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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

If Pain is Fear Leaving the Body, then I -must- be a Bulletproof Fearless Motherfucker...

Pained Greetings my Droogs.

Some days it jest don' pay to go to work. 

Tally for the day is as follows:
1) Smashed left hand pinky finger tip.  Nail is all black... prolly gonna lose it long term... (Dropped a wrecking bar on it when.....).  I -might- not lose it tho 'cause I took my knife and cut _under_ the nail a bit to let it bleed...  we'll see on that.
2) Right Foot, Big Toe... broken when I moved a Piano, and -one- of the wheels either broke off or fell off.  Fucking itty bitty little caster wheel.  Fucker came off, and the Piano rolled off right onto mah feetsies!!!! Thereby causing aforementioned Wrecking Bar to fall and on its way to the floor, smash my pinky finger... Toenail is all black too and -man- does it fuckin' hurt.  That fucker is def. GONE in the long term.  Ain't no biggie.  I've lost and re-grown more nails than I can remember.

MUCH  lovely screaming to be heard.  Y'all fuckers in Nevada probably heard me.

3) Then to top is off, the oil pump in my Tahoe is shitting the bed.  So much for the first few weeks pay? $1800 to get that done more'n likely.  Got the oil changed yesterday, and this's because I was having oil pressure issues... been a while since I could afford to get it done, so I figured the sensor was gunked up.  Now?  Not so much.

But hell... On to todays fucking isue (leastways as I calls it)

First World Problems, INDEED!

Yep.  The Gear Grinder for the day is the ad I caught with NGFF as she -tried- to depressurize my kersmashulated Toenail.  They had a bunch of "Whiter that White" Wypeepo saying "I'm a baller!" over and over as they dropped ball-shaped ice cubes into the glasses.

Pardon the Pun but Whiskey Tango Foxtrox?

Have we become so comfortable as a society that a big selling point  of a new refrigerator is that it makes ice BALLS as opposed to ice CUBES?  Or is it that it can make both?  And calling it "craft ice"... you gotta be fucking shitting me.  Tell you what... brilliant piece of marketing if your choice demographic is tattoo sleeved lumberjacked bearded soyboi fucktois in skinny jeans that think a lugnut is a new term for his junk.

I mean HOLY fucking shit... How does one analyse this?  Is this a major step up or down?
I mean from -my- simpleton level moron-itude... well fuck... googling that shit got me this
I didn't pay that much for my fucking Chevy Tahoe!!!!

......For a fucking fridge.
Grandma Country used tell me about the icebox.  Literally.  Up until the late 30's early 40's, she still utilized an icebox that Grandpappy Country used to have to go and get a big honking block o' ice and keep it loaded with it... they were poor as fuck back then comparatively speaking... WW2 changed that shit.  Grandpappy Country dropped out of school in the 6th grade, and was a Ditch Digger for the City working for the Municipal Water Works... Turned out to be one hell of a gig later in life... between the union, seniority and the eventual respect that old dudes like got, he did pretty good for hisself.  

Now on researching it, seems this thing has dual ice ability... Cube AND Ball...

Now to a pseudo-eeeeeeeeevil white nationalist (by their definition, not mine.  I personally hate Illinois Nazis.... That right there could be used as one HELL of an accusation of a 'Dog Whistle' that the libtards love to accuse anyone on the right of...  You could ask a libtard:

"Well... which ice do you use when you have White guests?  Ball or Cubed?"  
with the follow up:
"And your Black Friends/Allies?  Do you serve Cubed or Ball?"

No matter how they answer, hit them with the following accusations... accuse them of white-ice supremacy.  Accuse them of sanctifying white power in the form of using ice and a racial dog whistle.  That even using  ice is Eurocentric, as Africa doesn't have ice and therefor completely unacceptable, and that they should, in all fairness -give you- their nice $4000 dollar fridge, just to make things copacetic...  If they argue against giving up the fridge, ask them if, in fact they believe in the proper redistribution of money between the haves and have nots, point out that you don't have such a nice fridge, and that its their duty to help an underprivileged WyPeepo such as yourself, especially since WyPeepo are currently a minority in many areas.

Win-Win for the Win, if I do say so myself... make smoke come out of their ears... hit them where they can't defend from.. the logic center... 

Even better if you can pull this off AND are a member of a minority... like if yer black... just saying....

More Later... Jeopardy is on, and I need some tiger balm, beer and relaxation on the couch...
Until then, Keep the Ice Cold (and preferably in normal shapes)
Big Country

Monday, October 28, 2019

Millennials Prefer Communism...

Fucktards, One and All.

Gooooood Afternoon to all My Favorite Reprobates!  Tis the Big C coming atcha afer work and not a bad day.  Mellow even.  Went to do a little overwatch of a Minion and then went to another house that was the House O'Mold.  Seems that they have an active leak in or near the foundation that they have not fixed.  So we keep going out apparently (this's been since June) and since they are paying cash, the insurance gangsters aren't involved, and we keep going out and -trying- to remediate this fucker...

Of course arriving, finding the Central AIr Conditioning in the "off" position, the sliding patio and screen doors wide the fuck open (in 93% humidity today according to my barometric readings) so yeah, we're gonna keep making money til this moron stops doing stupid shit.

Which is part of my lead line.  Seems that the Shrill-lennials are enamored of Commies.


I blame the Parents first.  XHH6, even tho she was a bitch to me, agreed and DID homeschool the biologic offspring units until such time as they decided the wanted to go to 'regular skool'.  Because of this, well... Elder Male Biologic Unit is a shitlord of the 10th Degree...  I will not comment as to the other...  The $$Money$$ quote:

"Ten percent of Millennials said Trump is “responsible for more deaths and human rights abuses” than mass-murder and Russian leader Joseph Stalin or notorious German dictator Adolf Hitler."

I then blame the schools.  When the majority of your workforce (teachers) is made up of cowardly assed fucking Boomers who stayed in school to keep from going to Vietnam, then things are going to be FUCKED.


The MAJORITY of teachers who instituted the current Reign of "Political Correctness" were Boomers who were too cowardly to accept the draft, and spent their time corrupting Public Education, rather than acknowledge their perfidy and scumbagitude.

ALL of these boomer insured the corruption by passing on their self hate and Hatred of America to their students who would carry on the tradition without understanding the source.  Self Loathing for Cowardice... Loathing of the Country for -showing them- what unbelievable pieces of shit that they were/are.  All of the politics... the claims of love of fellow man... the anti-war movement...

Smoke.  Vast Clouds of H-C White and Bong Hits blown up our and their collective asses to obscure the truth.  Both of my Parental Units were teachers.  I grew up around them.  DocDad was proud of dodging the draft and weaseling hisself into a non-deployable critical unit.  (He went Military Intelligence Stateside...)  Almost ALL of his friends openly bragged about their political, familial or claims of physical/mental problems that kept them out of Nam.

Now... having done what I've done, do I blame them?  Nope.  Not a bit.  They were and are straight up about their lack of testicular fortitude.  To be quite Honest about it... Nam... Jungles.  Wet, hot, poisonous snakes, and Charlie?  Yeah, I'd've given it a hard pass myself... AT least -they- admitted it openly... I can respect that.  And they retained a love of country.  DocDad was very proud of his service and so was I.  I have his flag on the shelves with -my- shit from the wars.
In the Bad Bush in the Poontang Valley in '69

And now?  We have the least well edjamahcatetude kids in U.S. History.

But also, part of the reason these little womb-turdlings luuuuuv the Idea of being a commie is they seem to think that they're the ones who will be holding the whip. 

Its really -easy- to see why they think that they'd  be in the control position.  For almost their entire lives the little bastards have been told just how 'special' and 'brilliant' and 'right' they are.  

Got news for you kids:  The Term USEFUL IDIOTS quite literally is -the best- term to describe y'all generationally speaking.
Yep.  Suuuure Y'all are...

