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"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it, or else you're going to be locked up." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Worst Case

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
OK... Nightmare Scenario:
Biden not only takes orifice, but stays alive to keep doing China's bidding.
The Senate falls under the Democrats due to the continued peak bullshit of the Georgia race
The Newly Installed Members of "The Free Shit Army" begin getting reparations
MOR Free Shit for evvabody
'Cept you whitey
Because reasons and sheeeeit

And no one does a fucking thing

Everyone just sits there.
I mean worst. case. scenario.
Shortly after taking office, MASSIVE gun laws outlawing -everything- that holds more than two rounds gets outlawed

And all the Cops get told "Bonuses for every gun collected"
(So much for the 'muh Constitution!')

No buyback mind you 
(Not that there's such a thing... we bought 'em from private enterprises you socialistic fuckwits) 

Just turn 'em in and "no one gets hurt"
(Again, neggin' on 'Muh Constitution!' and "Cold Dead Hands")

China assists in rolling out a "Social Credit Score" and partners with Facebook and Twitter

It becomes "Day Zero"... just like in Cambodia.
Everyone gets a 'fresh start'
Nothing from the past is held against you.

Pseudo-Patriots, fat and lazy, race to take advantage of the newly implemented Basic Universal Income, rather than fight.  "I'm <fill in the blank> to risk anything.  Besides, this's a fresh start."
(Yet Again, So much for the 'Muh Constitution!')

It's going to be a Pig Trap.
LOTS of carrots and corn
With the stick being wielded quietly in the background.

Now, Granted
Guys like me'll be a blurb on the Propaganda Channels
"A mentally ill veteran today was killed in yet again a lone wolf attack on the Beloved Party leader of <insert locality>.  The Supreme Leader (Peace Be Upon Him) sent his magnanimous condolences from himself and the Party."
And yeah, they'll still allow us to vote
No worries there.  Even the Soviets and North Korea have votes

What choices will you have?  
It'll be like Romney V Obamamessiah
Both made me want to vomit in my mouth when I went in to vote that year.

Lesser of Two Evils

What will it be like in 2024?
At the rate we're going?  It's ugly-er
What we need to be is
THIS is where we should be.
Unfortunately, we're in Panel One.
And I don't see meaningful progress
LOTS of Hopeium, Copium and Bullshit
Peak Bullshit
Right now, we're like the dog in the first panel.  If'n we collectively don't get off our arses, we're completely and irretrievably FUCKED
Tell me I'm wrong.
Because if we DON'T act shortly, we're gonna be here:
Panel one to this has sorta-kinda sucked a Dead Rhino Penis that's been out rotting in the Serengeti for a few weeks...
This final panel?  
Try a Dead Rotted Rhino Cock with a side of Fermented Warthog Jizz as an aperitif.
Yay.  Yummy. NOT

'Cause (((they))) sure as shit have a plan
Short-sighted as it and they may be


We -can- short circuit them.  Area denial.  Individual Tactics

And if -someone- gets theyselves hurt, injured or killed?
So. Be. It.
War to the Knife
It's the only way to be sure.
Sapper disagrees with this particular poast.
I give him a certain 'editorial input' seeings that a lot of the time I'm writing while madly ker-blastamated on Finlandia.  Then again, anyone who's gone done and read my shytte from Iraq -knows- the majority of my best writing is when I'm boogered

In Vino, Veritas as they say.
Fuck'em.  He thinks I'm too far over the idea I reject the concept that we'd evolve into into the 'we'd never allow it to get this far' land....
Meaning that the Patriots and Veterans would rise up in an unstoppable swarm and overwhelm the forces of darkness.

Now, granted... thats got a -bit mor- hyperbole than he said.
BUT boiled down to it, it's his belief.
I'm a realist
The Iraq Dissolution and Civil War (that's what it was no matter what the DoD or anyone else sez happened) was primarily fought by people with nothing to lose
The folks who had family, investments, infrastructure (a house) or even a decent job stayed the fuck out of the unpleasantness if they could at all.  The -average- non-political Iraqi just wanted his cous-cous bowl filled daily, his wife not raped and his childrens not blown the fuck up.

Not a lot to ask Aye?
The same thing applies here.
On both sides.
Meaning IF we want to take the combative "high ground", we're gonna have to go low.
Ugly?  Betcher arse it is.
Brutal?  Fer sure bro...
Necessary? Absolutely Goddamned right it is.
It ain't all Skittles and beer as the Brits would say.  It's going to be a knock down drag out bloodfestivus that'll wait til one side or the other cry "Hold!"...
Which means the most brutal player wins.

That being said, a victory like that isn't victory.
It's the stank of stacked corpses.
Dead Children.
Piles of Skulls.
Horror on Top of Magnified Horror
Until you either harden your Heart, or be consumed.

"And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you." Nietzsche.

The abyss beckons
Are you willing to stare back?

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

Peak Bullshit

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, got some flack about the whole 'bullshit tranny' thing from the other day...

Cain't sez I didn't warn ya 'bout dis here place.  "It's mah house, and if you don't like it, getdafuckout!" as Eddie Murphy once said.  Rough neighborhood... if'n yer of a fainting type, I -highly- recommend that you lock the car doors going into MY motherfuckin' hood. 
It is what it is. 
BUT that being said... LOTS of people out there starting to 'wake up' on the entirety of the electoral bullshit-o-rama that's ongoing.
We have achieved what I didn't think possible: 

Peak Bullshit

Apparently, the Late Great George Carlin said it right:
"It's a big Club, and you ain't in it"
Great man.
HIGHLY observant.
A quick aside... dunno how true it is, but after George cashed in, his daughter in an interview related a story that stuck with me.  Apparently his final wishes was to cremated and his ashes sprinkled on some creek that he loved in his A.O...  
So, they took "Powdered Pop" out into the woods to lay him in the stream... and as they were doing it, all somber and shytte, apparently they heard -something- moving in the brush upstream... so they went to take a look.
Seems Smokey the Brown Bear was upstream...

Taking a big ole shit in the creek.

