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Thursday, June 4, 2020

My Thanks to My Readers and MOR Bullshit from the PTB

Gooooooooooood Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes!
HOLY SHIT!!!!  1490 hits on my post from yesterday! 1900+ hits overall!  A new record for the I.R. of late fame and fortune!
I have to thank -everyone-, especially Phil, the Vulgar (grumpy) Curmudgeon (double-negative there methinks) and Concerned American, late of Western Rifle Shooters Association, (R.I.P. and damn you to hell Wormpress) who kindly gave me props and links on Gab and Phil's web page.

Phil and I have been back-n-forth via comms, where he told me tonight he thinks the powers-that-be are prolly looking at me. To which I told him "COOL! I got 'em right where I want 'em! Easier for me 'n Sapper to be able to shoot in a 360."  I appreciate his heads up tho, for reelz...  However, I -know- I'm on a list... more like lists in bold and multiple.  You don't do what I did for as many years as I have and NOT make it on the "Dangerous/Heavily Armed/Highly Skilled/Utterly Ruthless" list.
I have, between all the schooling and shit... OMFG.  Never mind my network.  Multiple SENIOR retired NCOs in the Intel and "General Badassery" sections of the DEEEEEEEP Dark side of Special Ops... some of my best brothers in arms are guys who did shit like when I was arrested on a Visa Issue in Kuwait who called me and cryptically said "When you here shooting, and see guys in black popping your cell door, don't worry... they're from me... just follow them to the extraction point at the chopper and all will be cool!"

Now mind you at the time, I was locked up in a Kuwaiti City Jail over a immigration issue... the company I had worked for there... the company I -had- been with was supposed to cancel my visa. 

They Didn't.

Instead of paying the $1200 USD Exit Stamp Fee, they reported me as a "Job Absconder" which is a term the Kuwaitis use for "Escaped Slave".  See Kuwait is actually a Socialist-Monarchy.  Free shit for everyone with that sweet, sweet, oil lucre.  However, most 'employees', third world nationals are treated like slaves, worked like slaves, and occasionally 'go on the lamb'... hence the "lock up escaped slaves" as you can, realistically live for free in Kuwait.  Soup kitchens (free) "Homeless" shelters... not a bad gig if you can get it.  Anywhoo.  I got hemmed up and these guys started the ball rolling to free my big ass as they felt I was owed.  Not that I feel that way... it's what brothers do.

That all being said, all of them concur.  This ain't no drill.  This apparently is the play they are making.  I'm hitting the mark, so now I'm going to be head-on-a-swivel and I'm also wondering a'la Phil, if this place'll be around long... Be funny if I get taken down, being so 'new' again so to speak.

Other noticeable things that have me concerned.  Couple O' "Power Outages" stories beginning to circulate (wot a co-inky-dink!).  Seems that the power companies are saying that due to all the 'work from home' people is going to put a massive strain on the system, resulting in brown outs and black outs.  I say BULLSHIT.  That is such horseshit.  Working from home actually lessens the need for greater power.  By working from home, and with schools closed til further notice those HUGE buildings have or can have the AC shut down... allllll them places use FAR MORE power thaneveryone working from home.  The excuse "Well BC, they'll be using computers and internet from the house!!!"

So what?  Yer basic Home PC/Lappie uses a thimbleful of juice.  Now a Coin-Mining Rig, or a Hardcore Gaming rig?  Yeah I'd agree.  But when you do the maffs, you'll know I'm right.
Seems it's more Predictive Programming.
"Predictive programming definition:
Predictive Programming. Predictive Programming is a conspiracy theory that the Illuminati/ New World Order use media like tv shows and movies to give hints about their plans."

I'm not a big fan of the terms "Illuminati" or "NWO" but whoever the fuck they are there is definately -some- group operating in the fringes fucking with people overall.

THOSE are the people we need to shoot.

That and AntiFa Looters A.K.A. (((The Ground Soldiers))) for the (((Enemy))) and (((Media))).
Notice that since this shit (CoronaChan and now Riots and BLM Nonsense) theres miraculously been no mass shootings or school shootings.  In fact, methinks that they are kind of afraid to pull up and start some shit as more than a few 'normies' have taken to 'rigging the fuck up' and have bought guns.  In fact last month: 
And the one that scares the shit out of the Powers That Be?
Which means that out of that 4.2 million sold, 2.9 million of them, over half of them were first time buyers.

THAT is where they fucked up.  Imagine how they must be freaking.  ALL them newbies running around like chikinz with their nuggets removed...  Actually makes me a bit nervous as a lot of them fuckers only have bare-bones training "This is the end that the hurty thing comes out of..."  THAT terrifies me.  You don't sweep me, I won't shoot you bro.  Many Thanks

So I gotta bail, the HOA is up my ass about the bushes... Tried telling them I'm going for that 'abandoned' look but they said "No dice."  Gotta trim them... for now.
So until Later I remain the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country


  1. You ARE worthy !!! It's is we who are not worthy of your greatness !!!
    Protest in Huntsville, Alabama last night. So far coverage seems to be only local. My guess is because no one was hurt by a cop and no rioting or looting was allowed, it won't get coverage.

    Stay frosty, BC. Party time is near......

  2. Heh heh heh.
    Can I pick 'em or what?
    You go boy!

  3. Wait, you live in a place with an HOA, and you haven't killed them yet? They must be the most laid back HOA in history, or they're scared shitless to play their normal games with you.

  4. I don't know if you know this or not, when I clicked on the bookmark for your site I got a "CONTENT WARNING ALERT" from Google via Blogger that your site contents may not not be suitable to all audiences or some such booolllcccrrraaappp.

    So, your contention that you're on Blogger's radar are, I think, well founded. If you think Wordpress might be an alternative platform, remember what has happened to Knuckledraggin' and WRSA recently.

    The nuking of those two sites is all part of the left's plan to silence the voices of Freedom.

    Now, I must admit that I haven't visited here in months. No excuse. Nothing against what you post here. After all it is YOUR blog. You choose what subjects to write about, as do all other blog owners. I've just been busy elsewhere.


  5. Might be feasible to mirror your posts to a distributed platform like Gab, just as insurance. Maybe, maybe not, haven't really looked that deeply at it, but some of the more "dissident" (aka, Americans that give a shit) have done that to some level or another. Pretty sure costs would be minimal if any. Just spit-balling, YMMV, etc. Keep 'em hard and dry...

  6. I can't believe they haven't shut you down yet. But you know damn well you're probably one bad thought away from that happening. Like Scott S is saying above, you should mirror this stuff so you don't lose it. This place is damned entertaining and I'd hate to see you gone.