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Monday, October 14, 2019

What CatLadies Have to Look Forward to....

Greetings to all who are re-tuning in.
Forgive the spelling errors if there are any.  Blogger doesn't always catch them, and my fine motor skills are shot to shit.  A good workout was had... only an hour but a punishing strictly upper body workout, so I'm shaking worse than Michael J Fox on a 3 Day Cocaine binge.

Haven't done that in quite a while.  Actually enjoyed in.  No bitching from NGFF as I'm going to be back in shape quickly.  My carcass has a really decent rebuild-build cycle that goes pretty quickly, provided I use the correct supplements and dodge soda and fast food.  My only real complaint was I used the last scoop that I've been hording of my MRI Black Powder pre-workout.  Any of you guys who were in Iraq know the silver and black tub that was allll over the X back in the day... tasted pretty good for a pre-workout and for me?  Worked like a motherfucker.  I've tried other shit similar to it, but they just don't have the 'it' factor that the Black Powder had... and offffff course its out of production.

Any of you other muscleheads out there know a comparable product, let me know will ya in the comments?

So... wherez I at?  Oh yeah.  The Slore.  The Cunt.  The bitch who left me without a heart.  Well lets see... I won't totally bash on her anymore, 'cept to say this's her Future and what CatLadies have to look forward to.

Yep.  Gotta love 'muh diversity' in the Home.  Yes ladies... look forward to being put in a Dementia Deathmatch with other Old Ladies who don't have a family but had a great career.  Or against the Lady who got divorced after twenty years b/c she wanted to "Eat Pray Love!"  That and jump on that post-Wall Cock Carousel.  (usually overseas from what I can tell... check out 90 Day Fiancee... the NGFF loves that show and maaan... it'll set you straight up Black Pill when you watch it... in fact I highly recommend it. )

"Innnnn thiiiis Corner, we have Connie the former CEO!  She was a Wall  Street Maven until she ran into the Wall itself at Full Force!!!... Childless and Blameless, Zinfandel is her friend, her cats know who she is... Heeeres CONNIE!!!"

"Annnnnnd in this Corner, we have Holly the Homewrecker!!!  Happily married for twenty years and a Ball Breaker at every minute, she showed her Ex the door to "Eat Pray and Love!"  Her Ex is now married to his 30 year younger secretary after being thrown out of the marital house, she's got a Chip on her shoulder and an Ax to grind, no wonder her kids never visit, Heeeres HOLLY!!!"

Yep... Dementia Deathmatch... and this's only -JUST NOW STARTING-  Imagine what it's going to be like in another 20 years.  Fuuuuuuuuuuck...

These are Baby Boomers (couldn't've happened to a nicer pile of assholes)... and its getting worse.  My Mother is pushing late 70s... her sister juuust turned 80...  and neither of them are showing signs of slowing down.  Good for them I say... but by the same account, Mom got widdered when DocDad cashed in his chips, and Ma ain't under any delusions.

The group I'm talking about are those feminazi crazy assed bitches who blame men for everything, total out a relationshit  (84% of divorces are initiated by women just saying), expect to be paid, and then when they're alone, and left with the cats... Hooo-boy... its not looking good.

And the ballcrusher is that they're going to be screaming for Big Daddy Government to step in and "Hep'em!!!"  They're already doing it in England... the late middle age/pseudo spinsters are already trying mass amounts of bullshit to get Big Daddy Gov to make men pay for their support b/c they ain'ts gots no fambly.  "Its not fair!"  "No one told us this would happen!"  "The government needs to DO something!"

Yeah.  They can clean up your remains after you've died a lonely death in solitude, and the cats have eaten whats left of your flesh in a frenzy to stave off starvation.

That and sell off whatever bullshit clothing you "just had to have" and your Prada bag and Leboutins and whatever...

Remember Ladies:  You can't take it with you and no-one will remember you.  Especially if you don't have kids.

So far, I've found at least 3 stories in the past two months of  'Muh Diversity' abusing what appears to be mostly Caucasians.  It's hard to get the links and find them, as the EneMedia can't be trusted to call a spade a spade.  For the most part, a goodly number of Elder Care people are hardworking, etcetcetc...  but as they say, so goes one Apple, so goes the Barrel.  I mean they sure as fuck are quick to jump on the "One Cop is Bad = All Cops are Bad".

I tend to agree, depending on the TYPE of Cop and where and what they do.  Some of my best Friends are and have been Fuzz... hell FedBro was THE MAN in Federal Circles...  But that being said, 3 stories that I can remember in only two months is like "Where there's smoke..."

