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Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Greetings and Good Morning to all the fine folks who inhabit the walls and sconces of this blazing bullshit I call a blog.

Holy shit I still feel like hammered dogshit.  This fucking cold got its claws into me and the Sapper -but good-. 

Well now... to the Motherfuckers portion of the title.  Demoncrats.  Motherfuckers know not what they be doing...  This will end -poorly-... They obviously haven't heard the name Nicolae CeauČ™escu have they?

Lets give them a reminder shall we?:
Sic Semper Tyrannus!
Motherfuckers living inside the Deep State Bubble best remember that eventually -bad things- happen to bad people.  And when the time comes, and the Black Flag goes up... keep in mind the motherfuckers wife got put up against the wall with him.  On motherfucking Christmas Day.  That shit to me is straight up cold blooded man...  (queue Samuel Jackson voice:) "Happy Birfday to Jeebus and rat-tat-tat motherfucka!"

The pure stupidity of these people can not be understated.  

They, our self styled -betters- by dint of "the Lucky Sperm Club" (i.e. born into it/nepotism) or by schooling "The Haaaaaa-vahd Boys" and such... Skull n Bones... what the fuck ever...  that silver spoon the majority of them were born with in the mouth could just as well fit up their ass if maneuvered correctly.

I know of what I speak as I'm the blackest of the black sheep from a Old New England Clan who went to 'the best schools' and have 'the right connections'.  Out of several military men in the fam, I'm the -only- enlisted man... I chose to be a grunt.  The rest of the uncles ectectect were ALL Occifers.  ANd it -showed- in the clueless couldn't lead to save lives.... and they're ALL hooked into the Democrat Machine....  

True story... One Uncle who I won't describe too much as it'd be obvious  who he is... he's a 'player' high enough in Democrat circles to be actually doing it for a living.  In 2004 I went home to see Grandma for Thanksgiving.  Probably for the last time as she was like 90+ at the time.  Well the majority of the Boomer Contingent of the fam couldn't wait to have a real live fascist to rake over the coals for fun...  It lasted -maybe 15 minutes until I decided that I was done being the 'good' nephew...  

Uncle Fucknuts was going on on "how it really was on the ground in Baghdad" as he had "been to high level meetings" with "Very Important people"  who actually understood the ground war and issues with the 'occupation' and how I was "A Mercenary puppet for George Bush's grab for the oil!"

I was polite.  "Uncle Fucknuts, you have your head soooo far up your own ass, yer getting high on your own fumes from that shit you call a brain.  Yer damned right I'm a mercenary, and let me tell you, you and ALL your fucked up retard friends in the dot gov got no fucking clue how it is on the ground.  Tell you what..."  

I gestured to my boots, which were -still stained- with the mud from BIAP (Baghdad International AirPort)  

"When you have the mud of Baghdad on yer fucking boots, then maybe, just maybe you'll have earned the right to tell me what I thought I know or should know... other than that, shut your fucking cockholster or I'll clean the mud offa my boots by stomping a mudhole in yer ass and roadmarch it dry."

Needless to say, that was the last Family Gathering that I've been to.

Fuckitall amiright?

Until Later, I remain the Sickly Snivvling I.R.
Big Country

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  1. Last time I was home I was told how my vote for OrangeManBad was the end of the universe. And got told repeatedly how the previous occupant of the high seat was sooooo much better.

    Yeah, great Christmas, ma.