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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Motherfuckers continued....

Oh yeah... I'm fucking heated.

Greetings My Droogs.  Big Country here with a whole spleen filled up with bile and bitter hatred for "The Man" and any other corporate motherfucker out there...

A quick question: Just when are we going to be allowed to start shooting these recockulous pieces of excrement in human form?  

Mah trigger finger is getting itchy as fuck.

I -just- got off the phone with the new boss.  To quote The Who (Late 60's Band) Apparently he's the same as the old boss... namely a weaselly fuckstain cumwad masquerading as a human being...

When I came on, y'all know I was working like -mad- crazy hours... 106 hours in the first pay period.  Second one I got 40 hours racked up in the third week, and then


Nada.  Bupkiss.  Nichts.  Nichevo.

Seems that I was hired as a 'filler'.. namely they needed someone with more than half a brain to fill in as they apparently (and didn't tell me) that they had some serious hitters with mad experience in the pipeline... they found themselves bereft of intelligent workers until the 3 new guys could finish out their two-week notice.  So they brought me in, and I made $2000 in the first pay period.  Mind you they didn't bother to tell me that there were experienced men in the pipeline... Oh no... I was lead to believe that I was going to have minions and shit...

More the fool sez I... or is it am I?  I am a fucking fool.  I trusted again a corporate shill who now has left me hanging.  Man... when the fuck am I gonna learn?  This doubly fucking sucks as my Tahoe shit the bed, or is almost at bed shitting mode what with an oil pump needing to be replaced... $1200-1800... me and the NGGF discussed it, and with the new job pulling mad hours/$$$ and rather than sinking mad kale into the 250000 mile plus beater, add on what with her lease on her car being up in May... add on the Veterans Day bonuses, I retardedly went out and bought a new fucking vehicle.

MAJOR dumbass.

Now I'm on the hook.  Like OMFG on the hook.  Her pops co-signed as my credit is in the crapper, and I'm not about to let that get fucked up as I might need to utilize his good graces as we go along...

What a shit-show.

Telling y'all

This's the second fucking time I've been used, fucked in the ass, and put up without so much as a reacharound.  The last gig used me allllll the way up to the end of the 90 day "Trial Period" that they do with Temp Companies... had me mull through and get used and abused 'batting cleanup' on their fucked up projects in shithole areas with no coverage...  then cut loose and told that I wasn't performing to standards...

Are you fucking kidding me?  I blew alllllll my competition away....  funny how when they laid off the shitton of folks 14 days before the end of my 90 Day Rent-to-Own trial the -one- manager who got canned was the one who warned me not to trust those motherfuckers...

This time?  Fuck Me.
You Get What You Fucking Deserve...
I'm cool... no need to call the fuzz or anything.


But one more corporate sponsored anal-rapefest on my tender nether regions and it's going to be on like the motherfucking Viet Cong.  I. will. burn. the. motherfuckers. to. the. ground.

Take THAT to the motherfucking bank.  Even my P-Shrink knows I'm balanced like a snail on the edge of a straight razor.  

There comes a time in a dude's life when he decides that the petty, small, harms done to him are becoming such that they are comparable to pebbles... said pebbles, on their own are but minor pains.  However, as they accumulate, the pebbles begin to resemble a pile, then a wall, and finally a barrier to his existence.  

This is the point where a dude either folds and retreats before the barrier...

Or he fucking nukes it and all of those who placed it before him from Orbit....

It's the only way to be sure...

I'm one or two piles away from showing just how much I learned over the past 12 years of Counter Insurgency work.

Until Later, I'm the Now Unemployed I.R. (again)
The More of the Same eh?
Big Unbroken Country


  1. I have been reading your blog and I really enjoy it. You write like I think. Motherfuckers are thick as flies anymore, seems like being a rat bastard is SOP these days. Don't let em grind you down, but don't expect it to get any better.

    1. Much appreciated bro... yeah... Nil Carborundum (Don't let them grind you down) and a personal Ne Desit Virtus! (Let Valor Not Fail!)

  2. Watch Big, the three asswipes are gonna be there for 2 weeks and leave, mark my words and then guess who calls you to come back to work... mo fos! I don't trust commiepanies or my government at all I was with Airgas driving a Bulk O2 tanker for 9 years and was the third senior driver and they bought a competitors bulk division which had union drivers and the deal was those drivers got one year of employment after the sale. The asswipe clowns at AIRGAS wanted us to train and show our routes to the new drivers for two weeks. I told them to eat me, I then was told I would not be offered a job when recalls came, I hit the division manager in the nose and walked out with my last check. He didn't call the cops cuz I told him as I was leaving I would be back... like Arnie if he snitched, he knew I would. Best of luck finding a job!

    1. Thanks Ced... workin it hard right now... that and thinking a bank job might be in order ...

  3. Know how you feel. Got a great job with a battery company, then got riffed after 9 months in order to make the 4th quarter look good for the sell-out to another battery company.

    So, great, Christmastime, car tags and car insurance due right now and I'm out on my ass.

    Then new/old company calls me to temp work. For 3 friggin years. And then I get cut so they can hire a double-D blonde with a degree in interior decorating for a tech marketing job. Whut?

    It's okay, 2 years later, company goes tits-up. Yay me.

    Then there's the job watching sexual predators, and apparently the lesbian cow-orkers didn't like it that I wasn't a lesbian, or a girl, or a lesbian girl. Oh, well. 6 months later one of the lesbians gets gang-raped... by her 'residents.' Ooops. Idontcare.

    Working for the chicken colonel, didn't get promoted because I wasn't the manager's type (not stupid, blonde or a female.) But the only time they passed a corporate kitchen inspection under that manager was when I was there. So next inspection, failure (chicken shouldn't be rainbow colored, subtle hint,) corporate fires everyone. And corporate calls me to come back and work for them, at the same position, at trainee starting salary, with promises of rapid rise... Yeahno.

    So I feel your pain. Seriously.

    As to the job, approach another Forensic or Storm cleanup company. There's usually a radical turnover of employees. Seems most people can't handle blood or body waste. They'll probably be pleased to poach you from your old company.

  4. Been there. I worked for one company for 12 years, sweat blood, crazy hours, etc. But the CFO didn't like me cause I wouldn't kiss his ass. So, "my position was eliminated", and a week later my boss got a promotion and a company car. Karma was on my side tho, boss got drunk and crashed the company car, got caught stealing from the company, got fired, and was dead within 2 years. The company circled the drain till the owner retired, then his kids sold it off, tore down the building and put up condos. Poof goes a family legacy. Screw em all. Self-employed is the only way to go.

  5. Yep...I just got buttfucked the same way. A job that was suppose to be 3 month contract with a probability of going perm wound up being a 15 month ass busting where I got thrown to the wolves for my efforts. Motherfuckers couldn't even keep up with the computers I imaged for them...had boxes lined up for days for both the hospital (that I worked for) and the nuthouse (who I was NEVER under contract to work for). And that was with also having to redesign and take over the tech warehouse and inventory control. My former supervisor there (who quit for greener pastures) was fuckin' livid with how they treated us. Back to square one...yet again.