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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Some Memes I found...

Greetings to my Droogs n Droogettes! 
Lite Posting for the next day...
Been busy cleaning the house and prepping for Santa-Shytte...
I found these tho today and literally some of them made me laugh until my sides hurt.

Until Tomorrows Retardation, I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Oh Holy Shit YES!!!

Good Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes!  After surfing around a bit today, I found THE Christmas Gift for my friends and fam!

This's the shirt to get.

I'm Much Happier Now.
....and yeah, if you click on the link I get a cut.  But DAMNED if that ain't the shit tho?  I bought 3 of them for my fam for Christmas... that takes care of that except for the Ole Lady... shoppin' for her is a stone bitch I swear.

Until Later, 19 Days of Shopping Left, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

No Balls = Total Fail

Good Evening again from Big Country's Home for Wayward Veterans.  The place where everyone knows your name, but keeps calling you "Fucker" anyways with a knife hand...

Well, it's now the something-odd year Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  I lose track to  be honest.  Not that I don't care, it's just sort of overwhelming.  2700-3000 +/- sailors, marines and soldiers KIA'd on our own soil, and a UUUUUGE assed war, well  it's so long ago... it's sort of hard to see through the mists of time.

Its a shame really.  Like there's -no one left- who was actually there.  The average age of a combat soldier in Nam was 19.  In World War Two it was like 25 or 26!!!   That means the average age of a Nam vet is in his late 60's to early 70's, depending on which decade they were fighting in.  Hell, I just turned 50, born in 69... do. the. math.

Guys who were in Ia Drang in 65 average age now: 73...

Average American Lifespan as of 2016: 78.69 years.

So yeah, seeings that even if a 17 Year Old went to War in early 1945, hell, lets make him a 16 year old...  that means that IF and a BIG IF he's still kicking, it means he'd be 90 fuckin' years old...

Which also means some of these guys are bullshit artists 'claiming' to be WW2 Vets... you can be sure that there's gotta be a bunch of fucking posers out there... just saying...

Well, on to todays outrage:
Fucking Camel Fuckers Planned this Shit.
It's now apparent, that out politicians and military have ZERO BALLS.
We know that all 19 of the supposed 911 Hijackers were Saudi.  We know Bin Laden is a Saudi.  These fuckers are all over the country being trained by OUR OWN TROOPS nationwide.

Now, finding out that three of his buddies VIDEOED the whole fucking enchilada?

One thing I haven't heard, and its pretty easy:  Why hasn't every. single. Saudi Arabian in the United States on a military base been rounded up?

Every. Single. One.  

I DO NOT CARE if Lieutenant Hajiiscrotebagga is forth cousin to Da King.  I DO NOT CARE if it offends  The Saudis.  Those 'made good/born good/lucky' camel jockeys all need to be rounded up and taken to Gitmo.  To Camp Echo... to never be seen/heard from again.

Then, as an extra, tell the King to loosen up the billfold, as it just got a wee bit more expensive to cover his Fat Fucking Flea Infested Camel Slurping Goat Fucking Ass.  Payouts to ALL the dead's families.  To include 911.  Take responsibility for your own... and a yearly payout as protection money.  No cash = no guards.  Fuck 'em.  That


We make a call to the High Head Weirdbeard In Charge of Jihad in Iran.  Tell him we no longer got 'a dawg in their hunt' against the Fat Fuck Flea Infested Camel Slurping Goat Fucking Asses in Saudi.  We're pulling out.  You can have the land... just don't fuck with us on the oil.  You keep the oil flowing, and we won't make Tehran or Mecca glow in the dark for the next 50,000 years.  Nice Temple you got there...

...Be a damned shame for you to go from "Praying to the Ka'aba in Mecca" to "Praying to the Giant Glowing Mutant Gopher Hole that Mecca Was."   Now, granted, as a Glowing Gopher Hole it'll suuure be a lot easier to find when it's time to pray...
An Order of Hummus, Extra Crispy...
Pay out, or we get out, and let them fuckers finally settle the Shia/Sunni thing once and for fucking all.

