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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

So ANYways

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes
So Day Whatever of Wifey being gone.  Work progresses, however slow it is, and got some news today that was a bit -bothersome-.  She went up to the Kentucky/Tennesee/North Carolina A.O. cause the step-spawn need(s) surgery... Possible tumor or some such whatever, and on my experience, told her and HER hubby that getting all the offending material out in one fell swoop is the way to go in case of malignancy.

Well.... needs still.  She was scheduled to go under ye olde knife at oh dark this A.M...  I get the call at 0745, and expect good news... which it is, but it ain't, but it is, but it ain't.  I get the "Babe... (insert extremely long pause... long enough to start to worry)"
Me: (Fuckin' still asleep, not cognizant) "Whuzzle!"
Her: "Le sigh... Spawn is ok, but they couldn't do the surgery."
Me: (Still half asleep) "Huuuurder?"
Her: (Teeth grinding) "She's pregnant.  Again."
Me: (Wide awake at the implications) "Jesus Fuck a Shit Souffle!" 

Seems Stepspawn is preggers.  Goddamit.  This despite a full on surgically implanted 'no baby for you' device.  1 in 1000 failure rate.  Guess who the fucking one is....

So now, Other Grandparents are INFLAMED.  That's putting it mildly.  These are the two idiots (stepspawn and moron) who had Granbebe, and we all hadda step in and take her b/c they're both about as capable of raising a child as oh, I dunno... a pack of snails.  And it's been costing a LOT of shekels.

Now, juuuust as we were getting out of the 'itty-bitty-baby' mode (complete w/disposal of ALL the small items like onesies and all the other bullshit) and getting into 'small human unit' support mode (still not fully functional but up-gradable and/or trainable) THIS fuckin' thing happens.

Curve Ball Central, Big Country Speaking, How May I Assist You?  
So, Good News, Bad News.

Fuck how I'm gonna deal with this particular smoking heap of shit.  Other Grandparents ain't stepping up, and me?  I like being a part-timer.  I LIKE my sleep.  AND not having a full time dada gig... Been there, done that, got rid of my spawn 5 years ago.

Good news, Granbebe is gonna be a sister to -something-... what we have no idea as of yet but goddamn.

So, that's what I got for today... Poly-Ticks and the stupidity of the Left has got nothing on my soon to be castrated son-in-law.  And it ain't me who's gonna be pulling his package... That's ALL wifey's field o'dreams... a dull knife or spoon I think she mentioned... oh well... you play, you pay.

More later, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Monday, June 29, 2020

Memeing Again

Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes
A great fell night by gum!  Meme'd the fuck outta some shit over the past few days, especially over in GAB as I can't put the majority of that shit out in public.  Not -too- worried about the doxx as much as the ban-hammer...
Of which it comes down on me regularly.
Watch the vid, and then realize the utterly defeated look this poor anachist has... the absolutely painedexpression when he realizes "someones just been shot!"

Fucking Hilarious.
To the point:
It's true... don't tell me otherwise.

Then, another one I threw up after the "Gunslinging Karen and Chad is St. Lou popped:
Gotta say, I'm actually a bit -jealous- of the musket... a Classic Colt 'My Lil Pony' AR-15A2 Delta HBAR if mine eyeballz aren't mistaken... quite collectible... not what I personally would grab (in light of it's value, about 4K... a bit much for an AR but still.... a safe queen in my book)... but hey... Styling in the overweight Sonny Crocket mode of Brooks Brothers and Chinos, who can argue?

Plus he AND his wife AND his property are unharmed.

THIS is why you need an assault rifle.  Too bad none of the fuckers had the stones to step up on the property... I'da paid good money to watch them smoke some assholes.
Point made.

Now, have they taken said-point yet?  If not, it's gonna get ugly-er.
Til then, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

Sunday, June 28, 2020

A Quiet Sunday

Afternoon me Droogs and Droogettes!
A quiet SSSSSSSSunday.  Totally dead around La Casa de Campisino Grande.  Sappers at work, I slept in late, and wifey ain't gonna be back for a minute.  Only issue I have is no wheels as the Wifey Unit took the one ride we have, and with Sapper gone, the secondary means of transportation is unavailable.  I mean I -do- have a bicycle, but OMFG it's too hot for that to go any great shakes of a distance.