I mean lets face it.  "The jobs we don't want to do" is the very definition of Eldercare.  I know of what I speak.  I did a looong hard summer one year when I was 15 as a Certified Nurses Assistant in a fucking home... and b/c I was one of the only males in the fucking place, I got all the 'fun' details like taking Mr. Frim down to the cooler after he got a bad case of the deads.  Yeah. Corpse Carrier at 15.  No wonder I'm fucked in the head amiright?  Add on wiping asses, cleaning up blood, puke you name it I've either cleaned it, carried it or walked through it, and this's all  before I could drive.

These are the jobs that no-one wants to do.  So they hire >anyone< WILLING< to.  Annnd out of that group 'muh diversity' seems to be the largest body of potential labor.  This means we're going to be entrusting (those of us who DO have living parents) to a potential abuser.  I mean Jesus...and considering just how racist (real time mind you... NOT that strawman libtards like to use to shut down an argument) most of 'muh diversity' REALLY is, here's a bit of Reality Sunshine.  Things are WAAAY the fuck out of proportion DESPITE what the media say.
Reality is:

1) Blacks hate Whitey.  Blame us for -everything- bad in their lives.  Blame us for slavery, despite it being the United States was THE FIRST country to officially outlaw it.
2) Spanish (mostly Mexicans) hate Whitey.  Blame us for taking their lands.  Blame us for not giving them all sorts of free shit and expecting them to act like useful humans.
3) Blacks hate Mexicans almost, if not MORE than Whitey.  Blacks had a pretty good race hustle going on until the damned beaners showed up and flipped the race table so to speak.
4) Whitey, outside of some hardcore cranks, is mostly Ambivalent.  That is until he gets mugged by the aforementioned, his daughter gets raped and/or murdered, or as its currently going, gets blamed for fucking every thing under the sun thats wrong with the other races.

He's getting tired.  Worn out.

It's worse than an ungrateful relative who showed up uninvited, drank all your beer, smokes a cigar INSIDE the house, puts his dirty unwashed bare feet up on your kitchen table, yells at your dog b/c he hates dogs, and then gets pissed when you call him out on any of the aforementioned things.

Dunno 'bout y'all but I'd shoot a motherfucker n be done with it.

Thats what shovels are for.

Whitey tends to take a lot of shit, but whether right or wrong, when Whitey gets pissed on and/or pissed off enough, remember, The word "Genocide" was invented by a Polish Jew who saw firsthand what Whitey was capable of.

Part of why I hate my Ex

Salutations from the Land that Time and Work Forgot!
Big Country back and jamming on a Monday Morning actually.  I'm doing something that I haven't done in a LONG time and thats namely going to the GYM!

Yeah time to get the fuck up off my ass.  Back in I think it was 2010 when I broke the scale at 440, I finally said "Enough!" and started working out.  Like a madman... like 2-3 times a day... before work, at lunch and after dinner.  I dunno... things at home had started to suck to the point that I was not eating, I was depressed all the time... XHH6 was well on her way to totaling out our relationshit by just flat out fucking ignoring me.

She LOOOOOVED the money tho.  Bitch.  I mean how shitty a person are you do do this?:

Me: "Hey baby... do me a solid and send me a care package with 'x' 'y' and 'z' in it?  We can't get that shit here and it'd mean a LOT to me!"

Her: "OK.  Got it."

Four to six weeks later..........

Me: "No sign of that package... I've been checking the mail?"

Her: "Hmmmn maybe the Army lost it?"  (aside: back in 04/05  a couple of mail convoys got blown the fuck up so a few of my care packages -did- get nuked... but this was 2009-10 so not much chance of that)

Another month goes by....

Me: "Any sign of it baby?  I think yer gonna have to go to the post office and file a claim!"

Her: "OK... yeah sounds good."

A few weeks later... I go Home on R&R.  I come home, which barely pings on the meter.  Kids didn't even bother driving out to the airport.  Hell... one time I had to take a "T" home from the airport (public transportation) and walked the 1/2 mile from the train station... and that was in 04... after 9 months of being gone.  More on THAT fiasco later... so this time, I come home.

Come in the front door and what do I see?

