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Friday, November 29, 2019

So Now I Roll Around the House...

Good Afternoon Me Droogs and occasional readers of this, my Rant-Away Hiding Spot.

Sweet Lord in heaven that was some good chow.  Although methinks I might have overdone it.  Well... I for sure overdid it.  9 Pounds of Spiral Cut Honey Glazed Infidel Meat, 4 /12 Pounds of Garlic infused boneless Turkey Breast, 3 Pounds of my specialized Italian Sausage Stuffing/Dressing, Garlic Mashed Taters, and Garlic and Butter Braised Green Beans...

I ain't even gonna say shit about the deserts... well yeah I am.  Key Lime Pie, Hershey Death By Chocolate Pie, Haagen Daz Icecream, and Godiva Chocolate Lava Cakes.

If I was mildly overweight before this Holiday, I'm now grossly obese or leastways -feeling- like it.
It was a Good Day for Pie...
Then, add on the -unpleasantness- that went on during the day...  shit.  The Ole Lady's had a bug up her ass for like a few now.  Every. Fucking. Year. at this time she goes fucking stupid and acts all fucking pain-in-the-ass for no apparent reason.  So she pulled the whole throwing a hissy fit, accusing me of being, well, a Fat Bastard and went off in a huff of "I'm not eating!~"

OK Honey... more for me, the Granbaby and the Sapper.

Speaking of... Granbaby ate her own body weight in turkey and stuffing (or dressing... all depending on where yer from I guess...)  She also ate the leftovers today... didn't like the Infidel Meat that I can tell, but all the rest was devoured.  I just put her down for a nap.  Heres to a hour of peace n quiet.  Add on the Ole Lady had a hair-gig today, so I'm pretty much bitch free for a couple of hours maybe?

Ahhhh how nice that'd be.  

Speaking of Bitches...  Muttie Merkel came out and pretty much told a bunch of folks at some conference or other, that essentially "The German chancellor also stated that freedom of speech is not "for free."  Here's the whole shitshow here if you care...  What really  blows my mind is that people don't understand that she's originally from East Germany.  Back when there was such a thing as "West and East".  Hell.. my first passport had stamps from both countries.  And all the others... back when they had their Sovereignty 

Now that is a double-plus badthink ungood word if there ever was one.
Big Brother Sez...
Yeah.  People have no idea whats going on 'over there' and me?  I'm fuckin horrified.  I lived in Europe from Age 13 to age 14 as a civvie (DocDad took us over while he was on a sabbatical... must be nice to take a year off, get paid and tour Europe eh?), and went back after I joined the Army and was stationed in Germany... the newly reintegrated Germany.  When I got there, the reunification was only 3 or 4 years old and the aftershocks were still ongoing.  I -was- a great time tho as a lot of the former East German chicks were fucking HAWT and down for getting with a G.I., hoping to snag a dude for a ticket to the land of the Big P.X.  One of the other things I noticed about the East Germans versus the West Germans was the way they cared about certain things.  Easties, if you will, were highly suspicious of new people, up til they got to know them... they also had an Authoritarian Streak in them that was a mile wide, as opposed to the Westerners I knew and partied with.  

The majority of the people BTW, I have to say were broads, so this probably skews my impressions as the 19-30 year age range of the chicks I discussed things with usually had more party, less politics on the brain.  One of the things that stood out tho was the difference in the willingness to violate the Law.  Girls who were born n raised in West were a bit more carefree about it.  The East German girls were paranoid as fuck.  The law violation in question was a shwimbad (outdoor bathing pool place... sorta like a German Water Park) in the City.  One night we were coming back from the bar at like oh dark late, and it was summertime and hot.  I made the suggestion we jump the wall and go for a midnight skinny-dip.  All us Joes were down with it, and the Western Girls were digging the idea, but the two Eastern girls who made up part of our clic?  Oh hell no!  Trespassing?  Das ist verbotten!!!!
We still managed to get them to do it... fun was had by all.

But Merkel is a former Easterner.  The East Germans are a different breed of cat from the Western Germans, and -much more- likely to lean towards Authoritarianism and Globalism... which is exactly  what we're seeing on the World Stage.  They, unlike their westernized Brothers and Sisters never had to go through the near-religious Perma-Apology to the Jews for what the Krauts did to them.  The East Germans were taught that "shit happens" and they rolled with it, and truthfully, they didn't give a shit, after all it was only the Jews, and damned few of them in East Germany anyways...  So from my perspective, Merkel is trying to out-do the Westerners in bowing-and-scraping and doing everything within her power to undermine the German People as a whole.  By embracing the Globalists and the replacement agenda, the eventual destruction and vanishing of the German people en toto is almost assured.

I mean hasn't it become readily apparent to most sane and slightly higher intelligent people just who all the Globalists are targeting?  (I mean besides like everyone)  No... the people who they seem to be really  aiming 'cultural banishment/destruction on in the Western YT Countries are the people who genetically or culturally were TOTALLY FUCKING BADASS.  I mean look... Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Denmark... ALL culturally -nuked- by the current Replacement Game...  I mean who'd thunk that the fuckin VIKINGS would be brought low by dirtworlders?
Ragnar Lothbrook is Rollin' in his Snake Filled Grave...
Other countries... the Germans... ok yeah, NAZIs = Bad.. but traditionally?  The Goths?  and I don't mean those LARPing Emo-Twats... Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Head takers and heart breakers all.  Then, lets look at England, who used to own the whole known fucking world...  The Australians?  Buncha former criminals, beaten down by Political Correctness Cancer and straight up misandry.

The only reason we have not yet taken it in the ass is private gun ownership.

They can posture, they can primp, prime themselves and tell us that yup, they know better than us.  However, my bet is that a few healthy death squad hits of some prominent media and establishment types would shut that shit right the fuck down.

Said it before, I'll say it again:  Never. Give. Up. Your. Guns.

More later... time to feed da baby, then get her back to the other Grandparents... its been a looong fucking week.  I'ma gonna veg this weekend.
Until then, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

I Need a Vacation

Good Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Another fine day here in Central Flor-ri-Duh, the Gunshine State!

Whelp, the Grandbaby is now sick.  Go fucking figure amiright?  When we picked her up, she hadda lil' sniffle going on.  Nothing too intense or unexpected.  Normal lil kinder stuff.  Now?  Well, this morning she was off her feed a bit, and Grammie was getting a bit upset as the Lil Un wasn't chowing down.  Next thing you know she sorta burp/barfed a quart of nasty up.  Seems her lil sinuses were draining into the back of her gullet, and when you get enough of that, well, can't really digest it so she hurled it up.  Grammie kind of freaked out as Jesus it -was- quite a bit, unexpected and frankly gross.

Soon as the Lil Un dumped guts tho, the appetite was back on.  As in "Execute Ravenous Mode".

Watch your fingers and keep clear, lest you pull back a stump.

Two whole cans worth of Skettie "Os"...  The supposedly 'healthy organic' version...  Thats what Grammie sez leastways.  Personally I think its just the same assembly line, but with different labels and price points at the end.

So add on the NGFF, well fuckitall... I'll just refer to her as Grammie or the Old Lady.  Seeings I'm actually pecking this out two fingered (failed typing back in the day...  still got a pretty good WPM tho)  So, to pick up, The Ole Lady has gut issues... you name it, she's got it, had it or waiting to have it.  She's had her pack pulled, plumbing rebuilt, the whole Nine Yards.