His daughter took that as a sign that George was fine -wherever- he was.
But I Digress per usual.

So, I've been hard on Aesop on his angle on the CoronaChan stuff...
All said and done, he's a medic, I'm just a combat medic.  BUT
He's got this one hard and fast:

"If someone is a politician or public employee in on the Big Con, from any party, at any level above deputy assistant dogcatcher, after the coup is fully enabled, they’re going to be a high value target.

Nota bene: I’m not calling for this. That’s just what happens. It’s inevitable.

If someone is enabling the coup and gaslighting the reality of election fraud, via anything from twaddling on tweeter, to reading the nightly ABCNNBCBeeEss propaganda, they’re going to be a target.

If anyone gets between the Coup and The People, to defend the former from the justified wrath of the latter, they’re going to find out what feeding their jangly bits into a wood chipper – slowly – feels like, and deservedly so. (Doubt it? Go watch any number of videos of Ukrainian riot police getting hit with a shitstorm of Molotov cocktails in their APCs, and subsequently toasted alive, and get back to the class.)


Those desirous of collecting any pension should stand down, stay home, or switch sides. No warning shots will be fired. And after the first one, the rest are free, and there’s no point in moderation once that Rubicon is crossed."

Nailed it.  Gotta say, nicely written (and yeah, I'm jealous) 
He's dead on though, and the morons who're pulling this shit are blissfully unaware as to what's coming down the track.

They're Wile E. Coyote on the train tracks in front of the painted tunnel he just faked up to nail the Roadrunner.  He's all confident that dot in the painting isn't real, 'cause he just painted that thing on the wall a few minutes ago...

Can't possibly be backlash now could it? 
"And all of a sudden, the local Democrat Gauleiter and his family were all killed, and his house burned to the ground!"

Who'da thunk it?

'Cause thats what they seem to misunderstand.  They still think this's gonna roll back to "biddness as usual".  Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it ain't.
Ain't -no fucking way- I spent as much time in uniform doing what I did for so fucking long to allow the scum of the fucking earth fuck over the entirety of the nation.

Hell most of these fucks never served in any meaningful capacity
Outside of their 'political service'
Which is, as we knew but the rest of 'Murica is waking up to, a fucking self-enrichment scheme
Politics is for sociopaths and grifters

NO ONE goes into politics for "The Greater Good" anymore...
Well... maybe... the "Greater Good" defined as filling ye olde wallet with geld and shekels.

There's also a good piece over at American Digest on where we go from here.
Not bad, BUT
Only if we can salvage this shitshow we have right now.

Which is depending on the next few weeks.
See, the Georgia Head of Elections or whatever the fuck that goonygoohoo motherfucker's title is... he's calling for Trump to "reign in his supporters" because "people are threatening violence!"  Uh, no shit sherlock.  Whaddya?  Fucked in ye head boy? OF COURSE motherfuckers are threatening to shoot yer stupid partisan asses.  
This map is from the county-by-county breakdown... seems to me that it, like ALL the states are dominated by the Urban Yoots and niggers of the "Free Shit Army." They don't make up the majority of your state.  In fact, I have a bit of trouble believing that the area around Savannah went Blue... that's Fort Stewart and ALL the veterans there...
But yeah, they're getting threatened because you fucked up
It's only a matter of time before the shooting starts.
People KNOW yer all corrupt...
Don't give a fuck what your 'intentions' were or are

“God save us from people who mean well.”
― Vikram Seth
“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.”
― T.S. Eliot
“Hell is paved with good intentions.”
― Samuel Johnson

Gonna make one hell of an engraving on the Democratic Party's tombstone:
"We meant well."
Fucking Aye.
Fucking Oath.
Fucking Morons.
Period Fucking Dot.

As Billy Joel once sang about, "We didn't start the fire" but man,
We sure as shit'll extinguish it
Along with your entire family
That light in the tunnel is getting closer and you retards have -no idea-
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Yeah, We're Around the Bend

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
The birthday came and went...
And I got a bit of a Birfday Present
A Spikes 'Havoc' 12 inch 37mm "Flare Launcher"
I won't go into the 'who' or 'what' of it, but let's say my readers are the best and man...
This's a prime example of "Full Retard".

I'm now in the process of learning ALL about the legalities of the 37mm "Flare Launcher"
No Buckshot, check
No HE, check
No Flechette, check
Nothin' but fucking flares and 'bird bombs'...
Got it...

Good copy sir.

Said the Spec-4 to the L.T.

Jes' Sayin'...
"Whatever you do, do. not. engage. the. enemy. unless. fired. upon."
"Roger that sir" (accidentally fires one off in the -general direction- of the enemy, bringing a shitstorm in on the Area of Operations)
<sweetly> "Can we shoot back now sir?"

Yeah, I foresee this thing causing some issues...
Nevermind the intimidation value.
I've got it loaded with what's called "Dragon's Eggs"
Apparently a whistling 100 yard firework of some force and fire/explosion after impact...

Fire it off, and it screams and whistles til it gets to whatever impact area you're aiming at.
Then it violently explodes in a shower of sparkly bullshit that prolly would light a motherfucker on fire who's too close to aforementioned-impact area.

I'm comfortable with that concept.

And nothing said that the 'bird bombs' can't be mixed with say, Thermate
Thermate is Thermite's pissed off hotter, meaner Big Brother.
Very similar in composition, Thermate uses the same two base elements
Iron Oxide (powdered)
Aluminum Powder (fine 60 grain level powdered)
Then, for the MATE, add:
a -pinch- of Sulphur (yellow powdered)
and a squirt of Barium Sulfate.
Google it.