Retards.  All of them.  And as far as them fucks who videoed the fucking shoot'em up?  Arrest them.  Gitmo them.  Waterboard them.  Fuck 'em.  The fucking knew it was coming and didn't say a fucking thing.  Rip out their tongues if they don't like using 'em.  Sear out their eyes with a hot iron, so they can't watch the videos, and then drop 'em off back home.  Fuck 'em.
Thatisall. I'm the pissed off I.R.

What part of "We WILL Shoot You." Do You NOT Understand?

Good Evening My Droogs and Droogettes out there in the Intarwebz.  A bit of a fey and cold evening in South Central, home to Big Country's Home for Wayward Veterans.  A bit on the tired side tonight... must be too much blood in my alcohol system.  That and I caught the next round of flu bug running loose...  After this one tho I should be set for the season.

That being said, I'm just about fucking DONE with our self proclaimed "Lords n Ladies" and "Betters" telling us how they 'know what the best thing for us' is.  The best thing... It... subjectively an object.  What thing is "it" of which they speak?

It's been old.  It's not getting any better.  It's not even on life support.  Whatever IT is even... 

And then...Just who in the fuck are "They?"
Join the Army “THEY” said.
See the world “THEY” said.
Hot Girls will dig you in uniform “THEY” said.
Go to college and get a degree “THEY” said.
You’ll make a shit ton more money with a degree “THEY” said.
After college, with a degree, finding a job will be cake “THEY” said.
"THEY said the check is in the mail"
"THEY said it was a really good deal"
"THEY said that I couldn't lose in the stock market"
“THEY” keep telling us the economy is doing well.
“THEY” also said that it’s for our own good that “THEY” keep taking away our rights.
“THEY” also tell us that “THEY” are from the government and “THEY” are here to help.
“THEY” lied.

I don't trust "THEM" anymore.

None of "THEM".  At All.  The Compact has been Broken.  

It has been rendered "NULL" and "VOID" by their actions NOT ours.

If the Democratic Party and the Elite Media was the equivalent of a Rabid Dog, both would have been put down with extreme prejudice faster'n Tommy put one in the "X Ring" of Old Yeller.
Except no one would cry if the Media and Democrats were shot en mass
The issue is, and remains, and I've ranted about it before, is "The Bubble".  These people have no idea what it means to be a regular Joe/ette.  It's why we get "Slow Joe" Biden, the human-gaffe machine running off the mental reservation and coming off like the demented Alzheimer's affected drunk Uncle on a holiday.   Biden has been 'inside' The Bubble" since he was 29 years old!

To whit:

Its a bit long, but I got into it with a Liberal on Facebook...  This ignorant bitch went after a buddy of mine, and albeit he's ok with holding his own, I really got pissed off... so I buried her...

"Good Evening Nichole. Wow...insulting people you don't know? really? How "progressive" of you...Jay is something you'll never be... a hard working decent Man, who happens to be a Veteran that I served with... Not saying you're NOT hardworking, but the fact that Jay is a white male veteran probably 'triggers' the hell out of you... (Drives you nuts doesn't it?) You don't like Trump? Great. I'm no big fan either, but he IS funny as hell as people on your side of the political spectrum just -can't- get past your blindness and hate... or wrap your head around that he's running CIRCLES around the idiots AND the media in DC, AND making Liberals even MORE insane as he goes..

And you call yourself "Progressive?" As defined: "Progressive- a person advocating or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas. synonyms: innovator, reformer, reformist, liberal, libertarian." NONE of which that I can tell defines you. I looked at your web page, as well as your own... so anyways, to continue...

Guess what sweetheart... yer stuck with him, The Cheeto Jeebus,  "The God-Emperor Donaldus The First"... Because you are too wrapped up in Trump Derangement Syndrome to see that fact, no amount of screaming, yelling or lunacy on the Left, or actions by the Democrats and/or "Progressive" throwing tantrums is going to do a damned bit of good... In fact, I LOVE the "Resistance" chicanery... (Antifa apparently can't organize an orgy in a Hong Kong Whorehouse if they had 20 Metric TONS of $100 dollar bills that I can see... Nor could (((Nadler))) et. al... jes sayin') If anything, I suggest seeing a p-shrink if it bothers you -that- much. In fact, so far, we Libertarians/Unreformed Constitutionalists (real ones, not wannabes) and the Republicans/Right wingers have tolerated QUITE a bit of shenanigans and violence from y'all on the left.