Interesting Historical Aside:  The "Whole Nine Yards" is from World War One... it was a reference to the ammunition belts on the old fighter planes of the day and their length.  A belt on a Vickers 7.7 machine gun was approximately 9 yards long, and sometimes when asked about a particular dogfight, the pilot would say that he "Gave them the whole 9 yards!" meaning he shot the shit out of the other guy until he ran dry on ammo.
Gratuitous Fighter Picture
Kinda cool huh?

So as I was saying, last night the Ole Lady was hurting in her gut area, and she's running a low grade fever.  Not much, like one or two degrees.  The problem is it's pain is centered right over where her appendix is.  Apparently thats like the only factory part she's got left in there.  SO now I have to worry about her having appendix issues and it's going to be about three days before I trust any of the local hospitals with her.

The stats are that you have like a huuuuuuuge chance of dying by going to the Emergency Room during a holiday.  The care there to be honest, even on a good day well... it just frankly sucks ass.  And on a holiday?   The staff doesn't want to be there, hell the patients don't want to be there, people have a "I don't give a fuck" attitude, so we wait.

I got her icing down the area, and gave her some perc for the pain.  I'ma just going to monitor.  I'm way experienced with the whole "detonating appendix issues" as I personally went through that shit a number of years back.  So if her fever spikes, (indicated a buildup of toxins) or any extremely sharp pains in that area (its only a dull pain right now) then off to the ER we go.

I mean unless I want to practice my meatball surgery here at the house.  I mean I -do- have quite the medical kit. LMAO.

In fact I gotta tell that one... When my appendix went bad, I raced off to the ER with XHH6.  Didn't have a clue that it was my appendix... I was just madly feverish and had gut pain.  Problem was the gut pain was just dull from all the nerve damage I had from my injuries that got me medically retired.  Always been a problem.  without too much detail, my neck got crushed.  Like I'm an inch shorter now that I was pre-accident.  The nerves in my neck that transmit pain-to-the-brain are either inoperative or in 'full on' all the time.

So some pain I feel every day... other pain?  Not so much.  As in my son came up to me one day and was like "Daddy, why are you bleeding all over your arm?"  I had been outside trimming trees and apparently laid open my arm from elbow to halfway to the wrist and didn't even notice or feel it.  I thought the dripping feeling coming off my hand was sweat... didn't even feel the staples when the doc put me back together... so to continue...

I'm in, they do a blood test, goggle at the test, and race me off to Pre-Op so quickly my head is spinning.  It was anyways from the fever, but a few shots of something and I was doing better.  While I'm waiting for them to do the I.V., a call goes out that there's a mass-casualty event... some huge car wreck literally and that everyone, all hand-on-deck...  I'm just like, "Well this could be a while" and said fuckitall, and proceeded to stick myself.  Right before I had gotten out, I managed to slip myself into a couple of really useful advanced trauma and medical courses that a few units had offered...   even though I was getting out I figured the more knowledge the better.  Doing a self-inserted I.V. catheter is a bit bloody and messy, but I still do one to myself at least once a year to keep up the skill.  I get the equipment from a friend in the hospital, so I know its good gear.  Anywho.

I stick myself, get it up and running and was juuust finishing up when Nurse-dood comes back in, and well, completely freaks out.  Races off, gets a doctor... Annoying.  Apparently he saw his whole career flash before his eyes... me?  I was whatever.  The doc came in and was pretty impressed.  I told him "Hey, this's what your tax dollars get you.  Good training Hooah!..."  Word spread pretty quickly... guess they were bored.  I was like "whats the big deal about it?"

Hell... if THAT bothered them, what happened in the Operating Room made them shit their pants.

I knew they were going to put me under fully, and that I was going to have a trach-tube put in.  I very carefully briefed the Anesthesiologist.  Told him Do NOT grab me by the throat -violently-.  All the combatives I had been trained on, well a lot of it (back then... now?  Not so fucking much) was reflexive.  As in grabbing me from behind around the throat or neck was going to get you hurt very badly.  I had -no- idea at the time what would happen when I was under General Anesthesia, But I figured better safe than sorry later.  The Gas-Passer was cool about it, said he had dealt with some 'squirrelly' guys like me in the past, and not to worry.

The next Doc who came in told me the sonogram had showed the appendix was like the size of a softball and almost ready to pop.  He asked if I would mind if a group of Student-Doctors could observe because usually, the appendix in question had either already burst, or it was just slightly inflamed.  Mine was a great example of a big nasty one, and he wanted the Baby-Docs to see it.  I was like OK, no prob.

Which actually turned into a Problem.  Uno Problemo Grande.

So, fast forward... they get me under, knock me out, start cutting.. staple me together, and then they fucked up.  Gas-Passer offered to let a Baby-Gas-Passer untrach me.  This was a bad idea.  Seems it had slipped his mind about the whole "don't grab the combat vet by the throat" thing.

Which is exactly what the South Korean student-doctor did.

Now mind you, I get this all AFTER the fact.  The after action report would have sounded to the effect like this:

DR KIM approached the PATIENT and proceeded to perform an untraching of the PATIENT by grabbing the PATIENTs larynx and squeezing.  During this proceedure, the PATIENT suddenly and unexpectedly woke up while under general anesthesia.  The PATIENT the ripped his left arm off of the table, where it had been secured with velcro straps and grabbed DR KIM by the throat.  He then deadlifted DR KIM by the throat, and lifted his right arm, pulling those velcro straps free, and violently pulled his own tracheotomy tube out.  The entire time, the patient continued to strangle DR KIM with his left hand.  The PATIENT then attempted to sit up, but was stopped by the chest straps.  The ANESTHESIOLOGIST, realizing what had happened, dumped a load of more meds into the I.V. line, knocking the PATIENT into La-La-Land, thereby allowing DR KIM to move to a safer location.
(like Seoul S.K. lol)

Yeah, apparently Doctor Luke-the-Gook grabbed me HARD by the throat, I came out of the general, and attempted to murder everyone in the room, to hear it from the Doc later.  The surgeon who debriefed me later said that the look in my eyes was 'feral'.

I warned 'em.  That's all I can say in my defense.

They were very happy to see me leave I believe.

OK: More later if I can.  Gotta get the turkey outta the deep freeze and get prepped.  Until then, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

A Saudi Arabian Tragedy...

Good Evening or should I say Good Morning My Groogs and Droog-ettes!
The Intrepid Reporter here from Big Country's Home For Wayward Veterans!  I'm alive and well and somewhat recovered from the shall we say excesses of my half century celebratory shenanigans.

Yeah that was a hangover.  Never mix.  Doc Dad taught me that back in the day.  Should've listened.

That being that as one would say, not much going on.  Got the Grandbaby here for the week and Turkey Day... she brightens my day:
Grinnin' like a fool... we were waiting on pizza, (which she fuckin' demolished...)  She's damned near the only reason I want to stick around... so b/c of her:

It's the Holiday Seasoning Time... meaning I'ma 'bout to start cooking.  I'm the "Head Chef" of "Casa de Grande Campesino."  Mainly 'cause the NGFF is -not- capable of doing any cooking.