Yep.  that and I look like a circus bear on the damned thing, even tho I bought the biggest available mountain bike out there AND added on addition reinforcement and sizing equipment.  For one I had to get a 'neck extender bar' for the handlebars as I was almost completely forced to ride like I was on a crotch rokkit with the regular height bar.  Then a reinforced seat post as I'm a fat ass.  THEN a better (bigger) seat as the damned regular size seat hurt too much to sit on.

The, of course lastly I added on the 'bug out' gear.  Rack on the back, bags, tow bar (the Granbebe has her own carriage to attach) which doubles as a gear-carrier in an emergency.  Not a bad rig but it's too fucking hot.

So, as it were... too many people taking things for granite again.  As in my neighbors, despite the warning signs are all thinking 'well thank goodness the lockdown is over!' here in sunny FLA.  Of course not mentioned in the mix is the mandatory masking policy... $500 fine for the poor fucker who gets caught allowing you in his store w/out a coverup.  Myself, I'm seeing a good news-bad news sort of thing with it.

Oh yeah. The EDC I have now on the -rare- occasion that I leave the casa I've got my new cold steel punch knife, as well as the ASP baton. I can't get my license to carry back until end of July, but by then it may be a moot point...

But with Mandatory Masking, a lil misdirection and some other sundries, and God Help any one who decides to get squirrelly with me.

I also downloaded and printed this:
No idea if't'll work but its always fun to piss in someone's wheaties.  Along with this:
So no idea of the legality of it, but -anything- that throws a wrench int he controller's works is good with me.  I've seen a few sites tryna to say that the DoJ has 'refuted' this shit, but at the same time, a 'suggestion' or 'guidance' ain't a fucking law... nor is an 'emergency declaration.'  I dare someone to decide to verbally fuck with me on this.

The other thing I gots to do tomorrow is pick up some pickets for the house.  Me n Sapper have been running 'what if's' war-gaming the entry to the casa and subsequent levels of Defense I want to employ... 2500 feet of concertina, and 1350 of tanglefoot on hand, and I may buy some more.  Needs some pickets though to get it stuck in so to speak.  I leave it to Sapper... Combat Eng-Gin-Neer or "Drunkards with Dynamite" as they're known as.  I'll just do the scut work.
Lil Christy for Sunday-Funday... now where wuz I?
(Damn she's a hot chick...only 4 years older n'me)
So, more Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Well THAT was Exciting!

Greetings me Droogs and Droogettes!
The Flammenwerfer is a success...

Sort of...
Seems that I may have missed a metal shaving when I cleaned out the tank from the initial drill hole.

Cause it got caught in the gun, leaving the mechanism open, fuel coming out and on fire...

Bit exciting as one would say.  Wee bit of scorching, but otherwise no real damage.  In fact when I dropped the rig to Get The Fuck Outta There the nozzle shut off and Sapper, a quick hand with the fire extinguisher, put out the mini-blaze that was my back lawn LOL.

Not the greatest vidya, but the next one will be now that I got the kinks worked out.  Still got my eyebrows and body hair... I just need a LOT of water and gatorade as it was hot as fuckall in that nomex gear.  Yeah... I wasn't trying to dress the part, it's the only nomex I got on hand so why not?

So yeah.  More Later.  I'm off tomorrow so's I'll catch up with y'all then.
Til then I'm the Roasty-Post-Toasty Intrepid Reporter
BBQ Big Country

Friday, June 26, 2020

Great Minds

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes
Did the pressure test on the Flammenwerfer.  Went -relatively- well.  Initial pressurization blew the hose off at the bottom... seems I didn't 'lock' the quick disconnect.  Scared the shit outta the dog when it came off... all the C02 whistling wigged her out of her puppy-butt LOL.

Then, another issue came up when I went to shut off the Ninja Universal Fill Adapter.  Thats the C02 tank attachment point.
The red arrow was something I completely overlooked.

My bad.

It's hard to see but on both sides of the knob are lil recessed allen head worm screws that hold the knob in place.  When I went to turn off the C02, the knob came right off in my hand... the worm screws were only in there just a lil bit... enough for the knob to test on and off for initial installation, but not for real-time, esp. since the whole assembly got really cold/frozen from the C02.  Knob came right off in my hand with an "Oh Fuck!" and I managed to get everything undone w/out losing the full C02 tank... I'd say about 1/2 went away but it was a test which is why I done did it.

So next is the live fire test.

THAT should be fun.  The video will be a a blast if you will.  Hopefully Sunday.

