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Friday, November 15, 2019

Gonna be a Looong but Fun Weekend

Good evening from the Intrepid Reporter to all My Droogs!

Tonights Episode of Insanity, Inanity and Stupidity is Brought to you by the letter "F".  As in "It's a quest for fun, I'm gonna have fun and you're gonna have fun, we're all gonna have so much fucking fun we'll need plastic surgery to remove our goddamn smiles! You'll be whistling Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah out of your assholes!"

Great Scene... Love that movie.  An absolute classic of Americana.

The mandatory fun day as we called it back in the day in the Army is that we have the Grandbaby over for the weekend.  Which, while is -intensely- fun and a barrel o'fucking laughs, it's also sorta like doing a Ranger Obstacle Course...  Percocet and Bourbon to chase if you will.

Theres a fuckin reason we're designed to have our children at a young age.  You need to keep up.  The rug-monkeys tend to haul ass, have 10,000 times as much energy, are made of superball material, and can get into the damnedest shit.  And, because of this I love every single second of it.  I end up chasing her all to hell and gone, and try to keep her out of shit that she shouldn't be in.  However, I AM almost fuckin' fifty... and before -any- of you old fuckers say anything, DocDad used to say, "It ain't the years, it's the mileage" and my fuckin odometer has turned over more than a few times at this point...

Although her new sneakers showed up in the mail the other day.  Super girlie jobbers with red glitter all over what look like a pair of Vans, and with rainbow L.E.D.s in the soles that light up when she runs around.  She wouldn't let me take 'em off her when she went down for a nap, but fuckitamiright?
Seems Legit!
So... this week in Fucktardedness is the DemonRats trying to fuck over the Cheeto Jesus/God Emperor... Me?  I'm of two minds about the Trumpinator.
1)  I like the fact that he's exposed -just- how much of a corrupt, venal and evil shitshow everyone in D.C. is.  They. All. Need. To. Hang.  Anyone who's been working for, or in D.C. in a dot-gov capacity, be it public or private, (outside of -genuine law enforcement... not judges and lawyers but actual cops) ALL them fuckers either leave now, or head to the guillotine.  Not -one- of them can -possibly- be not corrupt.
2)  The Very fact that he's exposed them all, has also shown just how fucking stupid, inbred, and pathetic our 'supposed' betters are.  I mean all that 'staying married and inter-married' really fucks up the chromosomal gene pool... pissing in aforementioned pool, if you will....  It's the same exact reason the Middle East Countries are sooooooooo radically fucked up.  Inbreeding.  Intermarriage to preserve both the power and the money... they're faaaar ahead of us in years on doing that, generationally speaking.  However, looking at the current crop of supposed 'up and comers' and color me not impressed.
3)  The very fact also that Trump is not playing 3-D Chess... nope... He's treating this like a reality show.  He ran his campaign that way, and has been running the entire show that way.  It'll be interesting to see if anything -actually- comes of the "Q" Revalations...  Myself?

Well, Here at Big Country's Home for Wayward Veterans, I'ma thinking it's prolly a good goddamned idea to stock up on food guns and ammo.  No matter how shit breaks, Trump Wins, Trump Loses, no matter what, the fucking status-fucking-quo has been blown the fuck up, and because of assholes like me broadcasting that fact, it's apparent to even Joe Sixpack what the endgame is.

Those with the power will seek to retain that power, at all costs.  Those who are pining to get power will do anything to get that power, up to and including stuffing you, me and anyone who dares go against their shrill quasi-religious cultlike dogma as "The Other" into Boxcars and head us off to "Camp Auschwitz Part 2: Maybe Arbieten WILL Set you Free this Time?" "  They see us as aliens, and therefore an enemy not to be reasoned with, but to be exterminated.
Wow.. just wow...
So yeah, In market terms, I'd say go long in ammo, long term food, friends and guns, and short the common sense and crowds.  

More Later... till then I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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