The long suffering editor had to put in: "How bad can it be Big Country?"

To whit I answer the pencil neck a line from some comic I knew back in the Army...One "Ross The Boss" who was a hipster before being a hipster was cool:  "How can toast have bones?  I mean really, how can toast have bones?"

Nuff said about that...

Sapper -tries- to cook, but he has no concept for cooking for more than hisself.  He does try and his Greek Chikin is pretty good eating.  His normal is Ramen-and-hotdogs.  Typical 50 year old perma-bachelor faire.  Me, I'm fucking spoiled from XHH6.  Having a fucking Sicilian Borne-and-Raised-to-Cook X wife spoils the ever loving shit out of a motherfucker.  I thankfully learned by assisting in cooking, and ALL that time overseas taught me just how to cook properly.  Being on ones lonesome definitely taught me some of the better parts of the culinary arts, and when I was the Maitre'd of that restaurant on Victory Base Complex, I was fortunate enuff to wrangle some "how to" out of our Iraqis, which makes for great  recipes now.

So Turkey Day is allllll me.  2X Hams, spiral cut, boneless, a 4 pound boneless garlic and herb turkey breasts, and all the fixin's.  Can't wait.

So to plunge into the most recent.  I applied to an overseas gig in Saudi Arabia.  Might -actually- have a shot at it.  If it does go thru, you fuckers are going to have mad hilarious posts when and IF I do get it.  I applied on a Saturday, and heard back on Sunday that "We need more documents."  Not too unusual.  I acquiesced, and IMMEDIATELY back with a "Sign this so we can talk to you" form... Very typical in overseas gigs.. they won't chat until they know yer not trying to fuck them...  Sooo that looks good...  They wanted a nondisclosure which means they're usually serious... that'd be a nice change for once...

I AM most certainly capable of doing the job.  I'm waiting.  We'll see.  That being said, I risk it all with the following:

Dirty Deeds, Done with Sheep...

Oh. My. God.


The reaction to this had to have been:
Followed by my reaction:


Can't say much more about it from there.

Tragedy really... eleventy thousand plus ISIS brides dropped in the drink?  Oh well...

Til Later, I gotta crash, my sleep schedule is all fucked up....
Much Love to those supporting me... oh yeah  thats right... nothing yet... please donate if y'all can.
I remain, the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, November 25, 2019

Post 50th....

Good Painful Morning me Droogs...
Did the roof cave in or is it just me?
I'm wiped.


50?  Fuck that.  Kill me now.

I'm going back to bed.  I'll look for you all later tonight if and only IF I can get rid of this roadmap that appears to be over my eyeballs.

Until Then... yadda yadda

Saturday, November 23, 2019


Good Eeeeee-evening Me Droogs!
A quiet day here at Big Country's Home for Wayward Veterans.  A looooong night was had the night before with some rather disturbing PTSD dreams that fucking kept me up half the night, and the other half?  The NGFF hadda wake my ass up as I was screaming and crying out hysterically (her words)...  I just know it was some bad shit that was going on.

For whatever reason, the Post Traumatic shit has started back up again lately.

Don't know the reason why.  It's been a really long time since I had an episode so severe.  Dunno if that I'm hitting the Big Five Oh tomorrow and it's kicking the "Mortality Clock" in my head or what?  I sure as hell hope it wasn't the chili I made and had for dinner.
 Weapons of Ass Destruction
It was a great meal actually... I cooked up about a pound and a half of 80/20 ground beef seasoned with chili mix,  took a 1 pound ribeye and grilled it on the grill outside to medium rare.  Brought it in off the grill, diced it up, and finished cooking it in the taco/chili seasoning as well on the stove.  Added a can of pinto beans, a can of diced tomatoes with chili peppers already in it, and a can of plain tomater sauce, and set it to stewin'.  About 30 minutes in I was in the fridge I found the leftover brisket from Bubba-Q pit that we had lunch at, and figgered why the fuck not and threw in the quarter pound or so of extremely smoked brisket.

It was a smokey flavored chili in the end.  Fucking great to be honest.  That teeny bit of the smoked brisket brought so much to the flavor table, I'm going to have to see if I can reproduce the results again.

This still doesn't explain the PTSD meltdown.  
Ain't no bullshit there...  It's been 'background noise' for the majority of the past ten plus years.  I only had -one- "Freakout" that is memorable... back in October of 2005.

It's actually funny/sad.  Me and XHH6 and the Biological Spawn got a treat that year.  Oh-Five in Iraq was a particularly bad time vis-a-vis Indirect Fire, IEDs, VBIEDs and General Chaos, and his sidekick, Major Disruption.  I was lucky to be alive.  Things were hopping on the Day-to-Day, and my boss figured it was time for me to head back to the Casa.  So October rolled around, and it was my near-7 months since I'd been home, so I went home, and went to fuckin Disneyworld!
Or thereabouts LOL.  We went to the Rat's "Hallow-Scream" for Halloween that year.   The kinder were small enough to be enjoying it, although it was HOT... like unseasonably fucking hot, and the kids were in full body-suits that raised their lil core temps up to "Heatstroke" modew.  Me being the highly prepared Dad had brought Camelbacks back from Baghdad.  Three of them specifically.  The kids had Grape Kool-Aid, while mine had Cherry Kool-Aid and a liter of Absolute added for flavoring.  We ran around, and I was a bit squirrelly from the crowds, but the fact that it was nighttime, and I was comfortable with that (The Hajjis hardly ever pulled shennaigans after dark as even us Contractors had superior Night Vision capability, never mind the Joes with the new thermals and 4th Gen Night Viz...)  So all was well... 

Up until:
Multiple Unannounced Airbursts. (Commence Pants Filling in 3...2...1...)
Now, at this point we had just finished the 'Grand Prix' ride, those lil Gas Powered Formula One Race Cars, and were in the pit area dismounting.  A soon as the first flash went off followed by the explosion, I tackled the kids in a flying tackle, keeping them safe, and slammed myself into the conveniently placed Jersey Barriers.  I mean I fucking moved.  The Ex later said she never saw me move so quickly and efficiently.  

Took me a minute for the brain housing group to re-engage.  By the time I was able to let the kids up, the surrounding Civvies were looking on with great concern as the giant  360 pound gorilla tackled his kids.  No one had mentioned to me that at 21:00 sharp, they did the fireworks and opened 'er up with what sounded like a battery of 155's lighting off...

One older gent came over and helped me to my feet.  Couple of the kids called for a medic, not knowing just -what- the issue was, and XHH6 asked me what I needed... to which I told her "Overhead cover and MOR BOOZE!"  The older dood was a Nam vet... he told me as we went over to some ride that had a massive concrete overhang that he had the same reaction from his time in Khe Sahn.  Apparently he was there in the thick of it with the Marines.  Told me the 'kinks' would either sort themselves out, or not... either way...

So I got through the night.  And many many many since then.  I've -tried-  to maintain control.  I've largely been successful.  It's the dream world that on occasion goes pear-shaped, and I can't really do diddly about it.  I know I know.  I've had ALL the prerequisite courses and shrink time.  It's a manifestation at a subconscious level that makes it really hard for me too overcome.  As absurd as it sound, one of the best things for me to do is sleep with my arm through the sling of my nightstand M-4... THAT actually helps quite a bit... but still...