Then, the next fun n games up for a beating.  The CoronaChan Blues man...
Bitch that just won't go away eh?
Here in Florida they're going full retard and going after the businesses here if you ain't wearing a mask.  $500 per person per time.  Buncha fucking bullshit.  Puts the onus on the poor bastard shopkeepers, and they take the hit.  Fucking morons.  That and the other word we got locally is that the trash pickup is being drawn down from two cans to one can.  Normally once a week, we can put out the recyclables with the regular trash can.  Now?  The recycle run has been cancelled til further notice.   We also have been told our twice a week regular trash pickup might be cut to once a week...

Which ain't feasible.  Nasty assed hot fucking Florida weather means our trash is gonna be stinking to high fucking heaven toute-le-fuckin'-suite.  Gonna be foul as fuck in a short-short.  Which didn't fucking happen at the height of the CoronaChan Outbreak 2 months ago.
Color me fuckin' suspicious.

NOW they can't pick up the fucking trash promptly?  Hmmn.  Didn't have this issue before...   The excuse is that they don't have enough drivers...  Which makes NO SENSE at all.  And the claims of 'numbers climbing' are so much Horseshit.  We gots less folks sick.... LOTS more tested, and yeah, the numbers bumped up, but go with me on this:
April/May: Only a few tested, out of that a LOT of folks 'popped hot'
May/June: LOTS of people tested, out of that, -the same ratio of people 'popping hot' as in April/May.-

DESPITE testing MORE people... a metric shitton of folks, the numbers have not truly exploded.

NOT in the way they're so desperate to have.  They'd LOVE a HUUUUGE explosion in actual cases... especially to make Orange Man Bad and DeSantis look bad... they'd also like us to be all afraid and shit of potential rioters, BLM and any other host of plagues that they think (they by the definition of the Puppet Masters, the Marxist retards who know not what they fuck with.) that they can bring down on us.

Problem is tho... See, 'round here, they can't bring the pain to us to make us vote the way they'd like.  We're armed, attitudinal, and getting pissed off.  When they told us that Anfifags and Dumbass BLM was gonna roll to the 'burbs to start fucking with us, me n'the neighbors busted out our shit, and said "Bring it Bitches!"  

So... they can't scare us, they can't intimidate us, but they can make life uncomfortable.  1st World Problems right?  Lets face it, the trash is going to start to annoy the fuck out of us quickly... 'cept the reaction ain't gonna be what they're expecting.

My vote is to bring it to the local Councilman's front yard and dump it.  Let HIM deal with this shit.
Sounds good eh?  Gonna discuss it with Sapper and the neighbors later.
Til then I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Ze Flammenwerfer

Greetings me Droogs n Droogettes.
Had the day off, so's I was able to finish that project:
Pint on ye olde main fuel tank....taped off and removed the top plastic piece, and sprayed 2x coats on it.

Then, no that you can see it yet, is the benzine tank for the igniter...
But it ain't in the final product, which is:
Flammenwerfer 2.0... your choice if you want to make one... this'un is  ready to go... in fact, might put it on sale here.... let me know if'n y'all are interested...
Until The I'm The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Busy Busy

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes
Man... back in the rush of shit, and it ain't stopping.  The work is retarded per usual, if not for the fact that its even MOR apparent that the higher ups are on a 'extraction mission' than even before.
I mean it's bad enough that it's all been pushing sales sales sales (NOT what I was hired for) but now it's alllllll about the Standard Corporate Pandering Training.  I mean what large corporation can ignore this current chain of events?
I mean even Wendy's jumped on full-bore-dirty-whore and spread her red headed legs to get pumped and dumped by Rufus and the Gang... I mean, hell... it couldn't hurt to pander to BLM...
Uh.... yep.  'Bout as good as I'd expect it to...  

Rule #1: Never Feed the Beast.  It only encourages them. Just like welfare... giving money to fucking dirtbags only encourages dirtbag behavior.  I mean hell... how many companies are going to keep paying the Danegeld?  I mean it's more like "Nig-geld" at this point... 

Point is, it's getting worse.  Work today, hell all week the fucking monks have been on the phone 'tryna gits whuts minez!'  This being free products/services... even when they haven't paid their fucking bills in over 18 fucking months.  It always happens.  The -second- the Free Shit(head) Army starts, the coons come out of the woodwork looking for their 'gibs.'  Saw it under Obamahussien (piss be upon him)... the niggers (not blacks) getting all 'uppity' towards whypeepo.  Demanding 'respect' where there has been none earned.  Now?  It's the niggers thinking they can demand goods and services from corporations, via calling and threatening us on the lowest end... the front-line phone worker.  Which in itself is hysterical.  