The very fact that the NPC meme offended soooo many Millienials is in itself a fucking riot.  I could go on, but I gotta make dinner.  The NGFF is down with a strained back (again) and I gotta make dinner because someone has to 'adult' around this motherfucker.

Untiul Later, I'm the I.R., B.C.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sunday Morning

Well aftyernoon that is....  The NGFF let me sleep in until Noon!  Ahhhhhhhh..... that was nice.  I'm a bit stiff from the excessive rack time, but that'll work out the kinks after a while.  Nothing like the Rice Krispies Morning with a 'snap' 'crackle' and 'pop' to get you going.

Getting old sucks.  Oh well... I'm at least still on this side of the dirt.

Good news this morning:  Abu Bakr Aboo-Boo Baghdadi got blown to hamburgerlers last night.
Who's yor Baghdaddy Now Bitch?

Seems the boyos from Delta and SF were "Sneaking and Peeking" at this asshole for a while.  They got word he'd bunkered in for the night, so they went Active to the "Shooting and Looting" phase.  Initial reports are he self-detonated a suicide vest.

Typical.  Fucking Towel Headed Fuzzie-Wuzzies got -no- balls.  They, in my experience are the very definition of gutless.  There's no genuine bravery among them.  The few who amp themselves up do it either through copious amounts of drugs or they get into that whole 'religious transcendent thing'...  Its mostly that they have had the strength bred out of them.  Arab conscript troops are by definition "Cannon Fodder"... "Grist for the Mill" or my fave: "Grease for our Tracks."   "Leaders" like Abu-Aboo-Boo get to where they are by craftiness and guile.  They're the used car salesmen of the area... ('cept they don't have used cars per se... you dig what I'm saying...)  They manage to convince a bunch of young guys that the only way they're getting laid is in the afterlife.

See, Islam is a CULT.  In this particular cult, the social mores and ideals make it a culture of sexual thirst that is the basis of its power.  Because of Poverty, and a social structure that makes it dependent on the tradition of bride price and dowry, you end up with an imbalance of Male-to-Female relationshits.  Namely the rich doodz gots all the panocha.  
Okay... Maybe I could get into this Whole Arab Wive(s) thing...

Hell Abu Aboo-Boo is being reported as to having 3-4 beeee-atches in the compound with him when he self-checked out.  Money/Power = Alpha Chad.  Broke/Woke = Beta/Gamma.  More like Gamma as gammas tend to be self destructive and chaos driven.  So since the poor guys can't get laid, and the guys WITH the $$$, Power and Pussy tell them that "-The only way yer getting laid is to self detonate and get your 72 virgins in the afterlife.-"

And these double digit IQ midgets believe that shit.

Sort of like the Congolese Tribesmen who got 'Magic Powder' sprinkled on them by a voodoo shaman before battle:  "This will make you bulletproof Simba if you believe hard enough."

No refunds.  If the magic didn't work it was on YOU.  YOU failed to have strong belief, willpower whatthefuckever...  And another thing:  You ever notice that like -NONE- of the higher-higher motherfuckers are out blowing themselves up?  Why is that?  Yeah... Bingo.  

In fact I'll throw out a little lesson here that I learned and may or may not have ranted about before.  The translation of the original Koran.  The word for 'raisin' and 'virgin' are spelled the same way... it's a matter of regional dialectic approaches.  A minor mispronunciation or a 'terp (interpreter) from a different region and suddenly the whole "Die and go to Paradise and get 72 renewable Virgins or Raisins?" becomes an issue.  

Speaking from a knowledgeable cultural standpoint, back in the day when Might Mo (The Prophet Mohammed, Piss Be Upon Him) was running his pedo-show, Raisins as strange as it sounds... and bear with me... Raisins were considered to be a valued commodity. Raisins didn't spoil and were a great valued dietary addition to doodz who were plowing thru sand dunes and where fresh food was at a premium.  

Virgins on the other hand... sheesh.  I've copped a couple of cherries in my day.  Nasty Brutish Unpleasant experiences for me AND them.  So... the whole "Rechargeable Pussys?"  Not so much.  -I- Definitely wouldn't want to have Paradise being me fucking 72 different broads every day fresh and rebuilt for all of eternity.  That sounds more like punishment.  

Another way to look at it is being given a brand new pair of leather combat boots.  You get to wear them alllll day long breaking them in, dealing with hot spots and the like... and then just as they're starting to break in, the next day?  ANOTHER brand new never been worn pair of boots... that need breaking in.  And no, you -don't- get to keep or wear the pair from the day before....

That would undoubtedly -suck-

Leave me with a fresh pouch of Sunmaid every day?  Hell yeah.  Just as long as I got something to wash 'em down with... Like a handle of Vodka.

More Later... Til then I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Best Laid Plans

Goooood Afternoon Y'all
The weather went sideways on us so my plans for the night went sideways as well.  We got the Grandbaby for the weekend, and NGFF had made plans for us to go to the Halloween Trick-or-Treat in 'safety mode' I.E. they have a biiig area that the kids can go in and local businesses and such give out candy to the kiddies and advertise their shit to the Parental Units.

NGFF got a really cute lil Halloween Costume for Da Baby but, seeings that its raining, the event is outside, and according to my handy-dandy weather station thats right next to me, its 80 degrees with a 91% fucking humidity level.

No -way- am I putting a 22 month old into what essentially is a snowsuit (for the definition of one in Florida).  She'll fucking die of heat exhaustion.

The other thing that cracks me up is the whole "safe" Trick or Treating... The whole "OMFG bad people are going to put drugs in the Halloween Candy!!!"  Are you kidding me?
Giving Away Edibles?  Not So Much Methinks...

Another Holiday-ish time of year, and another case of the Ene-Media laying a bummer on the whole thing.  Its getting to the point of "If it bleeds it leads" and the "OMFG OUTRAGE GENERATOR REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" is completely out of fucking control.

I mean really.  Does anyone in the media stop and think for even one fucking microsecond?  Or are they all just completely brainwashed?  I mean I'm personally fucking exhausted by them to the point of I will never trust them again.  In any way, shape or form.  I started with my distrust when I was in Iraq.

I regularlly ranted and raved as you may have seen in my old emails/posts and whatnot.  Some of my family and friends thought I was being to harsh or hyperbolic when it came to being against the raging Bullshit that Communist News Nutwork, Nothing But Communists, and the Complete BullShitters kept cranking out.  Hell... if I had even one fucking inkling of how bad  it was going to become, I would've gotten a bit more personally involved:
That look when the MRE isn't sitting well

Yah.  Dis Bitch.  Fucking Rugmuncher Supreme.  I have come to utterly loath this  microintellect degenerate fuckwit scumbag.  If I had known back then what I know now?  This picture is a freeze frame from the time she was broadcasting on Camp Liberty in 2012... She was there to cover the Obamamessiah's "Operation Cut and Run".  No bullshit.  I SAW this being filmed... I drove right. by. this. as they were shooting.  It was obvious to us what was going on... they had all the lights and shit and reflective stuff to illuminate her for the cameras...  If and I say IF I had known what a complete fuckwit-moron-paste-eater pain in the ass this 'broad' was going to be, I would have swerved my F-250 right the fuck through ALL of those media whores.  

Considering how shitty these trucks were, I would have been able to blame it on faulty steering and a stuck accelerator.  Fucking >SQUIIIIIIIISH!!!!!<  God, that'd been glorious....

Too fucking bad.

Missed opportunities and all that.

Now I gotta go get ready for dinner.  I pulled a total of 50+ hours this weekend, so I'm taking NGFF and Da Baby out to eat to a Japanese place I like.  More to follow later
and a quick Meme that I made:

Until Later, I'm still and will be, The Intrepid Reporter.
Big Country

Damn that was Quick

Greetings and Such Whatnot to All my Favorite Reprobates!

Whelp... I started at $16.00 an hour... last Friday.  Got paid today and apparently Bossdude realizes what a -stellar- commodity I am already.  I'm now making $18.00 an hour.