Last night was a wash for whatever reason.  Hopefully a chance tonight will  be better... no dreams or at least more controllable dreams.

We shall see.

But, in all reality, too many people blow off PTSD, especially as it's become the go-to-excuse for sooooo much bullshit.  Really angers me as that albeit, my shit is minor, there are some guys and gals outr there who are really fucked up from this shit.

Say a lil prayer for them.  Until later then, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Well, so much for that.

Good Afternoon me Droogs n Droog-ettes.  A bit of a take on CENSORSHIP.  Apparently my store in Zazzle has come to the attention of whatever authoriteyes that're out there and I received -this- little notification:
Yep.  Barred n' Banned for the Great Offense of THIS:

Yep.  It's come to this.

Banning motherfucking -clowns-.

The T-Shirt was just about as basic as you could make it.  The front was our good lil Buddy Honk Honkler, in his clowned out Afro, and on the back, in large letters, I had "HONK HONK CLOWN WORLD" printed across the back.

I was also alerted a while back by a loyal reader who tried to order one, but when I went into the store it was still showing.  I've had a bit of trouble trying to hash out whats wrong with the store.  Their tech support people are about as fucking worthless as you can imagine... what being based in India or Sumatra...
"My name is Jimmy and I will be assisting you today..."
Some fights just aren't worth it...

So now I'm going to have to go and finds me another shop or something... I got a lot of requests for the shirts as I -did- originally have some fun n sweet designs, but now I'm getting hit almost once a day with a "-DENIED!!!-" Email


Oh Well...  More later.  I actually passed out last night while finishing this.
The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Thought and Disjointed Weirdness...

Good Evening to all my regular reader, those of which I refer to as "Droogs" or "Droog-ettes" dependent thereupon.   Reason I use that term is I have a long term love affair with Anthony Burgess's masterpiece.

Its a hell of a slog to actually read it.  Burgess left it in the original format that left anyone wonder just what the hell he was trying to say.

Issue is is that he wrote it using a mish-mash of Russian terms, and spiced it up with random kinds of weirdness that leaves the reader somewhat confused as to the original concept.

Thank God for an Index.
Otherwise, it's a plus being horrorshow eh me droogs?
Yeah... reading it 'back in the day' was a bit of a chore to say the least.  Between the terminology, the interference of Kubrik's vision, one is left rather confused  by the entire thing.

However, it shows the reality of life in the FUSA.. namely the Fascist United States Of America.

Those retards in AntiFa have not idea  what fascism is.  Fascism, by definition is, per Merriam-Webster: "a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition."

Which is  exactly what these retards are fighting FOR..  They WANT bigger dot gov.  They WANT
a leader to take over.  They WANT a major centralized government to drive the 'real people' to ground.

What a bunch of fucktarded morons.  Any wonder why they have no fucking clue?

ALL of them think Trump, the Orange Cheeto Messiah is some sort of Mad Hitler on Acid.

Holy shit.

Are they truly that deranged? (Obviously) Their Obamamessiah jailed more journalists in the history of the United States than any other President since the Civil War!

IF and only IF Trump decided that he could take the gloves off, would these idiots understand what  a true dictator is all about.  You claim he's Hitler, well then let him go full Hitler.

God help me if I were given an advisory position to the President.

Round them, and their families all up.  Deport them to the furthest regions of Alaska.  Put them to work, I donno, mining gold.  Work them 18 hours a day, under guard.  Reproduce the best parts of Stalin's Gulags.  Show them what true socialism is all about.  Let them die in vast numbers.  Kill any who complain.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat, until this country no longer has a bunch of whiny fucktarded mixed gender mentally confused fucktards running loose infecting everyone.,

Either that, or declare an 'open season' and provide a bounty on retard scalps... either way, it'd work.

Until Tomorrow, I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Afternoon and Companys are Scum...

Afternoon Me Droogs.  A bit of a late start for the ole Intrepid Reporter.  Had a lot of admin work to bang out today.  Specifically an interview for a new gig.

Which leads me to the realization that the entirety of the country is hopelessly and completely corrupt. 
Yeah... so to explain:  I got a call on an application I submitted the other day.  Rather pleased to have actually heard from -someone- as I'd have to venture that almost 90% of job applications go down into some insanely dark bottomless pit and fade away.

I mean whats the fucking point other than provide a bunch of cock carousel riding H.R. sluts busywork?  I can count on one hand the number of useful H.R. people I've even known in my life.  And thats even being generous.  For the most part H.R. is some zombie-brain dead department that occasionally provides entertainment when some poor shlub gets fucked over by them, and said-shlub rolls in with an AK and slaughters the whole department. Mucko goes to town...

Good Times... Good Times...

That -particular- massacre had some dubious impact on me... It happened when I was just out of the Army, and didn't have a grasp of just how fucked up H.R. was and just how paranoid a company could be.  A twisted sense of humor was not a welcome addition to the break room chatter.  ESPECIALLY since my manager at the time was an anti-military Battleaxe Feminazi... needless to say we didn't get along.

Thats about right...
After Mucko went apeshit, I ended up being ordered to see Company Provided p-shrink.  Seems the Battleaxe reported me to H.R. as a possible mass shooter.  Her view was -anything- she could pull to get me fired was a good thing.  In the end, I won, the Battleaxe left, and either way, I ended up laid off with a very generous severance package in exchange for NOT suing the living fuckballs out of them.  Win-Win in my book.  I didn't like them fuckers anyways.

So, today I hadda go across town and show up and be professional.  The job was described as a Training Manager's job.  No prob Bob... right in my comfort zone.  I get in, and I'm all spit-and-polished in my suit, properly attired for success, and then the interview started.

Yeeeeeeah.  O.K.  Motherfuckers.  Dunno if'n any of y'all have run across the whole "Windscreen Replacement" scam they got going on here in Florida?  Well, let me enlighten you.  Couple o'years back, the Windshield Companies got together, bribed a bunch of Politicians, who made a law that if you have comprehensive car insurance, then the insurance companies have to pay in full for the replacement.  No deductible, no strings.  So, somehow, they musta bribed the right motherfuckers, because now alllll over the state the Windscreen companies have taken a rather aggressive approach to marketing... to the point that they actually advertise that they'll pay YOU the car owner $100 cash on the spot if you agree to have your windscreen replaced, no matter how specious the damage.

Yep.  a fucking open-kickback.  Corrupt as fuck.  Also bothersome as fuck.  In my neighborhood, we have HUGE signs stating "No Solicitation!" and yet they come.  At all hours.  At least once every two weeks.  A different company each time.  Asking if I want/need a new windshield.  VERY fucking annoying.

Whelp, apparently thats what the real job was.  Being hired to be one of those annoying door-to-door fucks.  The guy tried to dress up the "Training Manager" shit with the whole "Well you'd be promoted rather quickly and get your own team here in short order..."  Maaaan I did not fall off the Tater Truck last week.  This is, no bullshit, the third fucking time I got conned into coming in for an interview for the same exact bullshit.  I should end an interview like that like right-then-and-there and invoice them for my gas, wasted time and dry cleaning bills.
Fuck you, pay me.
This is why I say it's all corrupt.  It reeks of the stank of corruption.  They lied to get me in to get interviewed to do a door-to-door shakedown job, which allows motherfuckers to pork the insurance industry (not that I mind that... fuckers), but in retrospect causes the cost of all the insurance to explode up through the roof, and in the meantime, has a dood like me, who's actually intelligent and talented, left sorry, sore and pissed off and pissed on again.

