)

Amateur Hour is on us... those of us who are -real drinkers- meaning those of us who sit down and kill a liter of 80 proof in one sitting, pass out, and then get up the next day and function... you know, a fuckin' lush... a drunk... a soldier/marine... 'cept us soldiers don't usually eat the crayon garnish... jes' sayin'..
The Marine Corps. New Energy Drink
Yeah... I avoid going out tonight... The Ole Lady wants me to Uber, as I need the $$$ but I'll pass... the whole 'possibly going to jail' thing sours the idea of the night... "going to jail" you ask?  Whelp... not for D.U.I. thats for sure, but for probably beating an asshole to death if they bark in my brand-new ride... I mean I've had it -only- a month... so I do not want some stewed loser dumping guts in the back seat... and if he/she did, I'd have to lump 'em up with my hajji-beater I keep in the front seat for those asocial types I seem to be running into a lot of lately.

Yeah.. a souvenir from Baghdad... couple of my Cav guys in 1/8 gave me a really nice military grade/issue ASP baton... 22 inches of lethality... not one of those Coparoach Hollow-Tube beaters, but a solid tube-with-titanium-tip-and-end-cap (leastways thats what it said on the instructions when I got it)... this fucker is like the real deal and I've used it numerous times to inflict serious injury on some peoples... one in particular was an Iraqi National Guardsman who -tried- to rob me at a checkpoint... fucker wanted my wallet and watch... his attitude was "I've got the gun, what ya gonna do?" and as soon as he was distracted, I snapped it (the baton) open, snatched the rifle from him and beat his Head/K-Pot with, shall we say great enthusiasm so much that the K-Pot fractured like into fucking pieces...  no shit...  The ING was equipped back in the day with surplus K-Pots that were boo-coup old... when I saw his rifle was on safe, and he was holding it by the butt and not the grip, I figured I had a better than 70% chance of jerking it outta his hands and beating him down like a bitch...  

Musta worked 'cause I'm here tellin y'all about it... I left him sorry and sore and handcuffed to a jersey barrier...

So I ride with it as a backup... can't carry legally until July... damn the X-Cunt...

I've actually had to 'flash' it once so far this season... yeah... the Whole "Christmas Seasonal" thing, people were really amped up it appeared... I had MULTIPLE instances where fucktards either threatened me, challenged me, or jumped out of the car to 'kick my ass up around my ears!'

One of those cases the guy jumped out of the car in front of me (for the offense of honking at him and yelling "Asshole!" out the window when he cut me off...), came at me yelling "You want some of this!?!?!"  To which I gleefully and excitedly leaped out of my car, baton in hand, and screamed "Why yes, YES! I! DO!" as I unsnapped the baton with it's 'hiiiiss-CLICK!'  I was grinning like a fool truth be told... I was just sooooo worn out with being 'polite' and 'tolerant' and in my eyes, God had given me an early Christmas Gift in the form of a douchecanoe that I could finally  vent ALL my frustrations and anger out on....

Dude musta seen the look of intent, nay GLEE in my eye 'cos he screeched to a halt, practically falling over himself and ran back to the car with a look of primal terror on his face.  Fucker prolly done shit hisself...

Me?  I was sorta bummed... sort of like a "I almost got laid" letdown.  Good Christ, I really wanted that kid to initiate so I could disassemble that fucking loudmouth punk-bitch...

Everybody's a keyboard warrior I swear...

So Happy New Years Gang...  Tonight's Safety Brief:

Don't Drink and Drive
Don't Do Dudes Wives
Don't Do Dudes
Don't Do (too many) Drugs
Don't Run w/Scissors
Don't Interrupt any Cute Broads Scissoring

All the best, catch y'all inna bit
I Remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

Sunday, December 29, 2019

A lame Excuse but really...

Good AFternoon me Droogs and Droogettes from Big Country's Home for Wayward Veterans (or should I be calling in veterinarians now?)  Seems we added a new member to the Doom Crew... a rat-catcher model.  Meet Bob y'all:
Yep.  Got ourselves a cat to add on to the Dog... I had a cat before this for a number of years...  Tiki was 1/2 feral and about a year ago, disappeared on us.  We found his remains a couple weeks after this vanishing, much to the heartbreak of us all.

I had -promised- myself no more cats. 