Now to all y'all in the hinterlands of High Prices and Lower Expectations that payrate is probably on the low end for the kind of shit I'm doing.  That maybe in some A.O.s nationwide, but for this area?  Thats fucking good.  Leastways in what I've been seeing over the past few years.

For example:  Years back, when I first got out of the Army, I caught a job that was 'rent-to-own' (read temp position thru and agency).  The company took me on, and I was there for a year plus and mind you, this was pre-the Hindu Invasion.  The "Train your replacement or no severance!"
Have no Fear, Punjab errrr... Jimmy is Here!

As I recall (mind you, Too Many Years, Too Many Beers) I was paid around $15 an hour and that was pretty good cake at the time.  It allowed me to keep the X at the house w/the kids and -not- be overly worried about cash.  The rent was paid and things were cool.

Fast forward a number of years later.  I had relocated from The Peoples Socialist Republics of New England to shall we say the Warmer more Gun Friendly Climes of Central Florida.  I, being new to the area, and -trying- to find new work outside of getting my ass shot off, found out that the company that re-introduced me to life outside of the Green Machine still existed... in fact it had prospered.  I went and got hired on with them in a New Yawk Second.  I got on at $16.50 an hour.  7-8 years later garnered me a $1.50 raise.


Quick humorous aside:  When I was in the training class, the instructor on day 5 (of a 3 week course) gave out the employee numbers to everyone.  He went down the list alphabetically, and on getting to mine, he was like totally puzzled.  He was like "That ain't right!"  I was like "Whats up?"  He's like "This has to be a mistake... your employee number is 2314."  (At that point all the numbers being given out were in the 50,000 bracket...)  I was like "Dude... check w/H.R.... I'm an OG-Old Skool Rehire!"

So here I was... dealing.  The COLA (for the pencil necks out there: COLA = Cost Of Living Adjustment) was barely enough to pay the mortgage and bills... I ended up blowing that Particular Poverty Producing Poor Paying Popstand for another contract after 6 months in... it was either that or go broke.
Thats About Right...

So... cut down to a few years later.  Out of Contracting, knowing I had a job available immediately, I called Ye Olde Company and got back on w/Them.

At $11.50 and hour.

At a comparable job... in fact actually a higher level position that I used to jockey back for $16.00 an Hour.

THIS IS WHAT IS GOING TO CAUSE A REVOLUTION.  Mark my fuckin words me boyos and sheilas.  Fucking Oath.  Aye even. (a quick shout to my man Black Poison Soul, who's been verbally kicking me in my Arse to do this and blog again... between him and Phil, i.e. The Vulgar Curmudgeon, I'd still be twiddling my fucking thumbs).  But yeah... Outsource all the gigs to Punjab, Pandit and Pulljob, and then Insult to Injury, cut the fucking pay to a 'starter job' level that actually requires a certain amount of brainpower, and not pay for it.
"Dat You?  Yeah, Dat Me." (Name the Movie in Comments)

Corporate Assraping is getting far out of control.  Any wonder these become "The jobs no one wants to do."  It's not that we're unwilling or unable, on the contrary, it simply this: 

"We refuse to do these jobs at the meager pittance that you deign to offer us. We, the serf class as you see us, are expected to treat you, the ELITE as if you are sooo far above us.  You seem to think that we should be oh so grovelling and thankful for the opportunity to debase ourselves in the midst of your Outrageous Awesomeness.  Let me be the first to tell you:  WE HAVE THE GUNS, THE ROPE AND THE WILLINGNESS.  This will not end well.  For you at least."

If it kicks off tomorrow, it's going to be relatively hysterical.  I have, and I refuse to offer any intel beyond this, but I have a very good friend who's former Alphabet Soup Dot Gov.  He's been hired as an on call security guy for some insanely wealthy people.  Bunker-owning type people.

He told me during some of the meeting with the "Post Disaster Protection Team" that it was pretty much unanimous that, in the eventuality of a Zombiepocalypse he and his are going to 'play nice' until its time to take over.  Guess just short of some sci-fi movie shit, there really is no way to guarantee the loyalty of the security folks. Especially since the people in charge act like complete douchenozzles and act as if their shit don't stink.  Gonna be a big fuckin' surprise when the day comes and the Rich Bitches are all:
"Wow!  We sure scaped by by the skin of our teeth!" 
Security Team: "Whats this -we- shit motherfucker?"

So... took me two days to ping this one out.  I was fucking spent.  I'll try and get another one up tonight.  I've got it on good authority that I'm (barring floods, locusts and or biblical plagues) that I'm off Sunday. 

More Later
Big Country

Thursday, October 24, 2019

So Lets See

Good Evening to the Circle Jerks that Like to Party Hardy and Read my Venomous and Vile Screeds from Beyond.  Live from Crystal Meth Capital of Central Florida, its the Intrepid Reporter online here to spin a Wild and if not Woolly web of Bullshit, Blame and Rantings and Ravings that'd make Granny blush, Momma slap me, and generally piss off anyone on the Loser Left.

So, on that long winded intro:

Man, I'ma gonna start collecting and dividing my water bills from now on.  Its -gotta- be a tax writeoff to use this many laundry cycles.  I'ma having to do it nightly.  I mean I -do- have more than one pair of 'acceptable work pants'.  However, that being said, I'm -not- going to use my precious 5.11 khaki tacticools, nor do I want to use my khaki ACU style pantalones.  Leastways til it cools off hereabouts.  The ACUs are the 50/50 cotton/nylon that don't breathe worth a shit and are hottern'hell under the current meteorology stats.  I got ONE, count 'em ONE pair of lightweight ripstops, and funny thing is, they're $9.94 Wally World Specials.

So, b/c of that, I wash 'em nightly.  That and depending on the mission of the day I wash like everything.  Todays Bouncing Happy Fun Ball is brought to you by "Muh Diversity" and the general lack of hygiene that it brings.
 Do Not Taunt.

Yepper.  We got this call on whatever the fuck that night I did 14 hours.  Monday?  Prolly.  The house is in a middle-to-lower end neighborhood.  Couple of clues are the cars in driveways on flats, or missing wheels entirely... the general decrepitness of the A.O... One can tell when one is entering an "Almost Hood" A.O...

The editor needs me to define "A.O."  That's 'Area of Operations' for the civvies out there.  Mainly the arena yer playing in at the time so to speak.  To continue.  So we get the call... leaky bathtub.  Fucking broke dick is what it was.  Took the owner 7 fucking days to get a hold of us.  That ain't good.  Even with the HVAC system trying to maintain, a leak like that all over the carpets, drywalls, joists, studs and such?  Can you say Microbial Growth?  Like within 72 hours if things go sideways.

Seems this dood is a glorified slumlord who owns dozens of places around here.  The tenants (nice folks, I'll give 'em that) said the tub (fiberglass special) developed a crack a few years ago.  The slumlord patched it  as opposed to replacing the tub.  The patch was old... I, in centuries past before I got my final growth in, used to surf -quite- a bit.  Occasionally my board would catch a rock or a ding and I'd have to patch it.  After two or three years, the patch would be a nasty deep brown stain in the original fiberglass.  This patch was the same.  It'd look  like a bruise over time.  This tub had the same shytte.

Well... onward.  The house.. 4 Bedrooms.  I hadda rip up the carpet and padding in one room, 2X Closets and 1 X Hallway.  Nasty doesn't even begin to cover it.  

Now, to be fair, the tenants are nice people for the values defined here.  However:  As representatives of a highly valued "Muh Diversity" race, there were too many tropes and stereotypes to go with.  

1)  When I initially got there, the funk of the house was a pungent aroma of feet, unwashed ass and mold.  The mold may-or-may-not-have been due to the water issue.  

2) 4 Bedrooms: 7 Kids, 2 X Adults.   