Ben Franklin once said: "A fish rots from the head down."  Never more true is that than now.  The reeking of the body politic, now long dead and zombified, as well as completely fucking clueless as to the nature of it's lifespan (which is now in the negative) has infected like every single aspect of the country.  Nothing is as it seems.  It's all a hustle, a scam, a frame job.  Fuck... I can go all night.

A 'for instance.'  On the last gig, we did a mold inspection on this insanely expensive house.  Mold inspection.  Brand new crib, right on the water.  Apparently its now in the news as the people who built it spent 8 million smackers to build it, and the Contractors actually used about $50 bux worth of paper and tinfoil to build it.  Shoddy don't even scratch the surface.  Yeah, the place was infested with mold.  Like OMG 'wouldn't let my kids live there' levels.  And surprise surprise, the contractor, after issuing the 'standard denial' and "We are extremely concerned about these allegations and will investigate further" boilerplate, the fucker's done gone and disappeared.  With the money.

Wonder if he's related to the Clintons?

It's going to end badly.  Shit like this is like so much the norm, I'm betting that almost all y'all fuckers reading this are like "Yep... No surprise!".  That and y'all must be some jaded motherfuckers to be hanging out herebouts anyways.  It's unfortunate.


More Later if I can generate the interest.  I'm a bit wiped out from todays bullshit, so's I'll look atcha all later.  Until then, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

UCMJ and the Fucktard

Good Afternoon me Droogs!  A hearty "Fuck You" to all the traitorous scumwads and fucktards inhabiting this fine country.  May you all find yourselves at the end of a very short rope in the extremely near future.  Preferable after the execution of your entire families.

Yep.  Like the Norks... Gotta say the whole "Remove three generations" is the only way to be sure that they don't come back after you.  Play for keeps... Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out.

I mean why else would the Army have taken LtCol "LiverLips" Vindman's family on post and into 'secured quarters?'

I mean it's likely that -if- justice is truly beneficent, the the 'secured quarters' are a couple of cells in the psychiatric wing of the Base/Garrison Stockade.

His wife would just love that I'm sure.  And so would he... he -should- get used to being in the stockade... if his chain of command has ANY balls whatsoever, they'll string this sack of shit right up the flagpole, and eviscerate him as an example pour encourager les otres.
Hanover Fiste gets it....
Now, I'm NOT instigating any violence or harm to these people in real life.  I'm simply exploring an alternate universe in a fictional sort of way.  At no time do I think a horrific RoidRage Beast Imbued with the Power of The Loknar should show up and tear Lt.Col. Vindman into itty-bitty pieces, and possibly ingest him, to be processed into what he was truly meant to be, namely a heaping stinking pile of shit.
Feel Free to Steal, I Made it... just give a good attribution...

And now?  Ho-Leeeeeee Shiiiiiiiit!

Everyone and I do mean Everyone is coming out of the fucking woodwork to comment on the Unbelievable Levels of Douchebaggery that this fucking Fraud-In-A-Uniform is.

A former officer who worked with him states that he was "anti-American" and "made the troops uncomfortable"
Tim Kennedy, famous Bad Ass Green Beanie has come out and called him a 'douchebag.'
Then, apparently the rest of the Military has added onto the dogpile.  People who went through Ranger School with him have called out LiverLips for being a "chow thief" and "generally worthless."  A number of folks have even questioned whether or not that he even passed Ranger School as NO ONE seems to have a record of him completing the course.  Apparently he was peered out numerous times, which means that during AARs (After Action Reviews... where evvabody la-di-dadi gets together and goes over the who fucked up, who didn't fucked up, and other shit)... well apparently during the AARs, the whole of like everyone who was in class with him fucking flat out voted him out... literally like 'Survivor: The Bullshit TV Show" the Ranger students and Cadre get together, and if someone is a worthless sack of whiny shit, they vote him out to be either recycled (go back to the beginning and start over) or just flat out shitcanned.  Apparently LiverLips got canned multiple fucking times.

The Airborne Brotherhood has also chimed in, stating Vindman is only a "5 Jump Chump" and never actually served in an Airborne Unit.

One of his former NCOs said he was a coward who ran away during a Combine Arms Exercise, and in the AAR stated that "He was too valuable as an Officer to be killed or captured."  He apparently was relieved before his unit went overseas, which then begs the question:  What unit was he with when he supposedly earned that Combat Infantryman's Badge and that Purple Heart?

According to Army Times, his awards are: "Purple Heart, Defense Meritorious Service Medal (2nd award), Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal (4th award), Army Achievement Medal (3rd award), National Defense Service Medal , Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Korean Defense Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon (4th award), Valorous Unit Award, National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation, Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, Presidential Service Badge, Joint Chiefs of Staff identification Badge, and Navy Unit Commendation."

Apparently he was wounded in October of 2004 outside of Fallujah.  I'd be curious to know what unit he was with?  Not only that, it states that he commanded an Anti-Armor Unit in Korea...  My my... small world.  In 99 that would have been a TOW Unit which just so happens to be my old MOS... and I got out in 99.  Now one thing is for sure, the 11Hotel (Heavy Anti-Armor Infantryman) Military Occupational Specialty was a dying breed in 1999... there weren't too many slots left for TOW gunners... it was like as in miniscule amounts, both in command and line grunts.  I need to check with some old friends and see if anyone remembers this prick...  Add on that in October of 2004  was running all over hells half acre to include parts of Fallujah and the like... wonder if any of my friends knew him either?

So anyways, this turd needs to be flushed.  With extreme prejudice.  

He's a fat, LiverLipped Turd who make Frank Burns look competent.

Oh well... enough ranting for a bit...  Look for you later.  I got Vodka to drink and an interview in the A.M.  Wish me luck!
Until then, I remain, the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Oh my Fucking Head AKA Adventures to the DMV

Good Morning to all Me Droogs!  The Intrepid Reporter is up and, if not running, is vertical and somewhat conscious.  Not for a lack of trying however.  Stayed up a bit late last night and put down a dozen or so of Finlandia's Finest.

Then had the awful realization/wakeup at around Zero Dark Thirty, that I needed to go to the DMV to get me auto permit renewed.  It expired at the end of this week, and what with the schedule that I've been keeping, getting there was going to be no fucking fun at all.  I'm fucked.  DOOMED I Tell You, DOOMED!!!

I mean it is the Department of Motor Vehicles...

I actually got there an hour early... it opened at nine... the line outside was already 20 deep when I got there.  

Great Movie
Now, besides the obvious Sloth gag above (which was fucking hilarious IMO) this particular DMV is off the beaten path.  It's out in Farmville Country, so -usually- its not too crowded.  Unfortunately for -me-... the NORMAL hours are 8 to 4... except Wednesday.  Wednesday is 9 to 5...

Which means allll the wingnuts who didn't get the word that'd it'd be open at 9 showed up at 8, hence the line of jokers.  I was lucky.  Some nice lady let me sit on the bench effectively cutting off 5 folks, but they were all pretty cool about it.  The whole bad back/bad knees sucks, but occasionally I catch a break.