And yeah... we TOLERATE ya'll... like we tolerate a 3 year old with shit in his/her diaper throwing a fit and/or flinging poo b/c y'all ACT like undisciplined savages.
Please, Shut. The. Fuck. UP.
To whit: "Savage: noun 1. (chiefly in historical or literary contexts) a member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized. synonyms: barbarian, wild man, wild woman, primitive".
Sweet God in Heaven, WTF IS That?
 As some more enlightened pundits have pointed out, the Second Civil War has started, but "only the Left is fighting." Which is a BAD. THING.

Your denigration and oh-so-self- righteous attitude towards 'rednecks' and "Trump Trolls" is highly indicative of a lesser understanding of -just- what you are wishing for... and what you and your ilk might receive... call it the Law of Unintended Consequences...

Y'all Some Dumb Motherfuckers Out There...
Like so many in the the majority of "Blue" states that have such a highly concentrated population of liberals, well, therein lies the problem... It forms a bubble of unreality... The areas with the highest amount of combat veterans, gun owners, and all around getting-sick-of-this-bullshit people live in "Red" states. The people that you would consider to be the 'deplorables' that Hillary derided during the campaign happen to be the core of AMERICA. The most heavily armed, highly trained and getting-tired-of-your-fucking-bullshit-tantrums people live in the "Red" states... One simple question: Let me just ask you: Does the name "Custer" ring a bell?

Essentially, what I'm saying is at some point the adults decide that it's time to square the child away... either a beating or a 'time out' shortly follows. No more putting up with the tantrums, and sure as hell, the child usually ends up sorry and sore. The Left had better wake the fuck up before it comes to that.  Because THIS time, the 'beating' will more than likely be fatal.  No 'take-backsies' or 'Oops'... It'll be a "War to the knife"... which will be the end of you and your line, as well as the end of everything you hold dear.

Progressivism will be studied one day as a mental malady... a mass dementia that went untreated too long and festered unheeded in the body-politic until its rot spread, only until the white-hot cleansing of fire and steel could remove it... permanently.

Anyways... damned... I really spent too much time on this. My apologies for whatever apoplexy/stroke you're probably going to have from this, but I'll be damned if a spoiled self involved bullshit artist/hater insults a friend of mine. Have a nice day, and remember: It's OK to be white. (Just like it's OK to be black/brown/green/purple/whatever... as Yoda said, "It matters not.")

Sooooooo.  No idea if this broad suffered a stroke out (methinks she did) but yeah, I'm now blocked and getting tired of seeing the nonstop division out there.

"THEY" just don't get "It".

On their heads, so be it.
Until Later, I'm the Intrepid Reporter.  Keep yer powder dry.  Hard Times are coming sooner rather than later...
Big Country

Thursday, December 5, 2019

They Came out GREAT!

Damned good stuff!
Annnnd as I feel shitty (again) today, a light posting of some humor:
Until Later, I'm the I.R.
Big Country

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Why the Fuck not?

Afternoon Me Droogs and all the Bitter Clingers who come 'round here for the fun, the insults and nay I say the entertainment?  Leastways -I'm- entertained.
Grumpy Cat, however, Disagrees with Me
So I spent the early waking hours (10am) doing my resume over again.  Actually I'm doing multiple resumes.  Each one aimed at a certain job type.  The career counselor I met with yesterday pretty much told me flat out, that my resume as is, I ain't getting a job with anyone.

Primarily too many -good things- if you can believe it.  

Too many degrees, certifications and the like.  Now when I was originally starting out in the job market, the more, the better.  Those without certs or such ephemeral whatnot were almost always hustling a new cert.  Hell, I'ma signing up for the Lean Six Sigma Green belt now, just to add MOAR to the table...

However, according to Mister Career Counselor, the Millennials who are now in force and unsurprisingly went into HR as a career, don't want actually qualified people working for the company.  Seems those of us with actual credentials make the uncredentialed feel bad.