One bedroom had 4 boys stashed in in w/ two bunk beds.  The funk in there reminded me of a barracks from long ago... piss, feet and unwashed ass.  That or a bunkroom in an illegal immigrant farm picking camp without showers.  The girls room? 2X Teenage girls?  Yah.  Thankfully -ZERO- intrusion there.  The smell of females-in-heat/used tampons/menstrual pads was almost only overcome by the cloyingly stinky stench of mall kiosk perfume. 

The oldest... about 17?  Dunno if he lived there or not.  I wouldn't if -I- had a choice.  He prolly sleeps in his car if he has even the slightest piece of self respect.

3)  Clutter.  Like as in "Am I on an Episode of Fucking 'Horders' on Discovery?" level of clutter.   More shit than they knew where to put it.  Bags of shit... bad African Art that Reaffirms "We wuz Kangs!" everywhere.
Tonight's Politically Incorrect Pic Courtesy 
the Philadelphia Police Department.  No Joke!!!

So under these conditions I hadda cut carpet.  It was like cutting up a 10 year old burlap 'Welcome!" mat that'd been never shaken out or vacuumed.  Add on this had, to my experienced eye, never been vacuumed, and was also SOAKED in the leak-water... yeah, I need more pants to say the least.  At least 2X more.

So yeah, we got the mission accomplished but damned did I come out smelling like feet and unwashed ass.  Bad enough to sweat like a gorilla, but to then get someone elses funk all over me?

There'd better be a payraise on the horizon.  Or else.

So b/c of this, I fell 'off the wagon' and had me a couple of beers for dinner.  ANd 2X shots of Sambuca.  I know... strange tastes.  'Buca comes from being formerly married to a Dago Broad...  they drink that and Limonocello like it was fucking free 24-7-365.  It's been 3 weeks since I had more than 3-4 drinks, but between the Mattress O'Doom and it's juicy goodness and the coating of "Muh Diversity" Funk, I've fuckin' earned it.  The beer(s) of choice tonight?  Bud Light.
Don't Judge Me.

Yeah... too many years in Germany ruined my stomach for anything heavier than Pisswater.  Too many dunkel hefeweizens totally fucked up my shit.  I can't even touch any of the traditional Irish Brews like Guinness or even a Killians.  

My Irish Ancestors are rolling in their collective graves.

OK.  Enough for now... hopefully I get caught up this weekend with the Flammenwerfer bullshit.  God Knows I owe it to the Psychopaths who've been following and participating in the projects.  That and some in-depth poly-ticks.

Until then, I'm the Intrepid Reporter,
Big Country
Out Here.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Well THAT was Gross...

Greetings to All Y'all Tuning in for the Intrepid Reporter's nightly news roundup.

Live, (or no so much) from Central FL, the Gunshine State.

Well as the old James Taylor ballad goes, "I've see fire and I've seen rain" which is par for the course for the disaster recovery biz.  So far, cleanup on isle 2 is a regular thing... daily even.  Water damage and Fire damage thus far.  And today?  Yep.  Dead Body Stuff.

Now apparently this particular call was made and done about a month ago.  The mattress was retrieved and removed after Uncle Frim cashed in... apparently he and the mattress went all moldy, so it was a pretty grim fucking scene.
A Twenty Ton Safe to the Squash'll Do That

Fast Forward to today:  Seems that the crew who -did- this particular job...  well, to use the British Term, they completely bollixed it up.  A complete Cock-up.  I mean they cleaned up and got the site taken care of... it was the disposal of the aforementioned Mattress O'Doom that they failed oh-so-spectacularly on.

Seems these fuckwits dumped it in the dumpster behind our shop.  The shared dumpster that all the other normal biddnessez utilize.  Now, granted, it wasn't that bad when they dumped it... some staining... just enough to keep someone from going "Oh look! Free Dumpster Mattress!"

So it wasn't biohazard bagged (dunno why?  Thats supposed to be S.O.P.) and it was left NEXT to the dumpster and not in it.  Looking at the comparable sizes of each item, I don't think it would've fit... so anyways, they stashed it next to said garbage box.

Me?  I get back from my various missions of the day, including manhandling literally One TON (measured mind you) of various debris and waste at Ye Olde Local Landfill.  Seems the aforementioned fuckwits had been stashing the bags and bags of cleanup debris in the unused box truck for quite some time...Guess who got holding the bag?

So I get back to the Orifice, and the Owner/Bossdude tells me about the Mattress O'Doom.  Seems -someone- from the property management company was a tad 'miffed' at the impropriety so I was told to "Go get the thing, and put it in our dumpster where it belongs!"  I grabbed a Minion, Hose A, as Hose B had already popped smoke for the day, and we grabbed the recently emptied truck and drove over to, if you'll pardon the pun, "the scene of the crime."

Yeeeeeeeah... its been 4 + weeks... in the rain.  Soaking up water, rats and roaches.  Let me tell ya... roaches?  Holy Fucking Dogballs.  We put on gloves and when we went to move this thing, the cover ripped... and the roaches positively boiled  out of it...
At Least OURS Weren't Armed w/Lasers

Roaches EVERYWHERE.  My skin is fucking crawling right now as I write this.  I mean the juicy goodness and stench of the Mattress O'Doom was -bad- but motherfucking ROACHES???

Oh fuck me sideways w/a chainsaw.


Yeah... I hate me some Roaches man...  So between me and Hose A, we got the Mattress O'Doom loaded and dumped.  I went inside and washed my hands and did an overall inspection... not too bad...  a few drips and drabs of juice on the work clothes...

Turns out the crew who left this tidbit of Awesomeness for me n' Hose A were all fired over the past few... methinks this mighta been a "Because Fuck You Thats Why" thing for the Bossdude...  Me?  I'ma gonna make sure shit like this don't happen no more... leastways to ME.

As soon as I got home, I took off the hoof-covers outside and left 'em at the front door.  The soles of them are about to visit the Church of Clorox after I finish this.  I then went it, warned everyone to avert their eyeballz, (lest they need bleach as well) and went -straight- to the washer and peeled down to the buff.  InstaWash at High Heat w/OxiClean, Borax and a Tide Pod.  That -aught- to do it.  We shall see.

SO yeah... gotta bail for now as I gotta make sure the boots ain't too infectamated with "The Nasty".  I look for y'all Later.  Until then
I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big County

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Fun w/Memes

Yeah, so after my last lil rant about Lying Politicians filled with Lying Liar Sauce, I came up with the following:
Mittens circa 1976

I found this picture of Ron Jeremy AKA The Hedgehog:

and this one of Mittens:

15 minutes and a bit of MS Paint (I don't have photoshop) we get the top pic.  Feel free to share or if you come up with a better 'catchphrase' let me know... the creative Intrepid Reporter Powers are sorta expended, but I still think the mating of the Hedgehog and Mittens is destined to be a classic.
Big Country


Robert Francis 'Beto' O'rourke, the Fake Irish Taco...
God I think thats such an apt name.
What a fucking Douchecanoe.

Are there ANY politicians worth anything other than being strapped live to a popup target range?

Now that is something I'd pay to participate in.

Strap those motherfuckers to a frame on the 300 meter KD (known distance) Range and pop 'em up.

"Ready on the Left?  Left is ready!"
"Ready on the Right? Right is ready!"
"Lock n' Load-one-30-round-magazine-and-WATCH-your-lane!"

Target Pops up, politician strapped to frame: >AAAAAAAAAAH!<



Giggles up and down the range.  I know it.

More later.  Today was a 9 hour shift and I'm still on call.
The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, October 21, 2019


Greetings Everyone in the Studio Viewing Audience!
The Intrepid Reporter of Fame and Fun is back with a short update.  It's going to be short as my ass is COMPLETELY kicked.  As in Wasted.  Beat.  Curb-stomped.  I ache in places I forgot I even had.  Serves my nasty lazy ass right for not PT'ing worth a shit over the past few millennia.