So we waited.
And Waited.
And Waited.

One Hour can be a motherfucking looong time when yer sitting in the sun baking alive.  Yeah.  Despite it being 51 degrees this morning, the sun beating down had me and everyone else breaking a sweat.  Seems like it was an impromptu strip show for a lot of folks too.  Because it was 51 at the beginning of the day, all these fine folks were decked out for a Blizzard or some shit.  Hoodies, long sleeves, fucking jackets... even one malook with a snow cap on, although the facial jewelry on that dude leads me to belive that he always wears a snow cap...  fucker looks like a tacklebox blew up in his goddamned grill I swear.  So yeah, all these people sitting there, sweating their asses off... it wasn't long before they were getting changed out and running the winterwear back to the cars.

Me?  I was in a T-Shirt and Gym Shorts...  Figured on being colder is better'n being hot.

Then the door opened.  Of course there were the obligatory "I didn't see the line!" jumpers who -tried- to cut the whole fucking line, but the Sheriffs Deputy wasn't having any of it.  That was a good thing I suppose... at least he didn't "Hut-Hut-Hut" anyone...

Once in, I gotta say... color me fucking shocked.  This was the fastest DMV I have ever been to.  Total time from in the door to out the door?

12 minutes.   No shit.

I mean I'm still a bit taken aback.  Someone must have fucked up and put ALL the competent people out here in Farmville as punishment or something.  The DMV I went to downtown some-odd years ago was so bad I was pretty much expecting the same.  I brought, well like everything to prove who I was...Birth Certificate, SS Card, Passport, 2 Current Bills showing residence... hell the only thing missing was Retinal Patterns and Fingerprint card.  Which, judging from the way things are going in the FUSA, those WILL probably be on the list not too far down the road.

But, I actually -didn't- need them.  I mean maybe officially I did... the website was pretty adamant about having 'em, and I'll be fucking jiggered if I get there an not have the right shit with me.  I wasn't wasting a fucking trip ya know?  So I get up to the counter and nice lady is all like "Do you have your current License?"  I handed it over and started breaking out the paperwork and she was all "Oh look darlin', yer good!"  Then she amazingly whipped through all the shit in like 7 minutes fucking flat.  Handed me a receipt, and wished me a good day!

What planet am I on, and how did I get here?

There was a little box on the desk that allows the customer to hit a button on it that grades the service that they have received.  It ranged from "Excellent Service" to "Sucked Ass".  I hit the Excellent.  Wish there was a way to say "This broad needs to be running this whole shitshow!"  She was fast, competent, pleasant, not to hard on the eyes...

Fuck... I'm pretty sure I'm going to come out of the Coma from where the Mack Truck ran me over any minute now... this shit just cannot be real LOL!

So thats it for now, politics later as I got a rant on coming.  I also have to finish the flammenwerfer stuff.  I promised, and now that I'm unemployed, I got time to finish it.  I also, per a couple of commenters, added a Tip Jar if'n y'all are so inclined.  If not, s'all good.  I'm still gonna come here and gripe and bitch b/c that what I like to do, and since y'all seem to dig it, I'll keep at it.

Until Later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

New Woodpile is out

Greetings me Droogs! 
Just a heads up, the new Woodpile Report is up.
Remus and the Woodpile
Figured I'd do a 'solid' on it as I love Remus's take on things...
More Later
The I.R.
Big Country

"Woke, Broke and Stupid is no way to go through life son..."

Goooooooood Morning my Droogs!  Seems we're going to have to start doing a countdown to the Ultraviolence and be ready to kick off the Boogaloo.  It'd be real horrorshow to say the least.

Well this mornings topic is fairly obvious.

Charlie's Angels Crashes n Burns

I mean you'd need a FLAMETHROWER to burn that amount of cash.

Go Woke, Go Broke.

And whats absolutely hysterical the Hollyweasel Executives can't understand is "Why doesn't anyone like this?  It trended well on Twitter and on Facebook!  Teh Intarwebz seemed to greenlight this!  Where did we go wrong?"

That right there.  You nailed it on the head genius boi.  Theres your problem right there.  You relied on TWITTER.  Heres a wakeup: Twitter. is. NOT. REAL. LIFE.
It is, for the most part a place that people who can NOT get validation in real life go to to 'coattail' on Celebutards and Politicians who hash out their lives for fun and profit.  It allows the 'dirt dwellers' to feel valued, and in that the majority of losers who feel the need to get constant validation, by commenting on Kim Kardashian's latest braindripping, they feel that they themselves are VIPs and IMPORTANT.

In real life?  Not so fucking much.  Add on that because the majority of unwashed unloved folks who DO surf on Twitter all day are, for the most part leaning democrat and social justice warriors.  It means your audience is skewed like a motherfucker.  These are, for the most part people who never leave the house in real life.  They 'glom on' to the aforementioned people who -aktually- make monies on Twitter and get a shot of endorphins or serotonin or whateverthefuck these retards are hooked on by retweeting pithy fucktard hashtags #girlpower #dumbasses #dontknowwhentoquit  These people don't go the the fucking movies!  And if they DID in fact go to the movies, there just are not enough of them to support a major motion picture.

So, to summarize:
1) Go on twitter/facebook/whateverthefuck social media site that "hot" at the moment
2) Look for whats trending #spraypaintedgayanuses or some other thing that would revolt 'Normal Americans'
3) Find -someone- who knows about spray painting gay anuses.  Have them churn out a script.
4) Hire a bunch of Leftist Hollyweird Headcase Actors/Actresses.  Have them start tweeting about how awesome spray painted anuses are.
5) Shoot the film.  Start a big build up.  Lotsa froo-froo
6) Opening night:  >Crickets<  Not one ticket sells.
7) Begin Emergency Spin Machine.  "Orange Man Bad", "Misogyny", "Fear of Spray Paint" whathaveyou.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  As seen now in this past year alone (and this's just a sampling)  Men in Black International, Captain Marvel, Terminator Dark Fate, and now Charlies Angels.

ALL have crashed and burned spectacularly.  All because of the "Bubble" that these fucking morons live in.  I mean Holy Shit.  Reality Check anyone?  They ALL live in a cocoon of unreality.  There's a reason "The Joker" has made almost ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

But hey... fuckem.  I love watching them implode.  It's going to be glorious when the burrito-orcs finally organize and decide to head out to reconquista Hollywood and Vine...   All I can say is grab the popcorn...  I'm looking forward to watching the Roof Koreans have at it again. Maybe this time someone will get some better quality video?

More Later.  Time to re-initiate the job search.
Until then I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, November 18, 2019

Drop the Fucking Hammer

Good Evening to the Droogs and Droog-ettes that willfully sacrifice brain cells and intelligence quotient points to come here for a good ole right winger "dumbin' down' ho-down"!

Well, todays rant about the ChiComs reenacting "Schrindrers Rist" in Hong Kong wasn't enough...  I'ma all sorts of assed up about various things, but the worst of it is LtCol Alexander "Shitbag" Vindman... THAT particular motherfucker's got me heated.

The Editor, (who thus far has kept his damned trap shut thank the Gods) is asking: "Hey Big Country, why the hard-on for the Colonel?  Isn't he just doing his job?  Or is it you just hate officers in general?"