Until one of the neighbors started posting on the community bulletin board about finding a sweet Manx Male kitty, and that she couldn't keep him b/c of the landlord issue.

I followed it til the last minute and when no one picked him up, and he was due for shelter bound, I went over and got him on the Day after Christmas.

I forgot what a handful the lil kittenz can be...

To the point that his current favorite position is thus:
"MY spot filthy Human Slave"
"You want me to move what?"
Yep.  Apparently MY training is well in hand.

Every time for the past few days I've tried to start to blog, and the typing seems to attract him... the 'clicking' and pounding on ye olde keyboard... at which he then jumps up, surveys the sights, debates on chasing the cursor across the screen, and then settles down right on the fucking keyboard to relax.


Like I don't have enough other bullshit distracting me?

And he doesn't apparently sleep.  At ALL.
SO its been busy... trying to train the dog not to crush the cat... she's not trying to hurt it, just has no idea in relative size issues... Stella still thinks she's a 10 pound lapdog, not a 60 pound muscled pit-bull...  so there is reasonable danger as she wants to play puppy style and bounce on her up and down...  which would make cat-pancakes in an ugly way...

So, what with Bob on board (what do you name a cat without a tail?  Bob of course... that and all the other names for a gray cat are just too faggy IMO... Smokey, Ash... Fuck that Bullshit... Bob... just Good Ole Bob...)

So quickly onto Virginia... Man... the more I hear from the Gov'ner there, the more I think "Thet boy ain't right in the haid!" as they'd say down in the holler... Did he seriously get dropped out of the Libtard Tree and hit every. single. branch. on the way to the ground?  NOW he's increased the Department of Corrections budget by $250,000 ?  What in the fuck?

That works out to like what? 2 - 4 imprisoned peoples?  I mean it's like the national average nationwide to incarcerate a person for one year is between $31,000 and as high as $60,000 in some areas... so $250,000 is a bit of a joke...

Unless he's expecting to just exterminate all those who refuse to follow his enlightened and awesomely intelligent ways and laws.  $250,000 can get -quite- a few mass graves dug.... just sayin'...

In reality, the quarter of a mil is probably to show that he's serious and has the resolve to implement his brilliant and far-seeing anti-violence programs and that those who are bitter and clinging to those bourgeois and outmoded ways of thought  in this otherwise time of Progressive Fundamental Change that the Highest One, the Obamamessiah (Piss Be Upon Him) promised in Better Times past.  Those who would stand against him will be smited with the righteous power and fury  of the State.

Whew... start writing like that, and I find myself being of two thoughts... 1) it's easy to get on a demagogic role -real quick-... Writing that shit was far too easy...  sort of scary... and 2) Any bets that -somewhere- in that diseased mind, Northam is actually  more than likely thinking very much along the lines of what I just wrote? 

THAT should be terrifying to any sane man or woman.

However, we're dealing with Democrats.  Deranged Democrats.  I mean these people are truly mentally ill IMO.  The amount of insanity to have to think, act and have the urges to impose your will like that?  It's a sickness.  I mean in their heads they're doing it "for the children"...  or "to help the lesser able" ...  all of these are predicated in some twisted self-serving belief that they are somehow "better" than everyone else...  the "superiority complexes" installed and instilled in them... jesus... I saw it in the Army quite a bit...

Take for example an Military Policeman.  Take an average intelligence 18 year old Man or Woman.  Give them 20 weeks of Basic and AIT (One-Unit-Station Training is what they call it now) and after the twenty weeks, give them a loaded gun, and arrest powers... over -everyone- to include the Commanding General of their base...

Any wonder MPs are for the most part complete and utterly power mad dicks?

Abolute power... yadda yadda... we've heard it, seen it, and are currently seeing it... especially in light of the Orange Man Bad Cheeto Messiah disrupting everyones ricebowl!!!

If The Trumpinator had just rolled in, said "I got NO fuckin' clue as to what I'm doing, carry on Biddness as Usual." you can fucking take it to the fucking bank that NOT ONE OF THESE FUCKING THINGS from Russia to the Ukraine or ANY of the bullshit that gone on woulda happened.