So far, Just in one day, I've done a 14 Hour shift.  It's been years since I pulled a shift that long... and almost 3/4 of it was physical labor, humping gear, demo'ing shit and doing all the shit one does in dealing with a Disaster Recovery Company.

House Flooded?  We dry it and fix it.
House Burned to the Ground?  We'll rake n scrape the remains.
Dead Body?  We'll clean up after the fact.

No joke, I'm looking forward to that last one... the certifications are paid for by the company, and Carcass Remediation is MAD bank!  One of my former co-workers from back in the day did that part time on weekends and bought a brand new 32 foot boat with the $$$ he banked cleaning up stiffs.  Of course, being here in the Sunshine State means that if no one finds Grandma for a few weeks, it's gonna be really grody and all, and a lotta work, especially if she bloats and pops like a balloon.  The Medical Examiner takes care of the Carcass REMOVAL, but it's our job to clean up the gruesome goodness and juiciness that may or may not have been left behind after Granny cashed her chips.

So yeah, 14 hours.  about 4 of them doing admin work on the computers.  Did pretty good... good training and all that.  Still got soaked tho as it was raining off and on all day.  Mostly 'on' when I was outside... go figure.

At this rate I'll be 20 to 30 hours ahead in OT which I will take thank you very much.  I missed going to the Gym, mostly b/c I'm like working nonstop...  I started Friday, did Saturday and Sunday, and a full deck today and then some.  Tomorrow is scheduled to be the same, and I even drafted the Sapper to come on board.  He starts tomorrow.  Yay!  My first official Minion!

And yes, yes I -am- tooting my own horn, but Goddamn if I ain't proud of myself for managing to do this shit... I'm one month shy of 50, and broken as fuck what with all the damage sustained over the past few eons of service.  So yeah, I'm pleased with myself for not collapsing on the job.

So... time for me to drug myself and collapse into the bunk.  I got a 0700 Report time and I'll be on after the fact.

Nighty Nite!
The Intrepid Exhastamated Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, October 19, 2019


They're like assholes, evvabody gots at least one... sometimes you can have more than one depending on the type of person you marry and how the spawn turn out.

My question:  The new header?  Yea or Nay?

Leave yer thoughts in comments.  I'ma gonna prolly be fucking around w/the page just to see how I can tweak it.  I'll also be finishing the "How to Build a Flammenwerfer" hopefully tomorrow.  I've been remiss b/c the Old PC that shit the bed has all my notes and pictures on it, so I gotta crack the case, fish out the HDD and Xfer all that onto this motherfucker right here.

Tonight: Sapper n me are prowling a New "Dueling Piano Bar" that juuust popped up on the Radar.  NGFF is "oot-and-aboot" so I get so dood-time doing the Beer and Bar scene... Been a while since I done did that.  Stories to follow if anything happens...

Big Country

Peak Weimar and other Things

Good Morning to all the cool kids who're still tuned in!
Sooo... went in at oh-dark early this morning for the days entertainment.  It was supposed to be a short day as it -is- nominally Saturday last time I checked.  Got to the orifice and my new boss was waiting on me.  Seems the guy I'm replacing (the new gig is a supervisory slot, with Minions no less!) had his going away party last night.  He's apparently moving to New Jersey.
My New Work Crew

Yeah... Joisey...  why I have -no idea-.  Taxes too high, retarded gun laws, winters and I mean its fuckin' Jersey Man... There -must- be pussy involved as no one in their right mind moves to New Jersey from Florida.  So anywho.  The party must have been a wailer.  The boss was still shitfaced and told me to rock out w/my cock out back to the house.

2 Hours on the clock just for waking up and driving the 5 minutes to the orifice?  I'll buy that for a dollar!  That and when the boss calls it for the day b/c he's too blown out for training?  Yeah... I'm gonna do well here.  Obviously dude was never in the military.  I mean I remember one night at Ft Campbell... we started partying and for whatever reason lost track of time.  By the next morning, The First Shirt (1stSgt) for some reason called for a PT formation...(it was supposed to be a day off, hence the festivities)  My room dawg n' me got the word literally as we were passing the last bottle of Jack Daniels back and forth to finish it off.
Been there, Done that...

To say we were crocked would be a massive understatement.  We were so fucked up that when we got called to attention, we were swaying so badly that we leaned in towards each other and bumped shoulders together.  It was the only way to keep upright.  Thankfully Top had a sense of humor.  He sweated it out of our asses.  a nice 4 mile run can be very refreshing under the correct circumstances and motivation.

So since I still maintain even when hammerated, I figure that'll be on the 'plus side' of the ledger.

To todays subject:  Peak Weimar.  Dunno if any of you reprobates know what the Wiemar Republic was, but it was Post WW One Germany.  Per Wiki: "The Weimar Republic was Germany's government from 1919 to 1933, the period after World War I until the rise of Nazi Germany. It was named after the town of Weimar where Germany's new government was formed by a national assembly after Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated."

My POV right now is we're currently undergoing the same exact cycle again.  To explain:  Post WWI, Germany fell apart.  Along with war reparations, a shattered economy NOT helped by the Great Depression and alllll the other shitty things that happened, the people -in general- kinda lost the moral bearing so to speak...  Terms like 'debauched' are commonly thrown about.  We're in the same moral condition.  It's fucked when morons have literally so much time on their hands that they can argue realistically that there are more than 2 fucking genders!!!!  I mean thats 'around the fucking bend' level cray-cray.  And as they say, don't stick your dick in crazy...

Now we here in the FUSA haven't gone through anything like a loss of a war per se... that being said however we DID bolt from Iraq leaving it an almost failed state, and we're still in Asscanistan fighting doodz who are using 60-70 Year old AKs ,150 Year old Lee Enfields and improvised and scrounged high explosives to still fuck up our guys.  BOTH wars in my book are lost and have been.  We shoulda just stayed back after 9/11 and dropped a nuke on Tora Bora and been done with it.  The first few weeks after 9/11 we coulda nuked Liechtenstein and no one woulda batted an eye.

Add on a bogus economy (read Wilders $10 Big Mac here.  Great minds must think alike b/c before I found that, I had just been discussing that w/the Roomdawg, herein from now on known as "Sapper."  He's a former Castle-Dweller... read: Engineer in the Army.)  Whelp me n' Sapper were discussing current events when we went thru the drive thru... 2 Medium Sized McMeals.  No Extras.  Almost $18.00 FUCKING DOLL-HAIRS!!!!

THAT is a true inflation indexer.  Mickey D's Slide.  Back when I was a yoot, DocDad took the fambly to the first Mickey D's that had opened in our A.O... sometime 'roundabout 1975/76?  Burgers n fries for me n FedBro, Big Mac n fries for the DocDad and Mom-unit, and one LARGE coke that we all shared as DocDad was a cheapskate of the Scottish persuasion when it came to going out to eat.  In total?  It was like $5.75 for the whole shootin' match... and Dad griped about it alllll fucking week just b/c it pissed him off LOL.  (Quick aside:  The large coke back then is what they call a medium these days if I recall correctly...and they wonder why EVVABODY be fat n sheee-it.)

So back to the issue:  We're in an overlap right now.  Antifa appears to be starting to have issues within the ranks.  Saw a story that there was some Socialists and Commies of America meeting where the "Maoist Red Guards" apparently assaulted a Marxist over doctrine...  the Antifa dood who got run over by a car in Portland?  Seems that was a 'Red on Red' assault as Portland Antifa put out a flash notice to like everyone involved "No one talks to the cops!  Snitches get stitches."

So here's where I'm going with this.   We're in "Peak Wiemar"... morally fucked folks with too much time on their hands.  Everyone is so comfortable with shit that 10 years ago would have seen a person drawing a looooong prison sentence for doing some of the shit that's now considered 'socially acceptable'.  Gay?  OK. No problem w/that... my own Spawn (daughter) is gay... more on that some other time.  I don't mind what flavor you favor.  Just keep it in your own fucking bedroom... NOT MINE!!!  Drag Queens?  Lotta fun.  NGFF is well known for teaching wannabe DQ's the -how- of makeup and style...  Been to a few drag shows with her.  For the most part, the term "Flamingly Gay" applies to most DQ's... but, good people nonetheless.  Should they be reading fucked up "Johnny has Two Mommies" books to kids under the age of 8?  Oh fuck no.  If that shit'd happened back when my spawn were that age, I'd still be in prison.