The care package I had requested months prior.  With all the shit in it that I had asked for.  Open.  Not even an attempt to hide it.  Just there casually thrown on a table b/c it rated -so low- on her list. It was fucking dust covered too (she was a shitty housekeeper towards the end of the relationshit... a warning sign for the bros that don't know)


So therein lies a MAJOR problem... when I asked her about it it was all bullshit excuses... it was ALL BULLSHIT   In fact that was one of the few times in my life I went into a bedroom alone and cried.  Here I was, fucking going balls out AGAIN to provide and get shot at and risk limb and life time and time and time again and this fucking fat fucking slore couldn't get up the time to send me a care package?

Well... thats when I got back to Iraq and got myself down to 275.  Yeah... sounds like a lot right?  I was skeletal.  I went hard in the gym...  decided to get stacked.  I mean I AM 6'4 plus... hell even when slim I'm still bigger than the front four of the Dallas Cowboys.  I got pretty happy w/myself.

And then, I got sick.  Y'all who've been following the show so far know some of the particulars.  I got deathly ill with -something- that they STILL haven't figured out just WTF I had, and in the process of recovery, found out I had Cancer and all sorts of other issues.

So I'll continue the saga when I get back from throwing some steel.  As Didact said "The Gods of Steel must be Worshiped!"  Time to get my not-so-happy fat ass in gear.  I need to be in shape when the shit hits the fan.
More Later
The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


Good Afternoon from the Intrepid Reporter of Fame and Legend!
Eh...who am I kidding?  Its a quiet Sunday in "Big Country's Home for Wayward Veterans"... tho its down to just me and the Sapper.

Back when I first got divorced I had a dire need )like all other times?) for money, and had possession of a 3400 sq ft house w/ 4 bedrooms.  So I took in a few people I knew *no strangers... but they all happened to be Vets from Iraq.  Mostly people I knew from the good old days...

We started calling it as such, but like all things, time moved on, some folks who I was cool with I'm no longer cool with, for reasons I won't go into in one particular case.  Either way for a while it was fun...

I think that's the biggest thing that civvies just. don't. get.  The camaraderie... the brotherhood/sisterhood... enough has been written about it over the years, but unless you've been there, done that, you ain't -ever- earning the T-Shirt.

It's also why a lot of guys and gals off themselves.  Too Much to go 'without' the closeness... I know with XHH6 she -didn't- get it... couldn't understand why I only wanted to hang with people who'd been there with me...

BIG reason on the dissolution of our relationshit really...  At least I'm still here.  Too many "gargle their Glock" for my liking.

Buuuuuuuuuut (as Popp sez)  I'm still here and taking it sl-easy  Slow and Easy.

Until tomorrow
Big Country

Friday, October 11, 2019

"Mostly Peaceful Protesters"

From Ace of Spades LINK to Real Clear Politics

Uh.. yeah... about that.  Tweets and video showing hundreds of Antifa attacking and assaulting Trump Supporters, including women and the elderly at his Minneapolis Rally...

I know he's trying to shiv that Somali Con-Artist-critter, the Ungrateful Slore Iilan Omar, Brotherfucker in Charge of the MinneMogadishu Mafia by having a rally in her back yard, but I'm -really- disappointed- that he hasn't set up a reaction force to protect his supporters.

I mean for fucks sake, Eisenhower deployed the 101st Airborne, locked n loaded, to protect 9 Black Kids from -potential- rioters in Little Rock back in 1957.  Elements of the 327th ABN Infantry fixed bayonets and told the -potential-rioters "Sit the FUCK down, SHUT the Fuck up, or Find out what makes the grass grow fuckers!"

We need the SAME. EXACT. THING. NOW!!!  AMAZING how we deployed Combat Troops to protect 9 Members of "muh diversity" but can't get the (((Gestapo))) to protect the common folks... OH YEAH!  Forgot!  We're the fucking deploreables...

To me, seems Antifa aren't -potential- rioters... they ARE a domestic terror group.  And if the Cops aren't willing or are unable to (due to the proclivities of their scumbag politico masters) protect innocent folks, then I'd say its HIGH time the Cheeto Jesus sign an Executive Order deploying 3rd Brigade of the 101st, The Rakkasans, with full combat kit, suspend ALL civil liberties, arrest ALL politicians for violation of both their oaths, and federal law, and issue a Shoot-to-Kill order on ANYONE who is actively engaged in violence.

All others found in Antifa Uniform are to be taken into custody, renditioned to Guantanamo Bay Camp Delta to await trial for interference and attempted overthrow of an election by violence.  Treason charges can be added as needed.  Anyone found to be under the age of 18 are to be held in juvenile custody, while their parents are arrested and charged to the fullest extent of the law for willful child endangerment.  If the parents have actively participated in the encouragement of the underage offender(s), then they themselves should be taken into custody and remanded and investigated for sedition against the standing government.  All who are found guilty should be punished appropriately, up to and including public hanging/execution.