Its the fact that they were so paranoid and that they -knew- from past interaction that Trump was, above all, that which they are and never will be: a Human Being and one of Great INTEGRITY.  They had ALL sat with him, broke bread with him, appeared at fundraisers... hell some of him took his shekel when they needed it...  and then oops.

Can't have a Man of Integrity running around loose... people will begin to see -just- how rabidly corrupt the whole machine is.

Which we have.

And we've noted.

And when the time comes.  We are going to kill you all.  And your families.  And raze your birthplaces to the ground, salting the earth from whence you sprang.  You will be eliminated -completely- from the memory of man, left only as myth and scare stories for small children.  

You will be cast out forever.

Until Later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas Fuckers

Greetings to all My Dear Readers, (A.K.A. The Droogs and Droogettes) that make up the bulk of the nay, shall I say it? Thoughtcrime and Badthink Blog Dwellers.  Merry Christmas on the nonce of the Evening that comes...

 Yeah... Been doing the Christmas Prep too (and yes, that IS one of Top Popps t-shirts LOL)
Yeah, Dat Me.
Why not?  It's the only red shirt I have...
I also made some ornaments for the Tree:
The lettering I'm going to try next with an actual stencil... the single letters were too hard to apply what with my shaky ass-ed hands (nerve damage... fucking sucks)  If I can ever get them made in bulk, I'll start selling them...  why the fuck not amiright?

So Merry Merry Happy Happy, and I'll leave you with some laughs for the night:

and lastly:

 Merry Christmas to all y'all!
Til Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Flammenwerfer Part 4

Good eeeeevning to All my Droogs and Droogettes out there...
Big Country's been making some serious drive time as of late due to the Christmad Horror-day... err Holiday and unexpected expenditures.  I've been pulling 10-12 hour daily runs behind the wheel, with the rule being "No returning to the barn until $100.00 or more is made."  So far, so good.  That being said I've also been exceptionally late with the follow up to the Flamethrower., so it's time to continue with the Weapon of Mass Destruction:  The Flammenwerfer

This part of the game, again the disclaimer:

Ok Nuff said.

Now: Part 4 of this is going to be the Hose and Gun Build.

Parts Needed:
Female Quick Disconnect x 3/8” Male NPT

Female Quick Disconnect x 3/8” Female NPT

High Pressure Hose 3’
Teflon Tape Yellow

Tools Needed:
1” Wrench
7/8” Wrench
¾” Wrench

Simple really.  Wrap all the parts with the Yellow Teflon Tape.  It’s really important to use the yellow as it’s resistant to petroleum based stuff like, oh Napalm and gas… using -regular- Teflon tape and yer hosed (pardon the pun.)

You’ll want to connect the hose(s) to the fittings hand tight at first, then crank them down with the wrenches thusly:
Scissoring them nice n' tight.  You do NOT want any leaks in the hose area.  Things could get HOT muy malo.

OK... once thats done, you can connect the hose to your previously built tank and see if it fits.  The quick releases are the bomb so to speak b/c it allows you to clear each section IF and only IF you have a clog or something goes pear-shaped during the running of this.  Onward now to the Gun Itself:  For this
Parts Needed:
Blue Hawk Pressure Washer Gun
M22 Male x 1/4” Female NPT
1/4” Male NPT x 1/8” Female NPT Reducer
Red Brass Seamless Pipe Fitting, Nipple, Schedule 80, 1/8" NPT Male X 3" Length

2X Anderson Metals Brass Pipe Fitting, Coupling, 1/8" x 1/8" Female Pipe

Erie Tools Pressure Washer Twist Connect M22 X 3/8" Quick Disconnect Plug 4500PSI Hig Pressure Brass Fitting 300° F Max Temp

Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch
Quick Disconnect Hose Clamps                            
16.4 oz Propane Cylinder (I buy mine at Lowes or Home Depot)

Tools Needed:
½” Drive socket Wrench
3/8” Drive socket Wrench
5/8” Socket ½” Drive
½” Socket 3/8” Drive
7/8 Wrench