So on that note, I leave it to this:

I'm baking cookies tonight.  Basic Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies.

And chasing them with a metric fuck ton of Vodka while I bake.  Best to be toasted while baking eh?

Until Later, I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

So me and the Sapper walk into a Bar...

Good Evening Me Droogs and Droogettes.  Greetings from the beyond the pale (my behavior in public that is)...  The Intrepid Reporter went out this afternoon/this evening after the earlier post about The Hermey Mengele Connection, and had ourselves an early dinner/supper?

Whhatever the fuck the meal itself is called, we had us the bomb for food tonight...  Mongolian Style Grill.  Meat.  Lotsa dead animal flesh, grilled up right in front of you with some rabbit food thrown in for good measure.  Take note, this -will- be on the final exam tonight.

Infidel Meat, Beef Tips, Shredded Steak, Shrimp, Chikin of all sorts... quite the choices.  Almost too many choices, leastways for the what I consider paltry serving...  Kinda small for the Big Country in my world.  The Large did in fact do me right serving wise.  I was full when I left... not too full.... just that "OK, can't eat anymore without needing to either shit or puke."

Great chow.  Got home and met up with the Sapper.  We had plans to go out to meet with another bro of mine, a former employee, Jarhead.  Yeah, a Marine.  Great guy, just need to keep him away from the crayons.  Anyways, Jarhead is a bit of an entrepreneur and a year or so, might even be two... fuck time flies.. he got himself a 24 Foot Airport Passenger Style van.  Gutted it and turned it into a full bore mobile cigar humidor.  Jarhead is -all- about some premium cigars.  Loves them fuckers, so his dream is to sell 'em.  He does events like Daytona, some of the NASCAR thingies... all in all he's actually been making bank doing it.  To the point he's about to open his own shop/lounge.

He invited me and Sapper about a week ago to an event at World of Beer.
Mad Brewskis Bro!
It's a chain, (how far it is nationally I have not one whit of a fucking clue) but it's pretty prevalent around Floriduh.  Basically a metric fuck-ton of beers from like everywhere...  which therein lays (lies?) the problem.

Now, I haven't partaken of too many bars since the divorce with XHH6, and the only ones I -have- frequented were Irish Dive bars, of which one of them I was the head bouncer until an unfortunate incident on Halloween a year ago.  (They managed to re-attach his arm and told me he'd regain full use eventually but shit do happen... don't expect mercy from me after you already hit me 3 x times in the head with a glass pitcher... and no, it didn't break, hence my shall we say extreme measures in disarming him... hee hee.. I made a pun!)  But yeah, I dig me old school biker bars.  Manly bars where the broads are slutty, the bands are loud (and preferably Irish in nature) and scant a limp wrist in sight.

This fuckin' place?  Not so fuckin' much.  Apparently BECAUSE it's "Beers from around the world" it attacts a certain -ahem- clientele...

I get hit on by some old dude of the homer-sexual persuasion not two fucking minutes in the bar!!!
And then some..
I managed to just ignore the old Queen, (the death glare I gave him was enough for him to realize his mistake) and then I started scanning the Area of Operations.  I was hoping to assist as wingman for the Sapper, but man... talk about a target poor environment.  It was a train wreck.  The -majority- of the women looked like Snausages... those overstuffed doggie treats that smelled like shit and probably tasted worse? Yeah.  Those fuckin' things.  All tarted up old wall hitting if not pipe-to-the-face hitting broads.

Moments like this.... >sigh<

Then, the doodz accompanying these trollops?  Two categories:  Lumbersexuals and Pure Soy-Bois.  The stench of failed masculinity and toxic soy byproducts, combined with 'Drakkar Noir' and 'Axe' bodyspray, weltered about haphazardly, leaving a miasma that made me wish for the stench of a good, clean burn pit in Iraq...

No joke, I think three out of these four motherfuckers were there:
I am not joking.
One couple, dood hadda wannabe "samurai top-knot" goin on... he and his female kept talking about their diet, how Vegan they are and worrying about calories.  This's why, no bullshit I counted no less than six separate plate deliveries of soy-tacos to their place at the bar...  I mean these two had to be cow derivatives... they were literally grazing all night, right up and until I had to leave.