Person:  "Yousall best gibs me my -Product A- hea rights now, or I'z calling an tellin yo soop'vizer y'all called me a nigga!" 

Me: (questioning my life choices) "Thats your prerogative, but understand these calls are recorded."

Person: (now revealed to be gibs-me-dat trash) "don no nuttin bout no recordin... Gibs me whut I want!"

And then the very fact that it doesn't register with these cretins is that I'm a glorified moron-in-a-chair.  A trained monkey could do this gig.  Hell, I was a grunt... that IS a well trained monkey (Gorilla War anyone?).  Bad puns aside, fact is, they can't conceptualize  that I can't give them what they want.  I have to explain (if I even feel like it... depends on how hostile they are... the slightest bit of 'tude' and its DIS-CON-NEXT!) I have to explain I'm no one, gots no power, can't gets 'em anything free, and pay your bill if you want us to turn the service back on.


Yeah... dealing with all flavors of morons.  I can tell almost who I'm going to be dealing with by the location that the call comes up in.  New York -proper-, usually High End yuppies or whatever the fuck they're called now... generally nice folks, but want shit done right the first time, no tolerance for fuckups (which I like) and boom off the phone cause time-is-fucking-money-gotta-do-the-blow-off-my-hookers-ass-Bye!  The Brooklyners... the hispanic/black/ethnic mix... wide and varied.  Lots of jews.  Not too bad for the most part... I can always tell when someone is scamming me, and while I can't call 'em out on it, I can make their lives a bit more miserable.  Like 'accidentally' closing/locking their accounts... changing their phone number associated with the account so they lose the phone access to the info... small petty revenge shit that can't really be tracked, as there's literally MILLIONS of transactions on MILLIONS of accounts daily.

So, as of Thursday I'm solo for a full week or more.  Wifey hopped the only car we got to go to see her spawn who's having surgery.  Told her to be back by the 4th, as shit might be getting "jiggy wit it" 'roundabout that time...  Might be longer tho as we just got some shocking news that her BFF friend's Husband and buddy of mine cashed in his chips yesterday morning.  Massive Heart Attack.  No pain, dead before he hit the floor apparently.  Wifey was gonna spend two day with them scheduled...but now?  It's up in the air.  

More Later as I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country 

Monday, June 22, 2020

Additional Fun

LAte Night Me Droogs n Droogettes:
Gonna just start with this:
Seems Seattle is gonna "shut the CHOP down."

Do they really think  that a bag-o-dicks like "Warlord Raz" is going to willingly call it a day?
This over-hyped asshole is going to hold out.  I Hope.

Pleasepleaseplease let him decide he wants to go out in a blaze of glory.  I'd love to see it.  Mainly because every. single. body. that piles up in his last ditch defense against Orange Man Bad can be laid at the Democrats feet.

And those of you (if any of you think this way, getthefuckouttahere... dis blog is for woke motherfuckers... no soy allowed) who may think that profiting from the death of cops (b/c if he holds out, that'll happen) and any 'innocents' who get in the way... let me tell you

The Left profits of every single dead shooting victim they can to frame angry white gun owners as the problem.  Even when it turns out its a psycho-serial-killing nigger run amok.  If they kill cops?  Great.  No skin offa my ass.  I'm no holster-sniffer.  I got cop friends, and I've been pushing them hard to quit because I want shit to go sideways.  The faster the shit goes bad, the sooner the untold numbers of 'woke folks', of ALL spectrum of flavors (black white hispanic... shit I'll include the koreans, seeings they're the top roof climbers) can rig the fuck up, and start killing these fucktards.

Until they throw the switch tho, we -have- to sit back and wait, lest the Leviathan comes after us.  

In fact I'm proud of how the "Woke Folk" have stayed cool 'under fire.'  I don't have the post, but an autist on the Chans posted pretty much the same thing, that we're doing good, stay the course, stay quiet (run silent, run deep) and when shit goes kinetic, go nuts. (Take notes... know your enemy.)  

In fact, I might have a patch made that shows that for the whole concept.  Let me know if'n y'all would buy it.  I -always- need contributions to the "Bullet Beans and Boots" fund.  I'm thinking a submarine with that motto on it... no Navy stuff besides the sub... any suggestions, I'm open.

So work today..........
I still won't dime out who I work for... can't afford to.  HOWEVER:
And... my gut sez they're nervous.

We've had price increases across the board... ones that don't make sense.  Instituted a shit-ton of new fees... shit that generally makes the customers squirrelly, if not downright rebellious.  And they have been like "Nah, It'll be fine."