OK Starting with the Red Brass Seamless Pipe Fitting, Nipple, Schedule 80, 1/8" NPT Male X 3" Length, Tape all the threads again: (Small hint: do this to ALL THE THREADED PIECES PARTS.  It’s a given that like -everything- on this puppy needs to be neatly sealed.)  Once it’s ready, take the 2X Anderson Metals Brass Pipe Fitting, Coupling, 1/8" x 1/8" Female Pipe and mount them on the pipe you just wrapped (heh… that sounds obscene…)  Use the two socket drives thusly to insure again a -tight- fit:
Then take  the M22 Male x 1/4” Female NPT and crank THAT on.  Once you have that installed, attach it to the front of the sprayer.  You now have the gun completed ALMOST.   The only thing left is to attach the Erie Tools Pressure Washer Twist Connect M22 X 3/8" Quick Disconnect Plug 4500PSI High Pressure Brass Fitting 300° F Max Temp to the endo of the feed assembly.  Once this is done, you should be able to do a pressure test once you’ve connected the hoses to the tank and gun respectively.  Give it a shoot so to speak.
And it should look roughly like this:

Which then needs to have the propane tank slung underneath.  For this I used some shims to stabilize it, and used the aforementioned Hose Clamps to strap it on.  Adjustments will vary person-to-person.

For that matter, it's pretty much at this point complete.  I'm sorry it took so long to do, but what with life, liberty and the pursuit of drunken disorderly charges, I've been swamped.  I figured I owed it to you clowns to finish this as an early Merry Christmas for all your kind words, support and even the tips that I've gotten from a few of y'all.  You've all made my year a HELL of a lot brighter, and you have my thanks for it.

Til later, I remain, the Intrepid Reporter,
Big Country

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Short Mobile Post

Good afternoon my Droogs and Droogettes!
Big country here on the road actually… Haven’t been able to get down in front of the computer as yesterday I was doing the Uber thing… Which I’m doing now as well… Yesterday I made an unbelievable $280 doing this gig… That’s fucking crazy money for Uber in six hours.

I’m figuring the money that I’m making right now is primarily due to all the tourist coming into town… I’m hunkered over at the airport hoping to get some more rides right now as we speak so posting has to be short because I’m doing it through my fucking phone LOL

That being said I found this cartoon yesterday and it’s a fucking riot

I figure that’ll do ya for a few.
More later and a follow-up to my Intel gathering… I remain the intrepid reporter,
Big Country

Monday, December 16, 2019

Genuine Intel on How to Fight in VA

Goooood Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes!  Big Country back after a well deserved Day Off from his blogging and rockin' and rollin'.  Truthfully, I was just too damned mentally tired from ALL the bullshit thats spouting up like a motherfucker worldwide.

Here at Big Country's Home for Wayward Veterans (one bed available BTW... jes sayin') we're loking in and down on a holiday season thats ort of sucks.  Sapper, my bro of many years, whelp, his sone and him were madly estranged for a number of years, but over the past few, they got tight again and things were cool.  Problem: Sapper JR ka-nocked up some broad, and subsequently had spawn.

He's (Sapper JR) since dropped off the Radar.  Which sucks.

Sapper is pissed off that he's gotten NO pics of the babe (or his grandson LOL... sorry too easy there) and his sone has sort of gone to ground.

I feel him... I really do.

It's been 4 years almost since my destruction of the 'fambly unit'... I haven't spoken to my daughter in that entire time.  It's like a piece of my soul was ripped out.  Fortunately, I'm used to pieces of my soul being blowtorched... too many close friends KIA'd in Iraq, Affy... the list goes on...  It hurts, but I survive... a shell of the man I used to be, but nonetheless surviving.

Anyways... enough melancholy bullshit...

For Beginners
OK:  Virginia.  Simple enough.

I've been perusing via Da Google Maps at what Virginia actually has for National Guard troops...  now bear with me as an ole Army puke that I am, but almost ALL the states individually have areas of 'specialization' for support of Mean Green...

Meaning that each state has Nat'l Guard kids... they tend to be units the "Backstop" Regular Army/Reserve Units.  What I present here is what I found on Google Maps... wide open and openly available...  Virginia seems to be a primarily Infantry oriented group... straight leg infantry...  with VERY FEW assest outside of guns... methinks the powers that be haven't thought things through.

Frankly, from my Point of View, the Virginia Nasty Guard is woefully under equipped, under staffed, and going to get corn cobbed  IF they follow Herr Gaultlietner Northam's Orders.