Annnnnd seeing this isn't going to happen, my take?  (This's for a screenplay I'm writing... let me know what you think)

Scene: The Next BIG Political Rally for The Deplorable Candidate
Situation 200-400 Antifa Protesters lined up baying for blood.  Police are ordered to stand down by their Political Masters who on the down low applaud Antifa.
A 5-7 man Team set up similarly in Matt Bracken's treatise regarding 4th and 5th Generation asymmetrical Warfare.
Two Exfil -enablers-  Uniformed to look like homeless folks... Caltrops and comms equipped. (may or may NOT be needed... depends on terrain)
One Radioman w/scanner and police monitoring comms.  This is the Command and Control.
2 Riflemen, 2 Spotters, Spotters and Riflemen paired in overwatch.
Suppressed Rifles, preferably 7.62X51 NATO at a minimum.
If the mission is a night rally, equip with night vision if possible (PVS-4 3rd gen are available with mounted matching scopes) or Illuminated Crosshairs at a minimum.
Bolt or semi... depending on needs be/equipment onhand.  Rifles to have brass catchers taped completely over the ejection port so as to leave ZERO brass for evidence.
Uniform to be clothing purchased at a Goodwill prior, with cash or from a used clothing store.  Think "Grey Man" clothing for all

Wait for the stupidity to start, and then Look for Targets of Opportunity.  Specifically people with bullhorns (agitators) Rock Throwers and then lastly, People in the general scrum of things.  Fortunately the crowd will break as soon as the first 2-3 rounds get delivered and the hydro-static shock of a head exploding like an overipe melon  all over the widdle snowfwakes is going to put the Antifa to their heels beau-coup quick.  At that point, engage targets of opportunity.  Time from start of engagement to EndEx, no more than 2 minutes.

At the two minute mark, no matter what, The radioman who's co-ordinating and listening for response will issue exfil orders or at any time the mission is in danger.  Mode and means is up to local needs.  Exfil -enablers- if needed, can be equipped with Caltrops or other such materials that can be scattered on Avenues of Approach when the Radioman has a fix on the incoming Rapid Response.  Caltrops can and will fuck up the mobility of the fuzz...

Once Exfil is performed, rally at the Alpha Alpha and move via whatever safest means available is around.

I mean OF COURSE its going to be "RIGHT WING DEATH SQUADS!!!!RREEEEEEEE!!!" But so fucking what?  Don't shoot cops, and make sure that at some point, get a note floated out on the 'net that this was to protect the innocent, and that "The Regulators" or some such group (be creative!) is taking credit for doing the jobs that the corrupt politicos and cops won't.  Most of the general public would be behind this is a -major-way.  The Liberal Bubble and City Areas?  Not so much.  It's a one-trick-pony... b/c after that, sure as shit shooting the political Gestapo will place a LOT of counter snipers around, which means you just have to get more creative....

Figure if using 2 LR-308 AR Patterned rifles, and a cool hand on the trigger, figure the count would be at least 30 if not more, depending on angles, and just -how soon- before the thugs start realizing that their numbers are being violently whittled down...

Which'll be another chapter in the screenplay...  Stay Tuned!!!  Feel free to quote or share to any of my fellow Bloggers!
Big Country

Its going to be Ugly

Morning to all the fine folks out there in I.R. Land.  Been doing the early morning thing today (as in I got my lazy carcass out of the fartsack before 9AM thanks to the NGFF.

Couldn't stop myself... she made breakfast and coffee... which 'round this place is a rarity.  -I'm- the designated cook up in this bitch, mainly because as much as I dig her, her cooking skills are for the shit... not the shit... just.... shit.

Its a damned shame.  She tries really hard but I in no way condone the stuff she does to perfectly good food.  Crimes Against Gastronomy.

She made me a cheese quesadilla for this A.M.s repast.  How hard can it be?  She's made them before and I've actually told her that "Hey... at last a meal that you can't fuck up."

Except this morning.

She decided to throw a 'spin' on it and season it with what I assume was a salt lick.  I'm still dumping water into my shriveled stomach as I -tried- to eat at least half of it.  I mean how's a broad supposed to improve without positive encouragement?