Then they announced they're putting allllll the subsidiaries on the market.

"No worries, y'alls jobs are fine.  Now sooth the uneducated dolts so's they keep putting shekels in our pockets!"  Which is the -exact- vibe I'm getting... it's almost like, despite everything worldwide going to shit, no one having a job... I mean holy shit I spend the day on the phone living the meltdown in real-time... companies calling to cancel service, reduce service or that someone died so there ain't no one to service.  I mean like real-time nationwide observations.  And then they boost our prices, institute "fuck you penalties" on top of shit?

The way I see it, it's that the top dogs want to wring out the last amount of cashola from a dying world.  Get ALL the monies they can, and fuck you I'm rich.  Get all the ducats/shekels/greenbacks they can from a dying world... who gives a fuck if'n they're fucking over granny.  They're getting theirs.

And when they be done, fire everyone, declare bankruptcy due to incompetence, pay the golden parachutes, and retire to New Zealand or some other non-extraditionary country that doesn't allow the locals to have assault rifles.

Of course, in these cases, I'd prefer a spear.  Anally inserted first.

I mean shit.  I spend each day in virtual "sales-driven" training to sell more product.  Even tho I have everyone calling me to tell me they're fucking broke!  I mean who the fuck is in charge?  Lunatics have taken over the asylum....


I'm dead fucking on, they know the shit is sinking, and they're trying to wring out the last few pathetic dollars from a soon-to-be-dead society.  As I said, they don't give a fuck... "Fuck you, I'm rich."

Let me know whatcha think.  More thoughts after talking while high with Sapper... he sends his regards BTW.
And the Old Lady's B-Day was great... she's pretty well preserved for 50 eh? (and no... the bags don't sag thank God)
More later, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Another Weekend Gone By

AFternoon me Droogs N Droogettes!

I need a weekend from the weekend.  Chasing a 2 point 5 Year old around AND doing a big assed combo Fathers Day and Fiftieth Birthday for the Mizzuz... I'mabout spent like a shell casing.
Yeah... just like dat.

Made mad food.  Cooked my ass off.  One of the things I've gotten really good at is the Outback Steakhouse deep fried Blooming Onion.
Came out pretty damned good if'n I do say so meselves.

Tasted even better than it looks.  Wifey picked up a "Bloomin' Onion" cutter as seen on TV for $.50 at an estate sale.  New in the box no less.  Works like a charm once I watched the vidya of how-to as there is a bit of a trick to making it so's it don't blow up into millions of onion shards.

And then... it's an MRE sort of night.  I ain't cooking sheeeeit.  Adding hot water to a mountain house Stroganoff is about my speed right now.  Hell... I mean I've been playing the whole following the news a bit less, much to a breather for myself if that makes any sense?

The constant inundation of the negative and constant barrage of "Whitey = Bad" is enough to make anyone tired.  Especially those of the "Post Civil War Immigration" timeframe... namely Irish and Other Euros who came here after the fact and had nothing to do with slavery and/or the Civil war.  I, and my Irish Brethren are getting fucking fed up with being blamed for all the shit that is the shit that this country is becoming.

Bad enough that we have Oligarchs running the show.  Political players whos spawn are taking over for them when they get too old and decrepit to run the show.  Case in point Biden.  Worthless 40 plus years manipulating, stealing, robbing, back door dealing and what do we have to show for it?  Not fuck-all.  The only reason we're not seeing "Biden 2.0" is that the chosen successor had the good graces to die of Brain Cancer early on, before dear old Dad could anoint him.  Lord knows they tried with "Blow-Man" Hunter Biden... but, just like the Kennedys, the secondary pick was a worthless whoremonger coke fiend.  I mean how bad is it that you start getting groomed for one of the top slots in the "Corporation" that our supposed 'representative government' has become that the good son died, leaving a fucking scumbag soooo  dissolute that they couldn't even salvage his 90 day wonder Navy ass?  I mean he popped hot on a piss test for cocaineThat takes effort... and a lot of blow.  The metabolites for cocaine, if take recreationally, wash out in 2-3 days max.  In order for him to piss hot, he must have been hitting the pipe (a crack pipe was found in a rental he used, along with a Federal Marshal's badge... what happened there?  If you or I had a falsified fed-cred found like that, we'd be freeze dried and buried under the jail)... anywho... thankfully Biden 2.0 got derailed and we're still stuck with Gropy Sockpuppet Joe...  Rapey McStinkyfingers from what we've heard, and yet people will still vote for him because Orange Man Bad.