I give you intel from here... Please link it to other websites if you would.. let WRSA and some of the other know this intel:  Codicile:  This is my own analysis...  I did on 4 years working with the 'Red Cell' in Iraq and a bunch of other shit I'm still not supposed to talk about... take it for what you will...

 Bedford Center VA:  No motor pool, no obvious vehicles in sight,  Small, probably an Infantry Unit.

 Blackstone VA: Transportation Unit if I had to guess... Hemmits, CHUs and a small amount of LMTVs as well as C&C HMMWVs...

 Charlottesville VA:  A few HMMWVs and LMTVs  No major elements.

 Chatham VA:  Whole lotta nuthin...

 Farmville VA: Again, no motorpool, no significant trans assets

 Hampton VA:  OK Bit of an issue here:  4 visible 155mm Artillery Cannon w/ prime movers.  HMMWVs and ground support movers as well.  A genuine threat if implemented

 Lexington VA:  No obvious Motorpool, no significant trans visable.

 Lynchburg VA:  Multiple HMMWVs visible, possible Strykers.  Heavy and available.  At least 2X Company strength by overhead intel.

 Martinsville VA:  Trans unit. 88m.  Flatbeds and prime movers visible

 Rocky Mount VA:  Possible Strykers, i.e. mounted armored infantry.  Multiple HMMVs, probably uparmored.  High Threat IMO.

 South Boston VA: Mostly prime movers and trans.

West Point VA: LMTVS.  Few HMMWVs.  Low threat. However, unit is adjacent to an airfield.  Possible AH-64s (not visible or OH-58 observation choppers) 

Google "National Guard VA" in google maps... it'll give you the downlow.

BTW:  ALL of these units have minimal security vis-a-vis fenceline security... a quart of "Nasty" in the fuel tank would booger them up allllllll the live long day...

Just saying.  Please pass this on if you would.  I'll keep digging as best I can.

Until they come and arrest me, I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, December 14, 2019

"Tom" Time

Good Morning me Droogs and Droogettes.  Big Country from the Big Country Home for Wayward Veterans... wishing he was back in Iraq at the Saddam-a-go-go or The Baghdad-o-rama Bar n Grill.

Been picking out some of the better "Tom" Memes.. as in "Tom" from "Tom and Jerry"... here's what I found:

Have a good un!  More Later, til then I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, December 13, 2019

I did a Thing...

Yeah, I'm not as good as Aesop but DAMN if'n this didn't jump out as soon as I saw the pictures of her "Herness's New Grill.

Am I wrong or is that a little too close to the mark?

One is an Evil Half Lizard Without a Heart or Soul, Intent on Destroying Normal Humanity and Enslaving them...uh... waitaminute...

Ahh shit... well fuck.    That decribes BOTH of them...

I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Damn I hate when that Happens

Good Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes!
-Something- went fucking sideways yesterday.  Wrote about a two pager, ranting, raving, the usual shit y'all have come to know and love...  Hit "Publish" and whelp... ok.  Looks good... no errors... moving on...

Wake up this morning and I'm like "Whiskey Tango Foxtrox?"

Shit's gone.  Like never written/existed gone.

I mean yeah, in my decrepit youth I -did- play with nominally cortex rearranging substances... but not that much nor that frequently...
On Patrol is NOT When You Want the Flashbacks to Start...

So, nope to and 'Sid' or Shroom based blackouts, and I haven't had a drink in a couple of days as it's not in the current budget.

I hate when that happens.  Good writing down the crapper, and since I DO have a mass of TBIs, the subject of yesterdays rant is sort of a pastiche of subjects, vaguely remembered.  A bad case of medically documented "CRS" disease or Can't Remember Shit".  Docs at the VA said my encephlocardiogram has my grey matter looking like someone beat it with a small mallet.  Apparently the damage to ye olde nugget is in the short term memory storage area.

Which is exceptionally fucked up as I can IN DETAIL remember shit like my tenth birthday party or when my best friend Darrin fell out of a tree and broke his arm like a motherfucker...  that shit is fine in the databanks...  What I wrote about yesterday?  Not so fucking much.  Kinda wish I could dump the old memories and stretch out this lame ass grey matter to keep the new shit.  Selectively 'purge the files' so to speak.  I heard on one website some time ago someone, somewhere that THEY (yep... those asshole again) had come up with a drug that could do just that, and that it was in trials.