OK... the dweeb has a point... I, for the most part intensely loathe ossifers.  Misspelling intentional... Ossifer = Ossified... Oxford English Dictionary #2: "Ossified: To cease developing; to be stagnant and/or rigid."  If that doesn't describe modern military officer mindsets, then nuthin' will.

OK: Disclaimer:  I came out of the Army with 3 Field Grade Article 15s.  Means that to the Army, I was a bad monkey in the eyes of the battalion.  I 'stood before the man' 3 times,  and kept my rank every single time.  No bullshit.  Lost a fuckton of money (2 months of pay at one point, pro-rated) and actually had to go from off post housing to on post barracks living, (restricted to base even tho I was married at the time) and more extra duty than any man should ever even hope to experience.  The only reason I kept my rank was the Battalion and Brigade Seargent(s) Major(s) (or is it Majorii?) positively relied on me as a MASTER SCROUNGER.  I was, without any bullshit the BEST thief they had in the battalion, never mind brigade.  They knew that if I lost my 'double mosquito wings' (Cpl) or heaven forbid, bust me outta my Sham Shield (SP4) they'd lose the ability that I had to get what was needed, when it was needed, and not raise any investigatable flags so to speak.  A story on that my next post.

So yeah, after being busted 3 times, two legit, one Bogus by my count, I'm just wondering:

He even looks like a Dildo...
Fuck me...  What the ever living fuck happened to my Infantry Branch?  An asshole like this woulda been cashiered loooooong ago, if not fragged in this past couple of years of 'dynamic unpleasantness.'


I'm ashamed.  Of his Crossed Rifles.  His C.I.B. (which, despite ALL the shit I've been thru, have never been eligible for dammit) His fuckin Ranger Tab...  His Airborne wings... OMG... why hasn't somebody beat the fuck outta this guy, killed him, and buried him in the deserts of NTC?

Back in the day... an asshole like this would have been forced into retirement early.  His Pillsbury Doughboy face... it's like Charmin... so squeezable.. so punchable.  I dunno if I could follow such a slimy creature.  IF and IF he doesn't get cashiered, they're gonna HAVE to retire him...  If he -ever- gets assigned to commanding a real line battalion, I'm sure that the real  line dogs'll have him DRT (dead right there) as soon as they hit ground in hostile territory.

In fact, there VERY fact that no one  has brought up or even mentioned the Purple Heart he has (outside of the fact that he has one) No one has mentioned any aspect of just how he fucking got it.  Normally the fucking DemonCrats would be broadcasting  to-and-fro just how said-Shitbag got the fucking medalVery fucking suspicious in my thought pattern.    Most motherfuckers in political realms can't wait to talk about "how brave" and "how awesome" their guys are... on this one?  total radio silence.   Color me disbelieving.  Me?  I'd say he took some shrapnel from a frag in the latrine during an indirect fire incident, and they 'spun it away' so's to keep the units record 'clean', rather than admit that the troops tried to kill their C.O.  Just sayin' and supposin'.
                                                              More than likely the case....

Besides this, anyone in uniform can see he's violated like a shit-ton of regs.  The whole "No politics in uniform", the "failure to obey a command/orders from a higher authority" (namely Trump), "Failure to be a decent human being" (yeah I made that up,) but its fuckin obvious this guy is a ticket punching Piece of Shit, not worthy of leading a girl scout troop, nevermind a hardcore group of Infantry.

I'd suggest a Full Bore Dirty Whore Article 32 Investigation.  In fact, I'd say that the Inspector General (the enlisted mans friend) be contacted.  In fact I encourage ALL  of y'all drop a dime to prevent a crime.  The IG website is Office of the US Army Inspector General.  From there you can:
File a complaint: 1-800-752-9747, during normal duty hours of 0800-1600 (EST) M-F

Hit 'em early, and hit them hard.

Bury them.  Make THEM do the job that we pay them for.

I know of what I speak.  Retired now FedBro was a "Terminator" for the Inspector General 'back in the day.'  He's now retired because the poor bastard, during a kiddie porn bust, "took a door" that wasn't designed to be "taken" unless you were crashing it with a M113 or MRAP.  The door -looked- normal enuff... it was when he hit it at combat speed and rebounded like a ping pong ball did they realize said-kiddie porn fucker had uparmored the door to Iowa Class Battleship Standards.  Bent the barrel of his MP-5 at a 90 degree angle... Broke his clavicle, his collarbone, dislocated a bunch of vertebrae and generally rendered his entire left upper body cripplated.  Smooshed hisself with his own body weight, and he's a big fucker like me.  So, now he's retarded... errr retired and back on the side of righteousness.

Until later, I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Never. Give. Up. Your. Guns.

Salutations me Droogs!  A hearty Hi Ho and away we go into another spin shot of weirdness and general bullshit.

First off, some Admin work:  1)  My extreme thanks and gratitude to Phil over at The Vulgar Curmudgeon for linking my "They Reek" post from yesterday.  Holy shit my daily hit count went triple!  My thanks sir!
2)  A bit slow on the pickup, but condolences to Wirecutter over at Knuckledraggin.  Seems his dawg CharlieGoddamit (best. dog. name. ever.) cashed in.  I'm feeling it for Kenny in a big way, and it purely sucks.  I'm especially going to miss the stories about Charlie as they were usually LMAO level funny.  He will be missed.

OK what with that outta the way, onto the newest outrage to catch my My Mark One Mod One Eyeball, Vision, Type Two Each, Pair.  Running over to Herschel's Place I saw the linked story and am like

Holy Fucking Shit.

Every. Single. Blogger. in the world needs to link this.

Fuck the ChiComs.
I managed to steal it and now have it embedded in case the ChiComs exert enough squeeze to get it memory holed.  This's straight up "Schindlers List" next level shit.

THIS is why you. never. give. up. your. guns.

The only difference between the ChiComs in this Vidya and The Democrats/AntiFa is the majority of the perpetrators of this horror are ethnic Chinese.  And we -still- (for the moment) are armed to the fucking teeth.  The second we get disarmed however...

THIS  is what awaits you.

THIS will be YOUR FATE if you ever surrender.
Don't be "that guy"
Just like in Apocalypse Now: "Never get outta the boat!!!" 'Cept it's "Never get on the boxcar!!!"
Do whatever ya gotta do.  Run, Hide, then kill them.  Kill them all.  Kill every last one of them, until they are afraid to leave their homes.  And when they leave their homes, burn them down so they have nothin to return to.

Scorched Fucking Earth.  
"Nuke it from Orbit, It's the only way to be Sure." Cpl Hicks.
Color me fucking shocked that this hasn't gotten more 'play'... esp. in the (((media))).  I mean I -know- they're bought n'paid for in certain things, but even by this account, you'd think that the Jews would be screaming from the tops of the roof about it....  then again... it ain't them, so they probably don't give a flying fuck.

Just keep in mind, THAT is our future if we let these assholes keep rolling in the Leftist Commie direction... The -day- that any serious gun laws get passed is the day it'll go postal. Zero to elevenhundred in point 5 seconds...  Couple of media cheerleaders taking headshots, a few congresscritters getting smoked... then the of-course in-kind arrests and escalation... it'll go sideways and pear shaped faster than a moyl can perform a bris LOL.

Welcome to the Boogaloo, won't you guess my name?