By weight the ratio of iron oxide to aluminum powder is 8-3. Both should be powdered as fine as possible as this will make it burn hotter and ignite easier. You still need a good ignition source like powdered magnesium...takes heat to make heat donchaknow

Once lit though?
This shit burns at about 3500 degrees.  
Good Mojo/Bad Mojo
Depending on yer needs.
I also am waiting on and will poast pics of the smoke grenades.
Once I get the materials, it's going to be a bitch to be one of my neighbors
Jes' Sayin'
Though Serbian War Criminal is gonna be jealous
That much I know fer sure.
So Sergeant's Time Saturday will be coverage of the M203 Grenade Launcher, with the Havoc filling in in the role of the 40mm Launcher.  May as well make use of the situation Aye?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Pervasive Crazy and Fucking Lunatics

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
The problem we have in this country is the insanity that we've allowed to run loose.
Case in Point:
Elliot Page
Formerly known as Ellen...
Fucking opportunistic LUNATIC
OK... not bashing true body-dysmorphic folks.  REAL Transgender (less than .05% of the population... prolly less than that) have a hell-on-earth experience.  This particular rant is on the fact that Hollyweird insists on doing what any -sane person- knows is damaging to the greater population.  Sane being defined as believing in two specific genders, a nuclear family, and 'staying in your lane' and keeping your own beliefs on the down low and not expecting other people to be forced to not only respect but be forced to embrace your headfuck-edness.
Like these fuckwit scumbag celebutards.
That the general uneducated fucknut population are celebrating as stunning and brave

I want to purely kick their collective asses in an incandescent rage

For me it's personal
Spawn #2 has mental health issues.  S(h)e claims to be trans.
We always knew she was gay.  That was apparent at a young age.  Never encouraged, just supported.  But then, surprise, surprise, Bruce Jenner, who as far as I know hasn't cut his wang off yet, came out as Caitlyn, and the world went insane(r)

Didn't anyone notice ole Brucey only started doing this insane bullshit when his step-whores got ALL the attention and ALL the media limelight?  See, Brucey was a washed up celeb in his own right.  Was living quietly until he married the Head Whore Kris Kardashian ne' Jenner.  When Whoremomanager started pimping her daughters collective asses on TV out of their home, ole Brucey lost his shit when he wasn't part of the scene.  "Don't they know and understand? I'm Bruce Jenner!!!!"  
Which didn't matter one whit to the celebutard population... he was a has-been.

So he was determined to get back in the limelight
What not a better twist for the TV Show then to have Dad come out as a Tranny?
Good for laughs back in the 50's, but they played it straight. (pardon the pun)
These fuckwits unknowingly threw gasoline on an already smoldering mental-health fire in the nation.  Goddamned country was/is hanging on by it's fingertips, and the Gay Mafia, sensing a potential win, went all-in, and my daughter is a direct casualty because of it.

And this new asshole "Elliot"?
OK, lets break  it down.  Started acting at 10 years old.  Got some good parts, Peaked at 20 years of age and started sliding down from the peak... the slide started in 2007 after the starring role in 'Juno'... instead of back-to-back hit, it was a few shitty roles and a bit part on "The Simpsons"... when you go from the lead role in a MAJOR blockbuster (their standards that is) to being a bit part on "The Simpsons" it's all over but the crying.

But -suddenly-, in 2008, wait for it, she's GAY!

Cynical much Big Country?
Bet yer fucking ass I am Aye.

Then, -suddenly- She was the toast of the town again and started getting more roles. (who'da thunk it?)  Married some luna-chick at one point, and has been going the long fade into that goodnight, as her looks are a far cry from when s(h)e was a lil cutie back in the day.  Egg failure in 3...2...1...

Now, -all of a sudden- <GASP!> She's a he!!!
"Hooray! How stunning! How brave!!!"
Fuck me man... the bullshit is unreal.

Call me the penultimate cynic, but almost every single time this crazy cunt started to fade into obscurity, she does an attention-whoring Social Justice Tickbox Checkmark.
Has a hit movie, starts to slide
"I'm gay!"
Resumes career
Looks and career start to fade -again-
"I'm trans!"
Jesus. Christ.

YMMV but to me, I don't see 'stunning and brave', I see a bottle of milk, starting to seriously sour, well past her expiration date.  Now for anyone other than a hardcore fame-whore/addict, just being part of the "Big Show" should have been satisfying enough.  But no, this twat is now going to encourage other attention starved morons (like Spawn #2, sorry baby) for who being gay isn't just good enough.

See, Spawn #2, by my reckoning, when she came out in her Junior Year, she was the toast of her class...  I didn't see the impending fucking colostomy upcoming because I was working on drinking myself to death in a bad marriage.  My fault, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea fuckin' culpa  
Regrets, I got a fucking ton.

But this bullshit, it needs to stop.
The self-centered grandiose proclamations... me?  Given what the influence that Caitlyn Jenner had on my poor fucked-in-the-head daughter?  I'd like to shoot that fucker meselves.  I mean he's doing it as a fucking publicity stunt!
His own words: "Caitlyn Jenner wants to set the record straight on her penis, and now claims that she put her male member into retirement rather than removing it completely."  
Let me at that fucker for more than 30 seconds, with a sharp K-Bar and he'll be singing a different tune

In soprano.

This's why our country is completely, almost at this point irredeemably insane.   
Our celebrities, will embrace anything to keep their fame
Our politicians, anything to retain wealth and power
You want to play 'gender games?'
Knock yerselves the fuck out.
Please... with a tire iron preferably.  Repeatedly no less
Because for the most part?
I gar-ron-damn-tee this crazy beeatcha is going to either 'go straight' in a few after all the attention dies down, OR it'll adopt some poor niglet, imported from Africa (the other trend in Hollyweird) and mentally derange THAT poor kid.  That is up until we read about the imported African killing s(h)e/it at some point...

If these idiots didn't have the (((media))) spotlight on them, they'd fucking die
We saw that during the lockdowns with the ultracringe shit on Twatter and Fecesbook
Curl up and blow away like the dried out fly-shit on the sidewalk that they all resemble.

Fuck 'em.
Can't wait to start active measures.
Gonna be a long road trip.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
Well first off, some minor housecleaning...
So yeah, I -did- say I'd "killz it and fucks it" after the fact... Lets face it... Infantryman, Mark One Mod Zero, Two Tits, A Hole and a Heartbeat, Heartbeat Optional, depending on circumstances...  True Beast Mode if'n ya will.  Cannibalism is also perfectly acceptable, as long as you use table salt.
My thanks to Concerned American again for linking me many times last month, as well as Normal American.  Between the two of them, a link from Wirecutter and the Feral Irishman, I broke a record for hits this last month at 87,836 hits... the month before was 65K and some change.
Damn man... many thanks to you all me faithful Droogs and Droogettes, and Phil as well for letting me rage and keeping me encouraged.  I'm -almost- at half a million all-time hits which is mind-blowing.