We met up with Jarhead shortly after, and it was a good reunion.  He's got a line on some potential work, so good networking eh?  We got some stogies and chilled for a bit.  Then me n Sapper went back to the bar.

We got there, and Sapper hadda go 'break the seal' so I held down the fort.  At which point the second most obnoxious couple in the world descended into our A.O.  

Now mind you, we're sitting at the bar.  On an not-so-crowded Tuesday.  We're not even close to the taps, servers or register even.  We're on the corner of the bar.

And Fuckwit #1 and Fuckwit #2 plonk down right to my right.  Like the broad sat down practically touching my shoulder.  Personal space?  Yeah.  I need enough to throw a left hook, but when this bitch looked at me and sort of gave me the "Are you going to move?" look, I was like mentally "Fuck no."  Never give an inch.  Now, to give you an idea of her 'man', add a ballcap to Douchebag Number Two up above and no joke, these fuckers would be brothers.  I didn't move, she -wouldn't- move (to move would be to giving in to the patriarchy if I hadda guess her resting plate-flat bitch face meant anything by the glare she gave me...)  Sooo, I settled in.  

I proceeded to bring up in conversation with the Sapper, the Christmas Gift that I got with the Ole Lady for the granbaby...  We got her some tablet-learning thingy that's supposed to be awesome and semi-indestructible.  As I relayed it to the Sapper, (in a somewhat obnoxiously loud voice) "The Ole Lady insisted on getting the armor case in Hot pink."  I was like "How can you possibly be so gender conforming in a time like this?  Thats not right, we should let HER pick her color AND her pronouns!!!!"  The last line garnered a small smile/recognition from the audience... until....

We lasted all of 45 seconds before breaking out in great howls of laughter...  The audience, realizing it'd been played, got all uptight again and made poo-faces at us.  Like I give a shit.

I then went outside to bullshit with Jarhead.  Despite being cold, the back deck smoking area had overhead gas heaters... bit on the warm side so I ditched the jacket, forgetting I'm wearing FedBros B-Day gift.  A "My M-4 Identifies as a Dreamer" or some shit, with a big assed M-4 on the back.  Many sneers and such were thrown my way, so many that the Mongolian/Korean Spicy Beef was calling my name, so I cropdusted a table of these morons for good measure.  I had just finished, and as Fat Bastard sez "Everyone likes their own brand!" I was reveling in the nasty I had just dropped.  Jarhead, well, he looks over and is like sotto voce "Dude, did you just drop ass?"
"Fuck yeah bro... serves these soi-fucks right!"
Like That, but Better
He of course started laughing as we watch some of the 'finer folk' hightail it out of the range of the attack.  I made my courtesies with Jarhead, thanked him for the stogies and went in. 

I figured it was time for the coupe-de-grace.  Bitch practically in MY lap will she?  Sapper got up to piss again (boy's got a baby bladder when he breaks the seal I swear) and I wanted him clear if it came to fisticuffs.  I pounded down the last of my beer, getting a good sudsy swallow so the foam would hit the guts -properly-.

The belch, nay SMELTCH that erupted from my gullet, aimed coinky-dentally with the Broad's face, was epic.  A mishmash of Mongolian Dragon Spice and Korean Beef, with an portion of formaldehyde washed over her grill... she looked physically ill.

I waited.

And waited.

Resting Bitch Face started furiously gesturing to her 'man' who, in turn -utterly refused to look me in the face-.  Otherwise, Z-E-R-O.   His response finally was to move his seat down 3 feet from where me n' the Sapper had been (which is what they shoulda done in the first place) and then swapped seats with her.

God... what happened to this planet?  I'm normally not one to punk out a motherfucker like that.  I hate bullying, but they were soooooo obnoxious, in my space, my face and fuck... just existing in this universe is enough to make me reconsider staying on this planet...

So here endeth the evening... we left.. and man... it'll be like -never- when I go back to that fuckin' joint...  Until later, I remain, The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country