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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Greetings. I'm still Alive

Salutations to all the Camp Followers and Droogs still attached to this here blog.

A question:  When the hell did it become November?  I mean wow... the time while unemployed was going by quicker than I wanted, but now?  Back at work?  The time is like FLYING by.  I mean its an interesting job, and I sure as hell am busy as all get the fuck out.

The 17 hour shift I had was courtesy of a house that -somehow- had the toilet overflow. 

For 24 plus hours.

The reason it wasn't noticed was the homeowner is selling the house, so it was empty.  A real plus for us in the respect that there were no personal items or furniture in the place. When the owner went over to check on it, they opened the front door and literally a small tsunami of water blasted out.  Figuring a standard shitter uses 1.28 (we'll round it down to .25) gallons per flush, and the average shitter takes per industry standards, 60 seconds to refill that 1.25 gallons.  24 hours is 86400 seconds.  Thats around 110 thousand gallons of water.
"I know I left the water extractor around here -somewhere-!!!"

The whole fucking 4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms and even the garage had water flooding.  The parquet flooring in all 4 bedrooms was literally free floating.  Stepping on it felt like a giant water balloon or a really soft mattress...

Thankfully it was relatively clean water.  I mean it did outflow from a shitter, and there might have been some minor e-coli in it, but at least it wasn't a full on septic situation.  It took us like 5 hours just to extract the water.  We only had one extractor, which is essentially a giant waterproof vacuum.  Then we had to rip up the floors to get to the concrete and do each room, one at a time.  A bonus was that it was all parquet and not carpet.  Carpet would have purely sucked.

Still, it was A stone cold bitch of manual labor.  Unfortunately for me, I'm extremely short handed in the minion area.  2 dudes quit the other day.  They were temps, and millennials.  Hoodrat Millennials if you can believe it.  They routinely showed up on the job, literally with their pants hanging off of their asses ghetto style, and were back-talking to -my- boss all the time... open disrespect.  My boss is cool as shit, but just a bit too nice.  They saw it as weakness and were always being lazy disrespectful shitbags.  Of course, they never gave me any problems.  My only conversation really was "Hey!  I need 'X' done now."  The whole way to handle assholes like that is to use the proper tone, and throw a knife-hand at them
"If you fuck this up I will kill you."

Ahhhhhh yes.  Ye Olde Knife Hand.  For those of you uninitiated to the military, it's a favorite way of putting some -serious- emphasis on whatever mission you are giving out to subordinates.  You literally put the hand in thier face(s) and make slight pointing/chopping motions while emphasizing each word of the orders or corrective actions that you are explaining to the targeted dumbass.

The reasoning behind the knife hand as explained to me in the long past by an gnarly old Marine Gunnery Sargent is that by pointing ALL of your digits at the individual, it's ALL on them.  Pointing with one finger leaves three fingers pointed back at YOU, so therefore the knife-hand is the way to show that any problems or faults are strictly on THEM. 

That and when used with a properly growling tone of voice, gets the point across to the retards that you ain't going to brook no shit and take any excuses... the only thing that I'd be taking was their lives.   

But alas... Dumb and Dumber couldn't take the heat, so I'm down to one minion, and the Sapper, (when he's not at his other job).  Which also means I've had to increase my physical labor AS WELL as the admin side of the house.  

For that matter I have to go into work -TODAY- for a couple of hours, AND on Sunday as well.

Thats gonna pay well, but damn if I'm not running on empty.  I had 6 beers + last night, and was IN bed NLT 2130.  I crashed like -right then- and was out until 1045 this AM, and I'm still dragging ass.

I'll be following up later, when I get my shit more awake.  So far I've had 1 Stacker, and a 16 oz can of Rip It.
Crack in a Can

Yeah... Dollar Tree has these deadly little things available for $24 a case.  We used to chug the fuck outta them in Iraq.  Hell, the entire panoply of "Operation Desert Curbstomp" to "Operation Cut and Run" over 12 years was fueled by Rip It.  Its a Monster Energy Style drink but with WAAAAY  more caffiene.  Like a fucking heart attack in the can... the cans we had in Iraq were literally half the size of these buckets..  lil 8 oz cans that the guys and gals would load into their grenade pouches on missions that they didn't have or need grenades.  Although I -did- hear a story back in the day that during one mission, the good guys (Us) had a couple of bad guys barricaded in a room... our doodz didn't have any Frags, so one of the guys got the idea to chuck a Rip It into the room.  Apparently he yelled out the standard warning of "Frag Out!" and threw it in the room through a small opening... the small glinting reddish-gray can flying into the room was enough that the bad guys came barreling out to surrender right then and there.  Funny as fuck...

so Anyways, more later, I gotta get another Rip It into me, and then get ready to go do my work...  102 hours in this pay period already, and I got 2x More Days.

Until then
Big Country


  1. Jesus Christ dude, feast or famine, amIright?
    You must be dropping weight left and right.

    1. Bro... you hit the nail on the head... even with a shitty fast food diet I'm burning off the calories... I find out in a few days... but yeah, my work pants went from 'tight' to 'prison bitch sagging' in two weeks...

  2. The Knife Hand--is a indication that the next step is to apply it upside someone's brain housing unit (Head).

    1. Well, when the brain housing unit is either vapor locked in the 'ignorant' position or jammed in 'dumbass' a proper knife hand is the only remedy LOL