Until later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, November 17, 2019

They Reek of Fear and Desperation

Good Morning my Droogs!  A short bit whilst the Grandbaby takes a nap.  The wreckage that -was- my house is repairable, and Male BioSpawn w/gf is coming over this afternoon for luncheon.  Should be a good day despite the significant drop in temperature...

Its actually 56 here.  Thats -cold- to Floridians, not so much to those of us born in more Arctic climes.  Either way after almost 18 years down here, tis a wee bit nippy on my nether regions, so's guess its time to pack in the shorts for the season, leastways until prolly next week, when the heat'll come back with no warning n'roast me ballz off.  Don't like the weather in Florida?  Wait an hour.

So today's subject, of which I have seen others ranting about is the Libtard Crapweasel (((Bill Maher))) giving -his- version of the Rodney King speech: "Can't we all just get along?"
Text and Vid of the Crapweasel's shtick...

Uh... no.

OH Hell to the Fuck to the No: Get Bent you Arrogant Cocksucking Hollysleaze Asshole.

YOU PEOPLE have been the ones promoting a rebellion against a LEGITIMATELY ELECTED PRESIDENT  because "Orange Man Bad" and 'reezonz' and 'the feelz'
YOU PEOPLE have been the ones tell US that WE need to be quiet and listen to our betters, namely the wealthy deep state operatives and unelected power brokers behind this coup.
YOU PEOPLE have the unmitigated gall to allow politically motivated goon squads to attack people and injure them, while the police do nothing and say that WE need to be more understanding
YOU PEOPLE have accused us of being, (and what a list it is): Deplorables, Racists, Nazis, White Nationalists, Anti-Intellectual, Conspiracy Theorists, Low Intellect, Bumkins, Bigots, Fly-Over-People, Haters, Violent Anti-Semites, Islamophobic, Anti-Immigration... Jesus I could go on all fucking day... you get the picture.
YOU PEOPLE have violated the rules of common decency and common courtesy at every single fucking turn whether it by ramming unwanted taxes, laws, or specious sexual identities down our throats for our own good, and tell us to shut up.
YOU PEOPLE tell us "bake the cake or go to jail..." and if not jail, we'll ruin your lives and business just for our own personal gratification and Hubris.
YOU PEOPLE  have essentially stated that it's more important to embrace 'muh diversity' and 'magic dirt' than to assist with our own fucking people.  That right fucking there is Exhibit "A" in the case against YOU PEOPLE  being traitors to this country.

And now, now YOU PEOPLE are beginning to realize that the Crapweasel Resistance is crumbling down, and that ALL Y'ALL MOTHERFUCKERS  are more than likely on a list, so NOW you fuckers want to put the brakes on and "learn to live with one another" despite "sharing a country with assholes you can't stand."
"They've gone to plaid!"
Too fucking late sunshine.
FAR too Little, FAR too fucking late.
The realization that the people that they have been taunting are -the ones with the guns-.  And by dint of lack of prosecution against, well fuck.. like anyone who's been part of this treasonous party, whelp... it means Joe Sixpack has awakened and now realizes that the rule of law is dead.

Which means it's almost time.

The Boogaloo is coming... and it's hungry.  Time to feed it some souls.

More Later, the baby woke up LOL.  Man I'm getting to old for this shit... up to and including the Boogaloo.  I no longer believe in retreat.  I'll stand my ground, and die in place, mainly because I'm too old and achy to do anything otherwise.  That being said, I will pile my Samdha high before I go.
Thus I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, November 15, 2019

Gonna be a Looong but Fun Weekend

Good evening from the Intrepid Reporter to all My Droogs!

Tonights Episode of Insanity, Inanity and Stupidity is Brought to you by the letter "F".  As in "It's a quest for fun, I'm gonna have fun and you're gonna have fun, we're all gonna have so much fucking fun we'll need plastic surgery to remove our goddamn smiles! You'll be whistling Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah out of your assholes!"

Great Scene... Love that movie.  An absolute classic of Americana.

The mandatory fun day as we called it back in the day in the Army is that we have the Grandbaby over for the weekend.  Which, while is -intensely- fun and a barrel o'fucking laughs, it's also sorta like doing a Ranger Obstacle Course...  Percocet and Bourbon to chase if you will.

Theres a fuckin reason we're designed to have our children at a young age.  You need to keep up.  The rug-monkeys tend to haul ass, have 10,000 times as much energy, are made of superball material, and can get into the damnedest shit.  And, because of this I love every single second of it.  I end up chasing her all to hell and gone, and try to keep her out of shit that she shouldn't be in.  However, I AM almost fuckin' fifty... and before -any- of you old fuckers say anything, DocDad used to say, "It ain't the years, it's the mileage" and my fuckin odometer has turned over more than a few times at this point...

Although her new sneakers showed up in the mail the other day.  Super girlie jobbers with red glitter all over what look like a pair of Vans, and with rainbow L.E.D.s in the soles that light up when she runs around.  She wouldn't let me take 'em off her when she went down for a nap, but fuckitamiright?
Seems Legit!
So... this week in Fucktardedness is the DemonRats trying to fuck over the Cheeto Jesus/God Emperor... Me?  I'm of two minds about the Trumpinator.
1)  I like the fact that he's exposed -just- how much of a corrupt, venal and evil shitshow everyone in D.C. is.  They. All. Need. To. Hang.  Anyone who's been working for, or in D.C. in a dot-gov capacity, be it public or private, (outside of -genuine law enforcement... not judges and lawyers but actual cops) ALL them fuckers either leave now, or head to the guillotine.  Not -one- of them can -possibly- be not corrupt.
2)  The Very fact that he's exposed them all, has also shown just how fucking stupid, inbred, and pathetic our 'supposed' betters are.  I mean all that 'staying married and inter-married' really fucks up the chromosomal gene pool... pissing in aforementioned pool, if you will....  It's the same exact reason the Middle East Countries are sooooooooo radically fucked up.  Inbreeding.  Intermarriage to preserve both the power and the money... they're faaaar ahead of us in years on doing that, generationally speaking.  However, looking at the current crop of supposed 'up and comers' and color me not impressed.
3)  The very fact also that Trump is not playing 3-D Chess... nope... He's treating this like a reality show.  He ran his campaign that way, and has been running the entire show that way.  It'll be interesting to see if anything -actually- comes of the "Q" Revalations...  Myself?

Well, Here at Big Country's Home for Wayward Veterans, I'ma thinking it's prolly a good goddamned idea to stock up on food guns and ammo.  No matter how shit breaks, Trump Wins, Trump Loses, no matter what, the fucking status-fucking-quo has been blown the fuck up, and because of assholes like me broadcasting that fact, it's apparent to even Joe Sixpack what the endgame is.

Those with the power will seek to retain that power, at all costs.  Those who are pining to get power will do anything to get that power, up to and including stuffing you, me and anyone who dares go against their shrill quasi-religious cultlike dogma as "The Other" into Boxcars and head us off to "Camp Auschwitz Part 2: Maybe Arbieten WILL Set you Free this Time?" "  They see us as aliens, and therefore an enemy not to be reasoned with, but to be exterminated.
Wow.. just wow...
So yeah, In market terms, I'd say go long in ammo, long term food, friends and guns, and short the common sense and crowds.  

More Later... till then I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country