At which point, the only thing to do is "Silent Service Mode."  "Run silent, run deep, and take notes."
There ain't no 'voting our way' outta this fucked mess.  The votes will be, and my prediction is a complete theft of the election.  The senate and congresscritters will scream from the mountaintops when Trump claims the election is illegitimate, and it'll be on like Donkey Kong. 

Full Blown Sarajevo.

To the point that I just finished a quality build for the Serbian War Criminal.  Dude is seriously pleased to upgrade to an AR platform.  He was a bit upset that I couldn't do an AK... but I explained I could, but it'd cost him a brick of cash as I don't have the tooling to do a full AK build.  If he wanted an AK, I -can- ostensibly- do it (I can build ANYTHING) I suggested an AR in Russian 7.62X39mm but when he saw the prices of the add ons, he went with the AR, and as he said <queue thick eastern euro accent> "You reload and make 5.56mm... Much supply locally if shit hit fan,  I will live with puny imperialist cartridge til I take AK from dead recidivists."  Yeah... the guy is a walking eastern European anachronism.  I love it. He's also lining up a pile of fellow SWCs that want to get heeled.  Told him 'no problemo' if they buy the lower... I'm not getting tagged with that many ARs in my name LOL.  No need for the 4473s to have my name allllll over them amiright?

Yeah, even the Serbian War Criminals are fed the fuck up... they've been here 10/15+ years, and fled this shit, and it's coming back full force again.  Just different names and faces, but the complaints are the same, as well as the demands for "justice" (whatever the fuck that means).  

One last case in point:
If this fucking sign was ever reading "to educate black people" about anything the howls, teeth gnashing, wailing and calls for the subsequent murder of all involved would be deafening.  But nowadays?

White Men/Wimmens are the new Jews.

Never Give Up Your Guns.

Never Get On The Boxcar/Bus.

Point. Fucking. Period. Fucking. Dot. Period.
Kill all who would try to put you on there.  The politicians, media, and especially their families.  Use the North Korean model of "Three Generations of Guilt" in assessing your targets.  Eliminate that much so as to erase the Stain on our Republic.

Anything else would be foolish.

Til later I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country.


Thursday, June 18, 2020

This's getting Old...

OK me Droogs n Droogettes

I'm flat out getting worn the fuck out.  I know y'all are too.  Think I need a break from the intel flo, and thankfully the granbebe is coming for the weekend.  This's a -good thing- as I can use the refreshing innocence of a two year old to get thru the current chain of events.
Or is it?

We're seeing a full on end-run of the communist ideal being tried.  The famed 'reds' of times gone by are actually making headway here in the US, and no one is calling them out.  There was a comic strip by Berk Breathed back in the day call "Bloom County" and there's a strip (among many) that sticks in my mind to this day... It showed the "Bloom County Beacon".. the ersatz newspaper of the said-fictional County having a meeting of the editorial board, in which one editor is talking to another with a dialog (and forgive the inaccuracy... it's been 30 + years)  of them talking thusly:

Editor #1: "Our brothers are making great inroads undermining democracy through our articles!"

Editor #2: "Great Job! I'll inform Moscow!"

Couple of years later, and it seems less comical as much as it is prophetic.
Pinoche was a man ahead of his time.

Might be nigh time to roll that way.

They're quickly wearing out their welcome as a whole.  I've unfriended many folks on the Fuckbook recently... anyone who's condoning/encouraging/believing in ANY of this shit is a fucktard, and the herd is getting thinned because of it.  I'm NOT posting anything, as it's to invite backlash.

Hell today at the job (recently reinstated) we had a FULL HOUR of 'training' where some fucking H.R. sloot lectured us about 'muh diversity' and yadda yadda and fucking yadda.  Didn't help that she singled me out for my own 'personal minute of self-flagellation' to whit I told her... "Nope, I got no issues, I ain't supporting anything, mainly because I saw the result of self segregation, and ethnic/religious cleansing up close and personal in Iraq,so no, I don't subscribe, follow, nor would I participate any longer as I've see where it leads."  I also insured I mentioned that the whole discussion was 'triggering me' and my PTSD, and, if possible, "would it be OK for me to punch out, as this's making me uncomfortable."

That was an hour and a half of free time for me....

Fucking busybodies have no clue.

Dumb females with useless HR degrees, driving the company into the fucking ground and then wonder upon wonders ask "Why?"