Sort of like the news that Barr is still going on with Durham.
THIS is why I'd say there's a serious disconnect.
Barr just empowered Durham to be a "Special Counsel"

"He said Durham’s investigation has been narrowing to focus more on the conduct of FBI agents who worked on the Russia investigation, known as Crossfire Hurricane.
The investigations grew out of allegations of cooperation between Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russians to help him defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton." (AP News)

Just how long does it take to write an indictment?
I -think-, with my meager braincells I could prolly knock one out on the tray-liner mat at a Wendy's Burger Joint (back when they still had them pre-coof).  I mean it's not that hard.  
I mean we're dealing with Lawyers for fucks sake... the most corrupt and hated profession outside of Congresscritters to date.  They ain't known for their brains obviously.

Then, point to be proven, Barr came out today and said vis-a-vis Electoral Fraud, (that could be seen from now 4 galaxies away from what I'm hearing)
See, I think I figgered it out a bit.
Leastways IF and only IF they successfully steal the election.

See, they're so disconnected in that we haven't started wasting motherfuckers yet that they're good.  In the 30 second news cycle, these fuckwits don't understand the premise of timing nor patience.

They've never stalked a deer or hunted a human
Thats obvious.
It's the whole 'instant gratification' thing that they're caught up in.
Bomb the airwaves 24-7 with "Orifice of the Kid Sniffer Erect"
And since no one can get a fuckin word in edgewise, they think it's a done deal.
No it ain't
The rationale I have for this is that the enemedia and the rest of the goonsquad?  They light up like a flare damned near instantaneously.  TELL me that the AntiFags were NOT ready to rumble IF the numbers didn't go their way... I mean even if it does or doesn't go their way, the fact that we haven't  erupted in a paroxysm of outrage and violence, to them means we've accepted the situation, and nothing more will be following, 'cept our meekly rolling with it and accepting it. They have the attention span and mentality of a retarded mayfly.
Might even be the lifespan of one once we kick off OUR side of shytte. (Average lifespan of a Female Mayfly? 5 minutes +/-)

They don't know us very well, do they?

Me?  I'ma waiting Aye.
Like ALL the rest
So yeah, apparently the "focus more on the conduct of FBI agents" is going to be on sacrificing some fucking pawns in the hopes that the 30 second news cycle keeps the proles happy.  No fucking way is anyone outside of a Special Agent gonna get good and properly fucked.  They're gonna fry some fucking palookas from the D.C. orifice, and lay the whooooole thing on them.  My guess'll be 2-3 agents who "overstepped their bounds" at the 'behest' of whateverthefuck that (((lawyer))) they already pinged... any bets?

Yeah, they'll hang, instead of who really should hang:
Biden, Strozk, his Whorsefaced Whore, Bathhouse Barry, Big Mike and His Magic Dangledong, hell the whole fucking coterie.
Nope.  The plan methinks is to hang a few shmoes and tell us what a great job they did and 'get back in your holes proles and don't question your betters.'
It's fucking insulting that they think that this is how it plays.
I mean I -may- be wrong, but unfortunately, my track record on some of this shit has been aight.

Like I said.  The near one-constant in ALL the fucking shenanigans has been the utter contempt that they have for ALL of us.  I mean it's blatant.  Between the fucking Dot Gov fuckers who, at 2pm say "Stay home, cancel Thanksgiving!" and then at 4pm jump on a plane to whereverthefuck their fambly is.  
Or the "All restaurants will be closed tonight!"...except for my fave Italian Eatery that I'm going to go to tonight."  
"All salons are closed...until I need a blowout."  
"All gatherings over 10 are outlawed...unless we're letting the niggers burn down a white neighborhood again"
They don't respect us.
They don't listen to us

It's almost time... 
To make them FEAR US
And yeah, call that FedPoasting.  No worse than what they're calling for what with "re-education" being a euphemism for a deathcamp and eventual extermination. 
We have the majority of the training, veterans, and guns.
Now we just need the excuse
A stolen election in toto is fine enough for me


Our Leaders.
My Ass
Time to take out the trash AND all of theirs
Not one survives this
See "North Korean Model" for sustainability and peace.
Eliminate Three Generations
And nuke it from Orbit, it's the only way to be sure
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

American Swine

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
Swine... the Lot O 'Em.
I swear on me eyes, these people... What. The. Fuck.
Is it me, or does it seem this lockdown has brought out the inner stasi/stool pigeon in the average scumbag swine 'Murican?  Is it the little rush of fucking over your neighbor?  Do they not understand that they ain't helping anyone?  
I mean c'mon man...Payback is a bitch

And these bitch-assed motherfucking snitch-bitches are gonna find theyselves with a reckoning 

I mean Sheeeeeeeeeeeit.
Ifn I went to all the trouble to have a HUGE meal done, and have my family over, and some fucktard snitched me out and the Fuzz showed up?  Hit me with some bullshit fine and fuck with me and mine on a holiday?

That's a Flammenwerfer'n.

Unfortunately, it appears that common sense and lack of physicality (meaning getting ones ass kicked) has created an almost perfect storm of limp wristed tattletale fuckwits running around looking for approval from "Big Daddy Goobermint".  The kind of fuckwits who never got enuff love from 'real daddy'.  They want validation and shytte from people, so to do this, they Narc.

I hate narcs.
Fuckin' Crapweasels.
And even worse?  The type of Swine we got now are wannabe STASI members, and are too stupid to even unnastand what a STASI is. Stasi was the official name of the Ministerium für Staatsicherheit translated from Kraut: the “Ministry for State Security” 

Which means the secret police.  The Stasi was one of the most hated and feared institutions of the East German communist government.  The worst part though after the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Turns out the STASI had compromised...well... like everyone in the country.