Yeah.  Not so much.  Told her "Sorry Babe.. that sucked..."  Bummed her out but hey... I gotta be real about it.  Especially since we have a -really- tight food budget 'round here, and every calorie counts.  Can't have good food go to waste b/c the GF wants to show me that she can cook (she can't except one or two meals...) and I hate being faced with a stomach churning disaster just to sooth her ego.  Fuck that.  Spade is a Spade and Baby, yer food for the most part.... Ugh...  I'll leave it at that.

So Checking out my favorite A.M. Blogs, Aesop at Raconteur has a great write up with the Homeless problem here in the FUSA.  RTWT.  He mentions in passing the following: "None of that will ever happen here under the current lunatics running the asylum, so it's likelier that when the common working-class people have finally had enough, there'll be a renaissance of Committees of Vigilance, and a Purge."

The whole article in a nutshell are his common sense (from his experiences) solutions to the Homeless issues in FUSA, and links to a great article from an Academic who she herself has some great observations, albeit in a detached scholarly manner befitting a lifelong Liberal.  His ideas are great.  I LOL'd at many of the frankly hilarious NIMBY attitudes and how to bulldoze them over.

However, the part that stuck with me is the above quoted area.  I don't know if he's explored it further (probably has... dude writes more than Bukowski on a Bender)...  but I look at the possibility of a "Purge" a'la those horribly cheesy fucked up movies from Hollyweird... Homeless/Societally Unacceptable/Losers being allowed to be massacred legally for a 24 hour period?  Not sure how that'd fly... as much as Our Elites would -love- to keep the 'divide and conquer' strategy alive, I don't think it'd work out -quite- the way they expect it.

Having seen the "Joker" this week... (SPOILERS AHEAD STOP NOW IF YOU NEED TO)

Wow... talk about a movie that I still wonder "How" and "Why" did the Powers That Be allow this to be made?  Phoenix (I'm not even going to attempt his first name) does an outstanding job as Arthur Fleck, a "Noman" who eventually goes berserk.   A guy who I could sympathize with... most white dudes who've been crushed by the system... hell... ANYONE who has been crushed by the system can feel his pain.  It's a great performance.  That being said however and this's IMO, it's going to be a one-trick pony... the Joker that comes 'out' in the end isn't a criminal genius... I think they skipped over or maybe it was left on the cutting room floor... Arthur, as his life dissolves around him gets cut off from the psychotropic meds he's on to keep him 'balanced.'

As he comes off of them, you can see and feel his slide into madness, but you miss out on the 'wakefullness' that accompanies the removal of drugs like that.  I know of what I speak as at the beginning of my divorce, the VA -loaded- me with that shit, and maaan... I can say its a major reason I couldn't write for a loooong time....  The brain just didn't make the connections ya dig?

So anyways... Arthur, now Joker, comes off as a tragicomic anti-hero.  Lost in the sauce is any insight to his brilliance.  He's not calculating, he's not highly intelligent... in fact he's partially handicapped by brain damage incurred by childhood trauma... this's NOT your Batman's Arch-Nemesis.   He is a stone cold remorseless killer, and they leave it at that at the end of the movie.

Enough for now... gotta do the usual.  Shit Shower n Shave.
Until Later, I be the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Time to break them on the Wheel

Gooooood Morning to all of y'all still tuning in!
I greatly appreciate y'all and the following.  Todays subject is "How do I fuck up a company so I -HAVE- to be hired?"

Well... I think at this point a bit of 'playing back at them' needs to be done.
Namely the next job I go to, I'm thinking about going in drag.

Now stay with me on this.  Wretched?  Yes.  Gross?  Hell Yes!  Will it work?  That remains to be seen.

The idea is it's brilliant to a point.  Apply, fill out the gender ID as "I do not choose to Identify" and show up looking FAAAAABULOUS!!!!

It could be done.  NGFF is a makeup artist of some major repute... nationally known and pretty well known for advising wannabe Drag Queens on the how tos of makeup.  If anyone could take this burly beast of a fat dude and make me look good, it'd be her.  The only thing I have to do is find the balls to actually pull it off.

I mean really... think about the impact.  Interview, nail the technical side, and then if they -don't- hire me, initiate Lawfare.  I mean hell... play the game on their terms and hold it to them...  I mean I do wear a kilt on occasion... and my old boss would back me up in court if it went that far...

Yeah... I loves me a kilt.  Very comfortable
And it establishes my wearing "non-standard items" in the office.