And, ostensibly, to them, "Well it must be the Cis-Male Patriarchy and Racism!!!"

Ever think its that we have to watch ads 24-7 of niggers 'supposedly' married to either attractive white males and/or (more commonly) white females with dirt-blend kids in our ads?  The very fact that the blacks make up a grand sum total of 13% of our population and they make it seem like they're God's gift to us?  Fuck off, Fuck you, and unfortunately Fuck me.

Primarily because, despite the CivNats, the WhiteNats and even the rest of them, no amounts of Boycotts, refusal of service and other shit is going to matter, as it's -soaked- into the complete mainstream.

Ain't no avoiding it.  I bailed on Gillette, despite them having a superior product, and they DID take a hit financially... however, lets face it... they make a better razor/cream and unfortunately, they ain't gonna stop until someone burns the factory down with the specific message that the reason for it is their continual shafting and papering of miscegenation.   

The time for boycotts is over.  I'm going to just sit back until it becomes a moment of "Intolerable Acts" like the revolutionary war folks complained about, then it's game-the-fuck on.

Otherwise, unless its a MASSIVE and CONCERTED effort, anything else isn't going to hurt the leviathan.

All these assholes claiming voting counts, boycotts, yadda yadda...

Fuck no... ain't helping.  Hashtag #whitestrike looks like it was set up and done on twitter to get the retards to join in, and thereby identify themselves to the mob.  As dude said, "be the grey man" and "avoid crowds" and mine?  "run silent, run deep, but take notes."

More later on, may miss a day what with miss 24-7 two year old on hand, but I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wow... How Dfuq did we get here?

Morning Me Droogs and Droogettes
File under "thing we thought we'd never have to do"...
I went through and realized just how fucked we be.
I've taken to wearing my cheap assed shoulder rig for the Glock 24-7... when I'm sleeping, the Glock, as well as the Uzi, the .458 SOCOM "People Destroyer" as well as an M-4 are on the nightstand for a QRF...

I mean tailor the enemy response appropriately as one would say.

I figure, depending on 'visitors' to have the proper level of response available...

For crowds, (since the flammenwerfer can't be loaded 24-7... degrades the seals) I have the Uzi.  A 32 round burst should be enough to scatter said-"uninvited guests" which is what the libtards would probably call home invaders at this point...

The .458 SOCOM, beast that it is is decidedly the "Anti-Vehicle" weapon, as in after the miscreants flee, I's stopping them cold with a couple of BIG ASSED 460 grain rounds... makes the old ".357 engine block killer" look pussified by my count...

And then, I have my basic M-4 (civilian version) mid-length gas tube (I'm big... carbine size ain't good for me) to follow up...

point being, I realized in this "New Reality" that it's much like the "Old World"... meaning "Keeps" and "Hard Points" will see the day through...

The realization is that I have three coils of concertina ready to deploy...
$39.99 on Ebayage, but but that was before the current shit...  Right now the same seller is selling them for $99.00 a roll.

Then, realizing things might be getting 'sporty', I added this:
Hard to see to a point (I took the pic at night) but I added a mid-point mag holder of 6 mags onto the mid-way point in my house.  As in if -someone- tries to kick in the reinforced door, Me and Sapper can fall back 10 meters to a hard point of cover (not going into specifics, but it works 180 degrees) and IF we have only our M-4's to work with, on the wall are fully loaded and maxxed out 30 round magazines to play with.  Last three rounds of each being XM-865 64 grain tracer..  ALL my mags have that, with the exception of the primary mag...

That one is the "go the fuck away and leave me alone" mag.  I  loaded a 40 round MagPul 40 rounder with the first 20 rounds alternating 1 round XM855 full metal jacket standard, and a XM-865 tracer.  After the one-for-one mix, te last 20 rounds are pure tracer.

If THAT don't put the 'sceer in 'em', nothin' will.

Really fucked up tho... I was figuring on "The Jetsons"... not this shit.
Instead I have to worry about "broken hostile farm equipment run amok."


How bad is this:  "But you see that they “admit” that there will still be “some situations” where they will need cops – those “some situations” that they’re talking about are white people trying to restore order by forming militias. They will leave a small group of cops to prevent whites from establishing order. Therefore, the purpose of the cops will be to enforce chaos, rather than order.

So to be clear: what they are actually talking about is not “abolishing the police.” What they are talking about is stopping the police from enforcing the law against drug addicts and black people. The cops will still very much exist.