A vocal minority of people feel this's cool.  Like in Islam, its the loudest and most obnoxious assholes who get all the attention and force their policies and beliefs down the throats of the majority.  In fact its scary how cult-like these people are.  Islam isn't as much a religion as a cult, as is with these "Bake the fucking cake bigot!" assholes.  So like Weimar, the majority is getting and HAS been getting really fucking tired of the minority.  ESPECIALLY the self proclaimed "We Know Whats Best For You Peasants" Elite.
And they really DON'T understand how Trump got elected...

Trump was a reflexive reaction to all the meddling, social engineering and general fuckery thats been going on over the past couple of decades.  And they really are too stupid to see it.  I personally blame inbreeding.  Half of the so-called 'elites' are all intermarried and inbred like a motherfucker, and all that cousinfuckery will out in the end...

And to Antifa:  I think, (and we'll see if there's more violence... but then again it may be going on and the media prolly won't report it as they're in league with them come to think of it...)  but w/Antifa, I see a paralleled to the SA and SS back in 1934... we might be witnessing a 'shaking out' of Antifa ranks over the next few... Back in 1933, Hitler took power and had a group that helped him take power called the SA Sturmabteilung.  They were, for the most part, the famed 'Brownshirts' that the morons and idiots of the world point at and accuse the right of being.

Back then, they were the rank-and-file members of the National Socialists, and when ole Adolph took control he realized they were as much a danger to him as they were to anyone in their way.  The SA was pretty much the 'street brawlers' of the party and their commander Ernst Rohm who was in command of them.  He was a MAJOR danger and was planning on pulling some shytte against Adolph, so he struck first in June of '34 in what has now become known as "The Night of The Long Knives."  Essentially all the Command and Control of the SA were murdered by the SS, under the control of Himmler.  That left old Adolph "El Grand Queso."

We'll see... I think the stuff we're seeing is just the beginning.  As a history buff, I'm fascinated to be watching this.  Time will tell if I'm prescient or not.

But on that note, I gotta start getting the food out of the fridge and the shit for eatin' tonight.  I'll look for y'all later.  Next I'll bring up the issues of the Law and the lack of application that thereof.
The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, October 18, 2019

Good News (For Once)

Great News actually!
So I did my interview yesterday at 15:00 (3pm to you civvies) and I thought I did rather well... Pretty much looked like a home run.  Asked the HMFIC when I'd be hearing back from him and he told me "Either tomorrow morning or no later than Next week, same Bat-Time, Same Bat Channel."

So this morning I was laying up in the bunk, studiously avoiding my cell phone.  I'm about 3 months behind on like -everything- so the bills have been stacking and the collections guys don't seem to give a shit that the Mortgage comes first, then power, water and Internet (man has to have his priorities).

In fact the one time I talked to one of the credit card companies, and I thusly told them:
Or, more accurately, Me... with credit.

I mean I am NOT a deadbeat by any means... I just can't bring myself to believe that a failure to make my $30 monthly payments on the $250 starter credit card you gave me is going to tip the scales on your VAST spreadsheet that starts the Financial Apocalypse.  

If it -does- than we gotta whooooole lotta bigger problems to deal with than Big Countries Credit Rating Roller Coaster Up and Down Ride...   And me?  I gotta eat.  And have a roof over my head.

Anyways... I meander... So I, at NGFFs urging, picked up the phone and lo and behold!

Tis the HMFIC of Ye Olde Jobbie I juuust Interviewed with!

I must have either killed it that well or, more than likely I came off as "least likely to burn the place to the ground on purpose/accidentally."  Methinks its the latter LOL.

So... the next caught me off guard.  "Can you be here in 45 minutes?"


"Yes sir Yes sir Three Bags FULL sir!"  I got up mad quick.  "On the Bounce Trooper!"  Shit showered n shaved in near record time and mounted up.  The best thing I can say tho is the commute is within bicycling distance.  2.3 miles from the house.  I got there and started my day.

And I also am going in tomorrow in the early-early.  No idea of what the schedule is... that has yet to be discussed, and I'm in training, so I go where and when they tell me.  Guess we'll see how it shakes out.  I'll fill y'all in as we go, and run with it from there.

Right now I'm fucking decked.  Time for some fart-sack time
The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, October 17, 2019


WOW!!! H/T Kenny/Wirecutter for this one:

Apparently this asshole WAS a Anti-Trumpian Virtu-Signalling Self Hating White Soyman, and now he's road pizza courtesy a Convicted DUI South of the Border BurritoGoblin.

"…When he killed Buchanan, Ramirez Valiente was driving with a suspended license thanks to a 2018 DUI. He was also arrested for reckless endangerment in 2011 and domestic violence in 2016. A district attorney dismissed both charges."

I mean I -feel- for the fambly... to a certain degree.  In fact I'm sure his wife will double down on the stupid and blame Trump -somehow-... whelp... enjoy raising and providing for the 5 kids that you had w/this dood.

Gonna be hard suing that particular fucker for support...

And an Antifah on Antifah violence out on the West Coast... looks like they're starting to whack each other out there now... I'm good with that.  Great In Fact.
Add on Elijah "Robbed Rathole Baltimore Blind" Cummings being D.R.T. and the fact that my interview went well, I'd call it a three-fer for the day on positives.

Now if -only- we hear about some CNN folks getting run over by a Garbage Truck and I'd break out the Champagne....

More Later
Big Country

Job Interview today

Wish me some luck n prayers gang.  More tonight Insh'Allah.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A Day Off...buuuut

Lite posting today... didn't do and haven't done shit... but I got one thing that I though of and has been getting thrown around a lot is the ABC attempted smearing of The Trump and the Kurdish debacle thats currently going on.
ABC got caught out -this time-  b/c someone was on the ball.  Means we (unfortunately) have to keep an even closer eye on that fucking pile of reprobates in the future, leastways until we can string 'em up like Christmas Decorations from the nearest lightpole.

But... I've only seen this mentioned in passing... the footage they used... The Knob Creek Annual "Blow the Ever Living FUCK Outta EVERYTHING" Shootout... yeah... heres the thing that Beto Francis O'Rourke The Fake Irish Taco needs to be aware of:  All the guns being used and fired in this footage are owned and maintained by CIVILIANS!!!!

Civilians, that I am sure, for the most part are Law Abiding Cit-Tie-Zenz.  I mean you HAVE to be to own a GE M-134 7.62x51MM Minigun... (that and loaded with $$$... at even $1.50 a round, a one minute 'squirt' of 7.62 is like $4000 bux!!!)

But I'm sure that a few of them, despite any 'new laws' or as the Colonists would call them "Intolerable Acts" that would be largely ignored if told to turn over their multiplicity of firepower.

"The government gun is a totem they smile upon and worship but the private weapon in the hands of disobedient serfs scares the shit out of them."  Bill Buppert

As well it should.  The coparoaches (love that term!) are to be worshipped as "First Responders" and such whatnot...  personally they're called "Police" for a reason... "Police Call" in the Army is a term for picking up the varied ass and trash AFTER the fact... the ONLY crimes Coparoaches are good at stopping are either the ones they're actively participating in or happen to stumble into.

Somehow, Methinks the Local Fuzz ain't showing up, warrant or no warrant and NOT getting their collective asses KICKED to the moon if they try to violate their Constitutional Oaths.  What TOO MANY political scumfucks and WAAAY too many coparoaches -DON'T- understand is just because a law is written, doesn't mean its A) Legal Constitutionally Speaking  B) Safely Enforceable (I somehow don't think Beto-the-Wannabe-BurritoGoblin is going to participating in a stack to take weapons from a pissed off populace)
"Ooh FUCK this's gonna hurt!!!"

