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Monday, November 4, 2019

A Bit of Truth in Humor

Greetings and Salutations Me Droogs!
Sorry for being -so far behind- the power curve but I haven't had a full day off in like going on what?  3 weeks?  I mean the OT is killer, but I feel like I'm on a deployment to a certain degree... 12-15 hour shifts daily, 7 days a week.  The only thing missing is gunfire and incoming.

I mean shit... Today was brought to you by the words "MOPP 3"

To you civilians out there, MOPP is 'Mission Oriented Protective Posture'

This means Chemical Warfare Gear, read: Gas Mask and other shit.

The Term "Hotter'nBallz" was Invented Because of This....

I had to 'fog' a house today... Noxious Chemicals against mold and mildew...  the shit the company provides... well, lets just say that the pro-mask they gave me to use... meh... not so much.  Fucking if it was New In The Box and -I- got to put on and install the filters?  Fuck yeah.  No prob, Bob.  However, this wacked out piece of shit beater mask?  

Not so fucking much.

So, I went to the house and busted into the pelican case marked "Shit just got real" and broke out MY new-in-the-box (only taken out to size and prep for use) M-40A2 Protective Mask.  New Filter, all new silicon -everything-.  Fuck man... as much as I loath CBRN gear and shit, there is something about busting out new war-gear that makes me happy.
That being said....

So yeah, I fogged the motherfucker in essentially modified MOPP 3.  

Meaning no overgarment or boots.   (I can shower) and only mask.  Fuckit..  who wants to live forever?  It worked rather well actually...  I didn't choke to death, and the mission got accomplished.  The other bonus?  I got prescription glasses inserts for my mask... which, unlike the commercial POS mask, I could actually see while wearing the damned thing.  The neighbors were looking at me like a bit off  if'n y'all will... Fuck them.  Gear that I -know- and -trust-.... Who the fuck cares what I look like?

Made work and life a lot more comfortable.

So the day was only a 12 hour shift.  I have Wednesday off for VA Appointments, and I figger that what the hell... every hour I get is a good hour.  But Wednesday, I'm -not- going to go in to work, leave, come back and generally fuck around... just take the day and be done with it... speaking of Generals:

Found it while looking for the MOPP chart... dunno -why- it came up but it made me LMFAO so I hadda share.  That and the following:

Rancid Homophobe Rapper Admits to Being a Lightweight, Needs LGBTQ assistance.

After reading the article I was like "Huh... what a lightweight... his 'abuse' sounds like a Thursday Night to me!"

Enough for Now...
Much Love to all my Regulars... No Homo!
Big Country

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  1. I hated fucking MOPP shit, ya couldn't take a piss or shit unless you disrobed enough with out wetting your self.