What this does is allow blacks and drug addicts to terrorize white people on behalf of the state. That’s what we’re talking about here."

Yeah... about right there.. and totally fucked up as that's from the Daily Stormer... I check in on the neo-nazi website occasionally as it's a 'know what your enemy is up to.'  This particular quote caught my eye... in that if even the fuckin' nazis are catching on, then shit is -completely- sideways....

More later, I'm the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Difference Between Racism and "Selectivism"

Evening me Droogs n Droogettes
Food for thought:  I keep looking at (despite my wife ) keep looking at the headlies that are out there and the continual screaming from -everyone- on the left that all whypeepo are "racist" and we need to "check our privilege" and other such bogus mantras "'cause black folks don feel safe!".

Has any of them even considered the reason for this shit is that deep down, in ALL of our blackened hearts, that its not necessarily 'racism' as much as "Selectivism?"  I don't think there's such a word (as my spell checker is having conniption fits over it) but go with me here...

There's a reason that there's Black Folks.  And Oriental Folks.  And Whypeepo.  And any 'other' flavor of humanity.  

It's because naturally we self-select to associate like those who are the same as us.

It's got nothing to do with any inherent dislike, hatred or  'not wanting to be with' the other as much as the inherently hard-wired lizard brain in ALL of us that has us wanting to associate with people just like ourselves.

Take a case in any High School cafeteria.  You remember.  It was a fucking nightmare for most of us.  The "Jocks" (a.k.a 'Chads' of today's definitions) sat together.  The black kids (if there were any in your high school... none at mine... I'm from New Hampshire originally) sat together.  The Hispanics with their own, and the geeks at theirs (that's where I was, an early involuntary dissident, even back then.)   

There's a reason we're not all one big mulatto-mixed group.  It's because we ALL, even from an early age, recognize "the other" and prefer to associate with our like-kind.

To deny this is to completely deny human nature.  Just as the Communists (which is exactly what we're seeing) tried to insist on all people be "The New Modern Soviet Man" (not wimmenz mind you, sexist damned commies).  

There was a sci-fi novel I read many years ago that was set about two to three hunnerd years in the future... ALL of humanity had been 'blended' into a nondescript 'brownish' color, with a predominantly noticeable epicanthic fold to the eyes in all the characters, as the orientals traditional 'slant-eye' had been incorporated, but almost bred out.  Much to the dislike of some of the 'purists' int he novel... anywhoo...

Point being is, while it ain't perfect, and despite the situation and the Commies Commieing as hard as they can, there ain't no way in hell that it's changing.

Germans call them "Auslanders."  The Navajo word for "Enemy" was "Comanche", which is where we got the tribal name from.  

So, ain't no changing the lizard brain.  May as well, despite the feverish calls for it, you ain't reprogramming human nature because some fucking Criminal Nigger got made good while resisting a rest.  

In fact, the Founders (all bad guys at this point) put "Freedom of Association" as part of our founding...  If I don't want to associate with you, then I select not to.  And if I don't, then fuck you, because thats why.  No one gonna tell me who I have to be friends with.  I served with some awesome black folks back in the military, whom I'm still friends with.  Guys I'd take a bullet for.  People who, invariably, IF this keeps going the way it is, is gonna get them, or theirs killed/maimed/hurt.  In fact one of them is a cop in Philly, and taking it in the ass from both sides... The Niggers call him a "Tom", the AntiFags just hate on him, and the whypeepo are either bowing and scraping before his Black Majesty (sorry bro... he lurks here LOL), and he's just fucking sick of it all.  I personally told him to quit and come work for my company when it's off the ground.  Fucker has a confirmed kill ratio that's off the charts... anyways...

On that note:  This's from Wirecutter:

Give a white man a pile of bricks, he'll build a city.

Give a black man a city, and he'll turn it into bricks.

And also:
ANOTHER older cartoon from some seriously dark anti-black/(((anti-jewish))) websites... from the 70's no less....

But I'd say it's more pertinent now than ever.  All you have to do is look at the names on the people pushing this shit... Stein, Rabinoviz...  I mean do they not see that they're setting themselves up for failure in a catastrophic manner?  The continual claims of 'antisemite' and shortly 'racist' are gonna fall on completely dead ears and, as I said in my last post, the whypeepo are the ones who INVENTED genocide.  At the rate they're going, ain't gonna take much to spark it.  Unless we are able to "name the nig" as well as "name the jew" things will not improve... "the beatings will continue until morale improves" unless it's time to "kill them all, and let God sort 'em out."

Until later I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country