And lastly C) There ain't enough Cops in total nationwide that could safely collect aforementioned toys without earning participation prizes in the interim.  As Solzhenitsyn famously said in "The Gulag Archipelago": 

"What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?"

Yeah... they'll run outta Cops looong before the population runs out of ammo... food for thought...

Big Country

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Go Woke, Go Broke

So much for Harley Davidson (link)... it was nice while it lasted.  I enjoyed the fuck outta mine when I owned it.  It went the way of the wind when the cost of my cancer medical bills started adding up, but I -did- get a number of looong enjoyable miles out of it.

Let me ax youse a question... Does THIS look like $30,000.00?
Coal Powered, Just Don't Mention it to the Hipsters

Yep. H.D. does stand for "High Dollar"... I almost plotzed myself when I went and got a factory/store tune up. $600.00 to change the filter, oil etc. was a bit stiff on Ye Olde Intrepid Reporters wallet. I mean I dig it... Harley's been in a Renaissance for the past couple of years... a nice recovery from the disastrous AMF built 1970's Pieces of Shit. I know I know... lotta you oldsters love yer 'Glides from back then, but face it... a Bowling Company made those rides, and I remember DocDads Biker Bros pissing and moaning about how shitty they were. Hell many a night he'd get a call to come pick up a stranded Brother on the side of the road b/c of bike breakdown.

So to continue: As they say, "Go Woke, Go Broke!" I'd say this $30,000.00 mechanical asshole is whats gonna doom H.D. Not many people are pleased having to drop 15K as it is for a bike that can carry 2 people (myself included) but I sure as shit shootin' KNOW that ain't -NO ONE- outside of silicone vaginal valley soyboi fucktards are going to buy that retardo crotch rokkit. I mean Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. >shakes head<...

I mean just how'n th' fuck iz it even going to SOUND like a Harley? Bose Speakers and an Amp wired to the throttle with a pre-recorded "VROOM VROOM"? I mean shiiit... the -sound- of a Harley is what turns heads... Part of the "Harley Experience" as they call it is the Vibration of the Exhaust. Just HOW are they gonna pull that off? Put a giant dildo/vibrator under the seat? Come to think of it, judging from the demographic who'll be buying this abomination would LOOOOVE a dildo in the seat... just sayin'...

Yeah... the article sez the deployment of this Abomination is delayed due to "quality issues" but maybe, just maybe SOMEONE in Harleyland is waking up and smelling the Soy.

One can only hope. 

Managed Two Days in a Row

Greetings and Salutations from the Beat to Death Intrepid Reporter.

Yeah.  Day two in a row in the gym.  And today, I didn't skimp.  The gym in about 4 miles from the house, so I busted out the bicycle and road the damned thing point A to point B and returned AFTER doing a back-and ab workout.

Did a bit on the shoulders too.  All in all, the "get in shape before the shit hits the fan" plan is advancing nicely.  Tomorrow is range day methinks.  I positively -hate- the local gun range...

I mean safety rules O.K...  Mental Retardation being called 'rules' is a bit much.  I realize they're in a high overhead insurance nightmare, but having to keep my weapon cased when I move it from the bench behind the firing line and back and forth is fucking stupid.  Case weapon, pick up, move 4 feet to firing line, Uncase.  Return case to bench behind b/c theres NO  fucking room in the firing pocket to keep it... wash rinse return.  Makes it damned unpleasant to utilize more than one weapon at once...  not like I'm shlingin' lead like Mel Gibson in "Lethal Weapon" or something... its just a major pain in the fucking ass... and also the A.C. ain't worth a shit so you end up soaked in sweat....

Better to road trip south of here where there's the only Range in Florida that I know of that you can fire anything up to .50 BMG.  It's a One-Mile long Range... no shit.

For a small fee (think it's $10) over the standard range fees, they got a Gator that runs out the long distance shooters to service their targets during a cease fire.  Ten Minute Cease Fires every hour roughly.  50 minutes of boom-boom, and then Clear on the Left, Clear on the Right, Clear in the Middle?  Range is clear.  Service yer targets...

And the really cool part is some of the Long Distance guys'll let ya try their toys.  I did the Barrett in the Army (our Scout Company was one of the first to field test the Barrett M-82 back in 95, maybe 96?) so I BT-DT but haven't turned down the opportunity to do it there.  What I DID get to shoot and God help me if I ever come into money, was an Accuracy International .338 Lapua Magnum.
Please God, I've been a good boy, I promise!!!

It was this model here... not the new tricked out AX variant.  The new one has, IMO too many whistlers and bells.  I mean the stock is adjustable like to a fair thee well What. The. Fuck.  It looks like it should be in Star Wars, never mind being used in real-time in Afghanistan.  

The British Army uses the one above.  I got to fuck around with one when I was hanging with the Brits, but unfortunately I couldn't get a chance to fire it.  HEAVY motherfucker too.  Esp. how the Brits use a can  on it to -try- and hush it down...  I suppose since quieting down a 12 Gauge is possible these days, that shushing a .338 LM is possible.  The sniper I was talking to told me it took it down from "Earth Shattering Ka-Boom" to just "Burst Eardrums Ka-Boom".  The can, no bullshit weighed more than an unloaded M-4 LOL.  I actually think, well hell OK I just looked it up.  

According to Wiki (yeah yeah I know...) Wiki states that the 3rd Longest Sniper Shot in History by a named individual, Corporal Craig Harrison whacked some Taliban with the above rifle, in the aforestated caliber.  The other two dudes, one Canadian and one American are very blatantly NOT named, probably due to Operational Security.  Seems the Good Corporal took these motherfuckers out from 2707 yards.  1.53 MILES.  Fuck.  I can't even SEE that fucking far, even with optics.

But yeah, it was/is a hell of a weapon.  God help me if I come into $$$.   What -really- cracked me up was there was a newbie on the range who insisted on setting up on the table directly next to the dude with the AI.  Up to that point, the tables on either side of this guy were free, but then again, the range wasn't -that- crowded... no idea why this guy wanted to be -right next- to AI dude, but we found out in short order why those particular tables were empty...  

When the range was cleared hot, AI dude hunkered over his AI, yelled out "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" and took a shot.  The muzzle blast, angled out of the front muzzle brake blew almost half of new dudes shit clean off the table...  targets, range bag, the two rifles he had leaning up against the table.... WHOOOOSH!!!!! >clatter< >clatter< >clatter< all his shit scattered to hell and gone and probably had some scratches on his toys.

New Dude was NOT happy.

The rest of us were more like "Important User Note: .338 LM has one SERIOUS muzzle blast.  Keep Hands and Face AWAY from muzzle at all times..."  

Seems proper range etiquette, when firing .300 Win Mag and Above, (read Elephant Caliber Weapons...  Single Shot Cape Buffalo Killers) one yells out "FIRE IN THE HOLE" so's to alert -everyone- that the pain is coming and going downrange at Warp fucking 11.  That way no one jumps clean out of their skin when the fucking cannons roar.  Hell, as the day went on, we were a good 75 yards away and we still felt some of the overpressure when that monster fired.  Same thing happened when dude showed up with a Barrett.