Wives spying on and actively narc'ing on Husbands
Kids diming out their own parents
Horrible back-stabby shit
Caused a lot of heartache and grief
Seems the spy-guys annotated everything

ALL interactions.  In fact, my understanding was that the head of the STASI 'assisted' with helping build our oh-so-great current surveillance state here in the Untied States.  The krauts found miles and miles of fucked up paper trails detailing any and all movement, conversations, you name it.  And all done on a consistent basis.

And Now?  Swineus Americanus Narcamus?  Yeah.  In full effect.
This is a natural outcome of the keyboard warrior culture and trolls never paying any -real- cost for their collective shitheelery.  Add on the rush of "Ha Ha! I have the power!" of being even the slightest bit 'in charge'.  We've been so emasculated and beat down and without challenge that the weak assed punk bitches of this world get off on the tiniest hit of power-dopamine.  It's a shame.  Not enough understanding that "NunYa" means None ya damned biddness!!!

Which means for the upcoming "Spicytime" things are going to go badly initially.
My -only- hope is that Florida becomes the "President-in-Exiles" choice to retreat to.
More'n likely is my guess.
Leastways I -hope so-
Because if not?
Ain't no hiding from Big Brother nor his Merry Minions of Scummitude.  
OPSEC, while in practice is a -good thing-
BUT beware the people who don't know you and have never been punched in the face.

You know the type.
They're the ones who give you the 'badass' stare in the Supermarket when yer not wearing the Dipshit Diaper.  The one who stares at you, and then has to evaluate "Will this guy curbstomp me into my next life if I say something?"

Ask me how I know this.

Invariably, with me, they look, realize "Always let the Wookie win." and run away.
Literally in one case.
Now, granted I saw this fuckwit staring at me all hardass wannabe, so I started grinning and asking Wifey if "Can I killz and fucks it?" in a loud voice while slightly drooling.

Never knew a dude could move so quick...
Like left a man-shaped smoke cloud in the cartoons...

So yeah, OPSEC and INTEL
Head on A Swivel
Be the Gray Man
Mind yer own fuckin' biddness Aye?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, November 30, 2020

Reality Bites

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Reality is a stone motherfucker.
And lately, it's blatantly obvious that the 'lockdowns' have had a far more serious impact than we've understood.  I'm not going to argue the "is it live or is it Memorex" regarding the WuHanFloo, Chinkypox, CoronaChan... I'll leave that to the people who care about it or depend on it for -whatever-.
I -did- read about a whistleblower from back in October... said February was going to be the introduction of "Covid-21"...
Hard to care these days...
I don't anymore.
It's a bug.
I get it, I get it.
Fuck it.
See... it's the mental health aspect thats going sideways.  Lots of people were batshit insane BEFORE this shit started.  Now?  Holy fucking jumping dogballs.  Motherfuckers are whackadoos coming outta da woodwork.  People you had thought were good... well, turns out ye olde lug nuts weren't tightened down propper propper.

BUT the proof is what we're seeing in Japan.  In one month, they had more people off theyselves than they entirety of 'supposed' Corona deaths for the year!  I mean damn.  The mental health of your average Japanese these days, from my understanding ain't none too good.  -I- sure as hell wouldn't want to be a headshrinker there, having to crawl around in the snakes and rats-nests that's the Japanese psyche these days.  One of the most honor-based insular tribalistic groups left on the planet...  and they be whacking theyselfs off in wholesale lots lately.

Here in the states, we're seeing the "Cult of Covid"... I tell Wifey and Sapper that the "Diaper Directive" allows us to separate the 'sheep' from the 'goats', what with the 'sheep' to my line of  thought are the dangerous ones.  They're the people who are true believers and -anyone- knows a fanatic is the most dangerous follower.  They're the ones I saw in Iraq doing the aloha snackbar ride to their 72 raisins or virgins (depending on translation) via Rapidly Moving Car Parts or chest-bomb.  When I see some fucktard driving inside their own car or walking in the open air in the park while masked I think:
"Jesus, what a dumbfuck"
Quickly followed by the thought:
"That motherfucker is a true believer and therefore Dangerous"
That ain't a conspiracy theory.
Thats a pure-dee fact.
Thems who wear masks with that much devotion would have ZERO compunction, in a larger group context  mind you, of burning your house down if convinced it would 'save one life'.

Such is the danger in Mass Propaganda.

And right now?  We're -never- going back pre-bug.
They can't. 
A) They like the power
B) Going back means that there's a LOT of potential liability legally speaking

I mean, far as I know we haven't seen anything play out, except the religious freedom case in court vis-a-vis the Chink Lung Aids and the lockdowns, spurious 'orders', 'mandates', and all the rest.  Eventually someone is going to realize that they can sue, and find a really hungry shyster who does those kinds of cases.

In fact, I'm waiting on the "mask lawsuits"
As in -someone- wearing a mask, who was religious about it either dies/died or something, and the Mask didn't save them.
Add on Vaccine Lawsuits and the constitutionality of the mandatory shit?
For the flu?
Oh hells no.
Gonna be a cold day before I let someone tinker with my RNA/DNA blockchain...
So yeah

The 'reg'lar' people are (the sheep) are getting mor and mor wound up.  They're poasting shit left of left and getting mor deranged as the days go by.  Psyching theyselves into a lather methinks Aye.  I've also noticed a lot mor people trying to 'draw out' guys like me on Fecesbook to get me to FedPoast.  Ain't happening, but all in all, nice try boys, better luck next time.
On the polar opposite of the spectrum, the Q folks and everyone who believes that the Military got in some running gun battle in Frankfurt.  

Man...where to begin?
1) Reality: SOFA agreements.  Status Of Forces Agreements.  That's the framework that sez what the US Military can and can't do in the "host country"  And seeings from experience the fact that our Battalion CSM couldn't spring a young private for driving drunk in Nurnberg back in the day, and he did 6 months in a Cherman Stalag before getting released, (and then shitcanned out of the army), I -don't- think Muttie "Left of Stalin" Merkle is going to let a bunch of Delta shooters or anyone US Dot Mil or not go runnin' 'round shooting up der Cherman biddnesses... even if they ARE doin' the dirty.