My reason for the kilt was two-fold actually.  One was the main branch of our Corporate orifice got bought out, so's the new guys took over and instituted Their rules for dress code.  OK... thats normal... but they didn't take anything into account the location (Southern Hotter'n Ballz Florida) and the work environment (read sweat shop).  I.E. Supervisors and Managers will be in Business Casual (tie w/short sleeves allowed) to Business Formal (suit n tie).  In Summer. In a sweat shop environment.  Jeans Friday w/ Polos tho!  Yay us.  The bosses managed to get them get rid of the suit n tie requirements....  I mean Jesus... we're in a CALL CENTER.  No one sees us.  I could see if we interacted with the customers... then fucking GREAT!  No one wants to see call center mutants.  

Takes me back... a quick aside.  Worked in a Call Center back in the day... shared the office space with AOL... Yeah... that long ago... they had a kid who worked there... looked like a -More Goth- (if that's even possible) version of Edward Scissorhands and Marilyn Manson... hell think of this kid as their love child.  This kid had more piercings than ... fuuuuck  He looked like a tackle box had been used as an I.E.D... in his face...

So he and his ilk were known as "The AOL Mutants"... people who would, outside of a Hot Topic and Spencers... never  have a job amongst the "straights".  However:  Codicil to this:  The kid had "The Voice."  A perfect sonorous voice that sounded like "Announcer Dude" from the movies... a gifted voice that was comforting and eloquent...  The kids stats were off the fucking chart... Best of the Best... he thrived in a Call Center especially since he was scary enough looking that he was a living Cenobite I swear...

So yeah... since we weren't being seen, hell why can't we (like we used to) wear fucking shorts?

So... me being me... I did the 'between the lines' thing and started wearing kilts.  It really bothered the Higher Higher and H.R. that I had short circuited their eeee-vil plans...  Whenever the item came up, I'd warn 'em that that particular day I was gonna identify as a broad if they pushed it... which they did most certainly NOT want to push it.  So I got to stay cool, (along with a number of my minions who started doing the same) and I got to be the bamboo shoot under H.R.s fingernails...

Any wonder why I'm having issues finding work Now?

Until later
Big Country
The Intrepid Reporter

Tribalism Part One... No... Really! I promise!

OK Gang:  Just got up again, its now 18:00... Dunno why I've been on "Iraq" time again... my sleep schedule and wakeups have been all jacked the fuck up.  I dunno if I'm coming or going... the worst part about being a deplorable is the employment issues I've been dealing with.  Interviewed a shit ton... replied to a ton of emails, job searches and the rest, but nary a decent gig offered...

Part of it is my demographic.  I got a LOT going against me:

1) White (almost 100% Irish)
2) Straight (sorry to my gay readers... Big Country don't fly that way)
3) Male (the most HATED demographic currently besides being straight)
4) 49 going on 50... (Ageism isn't -as much an issue- except when I interview with some youngster who's still wet-behind-the-ears and -he- knows it...)
5) Nominally Christian, (tho fallen... Lord knows how fallen I Iz!)
6) LOTSA experience.  (Too much in many instances... hard to get in at a mid level job when you're currently working on your master degree, have a Lean Six Sigma cert, a Program Manager cert and a fuckton of experience... One manager was like flat out "You are WAAAY overqualified for this job... hell you're overqualified for MY job!")

Those are the major issues I've been dealing with.  I've also been dealing with Tribalism.

This for example:
This is a screen shot capture of today's inbox for current employers looking to have me call 'em back.

Anything -jump- out at ya?

OK... besides there only being one nominal female on the list that is... fucking need to strangle the editor I swear...

Its the whole thing I mentioned before of how Human Resources
 has been taken over by 'the other'... namely Indians or at least those from the subcontinent.

And as of late, how many callbacks have I had?


Its annoying as hell.  Especially in the waiting room where there are usually 3 women, one white, one black, and two other dudes, both from the Subcontinent.

Guess who the 'token' was in this room?

And guess who didn't get a callback...  My next interview when I'm in there, I'm going to trade numbers withe everyone in there and ask them to let me know the results of their interview... I'd be curious in a numbers sort of way...   That and the other thing is "Hows that White Privilege working out for me?" 

I'd say that I'm fucked.  If I get interviewed in a company by a white person, it's a negative that -I'm-  white as they're going to be afraid to pass over someone of color and get accused of giving into White Privilege... I mean fuck ability, skills experience... its -ALL- a racial game and I'm on the loosing end of both sides...  I haven't gotten a single callback from any member of the Hindi Mafia, and no one wants to be tip toeing around the fact that yes, I AM more experienced, better qualified... no no no... I'm white.  Thats it.  

"And then, all of a sudden, Adolph Hitler got voted into power, and no one could understand why."