Let me in... I'll give it a whirl!  I'm not worried about side effects....  hell if it leaves me in  'drooling monkey mode'... hell, as long as someone changes my diaper once and a while, I get to watch cartoons, and someone feeds me occasionally, I'm fucking good with that.  I mean I'm just fucking tired of adulting.  I mean most of us are, and a lot of y'all are a lot older than me (Phil and Ken in particular).  It's not the age, its the motherfuckin' mileage.

And my odometer has done tripped around a full 360 at LEAST 4 or 5 times already.  Too many years, too many beer I suppose.

But, a short bit on the whole "We're going to send in the National Guard in Virginia to confiscate those eeeee-vil Rifles and enforce the law!!!!"

OK... Lets just make this perfectly clear:
You fucktards are/were MORE THAN WILLING to become 'sanctuary cities' and break the law when it meant to packing Virginia with illegal Burrito-Orcs to help flip the state legislature and generally annoy the rest of us and piss off the Cheeto Jeebus.

NOW you fucktards are shitting yourselves sideways at the same concept of "Lawfare" is being utilized against your wishes/demands/and 'by your leave milord'.  To the point of cluelessness... some "High Yeller Delegate", whatever the fuck that, is actually wrote, without even the slightest bit of irony the following Hat Tip WRSA

"The legal precedent we would set by allowing communities to selectively ignore these laws is alarming and indicative of the same mindset that nearly one hundred and fifty years ago that led this country to dissolve into a civil war."

OK, so illegals voting, robbing, raping, VOTING and collecting unearned welfare = good.
Citizens who own evil black scary rifles = bad and must be incarcerated and/or killed.

OK: Got it.

Your Move Delegate.
Until Later I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Brilliant Writing

No More, No Less.
FWIW: This was written in 2014...
Takeaway line: "A realignment is coming to America, maybe in a year, maybe in ten years, but it is coming. And when it does come, it is going to be loud, and it is going to be bloody. Someone is going to die…"
Time to take out the Trash...

I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

You want a war? Because THATS how you get a war...

Good Morning my Droogs and Droogettes!  As Popp sez "Live from the Laaaair!!!"  (Love Top Popp... the ULTIMATE BADDASS)... It's Big Country from the Home for Wayward Veterans with the lowdown on some fucked up shit.

So, I wake up to this:

Fuckin REALLY!?!
Uhhh... No.
Apparently the Fuckhead Brigade isn't done provoking the living shit out of people in Virginia.  The majority of y'all have been following the news of how they've taken off the masks and have plainly stated that they're coming for the guns.

A lot of Sheriffs have replied BFYTW.

Soooo... not enough that they are going to try and take away assault rifles because of FEELZ, ORANGE MAN BAD and or suspend the Second Amendment, They are apparently trying to foment a race war.

I'm posting it twice here to really allow you to understand.

I'll even encapsulate it.

  1. Fucktards Take Down Statues of Honorable Heroes and Soldiers who did their duty for their country because of FEELZ
  2. Fucktards then demographically 'flip' the state "Red" to "Blue"
  3. Fucktards then Institute some of the more draconian gun laws that the state has ever seen, despite the majority of the state being heavily invested in Traditional American Gun Culture
  4. Fucktards now have erected a statue of a Dreadlocked Thug in a hoodie on horseback in front of the United Daughters of the Confederacy Memorial Building!!!!


I mean there's "Fuck You, we took down your statues of your honored dead and smashed them" level chutzbah(and yes, that is an intentional reference),  Then there's "Double Dog Fuck You, we put up a statue of Saint Trayvon of Lean to piss on your traditions."

I can for certain say things are more than likely going to go hot there.  I had a to-be-not-named friend of mine reach out to me who lives in Virginia last night and needed some advice on what Poodleshooter (the M-4) he could get quickly and at a decent price.  Apparently ALL the M-4/AR Variants in Virginny are either spoke for, or going at outrageous prices.  This is a family man, retired field grade occifer with a passel of kids... who's like "Oh hell to the fuck to the NO!"  He's already on a list or 5 due to his service, and his passion for the Civil War...  He even owns and can run a Horse Artillery piece...  he does reenactments for fun... Looks like he might be able to put on the Butternut for real in a short-short.

OK:  Time to go to an interview, Wish me luck.
Til later I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country