2) "The CIA lost a guy who they flew in from Afghanistan for the emergency."  Uh... no.  Flight time from Baghram to Frankfurt: 11 hours.  Doesn't make any sense, but then again, when does horseshit slathered in bullshit make sense?

3) "Believe in the Plan."  OK... I usta believe in Santa, The Easer Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.  Time to grow up folks and put away childish things and thinking.

Ain't no 'magical wonder weapon' coming to save the day.
No "Kracken"... in fact NOW they're saying that the Kracken is a software program, a crack team of Military Intel kids, and a special doo-dad that they used to ensnare the watermarked false ballots.

Goddamn, I got an imagination and even I have trouble with this.
It's all hopium and coping mechanisms
Facing the fact that IF we want to save this country we're going to have to face reality

Hard times be coming

Lotsa folk gonna die
Horribly no less.
Wishful fancy thinkin', dope-fever dreams and magic-fairy dust believing is how we got in this fucking mess to begin with.
And now, we're gonna have to do it the hard way
We absolutely  now know for certain that there ain't no voting our way out of this
Hard ugly times.  
Lotsa folk ain't up to it.
Lotsa Japs know it...
I'm not jumping on the first frag, but I'm mentally preparing.
You should too.
A long hard row to hoe for sure Aye.
More Later I'm The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Sunday, November 29, 2020

New Project

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Got me a new project to sink what little cash I have into.
DadInLaws (now mine) 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Stop laughing

Two Words any dood in my position loves to hear:
"Free Beer"
"Free Ammo"
"Free Truck"

And yes, it-does- qualify as a truck.  V6 2.6 liter 4WD thankee very mucho.
Ugly? Yep
Older-ish? Yep
Free? Fuck ya man!
AND the best part: 72,500 original miles

Mechanic said he's never see such a mechanically pristine putt-putt.  Seals good, engine just broken in.  Everything works.  To include the 80's cassette deck in the dash
I ordered ZZ Top's 'Afterburner' and 'Eliminator' tapes on EBay...$5... too funny
Gonna have some retro-cruising to do now
The only issue is the paint is dead, dead, dead.
Debating on leaving it that way as it's white, faded and like I said dead.  I took it thru the car wash and did a mad pre-soak with mildew remover as it had a big pile of green/black mold and mildew all over it. 

Very common for cars that sit around a lot here in Flor-rheee-Duh.  Very White-trashy looking too.  It was DIL's grocery getter and secondary car from the one he crashed, and since he's no longer driving, he kindly gave it to me as a second car here.  The 4WD differential is good, and I need to get a tank of ethanol-free gas run thru it with an engine treatment as it -is- sluggish from sitting 'round the driveway since 2008, with only short jaunts in it occasionally.

I'm also gonna scrimp me some pennies for a small trailer, roof rack, new sneakers and some 'other' equipment to make it a very low-key bugout boogie buggy.

So fun fun!  I'm all sorts of happy happy joy joy.
Please if'n ya can, hit the tip jar on the way through, as it's gonna take some shekels to set this up, and the bullet bean and boot fund is low, although some 'yall have donated recently, and Wifey said thanks very much.  
More later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Sage Advice From 4 Years Ago

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Again my Thanks to Concerned American for his 'sponsorship' in feeding some of y'all here to ye olde 'umble bloggers rant range.  It's a two way range, and I don't block trolls per se, but the Ban Hammer is available in extreme cases.
A Long Long Time Ago
On an Intarwhebz Far Far Away
There was dis dood.
Guy was a cab driver in Orlando I think who stopped blogging in January of 2018.
He was a favorite read of mine, as 'back in the day' I too, before Uber and such was a hack.  Made my weekend 'whore and beer' money in High School as the youngest  legally licensed Hackney Driver in New Hampster.  16 is the record legally, and I was it.  Anywho, dude was /is right wing as fuck, his philosophy seriously cool, and stories that made me laugh out loud.

One of his stories (some of them are long as fuck so be aware) was a former (not ex) military professional whom he had a looooooooooog conversation with, who laid the following info on him regarding (in 2016) with the Obamamessiah in orifice, (Big Mike's Orifice or the Oval Orifice wasn't determined at the time) and the Dot Former-Mil dude said the following:

“These people are playing with matches… I don’t think they understand the scope and scale of the wildfire they are flirting with. They are fucking around with a civil war that could last a decade and cause millions of deaths… and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”

Taxi Hack's commentary to this (in 2016 mind you) was the following:

"I abhor violence. I don’t want any of this, but it is inevitable, at this point. Our government is utterly lawless. Our representative republic is gone. These people no longer serve the interests of the American people, they serve their own elite interests, and the citizens of the United States have become tax cattle to be managed, milked, and controlled. And the security state they have erected is not designed to protect US, it is designed to protect THEM."

4 Years Ago...
Dude was a Genius/Seer

Seems like a lifetime...
Especially with me now teaching the basics of Infantry Common Task Training on the intarwhebz... hell... I already know for certain I'm on a 'liquidate list'... between my skill sets and political leanings, if I disappear before they shut this place down, you'll know why.

I have a 'death switch' in place tho.  More details to follow.  If they whack me, This shitshow ain't over. 

And for the doubting Thomas's out there,  let me ask you:

Can you easily manufacture select fire weapons, in quantity, on the regular, on the down low?
Not that I am -now- but I -did- test those skillsets, and hence part of my 'legal entanglements' before

Can you give basic terror/counter terror classes on basic Infantry skillsets?
I can, and am doing now in an easy-to-digest readable/printable manner

Can you build, from common household parts, a Flammenwerfer?
Maybe.  Because I put the plans out there for your consumption
Not to stroke ye olde ego, but a lot of comments have been purely negative

"If yer so great, why ainchoo doin' nuthin'?