Barrett dude was cool as hell.  Former infantry scout, got his legs blown off "But not my Balls!!!" as he proudly proclaimed, by an IED in Iraq, and still liked plinking.  He was a riot... pulled his wheelchair up to the bench, saddled up that .50 cal monster, locked his brakes and cut loose.  Watching his chair bounce back had me laughing as it reminded me of when we used to be at gunnery with the Mark-19 (MK-19) 40MM fully automatic grenade launcher.  Back before HMMWVs were uparmored to hell and gone, (adding 4000 pounds of armor to what -should- be a Jeep, not an armored car... an argument for later....) but the old M-998, when you got the MK-19 rockin', the whole truck would rock back and forth on its suspension, as the 32 pound bolt getting slammed by over 100 Pounds of force to cycle it...  Dude was rockin' his hot wheels just like that with each shot LOL

(Which, BTW: IMPORTANT USER NOTE:  If and when 'festivities' kick off, and say you come into a belt of 40MM, DO NOT USE IT IN ANY SHOULDER FIRED 40MM!!!!  The M203 and the newer M320 use low-pressure grenades as opposed to the Mk-19, which has like... fuck 4-6 times the powder charge. It needs it to cycle that heavy assed 32 pound bolt.  You use a MK-19 grenade in a 203 or 320, and you a dead motherfucker... just sayin'.  End of Safety Notice for Wannabe Revolutionaries LOL)

So... yeah, time to do some range time... prolly use my .22 as well as my 5.56.  Got me a CMMG conversion kit which is -really- cool.  I HIGHLY advise getting one when on sale, as it allows you to use your M-4 patterned rifle as a squirrel catcher.

More Later
I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, October 14, 2019

What CatLadies Have to Look Forward to....

Greetings to all who are re-tuning in.
Forgive the spelling errors if there are any.  Blogger doesn't always catch them, and my fine motor skills are shot to shit.  A good workout was had... only an hour but a punishing strictly upper body workout, so I'm shaking worse than Michael J Fox on a 3 Day Cocaine binge.

Haven't done that in quite a while.  Actually enjoyed in.  No bitching from NGFF as I'm going to be back in shape quickly.  My carcass has a really decent rebuild-build cycle that goes pretty quickly, provided I use the correct supplements and dodge soda and fast food.  My only real complaint was I used the last scoop that I've been hording of my MRI Black Powder pre-workout.  Any of you guys who were in Iraq know the silver and black tub that was allll over the X back in the day... tasted pretty good for a pre-workout and for me?  Worked like a motherfucker.  I've tried other shit similar to it, but they just don't have the 'it' factor that the Black Powder had... and offffff course its out of production.

Any of you other muscleheads out there know a comparable product, let me know will ya in the comments?

So... wherez I at?  Oh yeah.  The Slore.  The Cunt.  The bitch who left me without a heart.  Well lets see... I won't totally bash on her anymore, 'cept to say this's her Future and what CatLadies have to look forward to.

Yep.  Gotta love 'muh diversity' in the Home.  Yes ladies... look forward to being put in a Dementia Deathmatch with other Old Ladies who don't have a family but had a great career.  Or against the Lady who got divorced after twenty years b/c she wanted to "Eat Pray Love!"  That and jump on that post-Wall Cock Carousel.  (usually overseas from what I can tell... check out 90 Day Fiancee... the NGFF loves that show and maaan... it'll set you straight up Black Pill when you watch it... in fact I highly recommend it. )

"Innnnn thiiiis Corner, we have Connie the former CEO!  She was a Wall  Street Maven until she ran into the Wall itself at Full Force!!!... Childless and Blameless, Zinfandel is her friend, her cats know who she is... Heeeres CONNIE!!!"

"Annnnnnd in this Corner, we have Holly the Homewrecker!!!  Happily married for twenty years and a Ball Breaker at every minute, she showed her Ex the door to "Eat Pray and Love!"  Her Ex is now married to his 30 year younger secretary after being thrown out of the marital house, she's got a Chip on her shoulder and an Ax to grind, no wonder her kids never visit, Heeeres HOLLY!!!"

Yep... Dementia Deathmatch... and this's only -JUST NOW STARTING-  Imagine what it's going to be like in another 20 years.  Fuuuuuuuuuuck...

These are Baby Boomers (couldn't've happened to a nicer pile of assholes)... and its getting worse.  My Mother is pushing late 70s... her sister juuust turned 80...  and neither of them are showing signs of slowing down.  Good for them I say... but by the same account, Mom got widdered when DocDad cashed in his chips, and Ma ain't under any delusions.

The group I'm talking about are those feminazi crazy assed bitches who blame men for everything, total out a relationshit  (84% of divorces are initiated by women just saying), expect to be paid, and then when they're alone, and left with the cats... Hooo-boy... its not looking good.

And the ballcrusher is that they're going to be screaming for Big Daddy Government to step in and "Hep'em!!!"  They're already doing it in England... the late middle age/pseudo spinsters are already trying mass amounts of bullshit to get Big Daddy Gov to make men pay for their support b/c they ain'ts gots no fambly.  "Its not fair!"  "No one told us this would happen!"  "The government needs to DO something!"

Yeah.  They can clean up your remains after you've died a lonely death in solitude, and the cats have eaten whats left of your flesh in a frenzy to stave off starvation.

That and sell off whatever bullshit clothing you "just had to have" and your Prada bag and Leboutins and whatever...

Remember Ladies:  You can't take it with you and no-one will remember you.  Especially if you don't have kids.

So far, I've found at least 3 stories in the past two months of  'Muh Diversity' abusing what appears to be mostly Caucasians.  It's hard to get the links and find them, as the EneMedia can't be trusted to call a spade a spade.  For the most part, a goodly number of Elder Care people are hardworking, etcetcetc...  but as they say, so goes one Apple, so goes the Barrel.  I mean they sure as fuck are quick to jump on the "One Cop is Bad = All Cops are Bad".

I tend to agree, depending on the TYPE of Cop and where and what they do.  Some of my best Friends are and have been Fuzz... hell FedBro was THE MAN in Federal Circles...  But that being said, 3 stories that I can remember in only two months is like "Where there's smoke..."

I mean lets face it.  "The jobs we don't want to do" is the very definition of Eldercare.  I know of what I speak.  I did a looong hard summer one year when I was 15 as a Certified Nurses Assistant in a fucking home... and b/c I was one of the only males in the fucking place, I got all the 'fun' details like taking Mr. Frim down to the cooler after he got a bad case of the deads.  Yeah. Corpse Carrier at 15.  No wonder I'm fucked in the head amiright?  Add on wiping asses, cleaning up blood, puke you name it I've either cleaned it, carried it or walked through it, and this's all  before I could drive.

These are the jobs that no-one wants to do.  So they hire >anyone< WILLING< to.  Annnd out of that group 'muh diversity' seems to be the largest body of potential labor.  This means we're going to be entrusting (those of us who DO have living parents) to a potential abuser.  I mean Jesus...and considering just how racist (real time mind you... NOT that strawman libtards like to use to shut down an argument) most of 'muh diversity' REALLY is, here's a bit of Reality Sunshine.  Things are WAAAY the fuck out of proportion DESPITE what the media say.
Reality is:

1) Blacks hate Whitey.  Blame us for -everything- bad in their lives.  Blame us for slavery, despite it being the United States was THE FIRST country to officially outlaw it.
2) Spanish (mostly Mexicans) hate Whitey.  Blame us for taking their lands.  Blame us for not giving them all sorts of free shit and expecting them to act like useful humans.
3) Blacks hate Mexicans almost, if not MORE than Whitey.  Blacks had a pretty good race hustle going on until the damned beaners showed up and flipped the race table so to speak.
4) Whitey, outside of some hardcore cranks, is mostly Ambivalent.  That is until he gets mugged by the aforementioned, his daughter gets raped and/or murdered, or as its currently going, gets blamed for fucking every thing under the sun thats wrong with the other races.

He's getting tired.  Worn out.

It's worse than an ungrateful relative who showed up uninvited, drank all your beer, smokes a cigar INSIDE the house, puts his dirty unwashed bare feet up on your kitchen table, yells at your dog b/c he hates dogs, and then gets pissed when you call him out on any of the aforementioned things.

Dunno 'bout y'all but I'd shoot a motherfucker n be done with it.

Thats what shovels are for.

Whitey tends to take a lot of shit, but whether right or wrong, when Whitey gets pissed on and/or pissed off enough, remember, The word "Genocide" was invented by a Polish Jew who saw firsthand what Whitey was capable of.