Well FedBoi, A) Yer obviously a plant and B) Why would you waste a perfectly good scalpel to cut down a tree?  
Trees need chainsaws and -basic saws-
NOT a laser focused 40 milliwatt scalpel that needs finesse and talent to be utilized
MY value is in areas that are sooooo out there....
I mean shit...

Operations Manager of the company-that-will-not-be-Named who ran Abu Ghraib.  LOTS of intelligence and counter-intelligence working there, to include Red Cell Work

Operations Manager of ANOTHER not-named for Detainee Operations for Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay... (My resume, for a while... sheesh... one H.R. motherfucker asked me if it should be titled "Torture Incorporated" LOL....took me a while to bounce back from those shitshows...)

Add on my real-time OPFOR training, My Ranger Training (failed out but still, good training) Airborne, Air Assault... 

I mean Jesus... On a military bucket list, ain't much I didn't do.
No Long Tab tho... mad sorry about that... got hurt before that could happen, but I was on the list, and MANY brothers who ARE long tabbers think I should have been one.  

So yeah, they're gonna come for me...
No question of "if" 
But "when"
But hey... good times, good times.
We're heading into the 'Days of Wine and Roses'
“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” Sun Tzu
"The riskier the road, the greater the profit." Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #62
Both Apply.
I positively thrive in a post Apocalyptic World... leastways I did when Iraq came apart at the fuckin seams.  I ate great, lived well, had a non-stop procession of both Iraqi and 'Murican pussy through my hootch... 
Any wonder I miss it?
The motherfuckers in charge...
These people think war to the knife is a 'cutting quote' on Twitter
We are the descendants of the Gaul, the Picts and Vikings
Where the fuck have they been?
Let me tell you... 
In the 13th Century... The Tollense Valley
Bronze Age
5000 motherfuckers went in to "Thunderdome: The Bronze Age"
Over (the estimate) 2500 motherfuckers got plowed under.

Very. Soft. Metal.

Kind of metal that deforms on human bone... dulls it even.
We're fucking pussies compared to these guys... they'd tear through a battalion (modern) sized element of AntiFa and ask "Who's next?"

Of course the "they" would have been all three of them.
Three of them versus a modern day battalion?
Ferocity? Aye.  Dedication? Aye. Willingness to Die? Aye.  (with joy according to sources)
We stand, in our current societal mode, as the weakest, most lame group of pseudo-warriors ever spawned on this planet.  OUR ANCESTORS bequeathed us a land of milk and honey, and now we're going to relinquish it to a bunch on pseudo-intellectual libtarded socialist fucknuts?
Say the word
It's almost time.
There -are- those of us who followed the ethos of our forebears.
Not many
But HOPEFULLY enough
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Friday, November 27, 2020

When "Fuck You" Isn't Enough

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
I'ma drop this here for an early-release, and might do a follow up tomorrow... why the fuck not 
Time again for "Sergeant's Time Saturday".  I'm yer host, Big Country, and today's subject is the M-67 Fragmentation Hand Grenade.  
In keeping with the same premises that I've put out before, this's strictly for entertainment purposes.
Not that anyone is going to have these things rolling around in their trunk
Leastways one would hope they ain't...

The idea, as stated before is Common Task Training
'Cause you never know what might be left laying around after the fact.
Make of it what you will.

The M67, or "Lil Ball of Hate" was developed in 1967 (designated '67' natch) and fielded in 1968 as a replacement for the M26 "Pineapple" and M33 "Lemon" frags.  They're pretty effective with a blast radius of 16 feet fatally, and wounding out to 50 feet, although fragments have been found as far as 250 feet from point of detonation.
REALLY effective in enclosed spaces, what with shrapnel and blast/concussions, it's earned the nickname of "Lil Ball of Hate" honestly.  
The importance of properly gripping/holding the hand grenade cannot be overemphasized. Soldiers must understand that a grenade not held properly is difficult to arm. Gripping procedures differ slightly for right- and left-handed soldiers.
Righties hold it 'normally'

Right-handed soldiers hold the grenade upright with the pull ring away from the palm of the throwing hand so that the pull ring can be easily removed by the index or middle finger of the free hand.
While you 'Southpaws' A.K.A. 'Lefties' have to hold it inverted thuslike:
Left-handed soldiers invert the grenade with the fingers and thumb of the throwing hand positioned in the same manner as by right-handed personnel.  This lets y'all pull pin/throw easier with your strong arm.
Now, on throwing, they had us learn to stick your arm out, as apparently you want to point at what yer throwing at:
Pull Pin
Throw, Yell loudly (unless doing the Sneaky Pete) "FRAG OUT!" 
Get the fuck down
You yell so's yer buddies don't get caught unawares. (More on this in uno minuto)
Now, I've never (outside of Basic/AIT) used a frag in this manner.  The ONE time I used a frag I tossed it into a highly questionable room, so it was more like in the movies than open combat
Urban environments are a stone bitch
That being said, the fuze delay on this thing is between 4-5 seconds.

Don't believe it
Never Ever Plan on a frag having any sort of consistency

"Once Mr. Pin is Pulled, Mister Grenade is No Longer Your Friend."

No fuckin' joke there Aye?
Now, it IS 14 ounces of fury waiting to be unleashed.  A steel shell with a BB matrix and Comp B as the explosive.
It has the standard Pin setup that you see on TV but it also has a shipping clip that you need to pop off BEFORE pulling Mr. Pin.  The shipping clip is there to keep Mr. Spoon in place IF by some miracle Mr. Pin dislodges.
Bad things happen when Mr. Pin works loose unexpectedly.

Happened in 96 at Ft Campbell... right after I left.  Some asshole LT with a live frag on the live fire combined arms ranges lost a fucking frag.
Apparently, from what we found out later, he'd secured it to his pouch by the pin
And, at one point he laid down, and Mr. Pin popped out.
Did I mention that it lay on the ground for a while?
And when the Colonel of the Brigade, my old unit mind you, but 1st Batt (I was 2nd) did 'hands across the range' to find Mr. Grenade not knowing the pin was out.

Hands Across the Range is when a critical piece of equipment goes missing, and literally every swinging dick gets on line and walks every. single. inch. of the location in question until it's found or whatnot.

Well, they found it.
When someone either kicked it, stepped on it or picked it up, not knowing Mr. Pin took a day off...
Killed one, wounded 11, and got the Brigade Commander relieved for cause
Which totally sucked.  Colonel Martinez was a really good Commander... 
Wasn't his fault that the LT didn't tell anyone about the pin still being on his web gear and not in Mr. Grenade...
Fuckin' LTs man...
So anywho
That's the fast n furious breakdown on Mr. Grenade and his parts.

Now, also, jes' sayin'

For those of us in a PatCon sort of mindset, there are means to fuck with the opposition
In Fallujah, (I got this second hand from the Jarheads in question) the Gyrenes were running low on Frags.  As I said  before, Urban Combat is a stone bitch, and Mr. Grenade is a MAJOR party favor for fun and games.

So, the Jarheads were out of Frags

And this one group of guys got some dug-in bad guys inside this ville...
So one of the more 'creative' Guys, he grabs his Rip It Energy Drink
Crack in a Can...
And about the size of a standard Frag...
The Army kept those lil beauties in the Mess hall for free, and we were all addicted to them...

So, the Marine yells out "Frag OUT!" and chucked the Rip It into the room with the Hajjis...
Who come swarming out of the room like red ants from a disturbed nest thinking they were about to meet a "Lil Ball of Hate"...
And subsequently got captured/killed.

Point being you say?
Well... in some circumstances, something similar could be used to psyche out your opponent say...
Using an Airsoft replica mayhaps?
'Cause the training takes over...
And you yell "Frag OUT!" and throw a highly realistic simulator, people gonna beat feet or hit the dirt, causing you to gain a minor advantage for a few seconds... because no one wants to be around when Mr. Grenade goes off.
Just mor of my usually twisted ideas...
Hell, some of the Airsoft "Frags" are loaded with paint balls... that'd fuck them up too
>BOOOM< (cops covered in yellow paint, highly confused) "Da Fuck?"

So, more later, and I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
'bout damned time!
I -finally- caught a case on Twatter.
Seems -someone- didn't like me askin' a CNN slore about her barren womb and penchant for box wine.
12 hour suspension.

I promise I'll try harder in the future.
But, hey, leastways I -finally- caught a case.
Took -forever-
And I've been damned near FedPoastin' at the level that I would have thought I'da been bagged a ways back.  Apparently, one of two things.  One, I ain't gots a lot of followers or Two, I hit a nerve.

Methinks the 'barren womb' and 'box wine' struck a nerve.
It took them 3 minutes to hem me up.

Crazy Cat Wimmins got to stick together
But I do find it funny that THIS is what they hemmed me up for?
Hell... I've damned near crossed the line with near-FedPoast Level shytte and not heard a peep
Or is that the way of things now?

Oh well... Been backing this thing up now daily, because it's only a matter of time before they come for this here lil soapbox.

Also, been having mor convos with Libtards
Yeah yeah yeah.  I shouldn't but being a burr under their saddle is satisfying.
Especially since I can see the trends forming up
They're unhinged at Orange Man Bad

Far worse than before

Like, these are people I grew up with.
Some of them I've know since kindergarten.
Back when I got home in 2014, and done with my duty, they had a reunion party for me
Big Hero kind of stuff.... me I just went to party and get hammered on someone else's dime
I'm getting death threats
Told that I'm 'dangerous' and 'twisted' and 'paranoid'
Gee... I wonder why that could be?
What on Earth could make me feel this way?

Might be the whole 're-education camps' and 'deprogramming' and the 'we're going to have to remove them from society' thing ya maybe?

And yet

They're the compassionate ones
Ya... keep thinking that.

It's going to get ugly-er sooner rather than later
Especially if the Electoral College goes the 'wrong way' to these people 
Because, to them, it's the "Bultarski Method" of politics
"Nothing is over until we say it's over!!!"
They're gonna go completely apeshit if'n it don't go their way
And that means it's on.

So, head on a swivel
Gather Intel
Take names and numbers
Local Local Local
Until Later Then I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, November 26, 2020

OK, So What?

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
The Commentariat of The People's Republic of Big Country had a few -choice- words 'bout me last.
Essentially, very "Q-like"... i.e. "Trust in the plan"
And one guy actually said "You should just read this one statement by the prior Army LtCol and then tell us it's a wet fart."
That right there is the problem
Who gives a flying fuck what some Lt. Col. said?
Sure as shytte floats and I'm a mental basket case, no one in power does.

THAT is the problem
Right fuckin' there.

People still believe that the system will make it right.

Forgive me for this one: 

Are you fucking kidding me?
Were you born stupid? Or did you take classes?
Are you fucking retarded?
Are you fucked betwix ye eyes son?
Aye... methinks so.
No helping those who don't recognize the reality of the situ-atcha-mo-ation here.

Not to bag on Dood per se... I saw a lot of that at the Blogshoot.
Not naming Names...
Sapper n'Me went there to 'feel out' bloggers with waaaay more audience and pull than me.

We wanted to know if they were "Go/No-Go"

And, with the exception of a very few, the majority still believe the system will make things right.

The majority were serious "Gun Geeks" for the most part.
Great Hardware, but still believing in "The System".
Mores the pity.

Lest we fergit

Der Chermans made it legal to go after the Jews, the Gypsies and the Faggots.

No legal standing to say "Yer a big meanie and the law used to say that that wasn't cool" when they come and take your firearms, give your house over to a more deserving, politically connected BLM Nigger who likes your crib, despite the idea that hey, maybe its your fucking house.


"Reparations Bro" is gonna be the next mantra.

Again, Muhhahahahaha!!!!!
"Fuck off."
Said Roberts, the SCJ-in-Charge...
Ain't no rolling this back...
'Cept through bloodshed...
Gallons of it...
Hunnereds of thousands of gallons of it.
It'll take 20 years for the stink of the suppurating corpses to dissipate...

If it ever does.
More Later, I'm the Pissed Off Intrepid Reporter
Big Country